The Value Of Good Deeds

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The speakers discuss the importance of good deeds and avoid negative consequences. They stress the value of strong values and a strong desire for good deeds, and emphasize the need to collect these deeds on individuals. The importance of good deeds and rewarding them is emphasized, along with the need to avoid dislikeed or negative behavior. The speakers also emphasize the value of good deeds and the potential reward for those who do not like them.

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In Alhamdulillah, llamada who want to stay in who want to start Pharaoh, when all the villa Himanshu Dorian fusina woman Surya Dr. Molina, Maria de La Villa Moodle Allah wa Yulin for the Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah illallah wa the hula Sheree Kala worship shadow Ana Mohammed Abu rasuluh. All praise is due to Allah we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can misguide him, you and whomever he allows us to go astray, none can guide him. And I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad

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is His servant and His Messenger.

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Yeah, you Hola, Vina amaru taco la hapa Ducati watamu tuna Illa one two Muslim moon. Oh, you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam? Yeah, you're living in an otaku. La Apolo Colin city de la cama de como, la comme de novo come, woman Yoko la hora Sula, who has a frozen alima are you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth, he will direct you to do righteous good deeds, and will forgive your sins, and whomsoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed achieved a great achievement and bad for inner circle Hideki tabula rasa hodja hodja, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam shalom Auriemma data hub wakulla Desert in beta

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wakulla, Middleton balada wakulla Dalton finau.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam today, our hookah is about the value of your good deeds. Many times we behave like we don't value our good deeds or like we're not in need of them. You see, when we're lining up for Salah, a gap will open up in the front row. And you'll find two men in the in the second row fighting each other No, you take it as if they're not in need of the extra reward. the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam all used to prefer each themselves over each other. Yeah, and if someone had a problem, and his brother had the same problem, he would rather fix his brother's problem. These two prefer others over themselves when it can when it comes to the worldly

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issues. But when it comes to issues of reward, these two, these two compete with one another to get the greater reward. If there's an opening in the front row, you immediately take it Some people even give up the front row position for someone they know in the back. You never do that. And that's macro and the scholars say it can even get to the level of haram preferring someone over you when it comes to issues of good deeds. Or you'll find people neglecting extra soon an extra reward or enter away. They'll be out talking, they know that I still longed to have time to catch it at the time of record, just frugal with good deeds. But on the Day of Judgment, we will understand the value of

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house and not the value of ledger and good deeds. Allah subhanaw taala will bring our good deeds in physical form, the scholars say there will be physical and they'll be physically put on a balance, and everyone knows the equation. If your good deeds are heavier, you go to Paradise. And if we know this equation, that means should be our goal in this life should be to gather as many good deeds as possible.

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But you find people behaving as if that's not one of the most important things in life. There will be people on the Day of Judgment. And these are the people who will truly value and understand the value of one good deed there will be placed on and off and out of General wakulla Martha and many of the NLRB is an orphan. So an RF is plural of anything that's raised from the ground in Arabic is would be or even the rooster or fidic because it's higher than the rest of its head. So an Arab that some some of Assyrian said it's a place it's a high elevated place. And it's people who their good and bad deeds were exactly equal. So Allah subhanaw taala will put them on an hour off. They didn't

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have more bad deeds, so they won't go to the hellfire. They don't have more good deeds so they won't go to Paradise. They're equal. So Allah subhanaw taala puts them on this place known as an hour off until he decides what to do with them. Yeah, and he they will wait for a long time until Allah azza wa jal decides what to do with these people. They will understand the value of a good deed they will wish they made one extra Salah one extra test be said one extra set I'm on a comb or drank while they were sitting down all the sudden that people are belittling today, they will understand the value of a good deed.

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Imagine brothers and sisters we treated our good deeds like we treat dollars. If you do this, you will get $30 if you do that, you'll get 150. If you do that, you'll get 1000

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You can repeat these throughout your day and just keep collecting dollars keep picking them up throughout the day. Allah subhanaw taala made gathering good deeds easier than gathering money. The opportunity is there but the question is, do we value good deeds? An easy way to get 30 good deeds. This is narrated by Bharani and Nabi sallallahu Sallam said Moncada Salam aleikum kuchibhotla Whoa, Asha Hashanah. Whoever says Salam Alaikum we'll have 10 good deeds written for them. woman called a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. kuchibhotla hora. Shona Hasina. Whoever says Saira, Malik masala 20 good deeds. Woman kind of Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh kuchibhotla husana Hashanah,

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whoever says Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. He will have 30 good deeds written for him. 30 just like that, imagine every time you said it, you got $30 you'd be giving each other Salam like it's eight. But now people see each other and they say hi, zero reward for high or any other greeting in any other language.

