The Reality of Rizq

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The transcript describes a woman who had a can of soda and felt an overwhelming desire to get food. She had been an "anxious" woman for a long time and felt the same way. The speaker emphasizes the importance of honoring Islam's guidance and not rushing to achieve success, while also reminding individuals to pursue their risk and not give up. The importance of respecting Allah's wisdom and design of the universe is also discussed, along with the potential for dams and the d union.

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In Alhamdulillah Huhtala Anhedonia strain will be here on a stock photo when I was a bit later on I mentioned all the unforeseen our sejati Armanino me de la Jota Allah for la mala when my yield live further ahead, yella who I shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah who the Hodesh ricotta more shadow anna Muhammad and Abu who whenever you hold a soda yeah you're Latina I'm an otaku la haka Ducati. While at the Moto Nila and to Muslim Moon Johanna Sutopo Rebecca Mala de Hala Falco Mina FC Wahida will follow caminho Jaha robot Femen humare Geralyn Cathy wrong when he says

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otaku la Hala de Tessa I do want to be here with our ham in Allah who can add a camera fever? Yeah, you're Latina an otaku. Hola Hola foo colon sadita your swagger coma Hola, como el de la comida? No, Baku, Mama Uteri. la hora Sula, who for for the first if it was an old Lima

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after praising Allah azza wa jal and testifying that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion but him subhanho wa Taala and that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a servant and His Prophet and his messenger and after reminding myself and even with the topo of Allah to be dutiful and cognizant of him Gela gelato as best as one can. And after welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah asila Jun.

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Two weeks ago, a very heartwarming story took place here in the masjid at Jiwan.

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And that is that on my way in

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to deliver the hutzpah.

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A few boxes of raw meat were placed outside. And a brother told me these were left by someone in the community who I still don't know who it was

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to give out to the people, and this is our paper meat meat as a result of him slaughtering, you know, on behalf of his newborn, that he just received.

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And so I said, Yes, I paid for meat can be distributed to anyone you don't have to qualify. It is not just charity, it is open to be gifted as well. Give it up to whoever wants and I entered, I gave the whole book. And then I the second book came around, I gave the second hotspot and then on the way out.

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A good brother came to me and said what do we do with all this charity meat soon as I entered the first hole was someone took it and put it in the fridge assuming it was a donation for those in need. And so nobody received the meat. And so I said all Subhanallah this was supposed to be given out do you know anyone that would take it? He said actually, I know people that need it. I know Syrian refugees in this community who would be delighted and cannot afford meat like this. And so it was so beautiful and so heartwarming that this could have gone to anyone but Allah azza wa jal had it happen in a way that it was reserved for those that needed it most. And it reminded me

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immediately of a story that still sticks with me when I was a teenager in a masjid, I grew up with them less than we were making will do in the masjid, side by side. And he just kept saying to me, Allah is a result, Allah is the true provider. And I turned to him like, yes, we know we are missing. What do you mean, what's behind this? Why are you so passionate about it right now, he said to me, a friend of mine from years ago, called me out of the blue said to me, I'm transiting in New York from Canada, and my flight to Egypt is tomorrow. So I went and I picked him up and he spent the night at my house. And so when I opened my frigerator for him, I had a can of soda that came with an

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order of food that I made earlier in the day, there was a free can of soda, I don't drink soda, so I gave him the soda. And then it hits me that this man had to come from Canada to drink this can of soda because Allah wrote that this is his it is it's a very simple, you know, exchange, but it is true. It is so profound. To realize, you know, as Allah Subhana Allah Allah said, Well, this summer it is spoken one or two, I don't know there's a very famous passage and so that that yet when Allah says, we'll fill out the IR to new moon, in in this earth are so many signs for anyone that has certainty. If you want to be certain about anything, it's about God, because there's more proofs on

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Earth for God than anything else can be proven. Nothing is easier to prove, because the earth is filled with proof. If you're looking for proof, if you're looking for certainty in life, then the next is as even within yourselves with the unforeseen effort to pursue your own Don't you see, when you see Allah has power within yourself, you are a drop of dirt drop of liquid, and you became this complex human being and the human race is also so complex and so diverse, so much, right? The third verse is where I'm getting at here. Allah says what is summer it is cocoa and also notice the power of God in the fact that he keeps your risk in the skies in the skies is your provisions and all that

