Yaser Birjas – A Story Of Real Love

Yaser Birjas
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alameen wa sallahu wa salam o Baraka novena Muhammad Bharani, or Sophia salamati macchiato mama but

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the most diverse love story in history.

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Whether it's in the English language, the Arabic language or any other form the language is Romeo and Juliet.

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It became like a symbol for romantic love. So if you ask anybody in any university in the world about a love story that is very popular should be very popular love story, they would say Romeo and Juliet, if you ask them about Antoine de habla, they would say Who? So when you say Romeo and Juliet, it definitely you will have someone that people recognize the names and the story itself. However, for a Muslim, if you really would like to see a true and a genuine love story, it's the story of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and his wife, I shall do a lot of time on how baja in particular, in general with his wives, but in particular, we say the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam and his wife Ayesha. Why? Because when we spoke about the elusive love, which is the in love case, you would recognize that the story of Romeo and Juliet was still during the in love case, it was not a real love, because the love of Formula Juliet was never put to the test, which is marriage. And I believe if if Romeo and Juliet got married, you will see you will find Him we will see them few months later filing for divorce.

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But because the prophets Allah wa sallam he did marry, I shall be allowed Alana and I shall marry the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they lived for years. And if you ask Ayesha about her relationship with the Prophet salaallah, Salah, she loved that she enjoyed it. And you can see that in of course, and the heretical Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the way she used to speak about it. One of the allegations is that when the prophets Allah Salah metadata showed a lot, Elena, she was young. And they say because she was young, she probably was deceived. And of course, accuse the Prophet sallallahu wasallam with false accusations. But

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even if I showed you a lot, and I was forced to marry the prophets of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with this huge age difference, you will still see that if I was not satisfied, I was not happy with that marriage, the moment we would take a chance, actually, she would just retaliate or just get away with it or just leave that marriage. And even after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she kept very loyal to her husband, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam promoting, of course, his knowledge, advocating for for his message, and so on, I shall not be allowed on hamama. So if somebody would like to see

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a quality of a love story, then just dig in the story of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and his wife Ayesha, where you will find that you're not going to find a full book, just saying a love story of a messenger, for example, no, but you need to go and read this a Muslim, San Jose, I would I would read also the shear of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam books of Islamic history and so on. And you will find those stories scattered all around, and the charlatan and the seminar were trying to bring those pieces together, not probably in that in the or in that order. But while we thought we're going to definitely bring examples from the life of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu,

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alayhi wasallam infidelity in the western Femina like

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Newsweek magazine, and I believe it was July 2004. Around that time, July 2004, edition.

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They had a full report. And the whole the whole magazine was almost dedicated for that for that topic, and fidelity and the western life. And they were talking about why do people cheat? Why do people cheat in bedroom? Why did people especially men cheat, of course, and women, they're gonna cheat and they're married already? Why would they do that for thinking there is probably because they're bored.

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They said, you're looking for an adventure.

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Or maybe because they hate and so on. So they basically trying to see a new adventure and a new experience. And they do that through unlawful way. And because of this mentality, this Our aim is to produce on TV shows and programs, just like a program that was actually popular. And I don't watch TV just for the knowledge.

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It just added you can read that everywhere. Wherever you go open a magazine or a newspaper and so on, you would read that actually, or they call it this but housewife. I guess you all know that. Don't feel shy. I know that most of you not all of you know about it. And it's a stereotype. They are creating a new prejudice against women who live at home, dedicated their time for their families, is if you're going to end up as a household

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You're going to end up desperate. That's what they're saying. So how are you going to solve your problem? As a desperate housewife? You're gonna have to look for another venture. How are you going to do that? That's what causes infidelity in the society.

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So what's wrong in being married anyway?

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People that because of those kinds of activities, because of those kinds of programs, they think that being married Is something wrong. Even I remember one time I was driving and the driver in front of me, the kind of front of me had actually

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a bumper sticker that says, driver does not carry cash, he's married.

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Another stereotype that if you're going to get married, you're gonna get Bangkok. So you better just stay single. And ask the bachelor as those single guys, are you guys rich?

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I'm sure you're not.

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Because the bulk of the risk comes with marriage. That's how Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran. Hey, akufo Cora.

