Pearls From The Quran 05 – Ramadan 2017

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into a detailed explanation of verses 14 and verse 15 of Surah Al e Imran.

7 things have been made alluring to men:

  • Women 
  • Children
  • Hoards of gold
  • Hoards of silver
  • Horses that are beautiful and well bred and well trained
  • Cattle 
  • Agricultural land

Allah has made all these aspects permissible for us as long as we do not cross the limits of permissibility. These are temporary pleasures of this world and to Allah belongs the perfect conclusion. Those who are righteous are blessed with something better than all of the above and that is the attainment of Jannah. Good deeds will bring us the pleasure of Allah.

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rochman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germaine about in the beginning of Sudan and Milan versus 14 to 15 Allah subhana wa tada says, Zoo iannelli, nasya, Boucher, Hawa, timid and Nisa. He will benina Welcome to

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the hobby wolfelt body while Heidel musawah. Murthy what an army will help daddy cut maternal hair to dunya will law who under who personally

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it has been made pleasing to men xuyen and in us It has been made beautified to men, the love of passion, the love of desire. So, something has been made beautified to men What is that thing? The love of passion who Boucher what of what things seven things number one, and Nisa women. Number two Albanian children number three canal Tito makan 30 minutes the hubby will filled the hoards of gold and silver four and five or three and four golden silver for now to more customers that have been fulfilled. Number five on halal muscle warmer horses that are well bred and beautiful and trained. musawah here means beautiful and well bred. So high in Alamosa, woma horses that are well bred and

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well trained. They look good, and they ride good Highland Musoma well anom number six cattle all types of cattle, sheep and goats and camels. And number seven well how to agriculture and land. These seven things Allah says they have been made alluring to men. But the verses so powerful Allah didn't say these seven things are beautiful to men, rather what Allah said, Zhi Nasir Boucher watts, it has been made to appear, these seven the lust and the love of their passion. In other words, Allah is saying, you have this illusion you have been made to feel there is this presumption that you have that loving and having passion for these seven things is what life is all about. And Allah

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subhana wa tada says, These seven things valleca matar will hire to dunya these are the temporary pleasures metallic means a temporary pleasure valleca matar will hire to dunya these are the temporary pleasures of this world will law who are in the who who stood up and to Allah belongs the perfect finale or the perfect conclusion or the perfect end. Now the beginning of the zoo, Yuna Lynas, it has been made to appear beautiful to men who has made it appear beautiful to men. Allah doesn't miss a passive tense. It has been made to appear Zoo united in us Who is the one making it beautiful. Some of our scholars says it is Allah subhana wa tada and he has created mankind to love

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these seven things. And it is true across all societies across all civilizations, across all timeframes. Every single person has a desire for these things. Now obviously, the equivalents in our times are slightly modified. So for example, instead of a title Musoma, instead of horses that are well bred, we will substitute for cars of the Top Gear, right cars that are the best model, this is a title Musoma. And instead of an arm we will say 401k and investments and instead of how we will say a rental properties, but the point is, these same things are in our heart as well. So who is making it to appear beautiful to us. One group of scholars says it is Allah and Allah has naturally

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created mankind to have a love of these things. Men have a desire for women, women have a desire for men, that men have a desire for money for gold, for silver, all of these things, it is natural, another group is saying no, it is shavonne that is making these things appear beautiful for men. And the third category is shallow. This is the correct opinion. Allah does not mention who it is. Because there is an element that is natural and permissible and good. And there is an element that is shamanic and satanic. There is an element of the seven that it's okay is head on. It's good, no problem. And that's why the verse does not inherently criticize having a love of passion for these

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things. Notice Allah says, Allah doesn't say that's how long, although it is it doesn't say don't have a desire for this. Rather Allah says Keep in mind, this is a temporary pleasure of this world. That's all he says. That deca matar will hire to dunya and is one of the most beautiful principles of our religion of Islam. Allah has never forbidden a good life. Allah does not say don't live a healthy

