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some kind of you know,

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welcome. This is the last session in shallow water Kota Allah in our study for the signs of the day of judgment and the signs of the hour, and particularly the major signs. If you remember from the last time we discussed together, we were talking about German Jews. And prior to that the result of a study surrounding the center is la Salaam Alaikum, and his meeting with the Jan. So we've covered all the major signs of the profits are about the lowest rung spoke about then comes one of the signs

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to show that it's almost coming to an end means that the world is almost coming to an end. One of those signs is that the end of islam and the end of religion in general. And the meaning of that is a pretty few and if you remember from the last time we discussed a Sally's around, and then all of a sudden, after he, he defeats at the job, and after he's arrested and these were the usual Jews and then he asked Allah subhanho wa Taala has helped to

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kind of save them from the to trap the major news gathering good Juju, Juju God and Magog, Allah subhanho wa Taala by his well will destroy Juju Madrid, save the people with a salary ceramidase la ceramah lived there for about 40 years, who live for years among the people and he will establish an Islam which means that actual true concept of submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala restoring the deen of Allah azza wa jal following the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ra. So during his time I mentioned that peace will be will be

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established, Justice will be established, prosperity will be established that people will find a lot of wealth, a lot of food, and will even will last them for so long. That as long as a satisfied was among them. And then after he dies, he will be buried. They will pray to another for him. He will also be buried Alice was Salam. And then from there slowly and gradually, things start deteriorating back again. And that's what the prophet SAW some referring to in this hadith here. As he sets a lot of law he was Salam Allah says uterus with Islam, can my uterus to wash your uterus with Islam can madrasa worship, which means Islam will wear out like the adornment of a garment wears out. If you

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see this image, the shades of these two picture to these two images. One of them is has a bright color, which means it's it's very clear, you could see it. And it's very obvious, you can see the red color from the blue cup from the green color. But then slowly and gradually as time passes by what happens to this color, start fading out slowly and gradually starts fading slowly. And gradually. This is exactly the professor said what he was saying about how Islam will start fading out in the life of people and societies. So it's not going to be something that is sudden Not yet. Not yet. That wouldn't be that sudden, but it will be slowly and gradually which means people which

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is naturally an almost every single society that every single nation they have this of course you know the enthusiastic you know society at the beginning. And then you will have the zeal of supporting the Darwin the message and establishing that the society based on that slowly and gradually as we're getting weaker and weaker and start fading out all the way until it disappears. So the sort of law is so awesome says in this hadith says Islam was the study uterus, which means wearing out like the colors of the design on the on the garment and the tub starts fading out slowly and gradually had value drop nasiha mon wa salatu salam ala sada, they said that they will come

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starts fading out slowly and gradually, until people start completely, they don't even recognize fasting, they don't recognize Salah they don't recognize going to Hajj or Umrah or doing any sacrifice. So the concept of practice and the concept of worship and Avada will die. The concept of a bad concept religion also start fading out slowly and gradually until it disappears completely Rasulullah sallallahu. Then he says and at that moment, when things go to that level, and people stop kind of worshipping other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. The prophet SAW Sam says, What s3 Allah Kitab life. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, He said the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be taken

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away in one single night, in one single night for a couple of women who is not even one single ayah will read will be left down on earth. And the meaning of that then that was expanded under a hadith the Prophet Allah mentioned that even the her father will wake up one day the next day they will wake up they don't even recognize what the Quran is meaning

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I can't even recall one if at all. So the four hour will be removed. And the reason Allah subhanho wa Taala will lift up for an prior to the actual event or destruction of this world is out of out of Sharif which means to honor the Quran the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. So those are carrying the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala will not have to see or suffer the agony of these the final hours of this world. So Allah will take will elevate the Quran will take the client out from their hearts and even when people they go to the massage have the books of Allah subhana wa Khurana massage basically when they go on the opener most have they won't even see the print at all will be completely

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removed. This is not one of the sign that what's happening what is going on. Something serious is happening. The book was yesterday was full with with ink and Trenton and I art and plant and southern I was completely planned there is nothing in there. People they try to remember the Quran, they will not be able to remember the art of Allah Subhana Allah the Quran, he said sallallahu wasallam for a couple of women who were takato feminineness. Then when the Quran is removed the pupil who will stay after that alive woman and not the remaining group of people, all men and women, men and Isaiah is a shape of caveolae Jews, your Kowloon at rachna Allah Allah Allah Hadid, kenema,