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Cora means poor, destitute, needy, Allah Subhana, WA Tada, I will provide him from his risk from his bounty, that's if they get married. So if they will, if you're looking into becoming rich and wealthy, just get married, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will help you.

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They even say that they design websites for infidelity, how can you cheat and get away with it? I'm not promoting this, of course, they're gonna search for it.

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It's just that they have it already. They're helping husbands and wives to cheat, and they just get away with it.

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And why love stories do not last too long. And marriages nowadays, every once in a while you read in a magazine on the internet, especially among celebrities, they just got married. And few days, weeks, months later, that's it, they broke up, even though they probably have been dating for years before that. But for them marriage, it's something so significant, that it changed their lives. And that's why when they come by and again when they engage in marriage, even though they were living like a husband and wife before, but this the title, husband and wife means marriage itself for them creates a lot of problems. In addition to that, of course, what we see the debate around

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homosexuality and gay marriage, and so on that cause another deterioration in the family system. Muslims nowadays, unfortunately, they are following

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the steps of the Western society and on these issues, one of those examples, delaying marriage. So instead of getting married at an early age, no young men and young women are delaying their marriage until they finish their school.

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Probably yes, you might say, well, if he's not going to finish your school, how he's going to get married, I was going to get a job and this and that, and so on. And I asked you, I asked actually, if you ask yourself, you'll find so many people, they're still studying, they're still school, and the handler, government, they are married, and they're maintaining a good family life. And plus, it makes them even see this about love. And about being husbands being married. So they go and find a job. And

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when they actually when they live their life, they become more serious, they don't waste their time, around and out. And so why because they have, they have family that they need to take care of. You shall not honor their school and their studies. But if you have, if you know that you're going to have enough time because you have no responsibility towards anybody else, you know, just keep delaying procrastinating until probably the Day of Judgment. So the brothers are waiting until they finish their school. And also the girls are waiting until they finish their school. And sometimes parents Unfortunately, they also they contribute to this problem by saying well, you know, she

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didn't finish her school yet. So if you want to wait to Charlotte for another 234 510 years, we're more than happy to expect your proposal at that time.

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Also, pre marriage relationships can cause a lot of damage for for future marriages. For example,

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on campus, people, they know that, you know, this young man, he walks with this young woman, and they are basically dating and an Islamic way.

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but then they broke up and they are not going to get married. That hurts also the relationship. They know that you know they're not serious. No, he had a previous relationships or she had a previous relationship. And so basically it keeps you know, delaying their marriages until Allah knows how it ends up some other marriage that helps Of course, the institution of marriage, what they call it nowadays, friend marriage, friend marriages is one of those ways of getting married

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secretly on campus. So instead of going to the masjid, so you can have the Imam or someone who has authority to perform the marriage, and we know that you know in Islamic hamdulillah if you have a one

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Or maybe if they're gonna go and take a justification of medical marijuana for Ohio law

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for the actually the because

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the money is not one of the main pillars of of the contract. So they say fine shall outperform the act of the man, we have two witnesses and we have a shot of the bride and the groom. And that's it Bismillah they perform the marriage contract amongst you, and pronounce you husband and wife, this will go ahead and you can go on. It happens a lot. And I have received actually a few complaints from parents about these issues.

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Not necessarily in our city, but other major cities like in California, probably I don't know about your area here. But people they call and complain. They say, you know what, we have a situation like this, what are we going to consider this marriage?

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So what are you going to? How are you going to answer it, we'll come to that later in Charlottetown.

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There isn't, we have all those problems. I would first say that the main reason for all these problems, the lack of knowledge, lack of knowledge in marriage rules in Islam. If the husband and wife know their rights and their responsibilities, we won't have these problems. If you know the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and we follow the example of the prophets of Allah Salaam, I will definitely say when we have those problems.

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The second reason probably for those problems, customs and tradition.

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People they adhere to their customer tradition more than to the Sharia lesson of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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In some cultures, in some cultures, divorce is worse than *.

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So they are ready to live together.

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As a husband and wife, superficial, of course, miracle life.

