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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The use of "be-A writes in football" is discussed, including the history of Islam and the importance of justice in obtaining rewards. The use of "be" in football is also discussed, with a focus on the holy grail of "be-A" and the need for evidence in public settings. The transcript also touches on the cultural differences between Islam and English, including the importance of being just and not just, as well as the use of "has" and "hasn't" to describe situations and the need for evidence to support religious beliefs.
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hamdu lillahi wa

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Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Nava one Amitabha Mattila kita kitabi Elijah Shariati a mavado favela Jimenez shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in a la jolla maravilla de

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la jolla Hardin fascia curry

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comb la la comida Kuru Sarah Caligula z.

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My dear respected elders and brothers in the ayat which I've recited before you, very prominent, very significant ayat. Many a times we associate this ayat more with the end of the football, rather than the beginning of the talk. In fact, I saw two people getting up also.

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However this is a very significant is every week, week in and week out. We see people with end of our football with us beautiful

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and I really thought that every week we listening to this let us give it the seal. And let us give an explanation of this beautiful

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What is surprising, is this ayat was used to end of the hood

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from the time of Omar bin Abdulaziz until Ali, so many almost a century old ama and the Futaba have been using this ayah to conclude

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and also amazing about this is it is comprehensive of the entire Deen abdulai Vinny Masuda ma who used to say that Allah tala has gathered in this is all good. And Allah tala has gathered in this is all evil to do the good and to stay away from this evil elettronica I admit john

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Tama Maha cinco or tambura Yoko Latinx exotic I admit Jamaica. Now what is the meaning of this is in a la jolla moreover Allah, Allah tala commands you justice while your son Adam justice then will you accept all types of good Tamam more jaho in the La Jolla Monroeville Santa

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Barbara or up near St. Darrow Casazza he taluka Ankara and keep good taluk in relationship with your relatives. And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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prohibits you from immodesty for oscommerce Allah tala como Nakata. yamalube will fascia he will Mancha all types of even and why shall all types of evil allatra prohibit you from when he and Allah subhanho wa Taala prohibits you from zulum and Allah tala prohibits you from oppressing another person. There was a very great leader of a purse of exclaimed XM bin safey Xm bin safey when he heard about nivia Kareem serravalle he was salaams coming. He sent two representatives go and ask who is Muhammad? And when asked him what does he teach? So these two representatives from the tribe of XM bin safey came to Medina to mocha mocha Rama, the acid said Who are you and what is your

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teachings? So he said I am Muhammad Ali Abdullah Mohammed Rasulullah Mohammed the son of Abdullah and the Messenger of Allah. They said what do you teach in the via Karim sawston recited this ayat in Allah Yamato bill I believe.

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We're at the

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Vienna annual fascia moon carnival. izuku Allah Allah, Allah Kuru. They went back to the leader and said, This is what nebia Karim sauce limits said he teaches XM been safey thought about this it said Subhana Allah, what the beautiful teachings and he accepted Islam of man must own raviolo who became a very, very famous hobby, known for his piety. The same Sahabi who one day asked me a cream sauce jasola I want to dedicate myself to Hibbert allow me to castrate myself. Allow me to take away my desires that I can only worship Allah, Nivea cream sauce and said, No, you're not allowed to do so. He's not permissible for you. You have to worship Allah with your desires. Not that you don't have

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desires. The same as mine, when was wanted in the beginning stages was a great intellect of person who was well known, well dressed, and when he heard this if he accepted Islam, and what is in this ayah that brought about the whole

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tribe of assembling safely to accept Islam of man we must learn to accept Islam has been part and parcel of our football from the time of homoeroticism

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in Allaha Morrow gladly Allah tala commands you justice. hypnotherapy Rahmatullah Allah has made mentioned that there are three types of justice but before I go on then let me just speak about one or two is which speaks about justice Allah tala, you know this is a very important attribute. It is such an important attribute that Allah Allah mufa sereni have said that this is an attribute next only in importance after tawheed in the fundamentals of Islam. This is the most important aspect with regard to

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this attribute. Allah tala has told us to be just into extreme conditions. When does a person stay away from otherland justice to most likely places he can stay away from justice. One is when it is his own benefit. Up nerdfighter honor to join me at elfo bilkul bull Jetta.

