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The false fears of the false god absorption can lead to people being used to the false god absorption. It is important to dislike people who have been associated with the false god absorption and let go of small mistakes. It is crucial for healthy relationships and avoiding petty behavior. It is also important to remember actions and intentions in order to avoid regret and confusion. The importance of listening to the Quran and following rules of Islam is emphasized.

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Allah says in Alladhina indeed those people who those beings who that their own them in doing Allah who call upon besides Allah, what are they? Are you doing their servants? Servants of who? Allah? I'm sorry look of just like you, one similar to you, all those beings whom you call upon Allah, what are they in reality? What is their status? They're all servants, servants of will Allah subhanaw taala just like you are a servant of Allah, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has been called the OB of Allah. Right? The angels, all of them are a bed of Allah.

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Alright, in the Quran, Allah says that there is nothing in the heavens and the earth except that it will come on the day of judgment to the Most Merciful as an Arab. So whether it is a mountain, or a cow, or it is a building or a sculpture, a person, a grave, anything, what is it in reality is servant of Allah. Everything is Allah's servant, everyone is Allah servant. And remember that there are servants just like you, meaning just like you need Allah, they need Allah to dislike Allah fulfills their needs, he fulfills your needs too. So who should you turn to?

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Those who are weak like you know, turn to the one who can actually help you who can actually respond to you. Allah challenges the Mushrikeen here, further room. So go ahead and call upon them call upon who those whom you associate with ALLAH, call upon them, go ahead, give it a try. File yesterday Bula calm, then they should respond to you. But the fact is, that they don't respond to you fully yesterday. Bula come in quantum soil clean if you're truthful. If you're truthful, they should respond to you I mean, the mouth of the idol should move. If you're going to the grave of someone you should hear something coming out of the grave or that person should come out of the grave and

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help you but the fact is that they cannot help you they cannot even answer you. When they cannot answer you. How can they help you? Allah makes us use our reason Allah home think about it but is the home for them? Meaning these idols false gods that you worship do they have a jewel feet? Or jewel is the plural of region region is foot or jewel feet? Do they possess feet yam Shuna beer they walk with it? Think about an idol does it have feet by which it can walk? A robot can walk perhaps can they walk? Allah whom are junonia I'm sure gonna be here. I'm not home or do they have a they enhance Florida yet? Do they have hands? Yeah, Billy Shona, their strike be here with it, you're

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able to shoot us from Box Balto sheen. And bot is to reach out with one's hand and strike. Strike. So for example, you reach out with your hand and give someone a slap or reach out with your hand or, you know, give a pet okay? Not saying do that. I'm just saying as an example. This is what Butch means. Okay? Or, for instance, you want to Cat something. So you reach out with your hand and you grab it. So do they have hands by which they can grab things? Do they know? Their arms don't move. Their hands don't move. In fact, all of them don't even have hands. They don't possess life. If they don't possess life, how can they be the giver of life? Um, Lahoma or do they have are you known

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eyes? You believe gonna be her or implore enough? I mean, do they have eyes by which they see? Um Lahoma as unknown or do they have ears? Florida? Udaan. Yes, Morona beha by which they listen, no, nothing is the case. Then if you compare yourself to any of these false gods then who's better?

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Who's better? You are better off. At least you can walk and the person in the grave he's just lying there. That he is you can listen. You can see for the person in the grave. He is surrounded by mud. How can he see or listen to anything? His body is not working anymore that who has left? Goal Allah challenges again say older who call upon shloka accom your partners mean those whom you associate with Allah. So McKee Dooney. Then all of you plot against me, key Dooney from caffeine Fidel Kade plot, meaning have your gods plot against me fella, Toblerone than do not give me any respite. Meaning, don't give me any chance. Go ahead, have your idols curse me have your idols cause me to

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die, whatever you want. Go ahead and plot against me, I'm not afraid. So basically, in these verses, we see that the false fear of you know these imaginary god

