Mufti Menk – Allah will take care of YOU!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying and being prepared for crisis situations. They stress the need for everyone to be prepared and wash themselves properly for a better day. The speaker also emphasizes the need for everyone to be prepared and be strong against difficult times.
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[REVIEWED] Allah says --ista'inu bis sabr--, seek help and assistance through a beautiful patience. You need to know Allah is there, Allah created you in the first place, he will take care of you, don't worry, he will indeed take care of you. And he will make sure that you live your exact prescribed time on Earth. It's not going to change by a fraction of a second. Neither this way, nor that way. So Allah is telling the believers seek assistance, through patience. And then he says and prayer, prayer, pray a lot. Call out to Allah, your five daily prayers, do them enthusiastically be excited about praying, don't just get it over and done with; but be excited. wash yourself thoroughly properly for

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the sake of Allah. Be clean, be smart. Keep yourselves clean. When the Almighty tells you to wash yourself in ablution (wudhu'), you need to know there is a reason he is saying wash your hands five times a day. There is a reason he is saying keep yourself clean and smart. If you were to go to the bathroom, make sure that you've cleansed yourself. All this is in order to bring about a comfort in times of crisis.

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Whenever the Prophet Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam was faced with a crisis of some nature, the first thing he did, he rushed to prayer, who were we? We're the followers of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). We should also be rushing to prayer. Whenever, there is a crisis for him, it was not a real crisis. He knew he was the Messenger of Allah. For us, we face crises but when we rush to prayer, we will be comforted by Allah. Put your head on the ground and call out to your MAKER. The closest you could ever be to your MAKER is when you are in prostration: --aqrabu mayakuwnul ‘abdu lirabbihi wahuwa sajid-- the closest that a slave could be to his MAKER is when his head is on the ground for his MAKER, crying to his MAKER, "oh

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my MAKER help me. I need your help". Allah will respond. Allah says you will be comforted. Seek help through patience, and prayer. For Indeed Allah is with those who bear patience.

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