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90 good deeds written and 90 good deeds erased. Allah subhanho wa sallam said in the law stuff, I mean and khademi are banned. So Allah has chosen from all speech for Subhana Allah 100 Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Akbar, whoever says the problem continues Moncada Subhana Allah

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kuchibhotla, who are Sharona Hashanah, whoever says to Pamela 20, good deeds will be written for him. And then 20 bad deeds will be erased. And then whoever says Allahu Akbar will get the same, and that alone will get the same, what hamdulillah Rabbil aalameen will get the same will get 30 now so 20 and 20 and 20 to 60 and 30, that's 90 and then 30 bad deeds will be removed, so they will get 90 good deeds, and they will have 90 bad deeds removed just like that. How simple is that? In another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

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there are two

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attributes or two things that if any Muslim man and of course it means woman also, if they do it, they will go into agenda. Houma. Yessir woman Yamato ba makani, the president says they're really easy and simple, but the ones who do it are few. Why? Why is it that they're easy, but few people will do them and they will enter you into an agenda.

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rhetorical question, why, what is wrong with this that they're so easy to do? They will take you into agenda but few people do it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a solo two humps the five prayers Yeah, and you pray them and then this is what it is. You said the whole how to configure to Barracuda Salatin Asha? Yeah, and he says Subhan Allah at the end of each Salah 10 times, I know we're used to the 33 and the 25. But this is an authentic hadith, where after the Salah, you say Subhan Allah 10 times, and then we're done. And then you said hamdulillah 10 times, we will cut below ashran and you say Allahu Akbar 10 times. So he'll come sooner when we finish. And so it's if

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you do that five times a day, it's every Salah 30 times, that's 150 on the tongue. Well, elfen will hum Sumi at in filmyzila and 1500 in the scale.

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Because Allah multiplies by 10. So 1500 rewards every single day.

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And then the narrative says, and I saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam making the dispute with his hands.

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Now, the problem then, or the question was asked.

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So, the problem said that then if you go to your bed, you say Subhanallah 33 133 and Allahu Akbar 34 then that will bring the total for hear me attune. analysen that 100 upon the tongue, and 1000 on the scale.

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Then the President asked the question he says for a Yocum Yeah, Murphy Coolio Minh well a Latin and think miani and Fany Welcome semiotica. Who said he says then Which one of you commits every single day?

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2500 since 1500, from the TSB and another 1000 when you make this beer before you go to bed, he said Which one of you commits 2500 sins per day? Yeah, that would wash away so much. And you would get so much a job just from doing that. So then

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the companions and how could we not do that jasola journey what would then stop us from doing something so simple. And then the problem said, initiate on a Tia how to come to a feasibility phase of Kolkata, Kolkata. The shaitaan will come to one of you in salah and you'll see remember this you forgot that so your car is not parked properly, or the food is burning on the stove. And so after the solar you immediately rushed to what it is the emergency the supposedly emergency and you

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miss out on making the simple disappear. You know if you time it, if you say Subhan Allah when hamdulillah Allahu Akbar 10 times each we timed it, it literally will take you 20 seconds at moderate speed. Most people there dismiss is lightning speed, moderate speed it takes 20 to 25 seconds just 20 to 25 seconds.

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And then for the night when the problem said then we're here in demand me for you know, for new for you in a demo, he will come to him at the time of sleep, and he will put him to sleep. It's like the wording for you in a demo. It's like he will lower him to sleep. Like the shape on just comes to you. You're about to make the 3333 34 and he'll just like a mother loving and and her baby to sleep. Just don't do it. Just don't do it and put the person to sleep.

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? If we said Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for real? every hand in this machine would go up mine included? Let's be honest. But here's to Be a Millionaire with Allah subhanaw taala and it's so easy and how many opportunities Have we lost? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in Sahara Jama he said Mandela so whoever enters the market enters the mall and choose a strip mall into the store for cada La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika nobleman wherever you meet

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the ideal hair Kadir whoever says this door when he enters the marketplace, the mall the shopping center, what will happen a loss of how to honor Kabbalah who the who alpha alpha Hashanah, Allah will write 1000 1000 good deeds for him. What's the 1000 1000 1 million just from seeing this dog 1 million good deeds?