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La ilaha illallah wa Nakula these old people among the new generation will say, you know, we remember long time ago that we used to hear our parents or forefathers, they used to say this word La ilaha illAllah there is no God but Allah, which means our forefathers once believed in God, once believed in in religion, but for them, they have no clue what that is. They only say that we heard them saying La ilaha illa Allah, and we just repeat these words. So how I mean, it seems it sounds difficult for us, because when I posted in

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the reminder about this class on Facebook, one of the one of the brothers, he posted a reply right away. He said, I disagree, that there will always be Islam and I didn't want to reply there. So can I mean, why do I need to apply to him anyway right now? Because this is these are not my words. These are the words of the prophets of Allah sent him that Islam will this appeal as the final sign he said, How could this happen? When the Muslims are always at hamdulillah will be abundant will be in billions and millions? So the answer to his question, as you posted that on Facebook is that the process as Sam said, this will be one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment, that the law that

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believers Allah subhana wa tada will cause them to disappear. How will they disappear? He mentioned that about the last ceremony that they that I went will be sent down for them, when we're going to mention that a shout out that went will take their souls and then eventually they will they will die. So there will be no Islam. No Islam notion of Allah subhanho wa Taala when the actual actual event of enough soon the blowing in a trumpet what happens? There'll be no people on earth who will say la ilaha illAllah or say Allah, Allah, another notion, the prophets Allah Sam says in the Hadith,

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in Sahih, Muslim, la takamasa catella coloful Allah Allah means the day of judgment will not be established, the actual event of the hour will not be established until there'll be normal saying Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah here it means to say la ilaha illa Allah, or even the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when this happens, we will be completely neglectful. They don't believe in Allah azza wa jal, that's when Allah gives the command for the hour to be established. The prophet SAW the lesson and even mentioned that in the laboratory homina Yemen, Allah subhana wa will send area when we'll come down from the south from Yemen, alien Amina Hurry, so soft and so subtle, means it's so soft like this that like the silk, how soft it is, and smooth, so that one will be so smooth, which means people they want they won't even see any kind of violence when that is blowing. Now it's going to be

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so subtle, so easy, so smooth, that that went, we'll go after the believers looking for them everywhere, until it takes their souls and then on the other last panel, whatever give the command for the day of judgment to be established. So when the Day of Judgment is established, there are no more people worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. No more people saying La ilaha illa Allah or no remembers of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be on Earth. The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam. He even mentioned that when this happens, those who will be left those will be left in on Earth. Or people who just like as he mentioned salata last Ramananda. And that description, they will be they

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have no kind of goodness whatsoever and no kind of goodness at all completely. And those people when they when this one comes in and takes the believers away from them. They left right now with no under

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Standing, no kind of concept of faith or religion or belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, they said that they will act like animals, their behavior we like animals, which means going after their desires. You have taharah, Julia taharah, Juna Cata halogen hermo, which means they will be jumping on each other like you know that behind me is there no concept of modesty or decency whatsoever, just like the animals. And he says for Alan takamasa, it's on people like this, when the hour will be established, the Messenger of Allah xlsm says,

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the largest ones will go away, will disappear, and then allow for our generation after generation like it's fading out, the concept of religion will fade out until Tata has Allah Katara. To show you what is left behind is nothing but lift over some, you know, when people are they kind of refined wheat and if I bottle it, it just does nothing. It's insignificant. You don't even give them any way in this world. That is when the day of judgment will be established. So that is the meaning of the roots of Islam that Islam will disappear and will be the end of religion that is the meaning from heighten the peace of Allahu alayhi wa sallam. It's not like Islam will not exist. You know, before

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that, no, it will exist as was mentioned, after a Salah Salaam will remain there, Justice will be established. But again, it starts fading out slowly and gradually. And gradually. How much time would it would it take from the time of the database, a Salaam until Islam was out in the minds and the hearts of people before Allah gives the command. We don't know exactly the time. But from the Hadith when the prophets Allah, Sam says, The old people, the old men and women, when they say Remember, our forefathers used to say la ilaha illAllah. It seems to be a generation maybe or to a generation or two. And for those who don't believe in this to happen, you know, I witnessed some

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people myself in Muslim countries once Muslim land, you know, when I lived in Bosnia for four years, and I remember meeting people over there, I remember meeting people so parallel, I mean, they carry the Muslim name, their behavior, behavior is absolutely contradicting to every concept of Islam. So they just say that they're Muslims, even the title was called Muslim man, meaning that the title as an ethnic group, as Muslims, that's how recognized, but what kind, what do you see from Islam and among the population? Not so many people really have that few people have Islam in practice? But many of them they say that, you know, yeah, we remember I remember you know, my people, they used to

