The Art of Quran Recitation #08 Maqam Rast

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The transcript is a collection of disjointed and unclear musicale conversations, covering topics such as a MACOM alright, a ship history, a "bringing" and "owning a" song, and a "rock" and "will" phrase from Makayla's "will" phrase. There is no clear context or exchange for the topics.

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The largest Famicom and the most heavy, the heaviest, the heaviest, and it has home pictures. And anyone has any pitch can decide with this Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you'll be loved I mean, I'm going to learn your beloved and along Allah Allah Allah, Allah

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leaker, powered by Muhammad to institute

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this will also what was salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine we are now up to the seventh MACOM rust now, and we're gonna first hear about the history of that MACOM ship. Its Eastern MACOM it comes from also birgir Okay, version. Rust is sounds like a fancy word. Yes, the word raste I don't know what that means in Farsi but it means correct or true or Yeah, at least in the pharmacy that I know last maybe means you're saying the right thing Yeah, I do a lot of a lot of taking it the make it with their self rosette or rust even Okay, have a little shaken Mazoon a che if appeal Che

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Guevara calm the largest makan and the most the heaviest, the heaviest the heaviest and it has whole pitchers and anyone has any pitch can decide with this even if you have one pitch you can recite so it's the most flexible Yes and also share you can switch between the last and all other times I say switching switching the different story now you'll learn all of them how to switch between them as different select step the next step first you can go from us to all other McCombs one from the this document also imams are haram they decide by a lot of karate recited by mcommerce okay and there is no quarry cannot recite with mcommerce that will be nice to find the first one

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tune with Alma calm it's easy Charlotte's like this. Oh, oh

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Hola. Ah, ah

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that's the whole makan house. Okay, now when we decide with it, we're gonna pick one part like, oh, we gotta take this. Yeah. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he'll be like me mean from the Learn your beloved and along Allah Allah Allah He was Allah. Then this is the third one. You have Agim you have hijas and have lost now Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he will not be not me and hamdulillah Europe benign me mashallah you decide with comfortable now? Yeah, you feel comfortable? Yeah, that's yours. That's yours. say Bismillah with the same thing Bismillah

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R he did something. I listened to your dissertation before I come here. Okay. What was some sort of what you were playing? Leading drum? Okay, I was listening to good Yeah, you were listening. You're reciting Buddhist? Oh

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okay, that's mcommerce Alhamdulillah Bismillah Alhamdulillah he will not be

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in a rock Moran you're walking Murni king now shall we are emphasizing the tune with L mu Tabia. Yeah, that's a little bit detail but let me give it to you yes you already know the makan let me give you a little bit details okay. All now it's not that we didn't you cannot say this if there is no mud in the Word. All right, right fine. When that you have to emphasize this tune this month. You emphasize it in five ways either with Alma do the top area Alhamdulillah he there is another top area here. It's to Harkers Bismillah he loves the gelada has to have a gun okay methylene for example in

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there is you can emphasize the tune here in the bed right either mother Tavi mother out of the sukoon muddiman fossil madam matassa if there is no more dude you're gonna bring it in the owner mean that mirror

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image at home will bang in and I can even start my cameras with one mirror that okay you buy either mad or own if there is no mad no gonna, you bring it in cheddar. When they said that for example, molten

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salt is a tool and methylene

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Martini was what they were called the Hala canal in Santa metal. Let us be

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Get with the local authorities. Okay, I've got the color corner inside Laqad law garden you emphasize the tune with a local color but if there is no color No Matt No gonna bring it with the shed Matheran first of all Lila robic first of all shut the right fell solidly fell soil layer of beaker one how stressing that syllable

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yes yes great great mashallah, that's, that's perfect. That's we emphasize the tune. Okay, okay. This is the first key. We have three keys of Muhammad Okay, now we finished one key Okay, let me go with the second one because you already mashallah you go to the second key. Okay, if you say so. Alhamdulillah that's the first one that hamdulillah you'll be larger than me. The second key are Rockman your Rahi that's the second now you are beautifying guitarist more

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Yeah, again. All Rothman all Rothman yo Rahim a Walkman and watching

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you but now I'm gonna decide first ski and second key for the ski

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okay Alhamdulillah learn Alhamdulillah learn you're gonna be like me in Ottawa Manuel Rahi Alhamdulillah learn Europe benign me in our manual rocking the member center and you brought it in your way Yeah. Which I don't mind and I love to give you the tools I had a car accident and I kept driving and how much Google Bing Bing

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Bing Robin

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Malik in

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she has been working

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out of the school and six haircuts and now says use garlic yes if two or four or six out of the school that we do and it's perfect to make it six haircut that's good

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I will be or have been to Hanukkah or Palau they'll be around been

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for over will allow they'll be around been

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six hug two or four or six that segment the audience

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now mashallah, that's

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great. Yeah, it's got a lot of flexibility. What do you love hate as more? I can't get me up. But yeah, I'll be honest with you mashallah, watch everything great and,

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mashallah, Mashallah. I'm gonna embarrassingly watch myself in these videos and practice in front of a mirror and then send you a voice notes and see how I'm doing.

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That's what I'm gonna do.

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I have so enjoyed this, but we have one more. Right. We have one more. I'll call it left in sha Allah. So we'll cover that in the next session, and then we'll have one final session after that to conclude this beautiful series BarakAllahu li Walakum Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Here's what's coming up and the next episode and this maklumat series

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and also woman love it so much. It's a female makan To be honest, why do you say oh

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no woman doesn't like this Muslim. Oh, even by the way the knots you know, the nachten Or do they use this makan? A lot of songs even in Urdu language. It comes with this motto, okay. I would have no Stanny brother or Indian brother or Bengali brother doesn't like this Makayla. A shadow Allah, Allah. Allah

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Allah, wa he

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope that you enjoyed watching this video. For those who want to learn different methods of citation for those who want to improve their voice and bring it to a higher level. For those who want to enjoy and delight both prayers and listeners with their voice. For those who want to practice in sha Allah the whole maklumat practically one on one with me, sign up here.