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Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of Prophet Muhammad's teachings and the daily affirmations of his teachings, as it is the source of joy and joy of our heart. They also touch on the use of "has" in religion to indicate a person who is dangerous, and the difficulty of achieving Islam's outcomes through hard Saturdays and shots. The segment concludes with a recap of the game's history and potential lessons.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam Alaikum salam ala Bucha in Saudi or semi embryofetal aka Tamil is any of Ali super Chanukah lie in Milena Ilana lantana in Nikka Antonio Hakima the respected brothers and sisters Sam Welcome to episode number 29, Allahu Akbar Masha a lot of work a lot of our program, lifestyle, bringing back the isaa the days of might and dignity of the early generations of Islam. The Prophet SAW Allah suddenly his companions into our life today in sha Allah Allah by observing what they have done in the early stages of Islam, and how they became the best of all generations.

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And how can we insha Allah Tala adopt that lifestyle and live it day in and day out so that we can reserve a space a seat next to them in Jannah in sha Allah down today, in the light Allah we wanted to beautify our heart as part of our lifestyle, purifying our heart or having a collarbone Salim a sound heart in our life and how can we work on the diseases of the heart that can destroy that beautiful piece of flesh that Allah Subhana Allah had created for us to be the powerhouse of our entire budget. Subhanallah the piece of flesh which the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah, Allah has said, that if it is sound, the entire organs will follow, the entire body will follow. And if it is

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corrupted, everything else within yourself within your system will also become corrupted. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us a pure and ii sound heart.

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Now there is a beautiful God that we wanted to start with insha Allah and it is a good opportunity for us that we are in Ramadan, I hope and I pray that we can together in the law, memorize the DA and make it part of our daily practices, part of our lifestyle in sha Allah, the Prophet sallallahu sallam. I call this I call this diet, the heart reliever dawn, the heart reliever, the DUA that brings the heart into that peace and calm state. And who amongst us does not experience anxiety, there's not experienced tension in life that we sometimes need a break, need a space where we can leave ourselves and experience that peace and tranquility. Who amongst us, everyone wants to

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experience this state of tranquility. And this is the remedy this dA is the medicine in sha Allah Tala that can guarantee you peace and tranquility. In fact, the prophets Allah said, I've said that whoever decides this da whoever knows this da and recites it and call upon Allah subhanaw taala. Using those words, he will never experience anxiety, depression, and all these mental illnesses that we been hearing about in the past couple of years. What is this got Allahumma in the abdomen? The prophets Allah Allah Sam said, Oh Allah, I am your servant. What not the and I am the son of your male slave. What? No. ametek and I am the son of your female slave meaning what? I am a slave. My

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father is a slave. My mother is a slave to you. You're Allah subhanho wa Taala no see a TB Edik nausea TV. This let me mute this page inshallah. Otherwise we will all be disturbed.

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Let's see it.

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Then the Prophet SAW Selim went on to say no sia T V. adic. My full luck is in your hand meaning my destiny is in your hand more than fear hochma Your judgment upon me is going to pass is going to happen. I Bloomfield, Cabo. Everything that you have judged me with everything that you decreed upon upon me is absolutely just, I deserve whatever happened to me, I deserve whatever you have distant for me. Then the process and I went on to ask him was pointed out but not for anything yet. He is asking Allah using his beautiful names and attributes. So you want us alchemical listening who Allah I asked you by every name you have named yourself with Allahu Akbar. N Zalta. Who fie Kitab IK or

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you have revealed it in your revelation in your book the Quran How are lento

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hadn't been halted, or you have taught it to any of your slaves, any of your prophets, any of your righteous people, I will step farther beef here, I'll be right behind that. Or you have kept that name hidden in the world of the unseen with you, Allahu Akbar, why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is making this long introduction to ask Allah subhanaw taala for the following and Tagil Quran or RBR Kobe, I asked you to make the Quran the spring of my life, one or Saudi and the light of my chest meaning the guidance that will lead my heart that which is appropriate to that which is good, why Gela, Hosni and the banisher of my sorrow and of my sadness, where there have a hammy and the

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reliever of my depression and anxiety Allahu Akbar, who amongst us does not need that da my brothers and sisters instead within this Doha, there are two secrets.

