Taking Multiple Food Items Even If You Dont Intend On Eating Them

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The speakers discuss the rules for eating with groups and emphasize the importance of privacy and privacy when eating in public. They also discuss reciting a song for an event and suggest providing permission from others to eat with groups. The speakers stress the need for privacy when eating in public and suggest serving a large amount of food with no one else eating.

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I'm gonna love it it means that a lot of sun a lot of kind of you know

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if you were presented with a nice plate or tray of fruits that say it's watermelon, slices of watermelon

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or banana and other fruits and so forth are you allowed to take two pieces?

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Okay, can you take two pieces at a time

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you have a group of people around you Mashallah the tree is planted last fall. Are you allowed to grab two pieces? One you eat and one you reserved?

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So now we'll take it for you, right?

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Are you allowed to do that? How about two bananas? grab two just want to finish and one just on the side? You know? Making sure on your pocket Exactly. So no one will take it. Can you do that? What if it was candy? Someone is giving you chocolate.

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When it comes to some people that they serve chocolate, right? Are you allowed to go to three

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system holla

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a job.

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Even in such an etiquette like this. We have an instruction from the Prophet sallallahu. I mean, this is something for us maybe it's given. But it had to come from the prophets of Allah to take to teach this

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magic this whole room was taught by the executive of sola, sola.

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And there are a number of him on

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either side of him if you could find the book about the delicate affiliate Alibaba, he

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either ecolodge Mr. Elaborate.

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He says the chapter on the prohibition of eating to date fruits simultaneously. Let's take them basically together. When I put him out or similar to that it doesn't have to be fruit date in America, Roger Martin that if you eat in congregation with a group visit Ella an elaborate there of course, unless you take permission.

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Tada Angelica is on the line. On an assault on our amo senator Magnus. He says his agenda even behind, he said we were without the loveliness of Vedanta a lot and I'm in a time of famine.

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Don't know militia Delica. So the food sub diminishing, didn't have abundance like last year. Allah follows up na tomra but handleless is one of these occasions we were provided with things. Someone supplied them with it. And the Lord was about a lot and at that time, he was actually Mecca. And he was almost ruling almost most of Arabian peninsula

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as he was fighting against the Masons, but then he retreated because of the fights of

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thought of he had he was told he was confined to Mecca. So during that season, he had some some some trouble finding find supplies for zombies. So one of these occasions he said we will provide you with things but cannot love my buddy a lot of time Jamar rabina

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was also a mecca. He is the pass by the people as they as they were eating for food lotto Carina is to say, says do not eat two days together, learn to calm

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via sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Anna has a plan for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he prohibited every this practice. So my role in law and yesterday, Roger Aha. He says except after seeking permission, much broader, which means the partner who's good at dealing with you. So for example, if you like strawberries, and a nice beautiful big surveys other than the placement sample, you grab one and then underneath there's another one.

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So if you want to take the other one, you totally got those guys. No one wants to struggle.

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If everybody says no, that's fine. You can take if someone says I'd like to,

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you can't say but I'm looking at I asked on first

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class if someone else has taken it, give it to.

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Similar to this also if you're eating data feed whatever you eat, if something basically that comes into quantities, it's not like when you eat rice, neutralize that stuff. But if one grain of

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rice we eat, of course, you know as much as you follow us on Iran, but we will talk about food that is that is in quantities basically.

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like apples, or bananas or dates. And so eventually, if you are going to eat with a group of people, then you need to seek permission, slices of moral watermelon on the plate on the train. Don't grab one and then another one, just like we said, eat one and reserve the other one. Don't do that. Just eat and when you're done if they're still left behind

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Love, I mean over, you're going to get another? Or if you're leaving, you tell the guy guys, I'm leaving tomorrow.

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So you seek permission from them? If one of them says no, they should not take, don't say yes, don't be so mean to me. Because if you're leaving, and they said no to you, you don't have to enter the press, basically that demand and if you leave without taking another one and hamdulillah you've been given what was provided for you, for us from Allah subhanaw taala be grateful to Allah soldier. And they have the right to stay together because the purpose of sitting together, Mr. socialist, so if they want to socialize and the voters there, that's never followed.