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As is being debunked, there is no reality to these gods. There is no reality to them. You don't need to fear them. Because the thing is that false gods, any god that is worshipped besides Allah, people fear those beings, and they instill this fear in the hearts of others. That Don't you dare? Don't you dare do this. Otherwise, I'll be very upset. Don't you dare do this, otherwise, your curse will be upon you. So Allah subhanaw taala says, tell them, Go ahead, plot against me. Don't give me any respite, we'll see what happens. But the fact is that nothing can happen. And if something happens, it happened because Allah will remember the story of the boy and the king. We watch that movie. It's

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based on an authentic story, which is also mentioned in surah, borouge Surah, brooch, or this boy, who was chosen to learn magic from the greatest magician, okay, and what happened on his way to that teacher, he came across a righteous man. So he would be going every day to learn magic. But he would stop by that righteous man it is said that he was one of the followers of ESRD center, he would learn about the correct religion, but the Oneness of Allah. And what happened one day that this boy was walking, and there was a huge, scary animal somewhere, and the people were stuck. So the boy, he said, the name of Allah, and he struck that animal and that creature, it basically finished, and the

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people were really impressed that wow, this boy said the name of Allah, and everything was fine. So many things happen after that the boy who used the name of Allah, in order to cure people in order to help them and when the King found out when the greatest magician found out, they were very furious, because they wanted him to use magic and he was using the name of Allah. So they tried many things to kill that boy, but they were not able to kill him. So eventually, he said, that you shoot an error to me and you say the name of Allah. And when they did that, what happened? The void I, but as a result of this incident, everybody, they believed in Allah subhanho data so the king was

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furious. What did he do? He had trenches dug fill them with fire, and any person who believed in Allah, he threw him into that ditch. So anyway, what does it show? That the false gods they cannot help? They cannot help. They cannot do anything and anything that happens to the servant of Allah it happens by whose will Allah's will? This is why Allah says that you should say in the indeed Allah ye my Wali, my friend, my protector is who Allah, Allah the the one who necessarily Kitab He sent down the book, well who and he yet Oh ALLAH Sliney Hain he befriends who the righteous ones. So if we want to have Allah is our friend, our helper, what is necessary that we become, we become who

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slowly because the more righteous deeds a person performs, the closer he gets to Allah. And when he gets closer and closer to Allah, that Allah befriends him, Allah protects him. Allah saves him, Allah helps him when Medina and those who that are Unum and Dooney, you call upon besides Him, law, you're still to your own inner circle, they're not able to help you. Well, and Fusa homie on Sologne, and they cannot even help themselves. So why should I be concerned with them? What enter the room and if you call them, Ill alHuda to guidance, who, who, whether it's the idols that you ask them for guidance, or it is those who believe in them that you call them to guidance layers where

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they don't listen, because idols they don't have the capacity to listen, the dead, they don't have the capacity to listen. And those who believe firmly in false gods when you talk to them than lyase Moreau, they don't listen to you what's wrong and you see them young Runa Ilica they look at you. Well whom liable soon, but in reality they're not seeing. Because if you look at an idol, you know, if you look at the eyes, they sometimes appear to be very scary. It's like they can see right through you. Have you ever seen, okay, let me make it relevant to you dolls, okay, some dolls, their eyes are such that you look at them and you feel another looking at you. So they look very scary.

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Alright, so some people actually get afraid of dolls. Especially with adults, they have blinking eyes. So you see them and it appears that they're looking at you, but in reality, they're not looking at you. So don't fear them. And those who worship these false gods, you talk to them, you explain to them. They're looking at you, but it's like they're staring into nothing. They might even nod but they don't get it they don't understand. Allah says hold. He advises the Prophet salallahu Salam, take a laugh, work.

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A pardon? could take. So for example, if you have a pen, and if I tell you who the the pen, what does it mean, pick it up and hold it. And then don't put it down.

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So awful pardon forgiving others, especially when you know that they're wrong. Overlooking their mistakes when you know that they are guilty. When you know that they're the ones who made that mess. They're the ones who did this wrong action, when you know, what does Allah say? How they laugh or take a laugh?

