Abdullah Hakim Quick – Friday Khutbah

Abdullah Hakim Quick
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We are in stage three. So we are gradually reopening the economy and reopening facilities like ours, to try and ensure that we bring individuals back from their homes into the community. I should say in the same sentence, though, that this pandemic is far from over. We're seeing what the variant is doing in parts of Europe, in Spain, for example, in Australia. So we need to moderate that enthusiasm. And that optimism. With continued due diligence, we need to make sure that we continue to practice physical distancing. We wear our masks, we bring our prayer mat. And please, once again, I know that we're not environmentally friendly in distributing plastic bags for shoes. And I've

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always encouraged you if you're able to bring a reusable bag. That way, we're not taking away or enhancing our carbon footprint. So once again, brothers and sisters, we are in this for the long haul. So we need to moderate our enthusiasm and try if you can bring a reusable bag, put your shoes in and still practice physical distancing ways where your mask properly, your mask is supposed to cover both your nose and your mouth. And I encourage you if you are able to get vaccinated, please get vaccinated when your turn comes. Any vaccine is good once it's approved by Health Canada, it's not only protecting yourselves, but it's protecting your family as well. I also wanted to let you

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know that we have completely booked and sold out for either either, we will be having two prayers at 730 and nine o'clock. And again, I encourage you if you come up with those prayers, please make sure that you practice all the public health guidelines. I want to also take the opportunity to give a special shout out to our camp counselors. We have managed this year to have a reduced camp. We're having all kinds of public health measures in place to make sure we protect our students and protect our counselors encourage you if you're able to register to play check the website and register and a special thank you to all our camp counselors and also a couple of sisters who have been volunteering

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to help with the compliance with COVID-19 guidelines. I want to thank them as well and all the other adults who are engaged in supporting this cause. Once again, if you're able, I encourage you to please make a donation before you leave. You can do so by putting a deposit in the box outside and we can also facilitate by making a virtual donation. Okay, tip today is Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Hakim quick and invite him to the podium. Zakouma Docker was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Hello my

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shadow Allah

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Hello. Oh

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Oh, well.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Chateau La ilaha illAllah Walia Salim y shadow Mohammed and Abu what a Zulu called the Milan BIA, he will mursaleen la masala wa sallam, Allah hubdoc our seleka Mohammed wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Amanda what he was tending to be so nutty. He laomi Dean will sell them to Sleeman kathira my bad for SQL when I've seen the top of Allah azza wa jal with some evil

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way, coolant hacks suparna Yeah, you handed in on a taco La La cornue Masada pin.

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All praise the due to Allah, Lord of the worlds and surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And surely, there is nothing worthy of worship. But Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and our beloved Prophet Muhammad is His servant, his last messenger, the Seal of the Prophets. May Allah constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establish his Sunnah to the day of judgment

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as to what follows Allah subhanaw taala

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in so many places in the revelation reminds us of taqwa of the consciousness of God,

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that we should have a consistent quality and feeling of our relationship with the Creator of the heavens in the earth.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed many verses, connecting taqwa to another quality.

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In this case, Allah revealed the verse in his mighty book or you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah, and be with Assad the pain,

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be with the truth for once.

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And I said,

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the truthfulness, the truthful ones, in its true Islamic sense, is not just a word.

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But it is a word that is followed by a confirmation in the heart, and then is followed by actions

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in the life of the individual.

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So Islam looks at the complete

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of the qualities to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Oh, you who believe as we move through the blessing 10 days a month of do his job.

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We recognize that this year, we are in a very unique situation.

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reports have come from Arabia,

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that based upon

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the COVID pandemic, that only 60,000 vaccinated citizens will be allowed to make the pilgrimage, no foreigners. No outsiders will be allowed into the Arabian Peninsula. And those who are vaccinated and citizens have to be between the ages of 18 and 65.

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And so for many people,

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it appears that our religion has gone down,

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that we are at a loss. patch is not really being performed in its proper way.

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But we have to realize that everything in this universe, there is an outside aspect and there is an inside aspect. And enough faith there are rituals that we are doing. There are practices that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us. Allah has given us salaat to constantly do given us a cat to pay given us fasting

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given us the Hajj.

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But there's something else inside of it.

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There's something inside of the salaat it's not just the ritual of going up and down. Allah told us in the salata turn how on alpha Shah he will monitor that prayer prohibits you from evil and corruption.

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raises our taqwa.

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Zach cat is purification. It's not just an exchange of money.

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And so the essence of things is so important to us.

