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Allah accepts only from the Righteous



AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the recent hateful speech of Jesus and the associated culture and political agenda. They emphasize the importance of avoiding mistakes and the need for devotion in order to be profitable. The importance of praying for the right to be profitable is also emphasized. The Sun airline's announcement of the "has been praying for" of the Prophet's is also mentioned.
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Baraka handler Bolivian sola Salaam baalak Amina Mohammed, Salah Sleeman kathira mama God. So the hotter tonight inshallah that I want to link this to something I spoke about last time and also for something we heard in this edition tonight to show us.

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So if you remember the last quarter I gave when we talked about the the, the last portion of sort of either Emraan and Allah subhanho wa Taala was speaking about what we call them today to date islamophobes Islamophobia. Allah subhanaw taala says you should be tried and tested in regards to your wealth in regard to your neffs and you shall hear from them so much injury and so much harm all what they do is just harming you and hurting you with this hateful speech. Now the reason I'm bringing this up because Pamela Something happened recently to one of our beloved members of the community here and I want actually your attention to this too shall have the Watergate on SR nine,

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nine Armstrong she is actually the admin here in our Masjid. And a lot of the amazing things you see happening in terms of order and disorganization, Mashallah goes back to her because she keeping everything and handle on chedsada. She has a YouTube channel, which she has she she talks about Islam talks about culture talks about many things. The last few days, she's been one of her posts, kind of like went into one of those sites, the alt right sites, and therefore, they start actually harassing her with hundreds and 1000s of hateful comments. And some Halloween because she's Muslim, she's revert. She's hijabi. And she's white. And she's very active.

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All of this together, met her target of that hate speech. So if you go to these comments, you see all these ugly words and all these ugly things that comes out from the from their mouth. And that's exactly what Allah subhanho wa Taala said, What if this man been a Latina

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woman and Latina Ashoka kathira You shall hear from them, those who received the scripture from scripture from before you, those are the other worshipers and then kathira a lot of you know hateful speech. And that's exactly what it is. It's bluffing. It's just because we want to scare you off. And Mashallah I have to give her a shout out because she stood against the state. And she actually she went to handler diamond and she said that she will never actually be solid because of these kind of words. I want you to go shallow data and give her actually in a words of support in Sharla on that channel and also just appreciate Mashallah hers and her her good work that you're doing for the

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community malas firewater with herbal element, so make sure that nothing like this should go should pass by without actually we notice in this I want you to go and show some some few comments inshallah positive comments on that channel. In the last version. It was actually in the news even probably some of you have seen that the link to it, it's on our Facebook as well. Check it out too shallow. Tara again, show your support to Sha two SR nine, and the committers will bark a lot. The other thing because this is all intertwined handla and the citation of tonight, the amount of recordings party safe, he started with the story of the two children of Adam.

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And the last account, Allah mentioned the story in a way as an introduction to the project could say there is the rest of Surah Surah

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Surah Thelma EDA has a lot of discussion in regards to the people of the book.

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The Jewish people, in particular the Christians. So there are a lot of discussions in regard to a Salah his salam, the nature of God, the nature of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Lord and who is Israelis and what he got or not, and what he's into, he's got on all this discussion were mentioned actually in that in sort of the reminder, also lots of hard debating with them, a lot, debating with them in many, many ways. So one of the things in the story, the story of the children of Adam at the beginning, lots of how this is what led him Nebuchadnezzar either will have his quarterback or Bannon, but the problem is I had a moment of abdominal call after nakara metrocable Mohammedan. Muto

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pin. The story begins with this line, Allah Subhana says the Prophet sallallahu wasallam what Allah He never abney Adam, I will have your Mohammed told him narrate the story for them, inform them about that the children of Adam is a quarterback or ban they both gave their offerings to Allah subhanho wa Taala. At the time there was a specific activity and rites and rituals on blonde regatta Allah subhana wa Tada. So they gave their offerings to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah as of this is for to complement a Haji Hema what Amitabh Bachchan, Allah, Allah accept from one of them and he rejected the other one.

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The one who was rejected got jealous and told his other brother he says called up to the neck I'm gonna kill you.

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The other one told him in the meta Kabbalah hominem attack he said, Listen, Allah accepts only from the righteous.

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Allah accept only from the righteous. This statement is very, very, very powerful.

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Very, very, very, very powerful. Especially this is the month of Ramadan right now, as a lot of people, a lot of people they put so much effort, so much effort into and Riba and waking up and studying 200 and fasting and all that stuff and so on. But remember Gemma, it's not about how much

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it's about the quality of what you're doing or what you're offering

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in terms of the offerings that the children Adam, they give

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the one who was rejected according to the books of the scene, he gave a better offering

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in terms of the quality or the quantity of it,

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it was actually much better than the other one.

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But it wasn't about how much of a word is coming from is it coming from the heart? Is it coming from with with good intentions? What is it what is this offering is all about? And I'm asking myself this question every single night and every single day on Ramadan when I open the most have to read what am I reading for?

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Just to finish pages

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What am I deciding this for? Just because I want just to make sure that you know like everybody else is finishing one hotma so I can have the bragging rights to finish the Quran and Ramadan? Is that what I want?