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Well, Maha Maha alpha alpha haupia are a year and a low will erase 1000 1000 miners sins and then Allah will raise them What are other Who? alpha alpha dourada and he will raise him 1000 1000 ranks 1 million ranks will by no beta filter now on top of all that, and alone will build them a house or a palace in agenda just from seeing this short dog.

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We should feel hurt right now. How many times have we walked into marketplaces How many times have we walked into molds? And we never said this to and we missed out on becoming a millionaire. But if someone told you say this dog will give you $1 million cash.

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You always find in Islam the actions with immense and great reward will be very simple actions. You always see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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mancora kulu Allah whoever recites Allah had 10 times when Allahu Allahu beighton fill agenda, Allah will build them a palace in agenda.

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And this is authentic brothers and sisters, whoever recites 10 times a lower building a palace in agenda. How many palaces can you build today? Before this day is over?

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And how do we value this information right now?

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In Chicago, Ohio law says we had a scholar meaning there in our times there was a scholar. He would just be reciting hula hula had all the time. He says at night. Yeah. And anytime you see him at night, he's returning close by de pollo. Allah. If he's lying down, you come near him. He's reciting Hello, hello. And he's standing pillola sitting down Hello, hello.

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This is how the righteous took these ladies to heart.

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And Nabi sallallahu, Alayhi Salaam when he was on the Battle of tabuk on the journey of tebu gibreel salaam came to him and informed him that a man in Medina died and this man his name was Malia ignore Alia a lady for him alone. So jabril comes to the interview and tells him in Medina a man by the name of Mario, Mario, he died and 70,000 angels prayed over him. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then asked, and what did he used to do and what was the special deed he did to earn that 70,000 angels praying over him? And jabril salaam responded, Kanako Hola Hola, hola, HUD, Eman waka Aiden what other jambay he used to recite Paula had standing and sitting and even when he's lying down on

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his side,

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but it even gets easier than that. Brothers and sisters even gets easier than that. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this is nothing so he had German men he stopped for a minute Casa Bella hula hula kulemin mina teen Hassan whoever seeks forgiveness for the believing men and women alone will write him a good deed for every believing man and woman.

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How simple is that? And it just keeps getting easier and easier and easier.

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And Nevis also Lam he he's in one Heidi mentioned four types of people. And then he mentioned the first one. Allah subhanaw taala

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Gave him knowledge. And he gave him wealth and he's using it accordingly. We want to focus on the second one.

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The second one is a servant that Allah subhanaw taala gave him knowledge. What abdun rasa hula hoop illman What am yours? Oh, man. So Allah subhanaw taala gave him knowledge, but it didn't give him wealth, for who saw the good Nia, but he is truthful in his intention. And he says you're cool, no anelli mad and the amyl to be mystery fula if I had any money, I would have done the same as so and so he sees someone giving for the sake of Allah. And he says if I had the same amount of I would have done the same thing, but it says it sincerely

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for who I've been yet he and he's upon that intention for a judo masala. They're equal in reward.

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Yeah, and he who can't dream, we can just dream. You hear someone building a Masjid, or giving this to charity or, you know, digging wells. Just dream. Sincerely with a larger You see, I would have done the same thing if I had money. I wish I had a lot of words, I would do the same thing for a large budget, and then you get the same reward. The only exception the scholar said, be doing modaf ionic without the multiplication. The guy who does the actual deed alone will then take that reward and multiply it by seven and then multiply it by 10 and multiplied by 100. But here, you just get the initial reward. And how easy is that?

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proof further proof of this getting easy reward just with the intention. The prophet SAW Selim say a Muslim said man sir No man said Allah Shahada be sippin whoever asked Allah as we did for martyrdom sincerely.

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But Naga hula who menasha Shahada were a matter Allah for chirashi. Allah subhanaw taala will give him the level of the martyrs even if he does in his bed. He doesn't have to do the same effort. He gets the level of Martin martyrdom just in his bed if he does in his bed. Why? Because he had sincere intention. Also, a Muslim man tala Shahada saw whoever asked for martyrdom sincerely from his heart or a PA Ha. Whenever possible. He will get it even if it doesn't come to me and he'll get it wherever he is. He'll get it.