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Within this dial Inshallah, there are two secrets. Number one, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said that anyone who resides designer within the same Hadith anyone who decides this dark will never feel depressed will never feel anxious again. Now, believe it or leave it, as I always say, believe it, or leave it is your beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is the truthful, the most honest and trustworthy. Believe him orally these teaching, it's up to you. May Allah protect us all, and make us among the people who have the acclaim in whatever the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had brought us. So the first secret is that whenever you recite this dua,

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having that faith in Allah subhanaw taala, the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Solomon absolutely true, then you will never feel depressed or anxious ever. Second Secret is that the prophets Allah Salam is directing us through this hadith to the Quran,

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to the Quran, so you will never attain, you will never attain the outcome of this beautiful Hadith unless you have a daily portion of connection with the book of Allah with the Quran in your life. Because the Prophet SAW Selim is asking Allah to make the Quran, the source of all what we have explained the source of the light and guidance into our chest, into our hearts into our breast, the source or the read the reliever of our sadness, anxiety and sorrow. So without the Quran, we will not be able to achieve that outcome. So the first secret is the Dubai itself. We always bring you to calmness and tranquility and peace. But secondly, you have to have the Quran in your life on a daily

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basis to achieve that same outcome. So may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the right understanding. So the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told us that the heart is essential for our guidance. If it is sound, everything else will be sound, if it is corrupted, everything will be corrupted now. What corrupts the heart?

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What are the things that can infect our heart and bring us to that state of corruption and why it is important to know about it simple, it is important to know about the corrupters of the heart so that we can avoid them in shallow and work always on our work always on rectifying and purifying and cleansing our hearts from anything that may bring it into that state of corruption because once it is corrupted, everything else will follow. May Allah protect us all. The first category of heart corrupters and of course by no means this is in depth study of the heart corrupters there are more to it in sha Allah to Allah but the first thing is something called Love will love will call a state

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of heart that is very playful, a heart that is occupied with the world. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran that Katara Bella Nasir Hey Saba home, we're home fee of Latin Maradona, the day of reckoning. The Day of Judgment has been brought nearer to people while they are in heedless, in heedless state of affairs. They are in that heedlessness state of affair that bring it that that is turning them away from Allah subhanaw taala turning them away from the reality of this dunya but this dunya is very short, temporary, Maria team in decree mineral beam have nothing in less than or owe me an abode. There is not a mention that comes to them from Allah subhanaw taala whether in the

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Quran, or in the Hadith, or in the Hogberg or a preacher or a lecture in less time or only alone, they will be listening to those reminders while they are in a state of play.

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fullness, their mind and their heart are occupied with something else. Lay here attend Hulu boom. What are several Najwa AlLadhina valamar Their hearts are distracted well as a biller.

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Those who do wrong conceal their private conversations that I had to build on the consume their private conversation meaning that they will be like listening to you nodding their heads. Yeah, yeah, sounds nice. Yeah, beautiful reminders, but their hearts and their minds are occupied and with something else may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran very scary and the Quran what occurs is the Rossoneri Jana McAfee Ramana Jinyuan NC, that we have certainly created for hellfire, Allah amongst the jinn and the INS why is that your Allah long colluvial Lay of Onamia they have got the hearts but they do not understand with it. They do not use

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that faculty that Allah Subhana Allah created for them for their own favor. What a home are you not liable Sorona behalf they have got the eyes but they don't see the signs of Allah subhanaw taala or the neglect or they don't want to look at it. What then last mount that we have, and they have got the physical IRS but we don't listen to with it. We don't listen to the reminders of Allah subhanaw taala Allah He can kill an army by law alone. Those are like catalogers Franco said no, they are even worse. Hula ecohome will often those are the heedless people, so that the state of heedlessness leads to this state of playfulness your heart becomes playful, always after the dunya always

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occupied with this dunya and as such, your heart becomes corrupted. Second category is called bone or leave harsh and a very rude heart sometimes when people become religious. Yes, some religious people are infected with this disease unfortunately May Allah protect the soul. But some people when they become religious, we start looking at those people are not yet in their level of spirituality or practicing Islam and then they start dealing or treating them harshly.

