The weight of a deed

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It extends to the workplace. I know of people, just because you're a boss, Hey, come here, take it easy. You might have hurt someone's feelings do you know, it hurts his soul? To actually make someone happy to make someone's heart happy? Is a good deed, according to the Hadith. So imagine if you were to hurt it, break it, make someone sad, what would happen? Do you really think you're going to get away with it?

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So we need to make sure that we become conscious of who's around us who we talk to, and how we talk to them and what we say, what do we say to them Subhanallah in your workplace, no matter who you are, at your workplace, at school, in the colleges, at the universities, whoever you interact with, be upon your best behavior because you don't want to lose the good deeds that you've been doing. I don't want to lose the good deeds that I've been doing. Like a person who's earning 5000 and spending 50,000 Foolish. They're bankrupt, actually, truly, because they're spending more than they're earning. You're doing good deeds, and your your expenditure is more than the good deeds you

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have. And this brings us back to something Allah says, one of our Alma was in Alukkas Pollio. Milky, mighty fella lamona Shang on that day of judgment, we will put up the scales of justice,

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and no one will be oppressed.

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On the Day of Judgment, the scales will be there, the weight of the DS, when I do a deed, it has a weight. It's a spiritual weight, not kilograms, but spiritually there is a weight of the deed. It either frees me or it tracks me when I do a bad deed there is a weight. The problem is sometimes they are very simple deeds that are extremely heavy on the scale.

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both good and bad. It was so easy, but

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it was really heavy upon the scales. I want to give you some examples on both sides, right. One is the last Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Kelly Mitanni, Kofi phytanic Allah Listen, the PIL attorney filmi Zanni. Habib Botanik, Illa Rahmani Subhana Allah he will be Hamdi Subhana Allah Al Alvin, to statements, they are very light on the tongue. They are very loved by Allah subhanho wa Taala and they're very heavy on the scale. What are they Subhanallah he will be happy Subhan Allah I love him. We should be repeating these they very easy to earn reward. Allah says these words are very heavy, they are declaring the praise of Allah who is the

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most great and praising Allah glorifying Allah, who is the highest.

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Sorry, the greatest the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala declaration of praise and glory of the One who is the greatest that is what it is Subhan Allah he will be Hamdi Subhan, Allah, Allah the heavy.

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I wouldn't have known that if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not tell that to us. And on the other hand, one day I shall the Allahu Allah has spoke about one of the wives of the Prophet SAW Salem, saying, You know what? She's short. And she said it in a slightly derogatory way. She's short, you know, she's short. And the process LM says, You know what, oh, Aisha.

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If the statement you uttered was in as a droplet, it would change the color of the ocean.

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You know what that means? Don't say hurtful words. You don't know, if they were in the form of a droplet of ink, they would change the color of the ocean.

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That means it's a serious statement. You heard someone don't do that.

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Short for us, when someone says short, I remember flying out with someone and and there was a lady who couldn't actually reach the, you know, that the basket at the top? And I picked it up and he says, you know, I'm short. So I always feel like shouldn't be told. I said No, don't. I said you know what, there are pros and cons both ways. I've had people who told me I'm too tall. I wish I was a bit shorter. And then when you showed yourself too short, relax, take it easy. Subhan Allah be happy with what Allah has given you. Allah has given you the best for you. That's what he's done. Those who are happy, sorry, those who are told not happy, those who are short, not happy, then who

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is happy, those who are medium are also not happy. They want to be shorter or taller. Then what? Those who have boys not happy those who have girls not happy. Those who don't have children, not happy those who have both boys and girls as a handful man. So then who is happy?

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Be happy with what Allah has chosen for you. And you will meet with Allah with a smile, you will be the happiest person why? What he decreed for you Well, you had no role to play, you will always happy with it. If you have had a role to play and you did not play it correctly, then you have yourself to blame as well.

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You don't you don't just say that oh Allah do whatever you want and then you sit back and relax no Salah Nosaka no fastI Allah if you want me to read Salah you will take me to the masjid you know if it's destined for me I will go that is foolish