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It's like, somebody tells you take the tissue, hold it, keep it with yourself, because you never know. You might need it. Right? So which is why women they carry in their purses in their bags, the most ridiculous thing sometimes, right? If we start showing to one another what we have in our bags, it would be quite embarrassing, but we keep so many things, why? I might need it, I might need it. What does Allah say? What should we have with ourselves all the time, awful, forgiveness,

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hold on to this, carry this with yourself. Because this will always come in handy. You will always need to forgive others, you will always need to overlook the mistakes of others. Because the thing is that the person who is calling others to Allah, he has to become a very tolerant person, very tolerant, you have to overlook other people's, you know, mistakes and their criticism and their mockery and their nasty words, you have to overlook them. Because if you take every little thing very seriously, if you take it personally, you take it to heart and you scrutinize people over the little mistakes that they make, then you know what, these problems will never get resolved, they'll

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never get resolved, and you at the end will be miserable. You'll never be happy. If we want our relationships to improve. If we want to produce something useful in our lives, then it is necessary that we learn to forgive others we learn to let go. Because if we don't learn to forgive others, and let go of the mistakes that they make, I'm sorry, we're not going to go far at all. Like, for example, in this class right now, there are many things happening, which I don't like. Like for example, people constantly getting up and walking around, or another person not writing properly, another person doodling, and another person looking here and there. And if I start correcting each

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and every person, please sit like this. And please pick up your pen and please don't do too. And please pay attention and please wake up, then we won't be able to study. Right? So what is necessary that when you're at home, and somebody's making noise, and you've told them please, quiet I need to work and they're not listening what is necessary. Ignore let go. Don't take it personally. If somebody went to the washroom, and they splashed all over the mirror, and the counter, and they didn't even bother to dry it up. And you know, they did it and you're very upset. What's done say that you go in yet.

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You go and yell at them. Please go and clean up after yourself. I do not like this. You have no care and concern for me. I cleaned the washroom yesterday and look at the mess that you've made already. It's not fair. Have you seen my hands? Have you seen I'm so tired, I'm so exhausted. Please go wipe, go wipe the counter, go clean the mirror. I cannot tolerate this. You know what this is going to do? It's going to ruin your relationship with that individual. And it's going to make you concerned about what water droplets.

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It's gonna make you concerned about Bakhtin fatty issues that really don't matter. They don't matter that much. You clean it, okay, somebody messed it up. Go clean it after two days after three days. What's the big deal? Really? What is the big deal?

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It's not a big deal, whichever makes us think it's a big deal. So what is necessary could allow for the profits or a lot of time was advised her there are four. So Herbalife will take it with you and you're at home. And you go into your room and somebody's made a mess. And somebody has ruined your stuff. And somebody didn't put the dishes in the dishwasher. They left them in the sink and somebody left crumbs on the table and somebody came with their wet shoes inside the house. And yes, there are dirty marks on the floor. And sob sob there's also some dirt on the floor. I'm so hurt. What's necessary clothing off what? It's okay. Doesn't matter. It was going to get dirty and

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new ways, it was gonna get dirty Anyways, if not now later for sure. Tell me if you clean the washroom once is it forever clean? Even you dirty it. Right? If you mop the floor, is it forever clean? No. Even your dirty it. So if somebody else did it, for God's sake, let it go, who the law for? And if we cannot be tolerant in these petty issues, then how can we forgive others for the nasty things they say to us? A person cannot go far in the way of Allah, if He doesn't develop this kind of tolerance and patience. The prophets of Allah Saddam, he was made to go through this training for 13 years in Makkah, so that he could do something greater in Medina.

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And if we cannot go through this training, even for one day, for one year, we cannot tolerate if somebody's staying in our house as a guest because you know, they'll mess my house, They'll ruin my, my linens and They'll ruin my sofa.

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Really, then we're not fit for the work of the dean. We're not fit for the work of the dean. We're not fit to be Allah servants then.

