Never Despair in Allahs Mercy

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the theory that the smoking goddamn beast could have killed thousands of newborn babies due to a genetic defect. They mention a study that suggests that smoking in humans can cause cancer. They also mention a video about smoking in animals.
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I want to

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I want to show of hands for the simple question that I have

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who had breakfast today?

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Okay, including myself

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who slept who has not slept well today.

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So, we cancel the cancel the lecture.

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Third final simple question.

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Show of hands off,

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who never seen?

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Who never committed a sin?

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I think brothers and sisters, if I asked the same question to the Companions,

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they will respond totally in the same manner.

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Because after all the companions are

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human beings.

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But let me ask you a question that's up to you if you want to volunteer the answer when you when when someone commits a sin.

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How, how does he then respond to that sin? What does he do after that?

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Any volunteers? I didn't want to make it personal by asking and when do you sin? What do you do afterwards? Students? Some might be offended if you want to volunteer to answer this or any person. What is the expected response when you commit a sin when someone commits a sin? Tell me

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you repent. Very.

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Sometimes it's it's a general word needs further explanation. Repent meaning what what do you do?

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So you make dua and ask forgiveness for Allah. Okay, another Yes.

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Sorry. You are remorseful. Yes. You regret what you did to show some remorse you cry, you know, you do something? Okay. Good. Yes.

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You do a good deed. Excellent. To erase the bad deed Very good. Yes.

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Try to conceal it. Yes, of course, trying to cut that's for the people. But what about for Allah? What do you do with Allah?

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We are talking about the response. Yes.

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Of course, yes. And brother Ahmed here is an old brother of mine, and we live together and I'm glad to see him here.

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Brothers and sisters, today's talk is simply about what the Sahaba used to do when they committed sins, what the Sahaba used to do when they commit sins. And I want to argue that there are five things that they used to do. If you have a paper and a pen, please write them down. Because this is what the entire talk is about.

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The first thing that the Companions used to do, when they commit a sin is to be remorseful, yes, and to regret what they did, yes.

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But never despair, or lose hope that when they ask Allah for forgiveness, Allah will forgive them. And this is very important. Now, I don't mean when they commit one sin or two sins, even if they committed 2000 sins, even if they committed Kabira. Soon after that, their hope never declines like shares in an economic crisis. Their hope never decreases or declines, despite the big sin that they committed. So committing the sin says a lot that is bad about them, but says nothing about the Mercy of Allah. And this is a distinction that you need to make.

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A companion came to the Prophet and that that companion is not famous to a lot of us, a Buddha will His name is Abu Tawi Taw double E. L. came to the Prophet Salah Salem and said yeah, rasool Allah put it very plainly.

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says Ya rasool Allah there is not a single sin that I have not committed.

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There is not a single sin that I have not committed.

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also saw Selim responds to him by saying, excellent. Are you a Muslim? He said, I'm Anna.

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For me, y'all rasool Allah,

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I shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah

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an eyeshadow and Nicola Sula. Yes, I am indeed a Muslim.

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And also Selim says then test I will figure out, then you do good deeds, what a truck is say. And you leave the bad deeds and all what you committed fair gyro Allah Who lekar Kira Kowloon, Allah will then if you do that, look at the equation, you do good deeds, you leave the bad deeds, and all the bad deeds that you dramatized to have done, Allah will convert them to good deeds, they will take them from this balance, this balance that made them so heavy and actually add them to the other side of the balance which will make them even more heavier.

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Sahabi is shocked and cannot believe it and the companions are listening and you need to understand always when there is a story. It's happening with an audience of companions that then take the Hadith internalize it and begin it becomes part of the habit and understanding.

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So the companion is shocked, totally shocked and he says yeah, rasool Allah, wa T wasa jurati

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in Arabic, all the big crimes that I did, and Phaedra to the video, the bad things that I did. I understand the simple looking at someone doing this but all the bad things since what are the RT or federal RT

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Roswaal Selim says nothing but Na, indeed, yes.

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The Companions tell it tell us that ableto in makes techniques

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and goes making techniques until he disappears. It's like your eat for him. It's like eat for Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. The companions are watching and are listening.

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How on earth after this hadith does a companion feel that he is frustrated with whatever sin that he committed after watching this episode that has happened between Apple Bowie who never spoke about what he did, left it for us to imagine and contemporize certainly he might not have taken drugs but again left leaving it on, decided for us in the 21st century to imagine and imagine and imagine our own had our art and our own Federal Art

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for our own, for our own didn't just say, I am God.

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Maybe if he said that and kept quiet. That was fine. But you know what he did? He murdered 1000s of new bone babies.

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You see, we don't tend to think about this. We think just allah how how Allah subhanaw taala. Saved Musa right. But Musa is the end of the episode we haven't. We haven't seen it's like a soap opera so sorry to use the expression. We haven't seen episode one.

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When someone called Binyamin was killed when someone called Dahoud was killed when a baby called sada was killed. We just saw the saving of Musa Now imagine if you want to dramatize each murder, that for our own committed and newborn baby that committed no sin except that he's a male maybe because of a dream that he saw. He made the entire baby humanity's suffer as a result of this. You see each episode and you hate his guts. Not just because he said I am god. But because from a humanitarian point of view what he did did is intolerable and unacceptable yet, yet, Allah subhanaw taala says to Musa go and speak to him for he might be reminded Lila who had the courage he might be

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reminded, oh Yasha Oh fear and if he did that, I will forgive him for download on solid, and Binyamin and all those babies yeah Allah Yes, I will forgive him. If he remembered or feared or repented how on earth when verses are coming to the heart of the Prophet and the Sahaba witness that how on earth then do they feel frustrated after committing a sin? Bearing in mind that for sure 99% of the Sahaba never met murdered a single newborn baby