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They start raising the Haram gun they start raising you know the the the self righteousness gun what is below that I'm better than you. Like look at you. You don't pray this you don't pray, Father, you don't have any power. You don't have any job. You don't do this. You don't do that. As if you were born into that state yourself. May Allah protect us all. And one of the things that actually attracted the the people the early generation to Mohamed Salah Salem was his mercy. Well now so NACA Ihlara Matten. Will Allah mean we have not sent you O Muhammad except as a mercy to mankind for them or off Matignon Allah He Lin telehealth that had had it not been for the Mercy of Allah or Allah

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subhanaw taala saying that it is because of the Mercy of Allah you were lenient to them. You were kind to them. Easy going on them?

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Yeah, well, I wouldn't have been lovely they'll call me Longford do will Holic but have you had them display a harsh and rude heart in attitude, they will have fled from around you? For annual so pardon them let go of the mistakes was self alarm and ask the last half hour to forgive them? Why shall we wrongful and consult them in your affairs? Look at this. Who is he consulting? Who is he forgiving those people who sometimes fall short. The Companions we are talking about 1000 But our QA Allah and when you decide that matter, then put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah and Allah go ahead without Killeen. Allah loves those who put their trust in Allah. The third category of heart

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corrupters is a deviated heart.

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A deviated heart is a person who knows the truth,

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but he decided to choose otherwise. And that's why Allah is part of us in the Quran, fellow Mirza Al Azhar Allah Who Kaluga home, Palooza home but I'm Mirza who as our Allah who who knew about home that when the deviated when they decided to take a different path, a different route other than what Allah decided a different lifestyle other than what Allah has revealed our love for further deviated their hearts.

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Finished Allah now is sealing their hearts on either Billa wala hula yeah deal karma and ferocity and Allah subhanaw taala will never guide those who are disobedient.

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Anyone who disobey Allah intentionally knowing what is right knowing what is wrong, Allah will deviate their heart further. So be careful this is now we are getting into the most dangerous diseases of the heart at

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deviant heart is a heart that decided to become a deviant that decided to disobey Allah subhanaw taala who knew what is right what is wrong who knew what is halal or haram and he decided to do what's haram and stay decided to stay away from that which is halal. In these conditions, Allah will further deviate your heart, while Abdullah and Allah does not guide those who decided to obey Him.

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Allah does not guide those who intentionally disobey Him. So we have to repent quickly before the condition becomes even more complicated before the fourth category of hard corrupters. And that is costs were to come. If you don't, if you don't work on the previous three conditions, then your heart becomes worth more hard now hard hearts or sweat will come.

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That's why Allah subhanaw taala is narrating the story of the people, the children of Israel, when Allah subhanaw taala send them prophets of the prophets to guide them back to the path of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says in the Quran Thumma asset who will come and Daddy Daddy after all these guidance that were sent down to you, your hearts became hard.

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To hear kill hedgehog, our ushered Lucasfilm to a point that the hearts became like stones even more harder. Allahu Akbar. Do you remember? Do you remember the example given earlier about Allah He can kill an animal home of all those people that heedless people are like cattle, like animals know the or even worse, Allah is giving us a similar example that those few reach to that state. Their hearts become so hard nor reminders work for them. No Quran makes them shed tears nothing. Their hearts became like stone not know it even even harder. Allah says in the Quran.

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And then Allah said that even some stones are even more softer than their hearts Allahu Akbar. Look at the example. We're in the middle Hey Gerety lemma at the Fed Jerome enhle and hot mineral and hot that even some stones, some stones, you will find rivers are bursting out of it.