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And then coming to the Hajj itself, in the chapter called surah. Till Hodge. Allah has revealed in the 32nd verse Valley kawaman, you have them sha Allah in fact in the ha mentok while loop, Allah revealed such Is this his state, and whoever holds in honor the rites of Allah, such honor should come from the piety of the hearts. So allow us telling us that the essence of the Hajj is not just the rituals, the rituals are important

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because we have to perform the monastic all of those actions that are prescribed for us to do

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but there's something else inside of this. And Allah tells us, he is not does not receive just your sacrifices your meat, but he receives the taqwa constantly it goes back to the tequila, tequila is not a physical thing.

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It is not something that you can quantify and say 12341 level or the second level,

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but it is the spirit of the Hajj.

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And that is so important to us. When we are reflecting upon what we are doing especially in the times that we are living in because we are living in chaotic times. And as we move toward the yarmulke, Yama it will get more and more hectic and chaotic. things will happen around us until the great final science and ultimate Assad Cobra to the final science come and we are close to the final sides.

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And so, that instability on the outside

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is handled by stability on the inside.

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And if we understand the importance of the spirit of Hodge, then we realize that what is happening this year is not by chance, it is the will of Allah.

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It is a test on us. It is a lesson

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it is to bring out something else inside of us to help us to reflect upon something higher.

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And so it is with being a Muslim

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because we're under a test

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and is being Muslim having a certain name

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is it having certain outward qualities is coming from a certain country.

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The prophets are seldom informed us a Muslim woman selling male Muslim owner, mainly Sunny, he will Yadier that a true Muslim is one from whose tongue and hence, the other Muslims are safe.

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So, he did not say he has to have a certain name.

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He has to come from a certain country.

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The prophet SAW Selim gives us the deeper meaning. And that is that the essence of the submission should come out in the qualities so that a true Muslim would not be lying on other Muslims, insulting other Muslims

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other Muslims are safe from his tongue, that's when you know the person is really in submission and safe from his hand. So he will not harm people physically, he will not raise the prices in his shop.

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Anything that his hand or his power can do the Muslims are safe.

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And that is the true quality that we need to focus on. As we go through this very unique experience willed by Allah subhanaw taala for humanity.

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While we are going through this, the Earth is rumbling.

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fires are coming. floods are coming. Earthquakes are coming

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and people try to look the other way.

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They try to find something to do something to play some sport, some part of outer space or cyberspace to hide him, but the reality is coming close.

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And closer and closer.

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And so we need to look at the Hajj itself, because there will not be millions of people.

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But we now we need to look at it as something all of the Muslims are involved in, in one way or another.

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And those who make the Hajj or made the Hajj, need to recognize the spirit of Hajj.

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And so when we are making our Hajj

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and those who have made it before, remember the eternal words that the prophet SAW Selim showed us

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and that hood judge have made something which will be imprinted on your heart

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for the rest of your life. And we said the baker law Humala, bake the baker, Lashkar e cola cola bake in Alhambra, one near hamata laka. Well, mulk lashari collec

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that is embedded that will stay into you. What is the assets now bake Allah Humala bake, I am here, Oh Allah,

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I am here at your service.

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There is nothing worthy of worship, but you know, partners, no rivals except you.

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Surely the praise? Surely the blessings belong only to you. Last sharika luck.

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No partners do you have

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and that is a ritual that we carried out.

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But if a person made the Hajj and said, that tell BIA

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50,000 times, or 100,000 times, like some people will do, and then returned home

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and worshiped at a grave

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or was afraid of the jinn

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or worship the dollar, or the pound or the reality more than Allah.

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Then they missed the essence of what was happening. It was not just the words,

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but it was tawheed embedded in the person.

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And so it needs to be part of you.

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As you are leaving the hatch. And as for all of us, that it needs to be part of us.

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The person on the Hajj

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finds himself or herself in unity with Muslims from all around the planet. All colors, all nationalities together, performing the same rituals. And for some people it was the first time in their life that they ever saw people of other nationalities, especially the extreme nationalities. And so that unity was there. But if the Unity ends and ends at Hodge and the person goes back and then feels tribalism

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or they discriminate against another Muslim, another person based on their color, they missed the essence of the Hajj

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that we're all one humanity. And Allah azza wa jal put us on arafat put us in these places so we can remember the coming day of karma. We will all face Allah subhanaw taala

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and so on the Hajj we ran in between Safa and Mandala.

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This is in honor and in the Sunnah of a woman,

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our noble Mother hajah May Allah be pleased with her who read in between a Safar and moto.