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Any question? No.

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Dish chicken.

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Someone if you have if you're visiting home,

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and then they have, let's say it's an open buffet style, for example. So you're gonna go serve food? So they have one tray that has all this chicken, right? Do I have to take one chicken one piece of chicken or the guy put two or three

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I would say defense, our defense if they come like this thick I know a small pieces that in this case, take what is usually known to be enough for an average person.

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Which is basically when they take one hole steward. In this case, we'll have three four pieces, for example, that hooks up supposed to be normal, okay? Unless you know that there's no one else's, you're not gonna need enough for everybody else. In this case, you should actually take less than I thought Ramadan is under this Ramadan, we have the food crumbs box, right? We don't see the atrocities of some other massage that they have in their in their communities. When the food is presented on the table, people just you know, feel like there is no and no one else is eating.

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So therefore in need to be true, basically the circumstances. But if there's no one else's, there must have plenty of food. And they, they made more than enough for everybody. And it's okay to serve more than one. That's fine, as long as you can.

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if someone's presenting you dates, and some of those, those dates are juicy, Mashallah not that sub juicy, right? Can I pick or just take whichever comes in front of me?

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What do you guys say?

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You pick the best

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answer is yes, you can pick because now it's still presented, you see that they're offering it to you. So you can pick, you know, whichever is good for you. But if the food is in front of you, and then you sit there, and everybody's eating this case, you eat from

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similar question like when it's a buffet type of

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fruit, okay, now,

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you don't want to go and get one, come back and eat.

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Like I said, once you have an open buffet, the buffet, that means the food handlers are abundant, right? So they assume that it's going to be enough for everybody. If you know that it's going to be sufficient for everybody, you can't take more than one.

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But if you think that it's not going to be that much, in this case, you need to ask permission. Just like in the case, I will say let's step outside the method, someone brings us a slice of watermelon, you know, there is not going to be sufficient for everybody and the method if you take two slices, so therefore you ask permission, as I'm going to leave the one if I take one from me, go ahead, take a shot. And if no one else comes up to that candle, I have leftovers afterwards. Voila. So it comes to an open buffet. They assume there is enough food for everybody. So you can serve but still when you serve the first time, always put in mind that you know what, let's first all of us have one

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round and then I shall have this left over afterwards we can take a second but unfortunately I've seen so many people when they come to an open buffet. Their first round is Gianni the one on

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so therefore momstart they feel like again there is nothing more

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fun off the subject. The MLA Is it the sooner to read

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in a very low voice

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credibly to read what you have memorized for

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and the question about the MLA is it better to recite out loud or kind of silent a little bit and not too long? First, it's better to recite actually the progress awesome wasn't

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what I thought you're besotted.

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So not too loud, or not too quiet, unless you pray in a room when you have somebody sleeping, your spouse or a child or roommate someone else in the room this case you don't raise your voice.

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Unless you go to other room, you can raise it was a little bit loud enough for you to hear. But it doesn't mean to scream out loud for the neighbors to call the police on

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it just to make it a little bit as a Spanish crowd look today but

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as for resulted from the mishap or sorry for memorization, there is no doubt it's better to recite from what you memorized by heart. Because when you will recite from something from from the heart, it really comes from that which means you could have that it's easy for it to reflect it's easy for you to think of and it's easy for you to go back and forth listen to the meanings but if you have almost half in your hand and recite something that you don't know by heart

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You're going to get distracted by the pages by the calligraphy by the lines and so forth so it's there is no really concentration or focus or reciting from the Messiah I'm not saying it's and it's not it's I would be invalid also are still valid This is for the family not for the faux Allah for gambling it's okay to aside from the last half but it's still preferable of course that aside from your memorization, and it also says incentive for people to memorize more that's number one number as long as a second and number three inshallah Allah those who memorize something, it is the best way for them to review what they've memorized. Because if you know that you have almost have in your

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hand you always cheat. But if you're not, the must have, you're gonna have to review it before you get into one of them.