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Allah says the Quran Yeah, you're Latina. hamanako Luca wamena bfst shuhada Allah when Allah and forsake him are we worried anyone after we know people remain firm justice even if he's against your own self, against your own people against your own?

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Yeah. Can someone put that off

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against your own people against your own relatives against your own benefit? Then you remain full upon justice. Another reason why people will stay away from justice would be because of hatred. He seek a better deal mahalo toccata kj una casa jsap. Voila Karnataka Kerala, casa. De we are we have hatred against this person. Because of hatred you can serve away from justice. What illiteracy is in Quran? Allah jurymen nakoma shinano comin Allah Allah tala de leeuw that do not allow the hatred of someone to make you swim away from justice, he secured our

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natural so two reasons why you can Waterloo has always remained firm justice it is closer towards the quiet piety. What is the definition of what is the definition of an adult? What am I have given this beautiful placing things in its proper place? Her cheese core aptness he more per se Jaga para Ratna, who's Kolkata Hey Adam

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harms Chucky cheese ko apne Jaga para or appname waka Ratna Muskoka Tierra del to put each and everything in its proper place in perspective is justice.

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The opposite of justice Islam, the opposite of justice is a oppression and injustice. And a very famous definition of injustice of zulum is worth O'Shea aefi re re mahali to put a thing in a wrong place is injustice. To put a thing in his wrong place, not on his proper perspective is injustice, her cheese corpnet Chaka, para la Adele and the second thing is that in terms of adult what it is, it is also to bring about equality and equality in every aspect of our life. He has made mention of zero this is to some cattle herd, there are three types of other one is up near knifes or up near Holly for money, Criminal

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Justice between yourself and Allah subhanho wa Taala justice between yourself and Allah subhana wa Taala you worship only Allah, you obey Allah, only Allah And whoever so whomsoever you obey, besides Allah, it is in accordance with the permission of Almighty Allah. That is a play or Holic or malic acid

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to make justice between yourself and Allah tala. That is why now you will realize why Allah subhanahu wa taala refers to disobedience in the Holy Quran many times as zulum karateka Rebecca de la paura heels Halima That is why Allah sees them punish people when they became Tsar Lim zalim In what sense? They did not come with justice in the relationship with Allah.

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or Muslim now when Hakim can

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move on, Allah did not be unjust

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towards them. They were unjust because they did not have the proper justice between them and Allah that is one meaning of justice that is why law says about ship hiddenness shilka la Zoo Nazim ship is a greatest operation. Now that is one although our relationship we try to bring justice with Allah tala. I've always said but when we want Allah tala to deal with us,

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we want to Allah tala kidnapper Tao hamara Sato, Amara Samia ketika by Adele Casa na ko your love ROM casado. Adam Nakamura, Marisa Rama Rama said don't bring justice bring mercy and compassion. You know, we had a an argument this week in our Masjid in India where he made mentioned about the Hadith in Libya Kareem Muslim Central Omaha Sydney Serbia Sierra who Allah give us an easy reckoning. So as I share with you a lot and I said Yasuda What is the meaning of easy reckoning so they'll be occurring seldom said easy reckoning is this we Allah tala only looks at gloss over your deeds serves three or four up to Mr. Cooper nessa occur Allah tala Jan skin even Attila start square

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questioning then we are all Halak

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if this crosses over Amal then we are we are very shallow our our attorney will be easy but if Allah tala were to ask why when I gave you so much favors you didn't do this was happening yet okay then we are all destroyed. So what why we must bring justice between us and Allah. Allah his relationship with us we don't want justice we want Rahaman compassion. The second justice the second meaning of justice, up near knifes Casa del Kuru keep have justice upon your own self is Kaka mclubbe. Head to everything that protects yourself from Rouhani or just monitor cliff. Protect yourself from physical and spiritual harm and destruction.

