Contentment in Sustenance

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Are we done Angela?

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Angela Malala means allows an American Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Mama. Mama no Rahim Allah Allah, Allah Kanata Rafa, this is a chapter on the contentment an FF, which means self sufficiency. Color one v one I'm delighted to nominate the Allahu anhu man no sort of law his sallallahu wasallam of Call of Lucha Islam Baraka FAFEN walk on now who la Hobi Mehta

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Professor Sam says in this hadith successful is we speak about somebody you guys want to know who that person is

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the only successful you know what that is? Is it a person or category?

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It's a category of people, which means everybody can be in that category. You can be I can be anyone can be in that category, but what is it Who is that person? And what are these categories? What are these qualities that if you achieve you will be successful? The prophets Allah Sam says if Mohammed Aslam successful is the one who submits, you know, Allah Subhana Allah which means enters the fold of Islam. Successful is the one who enters the fold of Islam in full submission to Allah subhana wa Tada, that's the first thing. Well, what is it called FF and ruzicka Kefauver mean the last panel has been provided with sustenance, which is sufficient for his needs, which means you're not being

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overwhelmed with it, as you know, somehow, a lot of people they always pursue risk, the more and more and more and more. But you know what happens in human psychology, the more you earn, what happens to you,

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the more you want more, because you can see that Oh, so I can't get more.

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You so one more. And in the process, the more you get what happens to you,

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the more stressed out you become, because you start stretching your spending based on the new budget. And the more you spend, the more you worry about what you have.

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I mean, if you have a car that is you know, 1989 for example, you don't care if you just go through, you know, bombs and this and that. Who cares, man, I mean, I'm the lead it's still since 1989 still alive, only have a new car at the cost of $50,000 Oh man, you will care for about everything, right even if a fly stops at the colleges go and check what happened. So so the more we spend and the more we get the power of wealth and money to handle, the more attached we become to it without having so much to worry about and so on. So the professor center successful as a person who enters the fold of Islam and for submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala number two being given sufficient provision for

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the needs, not for the ones for the needs. And then he says called Walker now Hola, hobbema atta and now that's something gift from Allah zosen. So people to have risk that is Kapha sufficient provision for the needs? What do you think? Is everybody going to be satisfied with it?

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Not everybody will be satisfied with it. Right? So the prophet SAW Some said a third one. What can now hola hola be Mata and Allah makes him content with that which he has bestowed upon him.

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So to submit yourself to Eliza origin,

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be given enough for your needs, and be satisfied with it.

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Now, what are your needs?

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I mean, we're different. Some people 1000 is sufficient for their needs. Others actually not even not less than 10,001st of all talk about basically is when you have a bigger family, bigger responsibility, and so on is different. So whatever that is your need, if Allah Subhana has given you enough to cover your needs, what you need right now to do is what to be satisfied with it. And handed in

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will be content with that will have the rhythm if you get these three qualities you're successful. Once again, remember, is it possible for someone to try to break away from that basic standard? Like Okay, I'm gonna have 10,000 a month No, but can I get 20,000? If I can? answer is yes. As long as you give the car and you don't forget about the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala the rights of the people that are to your family, relative, your spouse, your children, if you maintain everything right that hamdulillah Why not? That should be fine, that should be okay.

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And a lot of damage. However, you don't attach yourself to the 20,000 you attach yourself to the one who's given it to you. And you're not always pursuing that the results. Instead you always look into making your effort because I'm going to work the hard work of $20,000 value for example. But then after the work is so much and so hard. My neighbor got 50,000 I got 10,000 again, so do right now and be my neighbor for it. Go and visit his house to get the five minute that's not yours.

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Remind. No. Instead I said hamdulillah I tried my best. And Allah blessed me with 10,500

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I don't even want to talk about numbers and we save 10,000 yani it's so ridiculous that we say 10,000 it's nothing llama Stan.

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But people again they have different needs and different standards. So the three qualities once again in the Hadith of the Prophet Allah Sam says, After Mohammed s lemma, or the FF and aka nahi, Matta successfully The one who enters the fold of Islam and for submission to Allah subhana wa tada and be given a provision that is enough to satisfy their needs. And then Allah subhana wa Taala was bestowed what He bestows upon upon them more than all that all of that to be contained what they have.

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If you have the autoshot lo Tana, you will be contented Yama, and shall you be satisfied. And you will be successful Malema Quasimodo successful.

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Do you guys remember them? Shall we count them again? What's the first one?

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submission, many entering the fold of Islam on full submission to lots of handlers command number two,

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to have to have

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to have enough provision to cover to satisfy your needs. And number three, to be satisfying, contentment that if you have these three qualities, you'll be successful. Tonight as you go to home, you go home and Charlotte, Tara, reflect on this. Think about it. Are you the one who submits because you know that for law says somebody will submit or you always challenge that with culture with ego with this with that, whatever. Think about it. I was someone who's a handler, you know, being satisfied with what Allah has bestowed upon you. Do you have enough? Or do you always find yourself greedy? And are you satisfied with what you have we always you know, kind of like running

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out of time and energy, just to earn more and more Make sure to do so May Allah subhanho to make them go to a successful or bad I mean, ask Allah to make us among those who truly submit to Him Subhana Allah to Allah, the word among those who have been given enough you're a Brahmin and more. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us among those who will be satisfied with the risk blah, blah, blah. And of course, Angela

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That's true. Then another thing

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not for money.

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Not money itself.

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You're saying this Hadith of the Prophet salaallah? Salah

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skirt No.

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So basically how we reconcile between this hadith and the other Hadith that basically when the prophets Allah Simpson the Hadith or is it a statement that it live your life? Live your life as if you living forever

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and live for the Acura? As if you're dying tomorrow? So in this case, what do you do when you do matter matters of dunya don't say I'm dying anyway. So why bother? No, just do that. I think inshallah won't come to the Acura make it so sincere as if you're dying tomorrow. balance it. Once again, you are allowed to pursue that which is higher than that, which is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. But you don't attach yourself to the end result as much as to make in your effort and then put your trust in Allah subhana wa, I did the planning to get a million dollars out of it. Okay, that's I did everything possible to get a million down. Somehow I got only 50,000 am I gonna

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go and cry my eyes out because of this? No. I will say Alhamdulillah. That's when you become content. And if you're content with this 50,000 that you get to 5000 that you get so how are you be the richest person on earth? Because again, if you heart this content, what does it matter if you eat a big feast or a sandwich, but at the same? you're satisfied you're happy mallamma if you have a diamond dinner and Alfa Monica living from Santa Monica