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Because the servants of Allah have to have big hearts, big hearts. And a big heart is a heart that has in it offer forgiveness, tolerance, Barden, who they are for, and it's necessary that we show this to everybody, not just the people we see in class, not just the people we come across at the masjid. But even the people whom we live with in our houses, whether it's in the form of children, or they are husbands or they are parents or they are siblings, whoever it is awful, awful awful in the morning in the evening, in the night. Yesterday, today, tomorrow at 3pm at 4pm at 5pm holy life we're in the middle of the night in the morning huddle are off work because when you forgive then

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you will be able to have a smile on your face. And when you'll have a smile on your face then you will be happy and others will be happy then others will want to be with you and if they want to be with you then they'll support you.

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So who did our for what motivated roofie and order that which is right root from the root letters are in Rafah. What are the odds are ninja Helene, and turn away from the ignorant ones? Order that which is right, when can you order what is right? When you are tolerant? Because if you are concerned with the mistakes of the others, then you're only going to point out their mistakes, then you cannot tell them what is right. And our DeLorean generally turn away from the ignorant. Why? Because you will always come across people who are behaving ignorantly, whether it is in their actions or it is in their words. So what is necessary, turn away. Just ignore, forgive, overlook.

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Because the thing is that when we get entangled with these petty issues with these little things, then we become jarhead

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Have you ever seen a person yelling at someone?

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Maybe your mother yelling at her child? How does she look?

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How does she look? As if she doesn't know how to talk properly like a human being.

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So our build our need to really turn away from the ignorant ones because then you will become ignorant otherwise, in the Quran we learn if our ability or son rebel with that which is good. Why? Because when you will rebel evil with good, then animosity will turn into friendship and love. Otherwise, what will you do? You will ruin the love and you will ruin the friendship. But at this time when we have to forgive others. What happens?

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Trayvon says go tell them go yell at them. Go give them a piece of your mind. Allah says we're ima and if Yen's are when it comes to you. Michel Barnier from Shavon nuts, loan and evil suggestion. nuzzle is from the EU letters known xylene and nuzzel is basically to tinker with fingertips. Have you ever been tickled? When you try?

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Or you try what happens as soon as you're tickled? You're sitting calmly and you just get up sort of jump? Right? So Nazli is to provoke someone to do something wrong. So if shame upon provokes you to do something wrong, you are listening to someone you're hurt and you just say keep calm and carry on. But your body tickles you know, you're not keeping calm. You have to say something. You have to speak your mind. So if Shavon tickles you like that prompts you to do something evil first started Billa then seek refuge with Allah say oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim

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In the who in DD, severe on hearing or Limon knowing, in Alladhina indeed those people who eat taco they fear Allah, either muscle home when it touches them for a phone an impulse Mina Shavon from the chiffon, what happens to the cuddle, they remember instantly. And when they remember, when they realize that this is from shape on for either home, then instantly there you will see it when they're able to see. Now what is this word thought if life is from dermatitis thaw welfare law for you to face to

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go around, that sometimes you are doing your work. And then all of a sudden this thought comes to your mind, and it spins in your head. You try to shove it away, but it comes back again. And what's this urge? Do? You know? Like, for example, you're doing your work. And all of a sudden this thought comes? Why did she say that to me?

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And how come she hasn't called me yet? And where is he by the way? What does he think he's doing? I'm here with the kids and he's having fun with his friends. Not fair. So pick up the phone and just yell in the form of a text message. Right? This happens many times. So some people when the ball if comes it spins in their head, then they follow it. They follow it. They say something, they do something they don't forgive, they don't overlook and they ruin their relationship. They ruin their deeds. And others who fear Allah. What happens when a thought if comes to them, and it keeps spinning. As it comes the car the middle comes down or the left comes again or the villa. It's okay.

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It's okay. It's okay. You know, they give excuses to others. So the Kuru they instantly remember, Allah's warnings, Allah's promises for either homeworks later on, then they can see in that situation, what should be done and what should be avoided. They have insight, and others, they're blind. So they're able to see what the right course of action is. And remember, when a person becomes angry, than his mind gets covered. Like is that the children he wants that the son of Adam becomes angry, then we play with him, like children play with a ball.