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That is a medium of making justice upon yourself. Up nessa Adele Kaka mama can be just upon yourself. Look after yourself your own spiritual needs your own physical needs. Give me an example submanifold Silvia loutra who was spared in brotherhood was

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a very pious he came into the home before porta viar toe revealed and he saw the wife of a Buddha the shovel close not looking after herself. Why are you so untidy he said your brother a Buddha doesn't have any need for me. Your brother because of his mother doesn't have any need for me cemani first accepted this that night when Selma wanted to make he bought it after Isha tell Fletcher stopping you not gonna make you buy that now. Why? First go and spend time with your wife. After spending time with a wife he came back he said I want to sleep I want to make you better at Not now. Sleep. Get up in the last portion of the night then make a budget. He wanted to keep Rosa because he

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was keeping Rosa Rosa every day. Don't keep Rosa today.

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I would die surprise. They went to the via cream sauce. Maybe a cream sauce lamb hurt the situation and maybe sauce themselves in the Jessa de collega Molly Molly colloca. Hakuna zoji Metallica, yo your body has a right upon you. Your wife has a right upon you. Your wealth is right upon you to spend your entire time in liberty. So do you also have a right as a number?

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One day was making a budget but because everybody cheers to fall asleep. So she dyed her hair with a string on the top that every time joke allergen every time you sort of sleep. That particular string prevents you sleep, maybe a crimson crimson. He said I did this to prevent sleep or I can make a burrito. So you can choose to Ybarra tuck jack to jack of soda. If you feel enthusiastic make ibaadat if you feel tired, go and sleep. You don't need to do this. See other companies that and then the third medium of adult which is so important is up near enough Sparta mama Haruka ki darmian, Adele Karna. To do justice between yourself and humanity. Now that is the most popular

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meaning of others, that you must be just an equal in terms of your relationship with everyone. Now keep this word in mind. And look at how many places Allah has used this word idol. And what different contexts in the Holy Quran and Hadith

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We have come to mean and nasty and Taco Bell in Allah. Allah.

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Allah Subhan Allah Muhammad what we've come to mean and nasty and

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when you disagree

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amongst people decide what justice someone calls you to decide. And when you decide, you must be just, you don't take pads then you'll be just if someone calls you as a mediator as an arbitrator, then you'll be just in giving ruling. Libya Kareem sallahu wa sallam, one day, maybe a cream sauce alum gave the Islamic law of punishment for a woman from a very influential tribe, Fatima victim of Zuma that her hands must be cut. And people found it very difficult because she came from a very influential family and they came to the visa system, and they sent Osama bin Zayed who was close to the Miss Aslam to intercede Libya. Kareem Sam said what Fatima bin Timo Zuma, if Fatima Binti

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Mohammed had stolen, I would have ordered her hands with that. Fatima Zuma, aka Marybeth Jaeger, Vox turritella Tara to Skippy Tata, I would have given the same command or either have come to mean and nasty and

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when you are called upon to to to arbitrate and be just unless it is 100 is is a hadith that comes in which cuckoo masabi that one day a person wanted to give one of his children some gift

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at the expense of other children. So he came in said Yasser Allah, I want you to bear testimony and be a witness that I have given one of my son this land. So when we saw them said, a kulu Willard in nelta did you give each and every one of your children the same thing? He said law. We saw some setelah oxymoron Oh, I do not be a witness to injustice, Fatah, WA de Rubino radical fear Allah and be just with your children. Look at the word adult Why didn't obey No daddy can be fair and just with your children is sometimes when amongst our children One is we find that one is difficult he's not making ends meet. But I could Sufi advocate hyper ustilago upset her to say this person doesn't

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have enough let me give you more permissible, but there must be a basis as an octopus charkie which is a echogenic Thank God, it must be because just for the sake I like one more. I'm giving him more than others. Yes any. But it is a reason you can do it by all means you can do it. But look at this. What are the lubaina own it can be fair upon your children via creme de la jolla. Selim has made mentioned with regard to even when we get married again natella says in the Holy Quran that B was waiting to Allah talofa Hirata funky Houma tabula

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rasa weruva get married to 234 right? That one by and large Oh Holly However, a person went to his wife and said I am thinking of getting married again two or three times. I'm thinking of wife said I'm also thinking of buying a gun 123

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So anyway, Allah says but you gotta

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If you can be just again look at the word other

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than then keep on one. If you feel that you can't be just be one. But if you can, by all means go some people who get married again will say to get married with one wife is monotony two wives is polygamy. Nevertheless, Allah subhanho wa Taala says look at the word again.

