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The importance of fasting during Easter is discussed, as it is the most important month of the year. It is not allowed to interrupt the season and people should make up their minds about their plans. The importance of fasting during Feb is also emphasized, as it is the most important month of the year. The speaker emphasizes the need for a clear intention to avoid distractions and avoid getting into trouble.

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Man, let me be it a CMM in LA macabre philosophia. In this hurry the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No fasting is accepted from the one who does not commit to the intention to fast before dawn.

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Which means if you would like to wait for the obligatory fasting, you have to have the intention for it at night before pleasure. So that's based on what we mentioned last time when I said if you if you fast that the day of doubt, you'll check one or two days right before Ramadan begins. So how are you going to fast that day? If you say I'm gonna fast anyway, so just in case it wasn't a Madonna count.

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And if it wasn't Ramadan, you

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know, when it comes to the obligatory, you have to start fasting with that confirmed intention. That is considered fasting for an obligatory fast for the month of Ramadan. The prophet SAW some again, segment them up to sciamma.

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Surgeon philosophia Mela, okay. When should you start that intention? Doesn't have to be right before fetch it can be at night, right after

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that, let's say tomorrow, tomorrow's Rama. Let's assume tomorrow's Ramadan. Now that we press on Russia, do you need to have the intention to start fasting for tomorrow? By doing your intention right now? before you go to sleep? Or do you have to wake up before fetcher? To make the potential for fasting that day?

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Do you have to wake up before pleasure to make that intention?

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Or is it sufficient before you go to sleep?

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It's sufficient before you go to sleep. It is sufficient before you go to sleep. So you know that tomorrow's Ramadan was announced, for example, that

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has been cited. So the next day is going to be a Madonna, when you go home, before you go to sleep, as long as you have the intention to start fasting The next day, as you have already made that intention for fasting. So that's the first one. The second one, when it comes to fasting, or the make it an intention? Do you have to make that intention for every single day of Ramadan? Meaning you have to have that intention every single night to fast The following day, or one intention is sufficient for the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

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Every single day after attention. Mr.

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Ramadan, how many days 2930? Right. So when you have intentions, are you dividing the month into 30 different units for the month of Ramadan is a whole holistic thing.

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What is the Anima they are doing this myself? Some of them they say now, every single day is a logic by itself is an obligation by itself. So therefore you have to have attention for every single day.

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You know, Ramadan is a whole. So it's not it's not divided to these days. So it is enough to have one intention for that target from Allah. Allah, Allah, this is actually the right opinion that you have one intention for the entire month, from the beginning of the month, right before the beginning of the month, you have the intention to fast every single night, every single day. So eventually you have a lot of ground I mean, until the end of the month of Ramadan, another another another month. How would you do that intention? How you make that intention? Do you have to pronounce? Do you have to have a specific specific rituals for that? no specific rituals for that. Just having that

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intention in your heart will be sufficient as an evidence as an evidence for this work, you know, at night to prepare for so that's an evidence. I mean, if you wake up, let's say someone woke up late at night before.

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And then they prefer them. There'll be another food they ate and a lot of them in everything. And then they heard

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they didn't get a chance to say I'm fasting tomorrow. They get a chance to have that. Would that they account for them? Absolutely. Because why did they wake up for me? They woke up to Professor thought in order to prepare for faster the next day. That itself is because of the intention and the need. So as long as you do that in Charlottetown will be sufficient for you.

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But this intention, this intention

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has to be maintained throughout the entire day as well. Is that clear?

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Let's say you have to travel the next day

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you're traveling next day so you woke up you have you have your support and then somehow during the day you decided you know what, since I'm traveling traveling Anyway, I'm not gonna fast

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cars today I'm not going to fast I break my fast and shuffle down fast after a month

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but then after half an hour or so did not eat anything you didn't drink anything you said you know what? I changed my mind

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with that day come for you.

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Remember, you did not eat anything.

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We just made the intention to break the faster than the fellas I'm not fasting right now. I'm gonna basically try and you're not gonna fast this day because you're traveling and you will make up for that and follow the recipe but if not, you did not eat anything.

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If that intention that you made intention to break the fact which means I will break the fast or is it saying Call Us Today I'm not fasting and I'm not gonna cut this out fast if you made it as you're not fast in this day at all then that they actually should not be coming

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museum to make up for that day after Ramadan even though you did not eat anything because the intention was broken right now for fasting that's all day.

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However, if you decided to continue or if you decided not to travel, and you decided to stay that doesn't mean since you're not fasting anyway you got your party?

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No, you still need to abstain until

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thermometer does the monochromator law out of respect to the day not respect to the hours of the month I would love data and of course you

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Good, very good question. Now if someone is traveling coming from overseas

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and they're coming right before the beginning of the month of Ramadan, but they don't know if tomorrow or the next day is going to be a fasting day or not until they arrive right so when you fly 16 hours you will know if it's going to be actually the next day Ramadan or not. So how would you go about what do you do about this issue when you arrive? Can you make the intention on the airplane that you are fasting it was Ramadan and it was Ramadan your break fast now that that intention doesn't count that intention doesn't come you have to have that intention to fast knowing that the next day is Ramadan and if you couldn't if you couldn't tell by any means that this is this is

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Ramadan in this case call us you break your fast that day and you make up it wasn't a Milan you make up for that day after Ramadan a shout out unless if you're flying and you saw that he had yourself

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if you're able to see the healer hamdulillah you fast and you tell everybody

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of course you're not yet obligated to fast anyway because you're still traveling there's another way of knowing if it's Ramadan or not is there is an internet access Wi Fi on the airplane simply log on to the ranch messer.org

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and you will see the announcement inshallah Ronnie will know that it was Ramadan on another another situation another issue if you know someone you know have access basically to the pilot scanning. They can ask you if it's activated or not. And they can give you an answer and shelter but you cannot start fasting with that check that doubt. I'm not sure if tomorrow is gonna be Ramadan in my in Dallas or man, I'm not sure that you cannot fast when you arrive and it's not Ramadan. hamdulillah but if it was Ramadan, you still need to make up for that.

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You can't make that interview today. It has to be the day before

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for women a question from the ladies for women. How should How should women do the intention for all the 30 days of Ramadan when she has her food? Well, she needs to make the intention to fast the month of Ramadan. For her the month of Ramadan is the allowable period that she can fast which means

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If she would fast the 30 days of Pamela should fast, effective 30 days, if she's gonna have to break it for a week, then her obligation is actually to break the fast of these these days. So that's your obligation Ramadan, she will continue for the rest of the month of Shabbat. So she has she just makes the intention, not for the number of days because Ramadan could be 29 or 30. She makes the intention for the month of Ramadan, regardless, whether it's 29 or 30, or for her particular, she has to break through days, she'd be fine and sharp. Yes.

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If not

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the question if someone wants to travel, so they say, if I'm traveling tomorrow, I'm going to break my fast. Can you make that intention? Before further? The answer, yes, you can make that intention. However, it does not break your fast until the next day until the day starts. Meaning when you start, you need to make an intentional decision to continue fasting or to break the fast that attention by itself doesn't break the fast yet. So saying, you know, if it's the more Ramadan, if I'm tracking or if I'm traveling tomorrow, I'll break my fast. So what if you realize that you're traveling after law without breaking fast? The answer is no. It doesn't break too fast.

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It does not break the fast law. Yes.

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Is it mandatory to read suffer? The answer is no. It's actually coming to modern Shahada. And the reason he recommended that is and he said to us, I hope and

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we need to support because as much blessing and support, then I'll talk about it tomorrow shout louder. Was it exactly how much? It should be? Should it be a full meal in courses? How should it look like we're going to talk about it tomorrow.

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It's not hard on to fast while traveling. But in the midst of Allah Sam says nice things will suffer. It's not recommended to fast while traveling even though he himself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was seen fasting on a journey. Last night, it's a matter of ability and capability. You know, many people, they ask these confusing questions because when I traveled, let's say when I'm coming back from the east towards the west, the day is gonna be like forever. So what am I What am I going to be breaking my fast I said at home before we live in Charlottetown because you're traveling, don't confuse yourself. And don't put yourself to so much, you know, difficulties by

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fasting and extended six, seven hours. So just break it first and then make it up afterwards. I know people they feel kind of guilty to read the passage or move on even if it was legitimate for them. And some of them they don't it's not about feeling guilty. It's just they don't want to fast anything after.

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for them. The entire is all about Ramadan, Ramadan and candelabra until the following Ramadan, so it's okay to fast while traveling, even though it's not recommended Allah

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make up Fight, fight.

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If someone needs to make up let's say five days, six days with a lady, for example, for a period or someone was traveling and so on, if you needed to make up five, six days of the month of Ramadan after the month of Ramadan, do you have to have the intention for the block of these five, six days? Or do you need to have an intention for every single day? The answer to this is actually an intention for every single day. Because now there are different the separate data has been to make up for that. It's not like having the whole month of Ramadan altogether.

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spinal column behind it