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When Amina lemma is Chicago, prayer hood, we know that and some some other stones that are a type of stones, it will crack open and water will will work through those cracks. When the Minaya lemma. Yeah, but who will have Shatila and some of these stones even crumble crushed down from the fear of Allah subhanaw taala warm Allah who bid often and I'm not I'm alone. And Allah subhanaw taala is not is not heedless of what you do. Allah is fully aware of what you do. So my brothers and sisters don't be careful unless we start following the commands of Allah subhanaw taala our hearts become will become hard that they will not be in Meetha account land now. We're Johanna colluvial casita

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and because they are breaking the covenant because they are not following Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is narrating the stories of the people of the past so that we can take a lesson so he's saying because they have great covenants and promises with Allah, we curse them and we made their hearts hardened. Their hearts became hard nothing works on the hearts out anymore. And finally the final stage now and this is the one without turning back May Allah protect us old Earl Boone AMA, a blind heart

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a blind part of Colombia see rueful arm Allah spa said don't they walk and traveled through the earth but Hakuna Allah home, Hulu boneyard Luna via so that their hearts can understand how Allah's path how to bring this dunya into existence. What are the there are only a small area or ears to hear that reminds us of Allah subhanaw taala for in a lot of time and also indeed eyes do not get blind my brothers and sisters listen to this declaration of Allah subhanaw taala the creator of your eyes, in Allah Tamil absorb eyesight do not get blind what I can Tamil globality for saloon, but rather the hearts in the chest are the ones that get blind. Allah who

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will lay my brothers and sisters in Islam. This is so powerful. This is so powerful because there are people who were born without the ability to see with their own physical eyes. Does that mean that they don't feel the presence of Allah? Does that does that mean that they are free to do whatever they want? Allahu Akbar No. Because blind this hear me means what means the guidance of Allah.

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So once your heart gets blind it means that's it someone Bachmann on you

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on phone line or Joan, they are deaf. They are blind. They are you know, some Bookman Ania are deaf, the dawn the blind, they will never return back to Allah's guidance anymore from finished, Allah had sealed the matter and they will be on either Billa sent to hellfire at the end of this life. That's why my brothers and sisters in Islam, nothing will benefit us on the Day of Judgment except a pure and a sound horn hollobone selling the old man foul man or ban on it lamb and at all. Ah, have you been Sally on that day when you meet Allah, whether when you pass away or when you meet him on the day of judgment, nothing will benefit you at all, neither your money nor your children, except those

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who come to Allah on that day on at that moment with viewer and soundbar So may Allah subhanaw taala make us among those people who will work day in and day out on purified beautifying their hearts and rectifying their intentions so that we can in sha Allah to Allah, enjoy the reward awaiting those people who insha Allah will come to Allah as Allah explained in this area with pure and sound heart and in our brand. Does that law hide on my brothers and sisters Stan kindly before leaving those platforms on Facebook or even the YouTube channel, please share the reward. Share the video so that you may share the reward with us in sha Allah. Tomorrow the light Ira we will have the final episode

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in the series of lifestyle. I hope and I pray that it was beneficial. I know that there are much more topics to discuss regarding lifestyle in Islam, our way of life and how can we bring it into practicality not just talking that not just to feel that all mashallah reminders are nice, but the practical method of bringing it into our life and how to work on it. I know that there are much more to say inshallah. And perhaps next year we can have part two part two of lifestyle or maybe I can expand on this in the very near future maybe after Ramadan. Also, we can come every week or something to discuss more topics regarding our lifestyle as believers in Islam, just like LA

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Highland, the lifestyle book will be available in sha Allah Tala in two weeks time. So if you did not preorder yet, it's your chance in sha Allah, I forgot to add the link to it and go now in sha Allah and the link so you can pre order your copy in sha Allah, the pdf copy, the physical one will be made available later on Shala JazakAllah Hiren and we'll see you tomorrow for the final episode. In Ramadan, I move out again advanced to everyone as salaam alaikum, warahmatullahi, overcast

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