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say that my father who said my grandfather used to say that, but they themselves don't practice that. And I've witnessed and I've met some of those people. So how am I even one of them one of the one of the occasions it happened that I was I was eating in the restaurant, actually, this happens here in the US actually. So I want one of one of those one of those restaurants and then there was a bar and restaurant So after we finished our meal myself on the family, this old man comes to us and he was was kind of drinking alcohol there on a different actually a

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different place than he came and I could see that he sound drunk and you can smell the alcohol on him sauce on he came and he sat next to me but he pulled the chair like no invited, who wasn't invited to sit with us anyway. He said salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. So he pulled the chair. He sat down. And he looks at me, he goes, where are you from? So I said, I'm from such and such place. Because I'm from Bosnia. I said, I know. And I started speaking to him in bars, and he was surprised he goes out, he knows how to speak Spanish. I lived there for four years, suddenly was no introduction. He says, Listen, he says I'm a good Muslim.

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Subhana Allah, I mean, even a conditional Allah, he was so drunk. You can see his eyes are red and he smells alcohol. He says, I'm a good Muslim, and even know for an undecided sighting? Well, I sort of in that incident, because

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I'm Cipolla for me, I said La ilaha illAllah. Look at this. Even though he knew that he was acting like this, he know that this is wrong. But still in his heart, he has that love for the deen of Allah subhana wa. Well, I just put my hand over to show us it. I know that. I know. I know that you love you love Islam and your heart and handler plan I mean, but maybe the circumstances right now. They're not perfect for you. They're not right. And I ask Allah to help you recover and get out of this this habit. He goes Zack Allah, thank you very much. And then even the competition ended. But I just like we said, there are many people like that. who unfortunately, you know, they lost the

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connection with Islam because of their circumstances. Even some Muslims who live in South America today. And there are so many I met some people who gave me some stories as well, is that many of them many of the second third generation of Muslims. They know nothing about Islam. They only perhaps carry names like Abdullah and became a mainstream name. They don't even know that it's coming from Muslim source. They don't even know that it means the seven of us

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All the time. And when they hear that, and they would say, Oh wait, we once we heard our people, we know that our grandfather grandmother, she used to repeat that she used to say that that song they call it song actually. But somehow people today, they're going through this. But in the event of the Day of Judgment, the prophets that Assam said that this is going to be the is going to be the common thing, which means will be no Islam whatsoever. Normally when Allah subhanho wa Taala and it will be taken away slowly and gradually from them until the Quran is removed from the hearts of the people and from the books and from the Messiah.

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So as a result, of course of no worship Allah subhanho wa Taala people, they just cannot live without any specific religion. So that's when they go back again to the worship of the islands, even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he mentioned that on the Day of Judgment, or before they have judgment, people in the Arabian Peninsula will also go back to the worship of the idols. He said that Ben DOS, which is one of the tribes that in urban Peninsula, would attend back to worshipping the philosopher, a famous idol that they once worship during that time. And he said that the day will come when they come back again and worship the villisca or idols in the Arabian Peninsula.

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Now this happens, so there are no Muslim normal Muslims even to go to Hajj. No people visiting and Hajj in Mecca, there is no even concept of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala on the cover. That's when the beta of Allah becomes vulnerable. The prophets Allah Sam said, he mentioned that

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there was this soy protein mineral habersham. The soy Madhava is a man from the abbey senior will cross the street down the street from from Africa, to the Arab Arabian peninsula, and he will go and accomplish everyone. And because there is no resistance anymore, even the Arabs themselves they will only be recognized last panel with Allah or faith and believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there'll be no resistance, and eventually he will come to that event and so you will come to Mecca. And then he will not the Kaaba 100 at a time is one brick at a time, the Messenger of Allah, Allah Sonia says, what will occur in the underworld, he says, I can even see him that he will he had been

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given that vision to see him in the future. And he mentioned mentioned his description. So a lot of light was said that his arms and his hands he has some kind of a twisted legs, ankles and twisted you know, arms, still he was so powerful with his people that they will come and they will destroy the Kaaba one brick at a time, and there will be nobody to stop him at that time.