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Like children play with a ball, like we just rolled him around, then we have fun with him. Because when he's gone mad, when he's angry, then really he will go mad, then we will make him do things and say things that he will regret later on so much. But when a person controls himself, and he says no, our oath of Allah, this is not right. I should not do this, I should forgive, then, oops, see when they're able to see, okay, instead of yelling at them, I could tell them the same thing in this way. Like, for example, children. One is that you correct their mistakes by yelling at them, when you're yelling at them what will happen, they'll get afraid. And instead of yelling at them, if you speak

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to them in a calm manner, you come down to their level, you look at them in the eye, and you ask them, you speak to them, then that's the best course of action. So remember, when you're calm, then you can see. But when you get mad, then you become blind. Then the only thing you know about is what your ego how you can satisfy your ego. What if one whom and they're brothers meaning the brothers of shouting, your medulla home, they extend them. A Hawaiian woman who aren't loyal have a whole other brothers of Shelton, those who listen to Him, those who befriend him. So those who listen to shall clean those who befriend shouting that the shayateen they extend them you will do not from mud mean

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that that to lengthen, they take them deep Philippi in error,

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meaning those who fellowship on the trail plan takes them deep into misguidance into error. Some Mala yakezie rune then they do not stop short you'll see rune from XR cough Sodre. Casa Salado CASA is what shortened the prayer right? So they do not fall short. Meaning they go to great lengths in making them in making them do wrong in taking them into Hawaii. Like the example I gave you when a person is angry, and this person is listening to Chevron Chevron tickled him they got flared up. And what happened is listening to chiffon. So now he's cursing and then he's hitting and then he's harming himself and then he's saying things which are absolutely unacceptable. So yeah, Medina home,

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fiddle high heat, some Mala yolks, Iran, then sheltering don't fall short in misguiding that person in making him commit evil. So what happens there's two ways when you're upset about something Shavon tickles you one is that you control yourself you

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No, I'm not gonna listen. This is from Chauvin and the others I just said, let me see at least let me speak to them at least let me give them a piece of my mind. And once you go that way, then there is no limit. There's no limit. Like, for example, we see siblings, very good, healthy relationship starts with fighting, fighting, and one becomes abusive and starts hitting the other, right, and then starts accusing the other, and the matter gets so worse, worse, worse, that what happens, the brother says, I don't want to see my sister again. And the sister says, I don't want to know my brother.

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This is not just something that happens within siblings, a couple husband and wife perfectly fine, it takes them to divorce. And that is something that chip on once that the two people have gotten together in the Name of Allah, their union should end. If you think about a divorce is usually because of what reasons, these reasons when people don't forgive one another. Then she had long doesn't stop anywhere, then he laughs at them. What he they're lumped to him and when you do not bring them be I attend, assign, assign that they demand if you don't show it to them the Mushrikeen or a verse of the Quran they've demanded from you and you don't have it because obviously Allah is

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the one who's going to send it to you. You're not going to produce it from yourself. Although they said Lola, why not each debater, you chose it each debater from jinbao meaning Why don't you just make it up yourself? Why don't you just produce it from yourself? Because he thought that the Quran was the speech of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that's what they said. So they say Why don't you just make it up yourself? Gonna say tell them in nama indeed number A who I follow, may you have a year may not be what is revealed to me from my Lord. I don't make up anything. What I do, I do it why? Because Allah has revealed it to me, Heather, this is Basa is Enlightenment Florida. Vasila

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meaning this Quran is besotted. Mirabai come from your Lord. Well, who then and a guidance will Rama and mercy. Nicole may you may know him for the people who believe meaning Why do you want a miracle? Is this Quran? not sufficient? Is this Quran not enough? And just like that, what happens is that in our lives, when we're facing problems in our relationships in our family, then we want some big miracles to happen. That you know my husband to just change. My sister should just change my mother should just change we want others to become an angel overnight.

