Taking An Action In A Situation Where You Are Confused

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candelabrum anatomy so a lot of salovaara kind of, you know, body osako. teratoma maga.

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Have you ever had any situation where you need to do something and he was kind of confused about taking action or not?

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All right. Let's say for example, you want to buy a car. Now you're kind of confused, you go shopping online to see what kind of what kind of cars are available on the market. And then when you go to the store to buy the car, you get confused. How many times you got one of these retail stores, basically, or grocery stores and you buy that stuff. And you come back home after you come back home, how long you spend every half an hour, which you rationalize your purchase, right?

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Because most of our decisions, when we buy things, most of the art is based on emotional decisions, you're going to see that in martial law school. It looks nice, beautiful. And you convince yourself install that I need this.

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Then when you go home, you spend few hours try to rationalize what you've done. And the handler you're always grateful to Allah so that they have 90 days return policy, right?

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So hamdulillah because what if you had that tool, particularly when you make great decisions, such as choosing a job,

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moving to a different city, buying a house, getting married? Or otherwise major things in your life? Don't you need some sort of besides help from other people, you need divine help from the last panel.

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That's what we call allistic harm when is too sharp is to harm me seeking the hero guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala is to Shara seeking counsel from the people around you. I remember knowing him a long time and the other side of him you get out of the book of good manners. He says Babel is the quality one Mashallah the chapter on guidance is devoted to seeking guidance from Allah and consultation. asking people for Matura koala Donna wash our home Phil

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is an consultant and efforts particularly they're made the prophets of Allah cell and this ayah was revealed to the Prophet sallahu wa salam and Maria, when you need to take some major decision that has something to do with the affairs of the people of Medina, there is to be consulted right for loss upon have given him a command you need to consult the people of Medina. If you remain decision. Allah Tara, while I'm wrong, sure. avena. Regarding the believers, he said and who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, even if the profit is not there? How are you going to do it? sure

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that you do it and mutual consultation and asking one another. So that's in regard to basically seeking consultation counseling from one another. When it comes to

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seeking guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. How should we do that? The Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah says,

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Allah Jalla Jalla

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wa salatu salam, your alumina is the Fatah moody kuliah kasatkina. Quran. He said, The Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam used to instruct us to do istikhara to be the sacred grounds from Allah azza wa jal in all matters, as he would he would teach us a sort of from the Quran, meaning the way how do you think the Prophet would be careful of teaching the people this sort of

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very meticulous about the pronunciation knowing exactly what to say how to say? So it will be perfect pronunciation perfect, basic learning. To that extent, he used to teach the components of a lot of asylum seeking guidance from Allah subhana wa. How was that all your cool either Hama

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salatu salam when one of you contemplates in entering upon an enterprise, which means if you are about to make a decision for Leon karrakatta

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this person offered to Raka of optional Salah without these being foresaw which means just maybe we'll do the whole do and pray to Raka was to Raka or not for Salah, then to Morocco, and religious person say after you're done from your Salah, so you make it all then you pray to Raka and then these two Raka there's a misconception that you should think about that matter that you're actually trying to make a decision for. No, you don't think about that. So God wants to get married, you don't think about her and Salah instead you just focus your

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focus on the event itself. And once you're done, then you make your job. How do you make that dawn you raise your hand and then say Allahumma India's the hero government was the Ducati portra Tikka was a local public karate Femme Nikita after World War One

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along with

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Put on another arm. And then you mentioned I think

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you said mi hijo de de de de la she walked up to me, doctor when he was

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when could that Allah wanna come? Chateau de de de de omashu Oct to me for three, four neosurf nan. So Macedonia say, Hi Taka, what are the and the translation is that means a lot. The last the last panel, what are all I asked you have the good of the good through your knowledge. And I seek strength through your power and bid through your infinite bounty, for you have power, whereas I have no power, you have knowledge, and I have no knowledge, and you are the great nor fitting things, Oh Allah, if you know that this matter, then you name it. You mentioned that was changing jobs, buying the house car, something like that, that is good for me in respect of my faith, my livelihood, and