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Then would this happen the profit or loss and I'm so lost? Oh, Joe will give the command for the first major sign of the beginning of the destruction. Remember when we met when we were talking earlier about the major scientific kind of confusion among the AMA, regarding which one is the first sign? Is it the rise of the sun rising from the west? Or is it

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the the beginning of

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the journey or Islam and so which one would be the first or the one that the smoke that will come? So the amount that to reconcile between the Hadith they say that as for the sun for the sun, sunrise it from the west, this is the first time for the beginning of the destruction the end of the world. But for the jar and the smoke these are the signs I will will give the start of the major signs towards the end of the of the world. But the actual sign the first time to begin the end of this world will be sun rising from the west. Once this happen, there will be no more accepting of October or repentance Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal medicine satara Nam hollyanne Luna Tilda anta

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te amo Malika we are tiara bukovina Tia Baba Arabic yo Mati Baba Arabic Allah em fornecer. Eman amagno kaabil our cassava v Monica Hara quillin todo inamoto the rune Allah subhanho wa Taala undesired he says that, do they then which be the people of Mecca mushrikeen do they then wait for anything except that the angels should come to them or your Lord should come which is basically the hereafter? Or that there comes some of the signs of your Lord is not a loss of Panama the Lord comes first now, there'll be some do the science of your load that day that some of the signs of your load will come? No so will benefit from its faith as long as it had not believed before. The other

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medicine that I see that this is the this is speaks about a shrimps. The sun rising from from the west, because the prophets of Allah Salah mentioned also in the Hadith, that a Toba repentance will be still be accepted. People they embrace Islam will still be accepted from them. Until that that enter that event takes place, which is the sun rising from the west. When this happens, there's the door for Toba will be closed and the door to believe will be closed because the signs are now very obvious. There is no more denial because

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Now it's obvious that the sun instead of coming from the east, now it's coming from the west, that is now normal now disbelief. And normal taba will be accepted by now. So those who believe that it's over with them, and those who believe these are people who will remain as believers, until of course, Allah subhana wa Taala gives the command for the soul to be taken. So here the prophets Allah Sam says, they are once it is hidden self proclaimed Muslim, they are will not come until the sunrise from the west. And we explained that many, many times does it mean it's a metaphoric expression that Islam comes from the west? Or does it mean that the sun exactly coming from the we

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explained that before, in one of the sessions have been some scientific theories, there are some scientific theories that predicting actually the sun rising from the west, they don't have their own scientific explanation, of course, but the professor mentioned that many, many, you know, decades and centuries ago, that it will happen by the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala, as again one of the major science of the Day of Judgment,

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then there will be that beast that Allah Subhana Mata will allow to come, as Allah mentioned, and sort of the normal way the wacol told Allah him and when the world befalls them, it means that the world before then that means that command for the establishing of the Day of Judgment,

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but a minimum order to kalamoon and anassa cannot be it cannot be known, that we will bring for for them a creature, a beast from the earth speak into them. Now, many they tried to interpret this piece as being the TV being the internet, some kind of like a scientific thing. But actually the proper submission of the Hadith, which is also Hadith, tamiment, Daddy, that there may be Daddy, he met that beast. He said we saw a beast, we could not tell COVID whom debris, we couldn't tell the phone from the back. It's so *gy that we couldn't see the head from the tail, you couldn't tell the head from the tail. But this was speaking to them. And we cannot, they were scared from that

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piece from that creature. Now, what type of creature is that? Allahu taala. We don't know, when it comes out. The prophet SAW Some said they will start marking the people like tagging the people tagging the people between believing believers, non believers non believers. So we'll tag the people on their snout and all their noses. Now, that would be the end of it. Now, that is it will happen will take some time. And then even to the extent that the professor Sam says what some people will say will say that we once met some of those people, we met them and we purchase something from them. So that people will be recognized as a could be a full generation will be a full

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let's say one one particular area on earth that will be marked. So people will recognize that Okay, so who, who mark you so when they bring the news of the beast, it will be it will be the specific determining their end, that these people that they will remark by that beast, that means that they are doomed.