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So remember no you're him Allah. He comments on this. And he says that this shows is the hubbub tala Shahada and it is preferable to ask for Shahada and stepped up knee neonatal care to all also wish for good and have good intentions. It shows the benefit of that.

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So with that we ask Allah subhanaw taala Hola Hola. Hola was tougher La la la comunidad de novo VISTA thoroughfare fosun must offering ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness indeed those who ask for his forgiveness for prosper

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, he was so happy.

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So now that we

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have reminded ourselves and we realized the value and the importance of good deeds, beware of giving your most valuable good deeds, and we understand their value on the Day of Judgment. And those who have been blessed by Allah understand their value now. So then don't give those valuable good deeds to those people that you don't like. And imagine there's someone you don't like in this world, and you don't want to give them anything, even a useless item you refuse to give them. Imagine someone tells you to give that person you dislike your whole house and your cars. But imagine giving them something more beloved to you than any of these items, giving them your good deeds on the Day of

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Judgment. If you dislike someone, especially if you dislike someone, don't talk about about them, don't bite them. Because then you're giving someone you don't like someone who wronged you, you're giving them your most beloved thing, the most valuable thing your good deeds on the Day of Judgment they will come and they will take from the Day of Judgment until the balance is set until you're equal.

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That's why the great scholars to Fianna Rahim Allah, he was once informed that there were a group of people who are sitting and saying bad things about him rather than retaliating. He sent them a bowl of dates with a message saying it has come to my attention that you have assigned to me and he given to me some of your good deeds, your backbiting and talking about about me I take your good deeds on a day of judgment he says I couldn't find anything with which to thank you besides these dates so please accept it from me

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do that the next time someone says anything bad? Send them some chocolates and flowers. Thank you for the

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mmm VPN authority himself for him Allah He was sitting and a man came to him commenting on the great Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah

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He says I have never seen Abu hanifa Abu hanifa bad mouthing anyone any I've never ever seen him talk bad about anyone. So in terms of you and authority for him, Allah responds, he says Nam, Anita, Arakan, mean au suddenly, Allah Hassan it may be hard, he says Abu hanifa is more wise than to allow someone to take away all his good deeds.

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Because that's what happens. And people pay on the Day of Judgment with hard currency, the real hard currency, people pay with their good deeds. And there will be people in the famous Hadith that became known as a deed and muffle is the person who is bankrupt, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam described that this man has a mountain of good deeds next to him. But he has insulted this person and hit that person and took the rights of this individual. And so they line up and everyone comes and takes from his mountain of good deeds until the mountain is a hill and until that hill is nothing and there's still a line of people that he offended. So he begins to take from their bad

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deeds, he doesn't have any more good deeds to give them and they'll be at the end of the Hadith and Nabi sallallahu Sallam said he will be thrown into the hellfire.

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So this is the value of our good deeds. And we should spend our time whenever possible, trying to earn the reward with Allah subhanaw taala we should make time for laws to make time for earning good deeds. And if we can't, we can dream. We can just dream was intended sincerely between you and Allah azza wa jal I wish I could have done this I would do the same if I had the same amount of money and the lottery will give you the reward.

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So as soon as they say any agenda, the agenda Romani.

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Let's do a certain thing about agenda. You are not cheap by lavallee as an Al cassani, but you're expensive and difficult for the one who's lazy. Allah subhanaw taala has made it so easy, has been so easy, but it just needs someone who wants to get up and do it. Easier than picking up money from the ground, walking and just saying shippon low 100 or lower, and the law and the tree is planted in a paradise and it's just a hope on its own. What you can be saying and the amount of immense reward you get with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Robin Allah to Zaku been about data data will have done a million karapatan in the Kanto hub Allahumma dynamin a big woman of color Eva DK Lake, Aloma kulu bunnahabhain luck Hofer. minco Raja and fique Allahumma atina fossa taqwa was an anti romanza antibody you home Allah, Allah Hamas la Luna shenana con la la tokina nylon Fortunato Fatah, wa ala demon cultic Allah Maritza Islam and Muslim in the circle mushrikeen for lahoma Brenda Hello Matamoros in

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the Arctic. We will definitely have him out. sciatic wait my favorite model we don't have any sort of lahoma robotic, I'm a bruiser Houghton alameen wa sallahu wa sahbihi Jain, Morocco, Morocco, Morocco mala