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you've been promised? You know, some scholars say Allah is referring to the fact that it all begins with him. That is begins with the rain. The rain caused the vegetation to grow, and everything follows well

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It is not the rain as in the water, the h2o. It is the rain meaning ALLAH decrees out of this world that things come down into this world and life becomes possible, what not to do. And the same thing will happen regarding what you've been promised me in the same way we decree that rain come down so that vegetation will grow. We will also decree rain later to come down to regrow your bodies after you die, and you will be brought forward on the Day of Judgment. But that idea, recollecting, restoring that idea that there is because with Allah Subhana Allah, it's divided up there, so don't go crazy, trying to chase it down or trying to access it. Ultimately, it is always with Allah Azza

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wa Jalla subhanho wa taala.

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And, you know, that is why I leave Nebuta liberal the Allahu Allah and they asked him, How come? Why is people are usually poor. Because if you think about if it's in our hands money, then the more intelligence you have, the more money you can make, it should follow, right? But I lay it out there Lavon, sadly, and navicula. Whom is risky, because his mind was his risk, meaning Allah divides things he made this one smart, and this one rich, it's not the smart person becomes rich, or else it would have followed, but to prove to us that it's really divided somewhere else, it's really not hinging dependent on us our risk. It is true that Allah is the perpetual provider at every moment

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he's providing to focus on that, especially now, because we are By Allah's grace being eased out of transitioning out of the COVID lockdown. And so many interruptions happened to our risk, in many ways during the COVID you don't want to forget that. You want to remember it. You know, it's not even just like your paycheck got, you know, shaken up. People, some people, you know, got their paychecks. And then they went and found the shelves in the store is empty, they couldn't use the paycheck for what they needed. Right? That is why the early Muslims used to say that my best moments is when they tell me there is no more No more flour in the house to bake with. He doesn't mean he

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likes to go hungry. He saying is one of my you know, most the greatest opportunities to restore my realization, my faith that it is actually Allah who makes all this possible. He's the one that facilitates my hours out. And so I can rely on him better once these things happen when there's a hiccup in the supply chain, as they say, when things are going normal, you forget that so fast, and then relying on him

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the right way. That's why he said Allah His salatu salam and the other Hadith, lo and Nicola calluna Allah Allah Hakata Cooley de la Raza con cameras are tired. If you would just rely upon Allah the way he deserves to be relied on unwavering reliance, he would provide for you the way he provides for the birds that set out every morning with empty stomachs. And then they return each night with their fill. You think about it like who guides the flight of this bird who navigates for them to their location to different place every time different direction different trajectory every day, something like I go and work at a computer station or the cashier somewhere it's not it's totally

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random in a sense to us. You think about what sharpen the the eye sight of this burden division to be able to locate those little rodents. What is it that tightened the oxygen underground to force the worms up that's why they come up in the rain also right at the right time for the bird to see it to go get it. So that the mechanics the dynamics, the mechanisms in place are so complex, and these help us realize that it is Allah who provides for the words. If we give it to thoughts, and once you rely upon Allah azza wa jal properly or how do you know you rely upon Allah subhana wa Taala properly, you start pursuing your risk in a beautiful way.

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Like when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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if you were to run from your risk, the way you run from death, your risk will still come to you the same way that comes to you. He said that Allah salatu salam, the other Hadith about beautifying it, he said that Jibreel alayhi salam inspired revealed within me the sacred truth meaning so I can share it with you. And then F sanland Talmud, the hat that has struck me the agenda of the stellar embodies that no soul will ever die without living its lifespan to the fullest and collecting its provisions its risk entirely.

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So what what's the point? The hadith continues to say that tap Allah So fear Allah were urged me to follow up and beautify your pursuit of your risk, beautify your request. How do you beautify your request? First of all, you don't cut corners.

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You don't cut corners, you do not seek haram. And the Hadith continues to actually say that don't be driven by your

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fear about your risk and that low bahagi haram that you seek it and haram wakes in unlawful ways. That's number one.