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But the fact is that we have to follow the Quran. We have to follow what Allah subhanaw taala has sent because in that is our improvement. What either and when it is recited Al Quran the Quran the etiquette of listening to the Quran has been mentioned that when the Quran is recited for STEM your ruler who then listen to it attentively, will anslee to and be silent why law and welcome to hormones so that you are showing mercy is tomorrow is different from Samira Samira has just to hear sounds, but it's Tamara is to deliberately listen to something how, how? By paying attention. Like for example, there may be many sounds, okay? But we're not paying attention to every sound. There

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are certain sounds that we pay attention to. Like you're having a conversation with someone and a child is whining. Are you hearing that child? Yes, but are you listening to them? No. Who are you listening to the one whom you're having a conversation with? So it's the merula who listen to the Quran attentively. Pay attention to the Quran, we're unsullied to and be silent. Honestly, to incite noon slaughter is basically to be silent in order to listen attentively. Why? Because if you're not silent, if you're talking, then you'll miss out. You won't be able to hear everything. So we're unsullied to why learn looking to her moon so that mercy is shown to you. Because only when you will

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listen attentively, then you can understand, when you will understand, then you'll remember when you'll remember, then you'll implement when you'll implement then you will receive Allah's mercy. So this whole process begins from what? Listening it starts with listening. What go Rebecca, and remember your Lord fina fsic In your heart, in yourself, how the little Ron with humility will be forgotten and in fear. Remember your Lord in your heart in humility and fear, we're doing our Jedi and without being apparent mineral coal from speech. One kind of the could is that for example you're saying is proud Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah when you're doing the crew like this

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As people can hear you, or your reciting your morning or us, and people can hear you, but the other is that you are remembering Allah, you're doing vicar without being loud enough so that others are not able to hear you how, like, for example you're doing

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I mean, people know that you're doing some kind of record, but they can't hear you. Right? Or you're reciting Quran but it's not loud, the whole house, everybody in the house can listen to, you know, so we're doing a Jedi miracle. Why do they like this? Why, because when you will do the code like this in your heart, in fear in humility, without being too loud, then you will develop the habit of doing this, you know that, then you will develop the habit of doing this, you will be able to thicker in the car, you will be able to liquor even while you're waiting for somebody, you can do liquor everywhere, anywhere, even when you're cooking, cleaning, doing your ironing, whatever it may

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be, when at what time Bill will do we in the morning will are Sol and the evening, although is the time which is between the fajr prayer and sunrise. So after you perform your Fudger until the sunrises are Sol after awesome until the sunsets. So these two times are the times of remembering Allah. And these two times are when you are busy, right? Like, for example, these days after fajr you're getting ready to go wherever you have to write, or those who have kids, they're getting their kids ready. So if you have to get up work in the kitchen, iron clothes, it doesn't mean that you don't do your morning content, you do them. And why do your god like this dude, a journeyman l call

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so that other people don't get bugged and irritated that I can't even have a conversation with them because we're always doing

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so doing a journeyman or coal Bill who do we will ask well, why go to this much effort in order to they could well at a communal feeling and do not be of those who are often heedless. Those who forget Allah, no, don't be of those. Remember Allah at all times, like the prophets of Allah, Allah said, I'm used to I shall burn her said, the prophets of Allah said I'm used to remember Allah at all times. So who are often

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those who don't do the

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those who don't remember ALLAH, outside of the prayers at all. So what is necessary that we develop a habit of doing? And this habit will begin with your being regular with morning and evening with God? Because if you can remember ALLAH, these two busy times, then you can remember a lot throughout the day.