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Another aspect with regard to it said we are ser una caja. Hallelujah Tama hula hula whenever you touch the wealth of the often beat just to it. You see when someone is a trustee of our orphans wealth, how many times no one is there to see you. But Allah Allah says when you touch the wealth of the often be just in touching it. Only touch it with the input with the intention not to take from it but to make Islam of it to to use it correctly. Allah tala has also made mention with regard to this aspect. Keep in mind the IAF which I recited when I actually monochrome Do not let the dislike of someone even allow you to be judged unjust. Sometimes you don't like someone, but that doesn't

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give you the right to treat him unjustly. No right? Even with regard to non Muslims, Muslims, fairness and justice and equality, equality is well known when we came to Madina munawwara the Jews of Medina were there I mean, there was a mythique of Medina the agreement of how Muslims and non Muslims will stay, weathers the myth of Medina had 47 clauses 47 process, how we are going to live with one another. How are you going to deal you can go into your own religious right you can do your religious things, you are free to do that type of things. And the resourcelink would be the final hour. They did not they did not adhere to it. They went behind the Muslims back to harm the Muslims.

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That's a different matter, but nobody should go against

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agreement between salsa and

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lolly writes an amazing incident. He says in the time of our butter when they were conquering the Roman Empire, one day the Muslims gain victory over the non Muslims and the leader the gender of the Muslims. Seventh Day head of the general of the opposing army and center to Abu Bakar. And Abubakar saw the head of the seventh General said, What is this? He said, In Roman Empire when we fight with one another, then if they defeat us, as a token of that defeat, they sever the head of the opposing gender and set it to the leader. I've also done the same

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thing, since when have they become our leaders of how to do things is not enough for us? Why should we do things because they did like that. We have our own principles. We have our own justice, we don't treat them the way they treat us. We have our own rules of how to treat people. As Rebekah Viola gave nine points of how to deal with people in war. And part of that particular aspect, you will not kill civilians, you will not cut down trees, you will not harm the people who are secluded in their own places of worship, they are not harming their civilians, you will not harm them. This is justice. Allah has made mention with regard to it doesn't mean because they are doing certain

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things we must do certain things. There is not a even if you are in that particular state, we have to be just how much justice Islamic shown towards the people who are non Muslims in the history of Islam Liberman in the time of Sahaba, which was very great. There is a there is a professor Roderick Davison is a well known authority in history. And he writes in he says, that in the medieval times, and either in the middle, middle years in Middle Ages, he said you will find that the people who treated minorities with a greatest amount of respect and justice for the Muslims, when the Jews were was suffered and they were persecuted in Spain they got refuge by the Muslims in Ottoman Empire.

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Throughout history, you will find he said throughout the history, you will find that Muslims have been more kind and just to the non Muslim subjects than what has been viceversa why because Allah tala is taught as Justice Lazarus is lion hakama let me

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welcome you

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or prevent you with regard to those non Muslim non expel you from your homes and who do not have hostility against you mantova room you must be just for them. The word use uses beer and we're toxic to LA time and just kind and just Yes, if the fighting against you go and fight with him coolum cola openly go and fight Okay. That is jihad. That is that is permissible. But in normal circumstances where there is no declared kita then you must treat them with justice. So this particular aspect of justice is a very, very great important to the separation. Everyone has got this whole particular complaint. Daria is saying that the people who are ruling over us are not just the foreigners, the

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employee is saying the employer is not just upon us, the student is saying the who studies not just upon us, the student the children are saying the parents are not just the foreigners. And similarly vice versa. The parents are seeing the children not just the foreigners Yaga China, the whole society will change. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the La Jolla Monroeville Abbey, Allah subhanho wa Taala commands as Justice This is the first of the ayat which we normally read at the end of the Hooda Mira given a topic of understanding

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