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Number two is that you actually pursue it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us the Quran taught us that whether you're Muslim or not Muslim, whether you're a believer and unbeliever, you have to work, you have to respect Allah's cosmic order, the way he constructed the universe, you got to put in effort, or else you're insulting his wisdom. Seek plant harvest, that's the way it works, no matter who you are. So that's a part of it. Part of it is respecting Allah's wisdom and his design of this universe and you actually work it. The bird actually left the branch left the nest in the morning, you need to leave your nest, you need to work to the point that the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even said that there would Alayhis Salam who was a prophet but he was a king, even that would either he Salam only ate from what his own hands earned. Because the best thing a person can eat consumed, is what you what you earn with your own two hands. So you got to work that's part of it. Part of beautifying your request. A third aspect is that when you do pursue now when you do work hard, you don't panic, because you're working hard with whatever Allah has made available. While knowing ultimately for summer it is coconuts in the skies, right? It's not in my hands. It ultimately hinges on Allah as Elijah. And the last aspect of pursuing beautifully after

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the break in sha Allah a hold of all the heavy stuff for LA Lima Lee welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena ba ba that shadow hola ilaha illallah wa hola Chica, overshadowing the Mohammed Abdullah who want to be you who are Soto. So we are trying to engage right the reality of what the risk is about and Allah being a reserve the ultimate providers all about it is about this realization that makes you rely on him the right way, which makes you seek out your risk in the most beautiful way. Not seeking it through haram. Not sitting around and thinking that money grows on trees and at the same time not being frantic and impatient. And you know, filled with anxiety as you work hard because you working as if it's in your hands, but you're

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certain that you are in Allah's hands Panama. The fourth part now about beautifying your risk is that you don't assume that your risk is the risk of the dunya only in the head Valerie schooner Mela, whom in effect Allah says about Jenna This is our risk. That doesn't end this is a superior risk that you are obligated to chase harder than you chase the risk of this world. You know if not Allah Allah secondary Rahim Allah He used to say in HD had the cat female Domina luck. What axial rocker female totally berming. The liloan Allen premaxilla basura you working so hard in the things that are finalized your your your span in this life, and you neglecting what was demanded of you to

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seek the next life? Right? The after? This is a sign that you're you're blindfolded, you're spiritually blindfolded. Your heart is going blind. When you put the work in here, beautifully fine. But more beautifully than here. That's a humongous problem. And you have to ask yourself, Do I fall into this? Some people when it comes to the app era, there are a long list of excuses. Pre, you know, concocted excuses, they're ready. When it comes to this world. It's sky's the limit. No excuses, you can do it right. When it comes to Africa. That's nowhere to be found. When it comes to praying, you give the leftovers of your day, you pile up the prayers or may Allah forbid you only

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pray tomorrow.

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But or when it comes to charity, you make sure you don't pull out of your pocket the amount except the very specific change, spare change that you and then when it comes to Africa, you just we make as cold requests to give us the highest levels of gender and you keep it moving. Right or you seek protection from the fire while thinking about your you know, your dentist appointment or something. We have to work and the last thing I want to say is the opportunities of an era or risk and have the greatest of them is Ramadan. Dare I say it, many of us, as someone said, you know are going to be so consumed chasing after shopping and filling our freezers and preparing the desserts and all of this

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stuff. I used to do that and in sha Allah I will not return to that phase in our life right. And you prepare so much for the feast element of Ramadan when it was never meant to be a feast. But what's worse is that it happens at the expense

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of the fast how much do you work hard and toil to prepare to make the best out of the fast? Realize the opportunity there is of Ramadan, specially after a year when we have varied so many people, may Allah allow us to reach Ramadan, allow us to remain confident that he is a result and know that the risk of the akhira is incomparable to the risk of this dunya and may Allah azza wa jal give us the drive and the insight and remove the blindfold from our heart to chase the Athleta in the most beautiful way while pursuing our risk and this dunya in a beautiful confident way better attina for dunya hasin I don't wanna feel I feel like he has no teleworking I'd have enough work for you let me

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know me that. Well sal Allahu wa Salam wa barakaatuh Do you know Muhammad while early he was very

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low IQ little low IQ