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the consequences of my first then ordered for me, make it easy for me and bless it for me. But if you know this matter in America, to be bad for me for my faith and my livelihood, and for the consequences of my efforts, then turn it away from me, and turn me away from it and grant the power to do good, whatever it may be, and cause me to be contented with it. And let the subluxation specify the object, while at the end, you mentioned that particular thing again. So you're that matter that I'm asking about hydro aligment and bukata. This is a list of data, but it's different, you should memorize that. And you should teach your children to memorize this. So that every time

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you need to make some decision you need to justify

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it is now actually the highlight has a lot of planning for the issue that we need to discuss. But for the sake of the time, is first of all, you need to make a start on Udemy you need to make a safe harbor for things that you're not sure about is that clear agenda. But having already made up your mind. That's it, the one catalog.

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Once you determine and put your trust in Allah under, let's say you plan to make a trip from the summer, you want to take your family have you already booked the tickets, you already reserved everything, and a lot of anatomy. In fact, everything according to what you have already. There is no meaning of let's just let's just do one last thing does the current shot.

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And then after you make yours the fall you're not feeling good about surgery. Welcome, kids. You know what there is no summer, do not repeat the summer shallow. Because I made a staccato finger about too late to that you already determined there is no meaning of making that as default, you make this default, when you feel that you need guidance over making a decision. So before you plan for that trip, and you're not sure about if it's good or not for you, then you go and you do that. You make this the fara and halaal matters. Don't make yourself harm harm other than your own vision, okay to go and build a casino that Selma in the market is going to go down. So I don't start out in

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the first place. You made a mistake on something else.

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You don't make a safe harbor for something obvious. Let's say for example, you want to go and visit your families and your mothers. Don't make a stiff arm and set your wife, Allah, I feel so good about us go.

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This is why we have to do. So there is no many lawmakers to call on these matters. The other thing is that when you make this default before you make that as default, you need to make a stay sharp, many young men and women they call and then they want to let's say they want to proceed in a specific for a specific proposal in marriage. And they asked when should I make my stuff up? I said you make a follow up to the makers to shadow first. Which means if someone proposes to you, as a girl, you propose to you you need to investigate about this man. If you feel good, then make use the car to move on if you want to. If you don't feel good at all already, forget it. Don't even try. So

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you know that this guy he doesn't play? Well just limit this to hardshell see if it's gonna be good or not for me. I mean, this is very bad sign.

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So you don't even make a start on these matters. So you just move on after Besides, I keep telling the guys

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the difference between a guy and the girl when it comes to this car. Is that when it comes to proposing, you know for a girl, guys, is the car always positive.

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It's the lady who always come say, you know, I'm still confused. I made my stuff out. I'm still confused. So in this case, I wanted to make a second stuff out there this default default this default I said there is no minimum making one that wants to follow because you make this the call out multiple times to persuade yourself until you get the feeling that the result that you want.

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If you made it properly, that's it. You're done with it a shallow data and you asked the last time to give you the guidance and the best thing for you now, how do I get the result of my car

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do you

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Good overnight. You're gonna Express once I say salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa rahmatullah. Make my drop suddenly Mashallah wish granted, it doesn't work like this. Do you get it through text messaging? It doesn't work like that. But still, there are many, many ways alas pilot can send for you. This is the answer. It could be through text message. Through it could be through text message, but not from Allah. So that would be through a last panel with missing from Alaska to someone else by making another app. And suddenly someone sent a text message says, By the way, I remember you last night, I made the offer to them. Allah make things easy for you. It was one. It's amazing. How

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could this happen? So eventually, you said that this is something good about the prophets of Assam, carrion Juba when he used to live alfalfa fan came up a good one. Let's say someone wants to save some money. This is option shala, good news for yourself. Just this word comes in a random like this could be a good sign. feel good about having a dream. So if you feel good, then you move on with that. If you're terrible, start feeling uneasy with it, then that's not a good sign. What about if I didn't read anything that's neutral. Which means either way, it's up to you. The most important thing to know is that the car is not binding. Is that clear? As Mr. staccato is not binding? It's

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just an indication, which means if you make a photo on it didn't didn't go well for you. Should I proceed? It's up to you. You could still proceed?

