Abu Bakr Zoud – Whats Going To Save You From The Hellfire

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the belief in Islam and the importance of the hellfire area, where the wrongdoers may end up in the hellfire. They encourage people to read the passage about Islam and its significance in their life, as it provides insight into the spiritual teachings of Islam. The air offers protection from evil and is recited for carriers of one's throat.
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Just to a bit before I utter kursi Allah azza wa jal, he said from inhuman M and o mean human Kaffir some of mankind believed and some disbelieved.

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Then the next day, Allah azza wa jal at the end of it he mentioned while Kefalonia home of volley Moon and the disbelievers are the wrongdoers. And of course, the wrongdoers whether they end up over the moon at home or they're Bonelli. They end up in the Hellfire by the next area was a theocracy. So while careful Runa whom of volley Moon Allahu La ilaha illa who and how young are you? You see the relationship and care through the home of volleyball meaning the disbelievers or the wrongdoers? They'll end up in the hellfire. What's going to save you from volume? What is going to save you from the Hellfire believe in Allah Hula, hula Illa who and how young are you?

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It mentions, the area that comes after would be an area that is mentioned the fundamental belief of the believers.

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It mentions the leader of the believer, it is the greatest as well, because it discusses the greatest matter and the greatest topic known to mankind.

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And then as I said to you, the words in a democracy are the greatest words you will ever hear about Allah in your life. If your heart doesn't soften and humble to this area, then your heart needs a checkup as soon as possible. Each word of this area gives us detailed knowledge about Allah azza wa jal and increases our knowledge about Allah. And this is why we are supposed to read it in the morning, in the evening, after the prayers and before we sleep eight times a day, so that we are always aware and conscious of Allah our solution. This air offers protection from every evil that we can see, and the evil that we cannot see from every fitna from the sins from doubts from the

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Hellfire under the condition that you understand it and adhere to its meanings and teachings. As we said the air is a treasure from underneath Tausch and it's an area that is recited by the carriers of the throat. This is how they glorify Allah subhanho wa Taala

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