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Life a good life, Allah has never forbidden any urge that we have, there is a way to satisfy this urge. However, every urge can also be satisfied in a healthy manner as well. Every human urge can be satisfied in a permissible manner. And so if you satisfied in a permissible manner Alhamdulillah you are good. But when you go beyond the permissible that is where sin occurs. Therefore, when Allah says it has been made appear alluring to men, it has been made beautiful to men. So there's an element that is perfectly normal. If we did not have a desire for the opposite gender, we wouldn't get married, we wouldn't have children. If we didn't have a desire for money, we wouldn't work so

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hard. It's not true. Allah created this in us, or else life would cease to exist. We need to work we need to have children, we want to love to have children and Allah azza wa jal created these desires in us to sustain life. So there is nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong about loving the opposite gender, as long as you love your wife, as long as it is Allah when it goes beyond this, and you committed how long that's when harm occurs. There's nothing wrong with loving your children. In fact, our Prophet says and we know he was playful with her son and her saying he would pick them up and kiss them. And when when that one of the Bedouins said, Do you kiss your children and the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, It's not my fault that you do not kiss your children. This means Allah has removed mercy from your heart. So yes, it's helpful to have all of these seven, as long as we do it by halaal means and we use it in halaal. Nothing wrong with that. But the hot arm comes when we accrue it through how long and we use it for how long and that is why Allah azza wa jal mentions polona bill COMM The Hydra mindat accom should not remind you of something better than the seven those seven are not inherently evil. A lot did not say that these seven are hobbies and I'm going to tell you the pure Allah did not say those seven avoid them. No, you cannot live without

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loving women and children and money and when wealth and health you need to love these things. It's permissible. Keep it in check. But even as you keep it in check, always remember there's a higher goal hold hold on, oh bill come behind him in value. Shouldn't I tell you something better than this? What is that little lady in a taco those who are righteous, they shall have Jonathan Toshima data in and out was while jumeau taharah worried one domina law and that is the best success that is what is permanent. Jannat does human tactile and how in those Jannat. All of these seven and more will be available to you. But the difference is over there they shall be permanent. Over here there

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are temporary over there, there shall be no negative associated with those seven. And in this world. Each one of those seven blessings will also be a hidden curse. Each one of them will also give you suffering even as you benefit from him. Every pleasure in this dunya other than a religious pleasure has some negative as well. Your children will be a source of comfort but they will also be a source of pain. We all know marriages ups and downs The goal is more ups and downs but that is the reality. Right? The very thing that you get comfort from your money will give you enjoyment but there will be nights you will be worried to death about your money. This is the reality of this world that Lika

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matar will hire to dunya these are temporary pleasures. Matan means it's temporary enjoyment. So there's two meanings that are two connotations of metab. Number one, you enjoy it you like it. But number two, it's not forever. It is a temporary thing. And Allah emphasizes in this world had to dunya will love we're in the hospital. And also the Quran is full of these seven blessings in many different verses. Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allah will banana z natural hyah to dunya money and family by noon here doesn't just mean children, family, money and family are what make life beautiful, that's Xena money and family are the beautification of this world, Allied walborn una Zee

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natural hyah to dunya. But Wolbachia to solea, how to hide on Andhra because awaba the good deeds that last forever will bring a better reward with Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is temporary. So Alhamdulillah brothers and sisters, the urge that we have all of these seven blessings that Allah said, they are in and of themselves permissible, they are not satanic. They are from Allah. Allah created us to have a pleasure for these seven things. But shape on comes, takes that natural pleasure and then entices us to satisfy it in an unnatural manner. We should all love money because we need to work we need to take care of our children. But when that love causes us to earn out on

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money, or to spend in a strong manner, then we have gone beyond the bounds. We should all love our children, but that love of our children should keep us within the shadow. When love for our children causes us to do how long things for

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them then that is satanic and hamdulillah This is the beauty of the religion. Every urge is from a law it can be satisfied in a halal manner shavon comes and he tries to twist it, corrupt it, make it evil and then ask you to do it in a hostile manner that is when it becomes sinful. Even the halal manner though Allah says Don't forget there's something more important and that is the show up the permanent ending back to Allah subhana wa Tada. May Allah bless us with righteous spouses and beautiful children and healthy wealth. May Allah bless us in this world with every sweet blessing and May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to use those blessings to come closer to Him so that we

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the perfect end back to him was Salam. Wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh