Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #2 – Dealing with Anxiety

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of affirmations and connections with the Bible in achieving comfort and joy in life is emphasized. It is crucial for everyone to be in control and not give up on their words. The speaker advises the audience to not forget about Islam and to recite the words of the Quran, setting aside time to recite, and to not give up on their words.
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Gita Boone

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who Eli gamba kuliah, de mo, de Wiley, salaam, Alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my beloved brothers and sisters, reconnecting with revelation would help us achieve comfort within the heart, it would calm us, it would give us the contentment that we deserve as believers. Allah Almighty has not promised to give you everything on earth. But he does say that while I'm testing you if you have belief, and if you have connected and reconnected with Revelation with what I have revealed, then indeed you will be content, you will go through the challenges of life with much greater ease than if you don't have that.

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So the gift of Allah Almighty being revelation is something we need to reconnect with. And we need to continue reminding ourselves that reading the Quran, which is the primary gift that we have the word of Allah subhanho wa taala, understanding it, putting it into practice, and there, we would find it leads to what is known as the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May peace be upon him, it would lead to the teachings of Muhammad peace be upon him. And by following that, we would definitely achieve the success of this world and the next.

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So in life, we have hardship. Sometimes people say things about us that are not true. Sometimes we have accusations leveled against us. Sometimes we have statements that are hurtful, sometimes we are desperate that our loved ones see the light that we have seen. Sometimes we would love for our family members to be rightly guided, if they are not guided. And in the interim, we are hurt. This hurt is mostly connected to others and other people, what they say to us and what they do to us. So Allah Almighty has blessed us by reminding us in Revelation, and I'm going to read from Surah to ledger, verse number 97, where Allah Almighty says to us Welaka, not llamo anaklia de casa de Luca

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be Maya Kowloon and indeed we know it was directed to Muhammad peace be upon him, but the lesson is for all of us, we know that

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your chest is being tightened because of what they're saying.

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What were they saying they had the worst of accusations against Muhammad peace be upon him. So Allah is saying Welaka did not allow more naka de casa de Luca be Maya Kowloon, we know that your chest is being tightened by what they're saying, for some behind the Arabic workqueue. Minister, Jean, how should you deal with it? Well, if I go back to Revelation, I will be told how to deal with it. When people accuse you and they say things, yes, you may try to clarify your name. But sometimes, it's not going to be easy. Allah Almighty says, while you're dealing with it in a beautiful way, you need to remember to declare the praise of Allah declared the praise of your Lord, and

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be found in prostration very often,

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and worship your Lord until death overtakes you.

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That's an amazing teaching. That will definitely bring about comfort. When something nasty happens, tell yourself it could have been worse. When something disastrous occurs.

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Nothing would have changed that because it was in your destiny. But revelation will help you deal with it. What do you do Declare the greatness of Allah, the other day, a pen broke. And I said, Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, I'm not going to get upset that my pen broke, you know, it broke into pieces, it fell. And it was an expensive one. And subhanAllah I thought to myself, well, my fingers not broken. My toes are not broken, my legs are not broken. So surely, if I quickly thought of that, because I know this could have been worse. It would move me to say Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah. Whereas a person who is not guided by revelation would get angry and

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upset and start screaming and yelling. Do you know how much this pen costs? Do you know what exactly you've done? Or do you know what has happened and so on. Unlike

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believer who takes it in stride? What should you say? Alhamdulillah declare the praise of Allah. People say nasty things about you guess what they are answerable to Allah. If a person calls you a bad name, it doesn't make you a bad person. It's them who are thinking bad. So who needs the help? It's them who need the help, perhaps pray for them. Now, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to clarify things. You should in a beautiful way, you should try to guide them in a beautiful way. But sometimes you need to know if Allah has not written that guidance for them. They won't be guided and sometimes it might even make matters worse. So in the interim, don't forget to declare the praise of

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Allah always declared the praise of Allah Almighty.

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And always find yourself in frustration, that means your five daily prayers, plus other voluntary prayers, you have a problem. Turn to prayer, turn to Salah, offer two units of prayer, find yourself in frustration and take your time. And you will see how the Almighty will fling open your doors. And Allah says, continue to worship Allah until the day death overtakes you, or until death overtakes you. So it's amazing how Allah is guiding us telling us, these challenges will continue. He didn't say they will be eradicated. He didn't say they're going to stop. People will say nasty things about you and I, up to the last day, but Allah is guiding us through revelation to say, connect with us

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understand our plan, and that's how it should be. And this is why just before that, in one of the verses Allah Almighty inshallah Allah aged, before this verse, says, inac, Athena can muster as in we are sufficient for you, against those who are mocking at you, those who scoff those who make a joke, those who want to try to make a mockery, although they won't be able to. But we are sufficient for you don't you believe that we are sufficient, we are in control, we created you in the first place, and we are sufficient. And this is why the beautiful words has been Allah Who animal Joaquin, Allah is enough for us and He is the best disposal of our affairs. That supplication is very

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powerful. When something happens to you. That is negative, something dramatic, something big. Learn to say, husband, Allah, when a man will kill ALLAH is sufficient for me or for us, and He is the best Disposer of our affairs. My brothers, my sisters, reconnecting with revelation will guide us to relying on Allah Almighty, and understanding that we shouldn't allow the statements of people to make us so sad when we know we are not what they're saying. Rather turn to the Almighty Who knows the real you turn to the Almighty Who knows the real you continue to worship him continue to declare His praise, continue to find yourself in frustration, and don't give up. That's a beautiful

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teaching. And I think many people are struggling across the globe, because of what others think of them, or what they've done. If what you've done is within the obedience of Allah acceptable by Allah, don't worry what everyone else says or thinks. They are not going to worry about what you think when they need to do something. And you are worried about what they think when you need to do something that's not correct. We should be concerned about what Allah thinks, or how will Allah take this, I'm about to do something. What is the ruling when it comes to Revelation?

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So remember, rather than worrying about people,

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worry about Allah. And that's why Allah says declare the praise, declare the praise our praise, worship us, don't worry about mankind, reconnect with us reconnect with Revelation.

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A beautiful teaching is just reciting the verses of the Quran that would calm you down, that would bring about so much of contentment. Reconnecting through recitation is something that is unmatched for every letter that you read, you're achieving 10 rewards, let alone the calmness and the comfort that you achieve as a result. So this is why I encourage you during these beautiful days to set aside the time to recite melodiously the beautiful words of the Quran. Try your best to correct the recitation try to read it with an audible voice with beautiful melodies solely for the sake of Allah and see what it does to your heart, your soul, your very existence.

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The words of Allah are so soothing, that even if you were just to listen to them, they would change your life. May Allah bless us all. Akula Kohli Hava wa sallahu wa salam ala Baraka Island Nabina Muhammad Geeta Boon

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