Reminders Overcoming Spiritual Blocks Part I

Mirza Yawar Baig


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The speakers discuss the importance of measuring success and achieving goals in business, rather than just measuring success by metrics. They stress the need for goals and setting them for the business, as well as the importance of raising one's voice and avoiding Yo Accounts. The segment also touches on the potential for harm to one's spiritual development and following laws and regulations to protect health.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala schizophyllum via even mousseline while he was having his reign of God. And those around us that I said in Surah Anika was Valentina jaha do Trina learner had been homeschooled and

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the one who struggles

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Vienna in US meaning in our

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learner had the unknown

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the alarm of decayed

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learner, the unknown, surely we will give them a diet we will show them

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learn how the unknown sabudana the paths that lead to us

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and those around us that are two things to understand here. One is Allah subhanaw taala has promised Hidayat for the one who makes an effort.

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Well, as you know, I had to learn I hadn't Nomura promised to give me that to give guidance to reach him to his for his closeness to connect with him for the one who makes the effort

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to live in a geography and Allah did not say I will give that to somebody who makes no effort.

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And at the same time, he did not He did not say that, even if you make effort, you may or may not get to that no, you will get definitely will inshallah definitely will get because Allah Jonesboro.

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So therefore, on one side, we must have hope in the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we must never lose that hope.

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The second side is to consciously measure what effort we are actually making.

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in the,

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in the development of the spiritual self,

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we get hurdles.

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And these hurdles are different for different people. Everyone does not get the same model.

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Different people have different kinds of URLs, but you get these hurdles read these blocks. Where if you don't overcome that block, then your spiritual development getting close to Allah subhanaw taala will stop with that it will not go ahead.

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For each person, there is a block.

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And these blocks keep coming, no matter how

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high you may think you have worked, but there will be a block for each level there is some block

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for some people with block is to write on the basic level I'm saying the block is to pray, the varieties

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to pray on time, this is a block.

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And no matter how much how many

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talks the person listens to no matter how many times he's told, that Salah is for that Salah is the differentiator between copper and EMR, the one who leaves Allah has left Islam you can say what you want, but somehow this person is unable to pray on time. And he does not pay on time or he prays, you know, he leaves the break on prayer completely or he delays it until it goes and so on and so forth. Now, there is a very big block and therefore the person must sit and think and say what is it that is blocking me from Salah.

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And he has to get rid of this. And the way to get rid of it is to actually do there is no great mystery and secret. There is no one's ever to be read, there is no you know special that we made?

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How do you break my brain?

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There is no no great secret. Get up and go and pray Allah, whatever else is happening, tell him stop I cannot do this, I have to pray, you will stand and pray.

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Similarly, people will have different kinds of blocks, there may be a block which prevent you from following us on that they may be abroad that prevent you from something in mamilla in the way you are duly doing your dealings and so on and so forth. It is very is not my purpose here to list all the blocks. My purpose here is to remind myself I knew that it is very important for us to reflect in our own lives and say what is the thing which is blocking me from reaching Allah subhana wa.

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And remember at the same time that if I make the effort, Allah will give me success.

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Now, how do we know we are making effort?

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By measurements? There is only one way of knowing anything and that is by measuring it

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and that the principle of the Zinnia It will also be after

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you're doing a business. How do you know the business is doing well. You might say you're I'm working so hard from home.

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In the morning or two o'clock in the morning, I hold it working and I'm struggling and this and that every go every day I go and I open my shop, I do whatever it is all of that is not a measure of success.

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Never mistake efforts for goals

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one with a subsidiary never mistake effort for both whatsoever,

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but the goal will be reached only when the goal is reached. And how do we know if you are reaching the goal? By measurements? You will be working very hard, but the result is not this. It's like football. How do you know which team one by the number of girls who score you go on the field and you are playing and you are falling down and your shirt is torn and you are sweating and so on is that my god I struggled so much okay if you did not score any goal you lost, whether it was

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tackled what what is the meaning of the struggle

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unless you score the goal and therefore, we have to measure it to say that I am working on my spiritual progress to reach Allah subhanho wa Taala every day we should be able to say this is the measurement This is what I did.

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This is what I did,

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how much karandi diary how many salary diary how a novel novel is the measurement for the for this one? You wonder what what are you doing? Now as

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far as the door is it we leave the warrior out the door? We have to come into the lover once you come into the door how many steps that you take

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similarly, the following of those numbers, how many sooner Am I following? How many sooner did I not use to follow now in volume

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measurement. What you do not measure does not exist Believe me.

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You can tell yourself what you want. And unless you can measure it, it does not exist. You can feel I'm very biased I'm doing so many good things but then you are doing in all otherwise in whatever angle

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you take a whole pot of milk and you bought one piece of cowdung are one piece of goddang into that milk. The whole Potter you can see wrapped on its own is only they will take them ignore our milk is contaminated roll milk is white. And so also within we may be doing a lot of good things. But we will be doing one thing wrong, and that one thing will destroy everything else. They themselves have said a man is earning 99 dinar of Hillel and he earns one dinar of haram and the one haram dinar makes the 99 Haram.