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What am I doing all that stuff? When I come and fast all day, what is it about when I come over here in the misunderstand all these hours? Listen to the recitation of the Quran and staying up almost most of the nights of Han Allah. What is this all about?

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Zero sort of law has sort of blossom said that some people, some people in Ramadan, so they will fast cardvalet Salah hoomans, yummy illegible outwash somebody will fast all day and he will get absolutely nothing out of it. Other than just being thirsty and hungry.

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And somebody else was spent all night waking up making ibadah worshiping, but they'll get absolutely nothing out of it. Except just being awake and fatigued.

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What does that exactly mean? Is that sense of taqwa and righteousness. And the reason why they're doing that four is not clear is not right. There's something wrong with that. See, that's what what what makes everything worth it. So Paula, this is why was worth it. The intention, the reason it has to come out out of out of taqwa and righteousness, otherwise it would be rejected. It will be rejected. And sort of Harsha Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Would you know more than Harsha

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to nasima last week about people who whose faces are harsher, has that sense of who sure which means are still, like they're so focused, they're so concentrated, and Milla to NASA and MIT, which means if they're working so hard, they're working so hard, NASA and NASA means fatigue means basically being you know, toiling and so hard. But then what

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does learn out on hammy?

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They end up in jahannam with all this hard work, that wouldn't count anything for them.

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Because the intention was a right and that anybody wasn't for the right reason. Somehow like going back again to what I started with, even with this all Islamophobia and these people that hate Muslims, why would the hate hate Muslims anyway? A lot of its apalla goes back to another ayah that even say for siding afterwards in the in the surah. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, Allah Allah kita behalten Kimura Mina, in the Amana belie when I was a no maranzano COVID, one after comparison.

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hook it up, all people have the book. Why are you hitting us? Why are you hating the most why hated the believers anyway? Is it because we believe in what was revealed to us and what was revealed from before us. And then we'll unlock that akuntansi phone and the majority among you are wrong doors are our fancy phone centers is our It is because of how it comes to the devotion and the sense of devotion regard. We see the Muslims actually they outnumber probably, you know many, many people in terms of the number of hours and days and times and quality of rebar that they offer.

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But that's of course in terms of now numbers, quality, that's a different story. Which is why again, Allah subhanho wa Taala, the beginning of the surah speak of the story of the children of Adam, he said in your talk about Allahu Tolkien. So as for the Muslims, the same thing to don't follow the mistakes of the Jewish people, the Christians, the people the scripture from before you don't follow the same mistake, that the intentions and the reasons and to whom they're offering is now actually drifting away from where it's supposed to be. You need to keep it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala so what does it mean to do it to be righteous? So what does it mean when we say that in

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Kabbalah nomoto pin, Allah only accessed from the righteous, you know, when it come to the acceptance

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Diamond there are two major things you have to worry about. Number one, and the class that you're doing it for Allah subhanho wa Taala and only for the sake of Allah azza wa jal.

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you associate no partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala in warships, and with your intentions, you keep it pure little acid, Hannah Wada? Is that something easy? specifically for our mother considered secretive deeds, hidden deeds, it's hard to do it and not to wish for that good deed to be public and people know about it. It's very hard. That's why last inserted philosophy was very important and very, very, actually very crucial dharma. Even Safina Rahim Allah hotel a scholar alleged to me at the Urbina center, I've been dealing with my intention for the last 40 years.

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And I'm still working on it.

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Like you're gonna die is to work on your intention. That's the first thing. The second thing that the goodie that you're making has to also be in accordance to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Just before because you have good intention doesn't mean what you're doing is right.

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You have to make sure that it's right. Because who's the criteria of right and wrong in this regard of acts of worship? The example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam learn the sin of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, you don't know it, ask about it. Just because you grew up in a certain culture, or you've been taught by your mother or your grandmother, your grandfather, something doesn't mean what they taught you probably is the most accurate thing. You need to learn that now that you're mature that you're an adult, ask and learn. So you can have it sincerely Allah subhana wa Donna, and according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam if you do that, and what's

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your intention? I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make this a man out of stock, wearable anime. Finally, why is it so important for you to be accepted? And actually not even much of it?

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I live in La Jolla and he said if I know you find out that Allah subhanaw taala accept for me to reckon

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I'll be the happiest person in Colorado from the from the winners. Why is that? He goes because Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Cabo London, Motoki. Alex it's only from the righteous, if I know that Allah will accept to record from me, then that's a testimony from Allah subhanho wa Taala, that you are righteous. So I want to suggest for you that every single time you make an activity Bada, whether that you open it almost have to recite the Quran, whether that you make an order, just make an order.

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Coming into the masjid here to pray to record, when you start praying in the satara way, I want you to keep in mind that every small act that you do keep in mind that I hope that a lot would accept this one from me, just this one

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does think about Ramadan.

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Think about iraq out of the eight or to America that you pray. Think about the window that you make whenever you make will do think about it. So when you start thinking that I hope this will do will be the one that will accept for me, I hope your intention will be right and so become a much more careful when you make will do to make it right and make it perfect. And then when you pray this direct, hopefully this direct I will be the one who will accept from you. I hope that will help you to focus on kosher and shallow data and they would always show on the right to vanilla houses. mela

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