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In the Levina, indeed, those people who are in the obika are near your Lord, lay your stuff Bruna, they're not arrogant on the Rebbe that the from his worship. They're not too arrogant to worship Allah. They're not too proud to worship Allah. They're humble. This is why they worship Allah easily and happily, where you Sabir Hoonah who, and otherwise they glorify Him, they exalt Him they do his this beer. Well, who yes, June and to him the prostrate. Who are these, those who are near your Lord, the angels, the angels who have such a high status, Allah subhanaw taala gives us their example, that look, they worship Allah without any pride and arrogance. And they are humble, and

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they do the spear imagine the angels who are constantly inside there since they were created until the Day of Judgment, constantly Neurocore since they were created until the Day of Judgment, imagine you sub the Hoonah who will who used to do and they do such that to him. So whether we worship or not, doesn't make the difference because there's always Allah's creation who's worshipping Him, glorify Him. If we worship Allah, it's for whose good, our own benefit, our own benefit because what's good work that you do such the and draw close to Allah, this is how we draw close to Allah. This is how a person's status is raised in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. Now this iron which is

00:34:14--> 00:34:18

the last ayat of surah Al are off do you see a sign over here?

00:34:20--> 00:34:25

What is that sign of such the such that tilava What is such that Allah?

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

The places in the Quran those verses where it is most known? It is from the Sunnah and it is better for you to follow that sunnah. And what is that sunnah, that you do such that over there? All right, meaning when you hear that verse when you recite that verse, Then you do such and remember that for this kind of such though, it is not necessary to have will do because it's not an action of Salah will do is a requirement of what Salah in the Quran we will do is mentioned Allah says that either condone it or follow it then do will do but here you're not performing the salah. What are you doing?

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

It only started so it's not a requirement to have will do. Right? And it's not necessary for a person to say that that could be and then go down into such that however, he can do that also. All right, he can also do that. And in the center, what do you say?

00:35:16--> 00:35:43

What do you say? You Say Subhan Allah Bill Arla Okay. And what else can you say for such that Halawa? This da? Such the word here lady halacha who worship Osama who oversaw who be holy, He will call with you here and there also some other versions of this doll, you can find it at make dua.com You should use this website a lot. Okay, make dua.com It's basically the fortress of the Muslim.

00:35:44--> 00:35:49

Okay, that's online. So if you go in the Quran section, you will find this door over there. Okay.

00:35:50--> 00:35:57

And if you don't know the story, then what can you do? This is a panel Obeah are Allah alright?

00:35:58--> 00:36:20

Also remember that it's not an obligation, but it is muster it is better because it's a sunnah. All right. So with this at Hamdulillah we conclude Surah tool are off so little officer maki surah. Now you will see the style of the Quran will change significantly. So be prepared. Be prepared. Recitation

00:36:22--> 00:36:25

melody in your own

00:36:26--> 00:36:29

Dooney Lahiri don't

00:36:31--> 00:36:35

further Rome fell yes the ajibola Come in.

00:36:37--> 00:36:46

tomb for the moon Oh Joe Louis, Sean and B.

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M level ad they'll play shown and be

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Pulido show aka

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murky Dune is to hone in ye along levena Zellen kita

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will who is slowly he what levena

00:37:34--> 00:37:39

Dooney he'll stop on your own and also welcome one

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full sample meal oh what

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is mountain What's wrong mio Luna Elaine come on home lie Oh MyLSU home Hold on. Hold they laugh more Bill fewer Barney Heliade we're in

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Kameena shame on enough

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me on gnarly clean

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up on either

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ball all

00:38:41--> 00:38:47

Mina shape on etha the girl the girl for either

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mobile home What if one

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Duna home whom

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your boss or your home will either

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ball hola hola Jetta

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on your own your walk big

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homie me you know

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what either

00:39:39--> 00:39:40

Tammy ruler who

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come to her Moon would go to rob McAfee enough secret

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really in a loop only been rewarding. We won

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mean a lot of me, in allele now.

00:40:11--> 00:40:20

Be kallyas that be Runa our neighbor that he you are you will be thrown where you said before now?

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00:40:27--> 00:40:34

Subhanak Allah who will be handling the shadow Allah Illa illa Anta Nestor Furukawa to be like a Sarah Malika what I haven't Allah who would have