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llama is not because it's just one thing. And this is how chickens shape and this is how schatten beguiles and diseases because there are shortages and I can

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move these and merges and Molly's and

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molana as all these chefs, they are unnecessarily tough. Every small thing they make it big. They don't make anything it is a drawl law. validation does not make the law the law is made by law.

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This is only telling you what the lies and the lie is that even Allah subhanho wa Taala does not like any contamination even if it was while contamination Allah will detect.

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So therefore, this is wrong header and the header is one thing how does it matter? It's not one it is a very big thing. Because that's one thing is destroying all the rest of it.

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What it does represent 000

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with regard to raising the voice above the voice of enemies, Allah Allah

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and babauta Malcolm want to lash out on another monitor that I will wipe out your deeds completely and you will not even know.

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Now on the face of it, if you look at it, what is the what is such a big thing? Raising a wise or otherwise?

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Somebody can say I have a powerful voice What can I do? And that's why I says no, no Don't worry about your powerful voice. Nobody would lower it below the voice of Allah Allah that was an issue. Don't Lower your voice below the voice of Allah. your deeds are wiped out.

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In today's world, raising your voice over the voice on a visa that is solemn amounts to disregarding and sooner it amounts to going against is akhom in the alleys.

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What is the wise wasabi? The head if

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and if someone raises his voice, meaning the head is saying do this, but I say no, I'm sorry, I don't want to do this.

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I cannot do this.

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Then what have you done? You raised your voice over the words and what is the warranty on this?

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So it's not a small thing. It's a very big thing. But Jasmine makes his team's work. Just like Japan makes the Mr. of shirk seem to be good in the eyes of people committing the ship. Somebody is going to recover

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He's making these videos on the grip. And he's making the love of the grip. It is open.

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It is like worshiping a stone idol. What is the difference?

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But just the nature of this is them.

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This is iron of them.

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We are only going and asking him to make demand graph for us. You know, it was a great man he was a very pious man. What do you love

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to say that makes the

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Amal of Schick seem to be very good. So the man who is doing this ama thinks he's doing a great thing go watch alibi, this is my thing.

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He will realize when the time for that comes, that he was emotionally guarded less.

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And he will go with whoever the wherever the machines go.

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So do not get fooled by the hijack.

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The disobedience all of our data is not a small thing. The disobedience of his name is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam is not a small thing. And if you are being prevented from obeying Allah, his Navy, this is one of the blocks in terms of your spiritual development. You have to break that barrier. If you don't break that barrier, then you will not have the development and it will go backwards. And may Allah protect us on that? One levena jahaz Vina Lana haidian Hamza, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala they're surely the one who struggled in my path I will use success.

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And as I said, we have complete faith in the help of Allah insha Allah, but at the same time, Allah subhanaw taala help is conditional Allah did not say I will help even if you do nothing, no. So we have to make our effort and we have to be able to measure that effort so that we know we are making this effort it's not something in my head

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it's not something where I have set the alarm I am getting up in time for that job. I go I may I come and stand in that job. Now maybe my concentration is not there. Doesn't matter at least I'm standing in Salah. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to help me to get Hulu and Hulu Alhamdulillah inshallah Allah will help you. But if you are still sleeping in your bed and you said Oh no, my pleasure and gadgets would come that just cannot come it was difficult, but

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that has become the minimum condition you will be turning into law. That is a basic condition now can also come in with VB. Similarly for other things,

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of the Sharia and the home of Sharia is whatever Allah subhanaw taala ordered and whatever and there is Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam orange

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if we are if we are not following any of the accounts of the Sharia, then it's a block in terms of our development, as well as Rancho de la to open our eyes to that to help us to work on that to break that barrier because that barrier is your knifes and if you do not do that you're nuts will drag you into the jam, believe me.

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In enough de la Mara Tanga su Illa Mara Mara, I'm not making fatawa I'm telling you the Quran and if the Quran does not convince you, that Allah knows best what will convince you What did you do? What is the Lamb say? In nannup, Salah Amara Tommy so Verily, my nuts only makes me sing

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in Lumira, except the one on Google Allah subhanaw taala has

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its own layer and if nothing else, it's only on apps, which tells us that this looks good that looks bad, the halala water level

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killed enough before it kills you.

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Kill that knife before it kills you. Because it will kill you. It will kill you while it will kill. If you don't kill that enough, it will kill you.

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If enough is telling you to disobey Allah, if the Nazis telling you to disobey Allah, that is dragging you into the Jannah kill the nuts. Otherwise it will take you where it wants to take a lot of data to protect you and me from this from from the bottom of the nuts, and from the bottom say done. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with the cashier because it is only by the cashier to law that we can be saved from the Shaitan and the nurse. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala for cashier, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for taqwa and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to please Him and to help us to obey Him and to help us to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Allah Allah bill Karim Allah Allah He was happy he made the magic