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And finally the prophets Allah Sam said, Then finally, when all this happened, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give now the command for a fire to come from that from the south of the Arabian Peninsula. Now here's the thing, that Hadith always speaks to the Arabs in particular here. So all of this will be to the autopsy because the fire comes from Indiana, and it will become to get in the Arabs towards one direction. That doesn't mean that no fires come from different places congregating the people, but what we know everybody will be gathered and will be taken to one particular area. And that area is a sham. In other narration the prophets Allah mentioned a sham amble mashery of

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Masha, which will be the the land of the congregation or the language of the gathered the land of the gathering. So when the fire starts coming, now this past has basically taken the the people sweeping, sweeping the earth and taking the people to towards one direction. And also realize the last time you said that this, this fire will go and walk with the people to the people because they're hasty and rushing to escape the fire, there will be using one comma three people or four people 10 people, they will rotate. So they will be trying to escape that fire. And as people move, the fire will be traveling with them. So as it travels with them, whenever they stop, the fire stops

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when they move the fire moves with them and keeps going on and continuing until it takes them to a sham which is the Levant like Syria for stealing these lands. And that's when Allah subhana wa Taala gives the order in the command for the for the trumpet to be blown into it. And that will be the end of course of the war. However, the progresses and give us indication here regarding who will be the last people to to survive, or who visited us the last people to kind of been gathered or taken them. He said there'll be two shepherds sort of sort of Lysa Sanchez to shepherd from Medina. Medina is an Arab tribe that exists in the Arabian Peninsula until this day. And he says a lot a lot of Somali

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these people will be just like tells you that they're completely heedless. They had no clue what's going on. Regardless of what's

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And they can live their lives. And so they bring the sheep to Medina, hoping that they will trade and they will earn some money as well. So they had no idea what's going on and will be taken suddenly. So when they arrived at any other badass Ania tada and the Arabic language, Athenian means like a path between mountains it's not like it's not a valley, just like a path between hills and mountains like what you see in this picture. So this is called the Nia Truvada Anthony, Rhoda and Medina there are multiple tinea, but the very famous tawnya is the one in the south and the one in the north. And that's when the prophets of Allah Salam came from India to Medina for Makkah, he came

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through one of those saniya just like the entrance, and they call us Ania to Wada, what that means Farewell, because when people used to travel from Medina, that will be the gate outside Medina, towards the desert. So that's what they call the farewell saniya. And when they see people traveling, they receive them also there because that's where people come into Almudena. So they will these people that will be coming through to Medina, one Medina will be completely deserted. No one is left there. The Messenger of Allah selasa mentioned that the Medina will be for what nothing but beasts, animals, as we see busy people, they left it, and these people, they completely have no clue

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what's going on. And as they come a loss of power, give the command for Salafi to blow the trumpet, and that's when they fall on their faces, and the events of the day of judgment and the hereafter start unfolding. So with that, we come to the end of the science of the Day of Judgment. What comes next? Is that event How can we connect this event to the resurrection and the events of the hereafter inshallah Allah as we move on forward, when Allah xojo this discussion, we're going to talk about the hereafter. Starting next week, inshallah we'll talk about enough is enough for suit blowing in the trumpet. What is it? How does it look like and who's responsible for it, and how

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events will unfold? The old events we hear about in the Quran and Allah Subhan speak about the stars, the sun, the moon, the earth and everything, how it's going to happen. We will talk about this next week inshallah Baraka with Allah. But with this, we come to the end of the science of the Day of Judgment, analysis, power, protect us all, from witnessing that element. Because what does in these signs that means, unfortunately, the people who witnessed these last few signs are from shadow health, the worst of the people on earth, when there will be no remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Again, Allah protect us from that event. Well, louder than any question. Yes.

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To the one we say that, if we say that the sun that the sun rising from the west is the first day of judgment, how can we reconcile that with a solid I'm coming back and then after his time, people will live in peace in Islam and worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala, and so on how COVID concern with that proves the point, that the sun the sun rising from the from the west is not the first signs of the Day of Judgment. Now, it's the first it's the first sign to the destruction of this world. So when this happened, that's it everything else become quickly. There'll be no much time left for the actual event of the resurrection and blowing the trumpet. Well, Ah, yes,

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sir, again.

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So why Allah Subhana Allah has given all these punishments and then to learn the people know how to get out of them. What Allah subhana wa tada is, is telling us what happens in the future. Here's the thing, what happens in the future in terms of people disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. That's their choice. But Allah has given us a hint for you. For you who live before these events, you need to know that some of the major science people they will abandon faith and Islam and believe in Allah Xhosa, Allah is telling us this is going to happen. And these are the signs for this happening. And because this is happening towards the end, this was happening next, which means the suction of this

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world and so on. So lost power does not punishing the people now No, he's saying this is the thing that's going to happen. And, and he's telling us to stay away from them. Prepare yourself for it. So if you ever live or survive until that event or that day, make sure you don't end up among the worst people. So if you're delaying your repentance, that's what it means. If you keep delaying or procrastinating saying okay, I still have time I'm still young, I'm studying don't have time. Let me just enjoy life and then I'd come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no guarantee. What have you learnt in this happen and you have repented to Allah subhanho wa Taala there will be no chance

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For an apprentice to be accepted after that, so last panel by letting us know about the events of the future, he is warning us against them. And Allah subhanaw taala. Like is commanding us to do that which is best before these events happen to us? Well, Ah, yes.