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But they want divorce. And they're ready to fight, to even to go through rough times, abused one another, and so on. But they cannot pronounce divorce because they do so it's going to cause a lot of shame in the society and their community. So they are ready to live this this kind of life. And just to give an example, I received a question that was really weird and strange for me, and probably happens in many houses, unfortunately, and people don't know about it. A man came to me and when I was talking about the relationship between the husband and wife and what the prophet said, Elisa Lam, live with his wife and so on. So I bought the story of the Prophet salaallah Salam be

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with with Ayesha, on the one blanket Same thing with Solomon, are they allowed to run when she was?

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*? No. Period, same thing the prophets of Allah Salah was with her under the same blanket. So a man came to me and asked me the question said, is it allowed for a man and woman to sleep together in one bed?

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I said, Are you talking about a husband and wife talking about a man and a woman?

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He said, No, I'm talking about married people, a man as a husband and wife to sleep on the same bed.

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I said, What do you mean by that?

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He said, which is better for them? I said, we've been talking about you know, having a bunk bed, or

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what exactly I'm talking about?

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He said no. He said, Is it better to have two separate beds? Well, they have space in the middle, and or do they need to sleep in on December? I said, Yeah, I don't know how to answer this question for you. Because I don't know how you're gonna call those people husband and wife said that. Well, the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is that he used to sleep with his wife under the same blanket. And you cannot do that if you have two beds.

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Unless you're talking about martial law,

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a very special blanket.

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So I was really shocked. And then I realized that that same question came to me repeatedly from so many people. And in so many homes and houses. Husband and wife do not share the same bed, little shirt. Even if they want to have let's say a relationship or an * temporarily and then that's it. So basically, they just live together, you know, like, friends. So I said Leia cinnabar sola sola Salaam, actually, it's, I mean, it's not from personal, Masha. This is one of the sign of the good treatment that you sleep with your wife, you know, in the same bed, that's the sort of Rasul Allah so Allah Salama, this persona of, you know, sound a normal human being.

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I don't know if he accepted the answer or not. I said, but this is something normal that he actually does this universal law to do that. And this is becomes logic, if it's going to close, it becomes magic. If this if the woman for example, asked for her right that her husband deal with her on the same bed, then it becomes an obligation that the man should respond to that, because that's her right. Otherwise, you would have the right to ask for divorce. Some of those examples that we covered so far.

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And the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to mention Federica always even Ayesha. She became jealous.

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She was already dead. But I she became jealous that the prophets of Allah sandwood always mentioned her Asia. And she said something you know, so she thought that the professor would be proud of knowing that the Prophet loves her so much.

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And that probably would answer the question that a brother wants to ask about, you know, if you love one more than another one. So the prophet SAW some get very upset when I criticized Khadija, saying Yasser Allah you have to stop mentioning that old lady when Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you Mashallah young, beautiful lady like herself, of course.

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So, the prophet SAW some got upset, he said, No, she Don't you ever say that about surgeon? And he gave, of course, the reason for the love of god a lot on her that she supported him when nobody was supporting him. She gave from her wealth and money to support this message and support the purpose of the Law Center when everybody deprived him of their wealth and so on. And he gave Of course, the good qualities of Khadija radi Allahu Allahu Allah. So after her death and the sister, they asked me a good question over here, how come the prophets of Allah Sam would receive the Friends of Khadija? You know, there are still women anyway? And I would say that the reason for that if you ask

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yourself, what the purpose of someone who was doing it, how all of those ladies would be.

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If you remember, remember that the age difference between the prophets awesome and Khadija was about 15 years, so and the problem was in his 50s, those days were already in their 70s. And this is a man's job do not strictly apply to them.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam also he loved his wife actually on the unlocker on Hmm. And there are more than an example that we mentioned and recovered. And I say that the prophets have loved his wife. I showed you a lot and has so much he admitted that himself, they were married. And that's another reason to say that they were really in love because it those those stories that I mentioned to you happened when they were still married. And the prophets Allah son was a role model to us as human beings. He showed that he really loved her and exercised his right as a husband with her son, Allah, Allah who was,

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you know, some of those stories to show you how much the prophet SAW some love the Ayesha is just before his death, when he was very, very tired and exhausted and sick. He had to take turns, means every night he should sleep in one of those houses. And he was longing to the term or the actually the time of I showed the alarm. Every time every time they move into one from one house to another house, he would say, I know, I know Allah, which means where am I going to be tomorrow? Or am I going to be right now? So his wife they understood, and they said, Yasser Allah, if you will, we can just have you stay at a place of I shall have the Lord and Allah and the prophet SAW some agreement.