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And so we do it. She ran, it was not Ibrahima, they said,

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it was not Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Who ran, but a woman ran.

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And so we follow her example. But if now in the spirit, we returned home and insulted a woman, abused women, marginalized women, we lost the spirit of the Hutch.

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So there is a spirit, which is infused in the Hajaj

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and which people throughout the planet should be gaining now we all should now take some sort of

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honor or have some connection with the pilgrimage itself. It's not just something we are in the 10 days and we are connected and we will be moving through as time goes by

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They stone the shaytaan they went to when was dallisa

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they traveled and and Minar when they were stoning the shale team

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and getting excited about it.

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If the person through the stones in men are on Hodge, and then came back and acted like a devil,

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or followed the evil promptings inside of themselves, that may have missed the spirit of the Hajj.

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And so the essence of what is happening in front of us, is a lesson to us, that all Muslims should recognize this. They sacrifice on the 10th day we are sacrificing

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animals for Allah subhanaw taala.

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But the essence of the sacrifice does not end by putting money on a certain animal or making it yourself sacrifice continues.

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It should continue all year round. That is the essence and the spirit of the pilgrimage of the Hajj to Allah subhanho wa Taala sauce.

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And so in understanding this

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in connecting ourselves to the Hajj, and not just watching from the outside, we recognize that the ninth day of the hedger

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which will be coming forward on Monday, is the day in which the prophet SAW sell them has told us that this fast, you fast an artifact.

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It will it will absolve the sins of the previous year and the coming year. Samuel arafa it's coming on Monday.

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And as plus a two on a Monday as well.

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And so, our children, our family everything, we should take it seriously. Then many people in many cases people just look to the head judge somewhere, but not recognize that we also have a chance to relieve ourselves of the sins of what has happened and what will come in front of us. And so let us take this to heart. What is happening as the world is in a frenzy to recognize that it is a test. It is a purification that we are under and Allah subhanaw taala is most merciful to this oma

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because Allah purifies us in many ways.

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And we see the credit crisis and chaos coming going happening in the world. What would the prophets of Salaam have said about the things that are going on? He told us clearly.

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Almighty how he omitted monokuma laser are they How are they urban fan AF era or the Abu hanifa dunya. El fitten was the laser cutter. The prophet SAW seldom said this nation is one that has mercy on it. It's punishment is not in the next life. But it's punishment is in the dunya in this world, Phaeton

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trials and tribulations Salah has earthquakes or natural catastrophes and cattle, genocide and murder it would happen to us as a wake up call. And historically it has happened to the Muslims a wake up call when we were at our lowest the conditions got rough and we rose to the surface.

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And so there is always hope with Allah subhanaw taala

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because Allah has power over all things. May Allah azza wa jal accept the fasting and the Hajj of those who are making it in the holy precincts. May Allah subhanaw taala accept our fasts and our sacrifice here in our lands. May Allah subhanaw taala purify our hearts, purify our children, and give

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purification to the whole of our lands. May Allah help the innocent of those who are not Muslim. May Allah give them peace and give them justice? akula polyhedra was thoughtfully welcome. What he saw in a Muslim mean him in Cali them been istockphoto inaho who will have a photo

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allahu Ahad had fathered a son

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Not a lady lamb yellow gwala mula while amico la Haku for one haha while Salli wa sallam Allah say that overlain while Arkady in the Vienna Mohammedan wala alihi wa sahbihi wa barik wa sallam. Yeah Ebell de la Tacoma hi Toma quantum, when you call on Huck suparna Mach bit Anwar Amita in Allah, how am Allah aikatsu soluna? Allah Nabil? Yeah, are you hella Dina amanu sallu Allah He was a limo Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleika Mohammed wala Allah He was heavy edge marine was the last one and Kala Rashi Ji Abubakar Omar Earth manually while I'm not being taken out hamara II mean Alhamdulillah Allah the head Ana de howdah wallmark una ley, Natalia Lola and her

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Danilo robina latos equal Luba Nevada in atana. will have Lennar mela don't kurama in Dhaka Intel waha Allah hum unfeeling Muslim meanwhile Muslim at well me Nina was mean at La Jolla men home well I'm what my take you out hamara he mean he bad a lie at Hummel como la Nala yet mobile otherwise a sandwich a tie the corba wion ha en el fascia evil one kalburgi Yeah, hello come to karoun como ella salata Congo Hama como la

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Whoa, whoa.

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a shadow.

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Manga Rasool

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Allah Allah Hello

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