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now the people who didn't have any access to the data, the people didn't have access to the data, such as those who say we remember our forefathers used to say la ilaha illAllah. And if you ask them, what does it mean when they pronounce it Arabian pronounced La ilaha illAllah. But if you pronounce it, they will be able to recognize it. They will say, Oh, I know that word. Because I remember my grandmother used to say that actually, I met some people from from South America. They recognize words such as insha, Allah, or Masha Allah, these kind of words. Why? Because they I remember my great grandmother, she used to say that is I remember that. And one of them even he told

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me that one day he went to be on Osiris in Argentina. And when you heard the other one, he was surprised. It was Wow. I remember my great my grandfather used to sing this song. He posted the song the other day. So what's the hell come on the room of those people? Of course, they're considered right now, you know, in between, they're like, I don't have they never had it. They never received the pure down

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to Allah subhana wa, Tada. Allah will judge him on the Day of Judgment. So it's not for us to judge them. But if they die on in this during our lifetime, if they die on this, this faith or this belief, I mean, they died not Muslims, because they don't even know what they're saying. But they are to a loss of power without just him after that. Well, Ah, yes.

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The question is when we said that the wind will come and blow and take all the believers, and then this double the speed or the creatures gonna come and saw mark and the people believe a non believer, so where is it coming from? What is it going to be? What is believers are going to be coming from? Now again, that depends on the sequence of these events. If you if, if the data is going to come before that, that's which obviously, it will mark these people before the one comes, oh, you could say that is not going to be marking the entire population.

00:32:38--> 00:32:49

But in some areas, so that the believers and other errors will not be marked. But one day when the wind comes we'll take all the believers and only the numbers will be left. Aloha. Sisters, Any question?

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00:33:06--> 00:33:26

The purpose of the question is what is the purpose of sending Judo Judo? What is the purpose honestly allow that arm I mean we don't know why Allah penalty even kept them all that time behind that, that barrier and why the time was now for them to come out. Is it this is the last panel with time I mean, they also have choice

00:33:27--> 00:33:52

so but they have been blocked all that time. I mean, we are with the question was asked last week actually if they will receive any practice and only messengers of Allah azza wa jal it doesn't seem like they were received any at that time. So when they come they're gonna be like, a massive you know kind of number will kill all the believers leading to the extension of the believers of course not because it's RSM would be there. What's the purpose of sending them a lot of data? Now? Yes.

00:34:03--> 00:34:29

The receives know that once a person dies, their karma will be established already and abuse awesome said man, matter of fact, bad karma. If anyone dies his day, his day of judgment already started. Because eventually now they start living a different life called al Garza, which is a barrier between two lives, their day of judgment is already been established for them. So they are now part of the hereafter already. So they're not they're not labeled by or they're not actually influenced by the event that will happen on earth after they die. While on.

00:34:30--> 00:34:31


00:34:37--> 00:34:39

yes, no.

00:34:52--> 00:35:00

The question is, since we know there is la Sonnambula for years among the believers spreading the deen of Allah subhana wa tada establishing recover, reviving

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Islam again one more time. So why then suddenly after that people start forgetting and start, you know, worshipping the idols afterwards. That's a natural progression of time. And you know how people basically even in Islam, the prophet SAW some who want the Muslim Ummah, during on his deathbed that don't be like those who are before you that they over Yani, praise the prophets until they made them, gods and even Son of God. And also he was warning that people start worshipping shrines and the righteous one on the side of him. So at the last ceremony, the natural progression led the Muslim Ummah to fall into this. Similarly, the people as well, even though they had seen a

00:35:39--> 00:36:15

salary salon, they lived with a salary Salah, but it's not them who started worshipping the idols, it's the generation that will come afterwards. That's why the Prophet says, You drossel Islam which means you can start fading out slowly and gradually. So it's not the first generation or the second generation Allah Allah knows what generation will come. So sense that there is some people would say La la la la tienda de jure he will be cannot three generations before these events are happening. Milan Tana Santa shala with this, you come to an end of the day of judgment and Sharlto next week when we come back, we start with the hereafter beginning with NACA for so long with a trumpet and

00:36:15--> 00:36:18

the destruction of the world were longtime longtime

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