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And the prophets of Allah salam, he stayed with Isaiah, for the last few days, actually, probably almost a couple of weeks before he died, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And Isaiah was so proud of that, that the prophets of Allah Salam when he died, he had his head, his head, on her chest. Can you imagine that?

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Yeah, I know, don't tell me that, you know, the problem has is that you know, just to rest there was an emotional moment also. So that I mean, how would the prophets of Salaam have his head on her chest, unless she's holding him from from his back. So she was holding the prophets of Allah salon having him in client on her and basically with his hand grabbing his hand solo selling because his hand was became so weak that he could not recite the four on three drop. So she was grabbing his hand, and she would recite, and using his hand to wipe over his body for the work of the 100 Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to relieve him from the pain until he died and when he died, so Allah

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salami had his head between her chin and that was used to say, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he died, what is his head, between my my chin on my chest or my throat means he was so close to her head, she was holding him tight. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And she was so proud to say that the last thing enter the stomach of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was what?

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Her saliva? How did this happen? Where are the Ramadan coming in with the with the miswak in his hand. So the prophets Allah said about the hoonah basara busy stared at him. And she knew that the professor salon loved and he liked and miswak this one. So she said, shall I take it for you? So the professors are not with his head? Yes, she takes that, that miswak she cuts the tip of it. And he says, cleaning it, and then to make it soft, to use it first for the profit or loss and to soften it. And then she gave it to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. She said, the prophet SAW lots and brushed his teeth in a way that was so nice that I have never seen the Prophet Solomon preparing

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himself in a way, the way I saw him at that moment, at the end, he just raised his finger, his hand and he says, Allah means and in the company is the last panel with Allah. And then he passed away.

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So he died. And again, she was part of that the prophet SAW some was so close.

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close to her heart when he died. One of those examples the prophet SAW some showing his love to his wife. I showed the a lot of time during the day,

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during the night

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in the masjid, the I've seen as we're playing with the source and the spears. So basically it was just like the shore endemism and I she overheard those voices. So she wanted to see that. So the Prophet salallahu salam, and that's the thing you know, you don't have to wait for your wife to say can I see it please? I mean, you can you can suggest try to of course understand.

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So the Prophet suggested that if she wanted to watch that, she said yes. And then the prophet SAW Selim stands for her by the window, and she came behind his back and she had her her chin actually on his on his shoulder and inheritable her inside Buhari, the statement or the word of it that she used he said, Well had the Allah had he

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means my cheek on his cheek.

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Can you imagine that? That you know that position? That standing I know. So for some people, it's very embarrassing, so they can look down like this?

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Because they cannot imagine that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would stand like this for his wife Ayesha, but that's what she said. Well, happy Allah had the he had my cheek was on his cheek. And she kept watching and watching and the prophet SAW Selim says, Are you done? She would say not yet.

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She would watch again. Then again, he will turn to us. Are you done? Not yet, not yet. Not yet. At the end, she was satisfied. She said, I'm done. Then later on when she used to read the story sister said by a lot. I had no interest in watching those proceedings. It just said I wanted the CO wives to say the position of the prophets Allah.

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So she wanted the other ladies to know how long the prophet SAW Selim was standing for her and to hear about that story. Now as I shall be allowed

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to call her, been to Abuja, she was the daughter of her father, when she was realized.

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Also from the stories of Irish on

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one, Zayn has been to Josh, and Zane has been to just the cousin of Rasulullah sallallahu, another wife. She said Cara to samini and rasulillah. She was like her rival.

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And they basically the words of the prophets, Allah somewhere two parties. One party was with Russia and the other party was with Ilana. So I showed the last I mean, Xena was asked, If the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ever kissed his wife when he was fasting during the month of Ramadan? She was no she used to say, No, he never did that. Then the people they would complain, I would actually they would relate to say, but I she says something else. He says differently. He that he used to do that. So as I would answer by saying, probably, that will hurt, because he never did that with me. And I showed a lot and he confirmed that that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he used to kiss his wife

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before actually, she says, of course talking plural, saying that were canceled the last time you felt bad as some of his wives and then he goes out for Salah. So it means in Ramadan while he was fasting, so the purpose of Santa was kiss his wife, and then he would go out for Salah. Some people might think well, how come doesn't this break though we'll do a quarter of a shockwave course it does break the window.