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What if it was good? And then I said, You know what, I don't have time to do it anymore? Should I just go for it? Because I've had so far already? No, it is not fine. It's just an indication that if you want to do it, have to learn you have a good good chance for this to succeed within learning. A lot of data and a question in your mind?

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Can you do stuff for someone else? You cannot do stuff on behalf of somebody else? Does the cardones own on behalf of somebody else's? Are you feeling good about this person?

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Not that person. And that particular issue

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they can make for you though, let's say ask your mom says mom, could you please make a copy of Allah? Allah make it easy for us, then that's okay.

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If your mom wants to make a staccato for herself, for you and marry this girl, that's

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a specific source, no specific Surahs and saw others differ and it would be fun.

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Mentors are not at the pile of superstition and fell. they translate that into say, Good omens. But eventually is the good word. The Prophet says I'm used to like the good words when someone says something in front of his face.

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One angle, you're not sure you should not make sense.

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What's the point of making the second is the car.

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Go to Vietnam. Again, you're trying to look for something here. So you're going to keep making stick around until you feel the thing that you like? No, maybe you go first time you don't mind.

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you already got

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it. There's no indication at all, but say it's neutral, completely neutral. If it was completely neutral. Yeah, you can maybe try it again. But if you already hinted towards doing it or not doing it, then this case you got an answer perhaps Allah. Remember it was before you make your istikhara. You made us too sharp. You want to switch jobs, you need to go and check the contract, check all the job offers and everything, make a consultation with friends, coworkers, and so on. Then you may get a stiff arm. It's not like it's a someone's offering a job. So David, just make us out over here. About what stress investigate. And then you make any specific time. No specific time for it anytime

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you want. What if something was urgent?

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Can you make a staccato to the time of competition like after Saturday? So the answer is yes. If you need to make that stuff out of after all, so just make Google embraco data and metadata.

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The one is enough.

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if you have two options, you may end up ended up like this. Make it easier for me to choose either one. So your inclination would be the answer to this order. Law.

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So basically, you propose to a girl your medicine and then have the life is so good, but then the marriage didn't go through. How do you translate that on?

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There is the horror was negative

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So eventually, as I said, it's not binding, it's for you to proceed in something, but not necessarily that's going to happen.

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That's the meaning of this default seeking guidance, Should I continue? Or should I just, you know, abstain or attend back or law in the form of fire. It is a form of law. It's a dry subject, but the prophet SAW Selim he makes this a special by praying the Torah and then making that particular exam. So isn't that the case?

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You have to have

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all the intentions and then that becomes

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sure I mean, if someone is somebody The question is, since this is around annually, then you have to have the conditions of other art to be accepted such as being annual your earnings herrada and what is allowed I would say absolutely the law

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Yeah, well they say what how do you get the answer for this? How would you

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How is it gonna happen?

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But you have to take action and to make it happen right? And if someone again proposes to also switch off

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and you made your Stefan How do you know that moving forward with it is good or bad?

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Maybe if you receive a phone call, they say we accepted your offer.

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That means the last panel Allah is making it easy for you.

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But after a few times a few times calling them back to say thank you very much. We haven't actually already we will call you back. And we just this is not working maybe the way it should be should I make an extra effort by maybe find some friend to call on my behalf or something like that? Yeah, why not make the effort as much as possible it doesn't go through. It didn't go well on

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offer then you decide you

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decide on yourself. If you make an offer if somebody makes an offer nobodies like someone is making an offer for you, you need to make a step up but you yourself you want to apply for that job. You You desperate looking for a job, but you're not sure if this is the best job for you or not, but eventually I'm gonna do it and you make a stir fry Allah is good for me to go through. If it's not please give it away. But I'm gonna have to do my part. Last question.

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You can combine two issues

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if you have two or three issues, and they're not related, like marriage buying a house traveling overseas

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each one of them

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Well, I think Yeah, you should

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make us the harbor each one of them shall make a DA special for each one will law