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But this tells you that the processes I'm used to do that while he was fasting, and he would go out immediately for solid. So this case is just like the good bikers. It's not that case that has lost in it. It's just showed the passions, shows love and shows respect. So who would kiss her and then he would leave Salalah Hollywood. Same thing when he comes back. The professor Sam would do what the first thing he would brush his teeth with the car. And then we'd go to his wife, son a lot easier in this case was Ayesha, are they allowed

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any other stories to show how much the Prophet sallallaahu salam had that love to Ayesha soldiers will come and Charlotte Allah we talking about them. So the main concept of love that as you see from those stories,

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as as you see to learn, educate yourself, appreciate your spouse, show some respect, and know the rights and obligations. It's all about rights and obligations not just about you know, being in love emotionally. Well, any questions?

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The brothers, sisters, yes, good. It is much better believe me. You're gonna have it's gonna give you a lot a lot of time to sit, stay together, sit together, talk read enjoy time differently. I mean, how do people survive without TV in the past? For us, we cannot live without TV right now. Especially an environment of entertainment that is based on TV and movies. People cannot imagine someone live without TV. Even right now we have TVs in the car. You have to be on the airplane. You have to be everywhere and then you can rent a DVD player just

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spend the time you know, instead of reading something useful, it just watch until you arrive at your destination. It's basically they call it electronic babysitter, because it's just like a babysitter for the kids. So when you have a problem with the kids just turn on the TV, and Abracadabra, and that's it. They become martial acquire. Magic. Same thing happens with a husband and wife. Just bring the movie, let them watch. And that's it. They keep quiet.

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It's it's a very negative device that bring negativity to the house. No communication between the husband and wife and if any will be out on the movie or about the series, not about the real life or law. That's my suggestion. But that I say, do I say that the TV itself as a device is how long? The depends? Milan brothers.

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Yes, no comment.

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Regardless, it's like as long, any questions?

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Honestly, because I don't know, didn't say anything. It just says, you know, he was the kiss his wife, and he just leaves. Actually, the story that I show when used to Nora Harris used to say, kind of sort of lasagna badass was he might have a lasala tomato hacker, or her nephew. He used to read the hardest thing that I used to tell him and the prophet SAW Selim, he used to kiss some of his wives then go to the Sala and then she used to give him he's a little bit less. And then our he would he would ask the sub narrator of course, he would say, Do you know why was she laughing for? said no, because she was talking about herself. So she wasn't talking about Xena boraam salon or

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another one. She was basically talking about herself. And that's why when Xena was asked about the quiz about that same issue, she said, she said no, it doesn't happen. It never happened. And when I told her that I generated, you know that it did happen. She said well probably with her. So with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, she said, can I sell the LA Selim liquinox? Hahaha, he could not control himself with I shall be allowed to Nana how much he loved her salon, you know,

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the brothers or sisters, the sisters? Yes, we're going to come and cover that inshallah. But initially, the contract was initiated when she was about seven years old. And consummation of marriage was about two, three years later, in Medina. So around nine years old, 10 years old, Milan, why for people, they will say, wow, that's too young. Culturally, there was something normal until this day, there are some cultures, some societies for them. This is something very, very normal. And it's not offensive. It's not even a thing that they even discuss or talk about. Why? Because this was part of their culture. And if you know that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was attacked and

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bashed by his people, big time, his own people in Mecca. Now, if they found this as an offensive against him, they were the first people to attack him by saying Look at him.

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He's many little girls. And they never said something like that. Why? Because there was something normal and that society and culture didn't consider this child abuse. Probably in the 21st century, the standard.

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You see that in schools, teachers are doing this to their students. They get in the market everywhere, but for that society.

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It never happened and it wasn't a child of yours and the story of Ayesha gives a lot

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of Sharla we take a 10 minute break. And then we come back because I see some brothers and sisters are waiting outside to do we don't want them to lose a lot.

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