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Al-Kahf 45-59 Word Analysis and Tafsir 54-59

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what are called the softener and certainly we have diversified, he has a Quran in this Quran Lin assay for the people in this Quran we have diversified, we have explained in many different ways, we have mentioned repeatedly again and again we could leave aside from every kind of example, what does it mean by this every kind of example, that at one occasion, an example is given to prove the resurrection, at another occasion and example is given to prove the oneness of Allah. At another occasion and example is given to explain the reality of this life.

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In other occasion, an example is given to explain the hereafter and so often that it is diversified, it is presented in various ways. So, sometimes it is long, it's a very long example. And sometimes it is very short, sometimes it is mentioned directly and sometimes it is hinted

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So, many cuddly muscle, every type of example has been mentioned in the

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meaning every example that is necessary for the people to understand the truth to understand the reality. So, these examples are mentioned why so that people can understand they can comprehend, they can bring about a change, they can be on their guard, we learn instead of rehashing what I'm saying, you know, driveline as metaphorical when we strike examples why, so that people can understand, but do people try to understand

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if they do understand the text, do they understand the reality very rarely, what can inside No, but the human being is ever accela Shea in most in anything? He is gentlemen. He has Jeddah he has dispute. What does it mean by this? What kind of incentive extortion gentlemen, xR O'Shea it has been understood as most of anything, most of anything compared to anything else, the human being is most prone to dispute.

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If you tell a cow, if you indicate go into the barn, what's the cow gonna do? It's gonna go. But if you tell the child Let's go home, no, there's going to be a juggler right there.

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So most of anything, the human being is prone to dispute. Secondly, reset that activation in that in most matters, that the human being comes across, he is very argumentative. He disputes a lot with regards to what most matters most things that he comes across, very rarely it is that he does not argue.

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Mostly anything that he comes across. There is a debate, there's an argument, why this why that outcome like this, why do I have to do it. And thirdly, ekadashi in meaning the most of anything, that the human being has his what

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he has in abundance.

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He has a huge supply of data. It never gets exhausted. Never, no matter what age he is in, no matter what role he is in. This is something that he has in excessive amounts authority in gentlemen. and gentlemen, this has been understood as generally people are very argumentative. They dispute a lot.

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And secondly, it also means that when Allah soprano Dada has given an instruction in the Quran. He gives an example in the Quran, human beings compared to anything else or human beings most of the time, they argue. So first of all, General in the general sense, and secondly, specifically with matters concerning the Koran.

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And remember the kind of argument that journalists what kind of argument is

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to prove yourself right to argue in favor of one's claim? that whatever a person is saying, he argues, in order to defend his point to prove that he is right. So, we see that what can an insane human being has been mentioned over here, caffeine has not been said because some say an enzyme means caffeine over here, but this is a part of human nature, regardless of his religion, regardless of his background, regardless of his knowledge, even sometimes, this is something that is very typical in human beings. However, when it comes to a true believer, one who submits to a loss,

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what happens to him when he comes across something, even if he does not understand it? 100% What is his behavior?

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It is an acceptance, it is up submission.

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Because when a person continues to argue that is a sign of misguidance

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that is a sign of misguidance especially when a person argues with regards to their religion or

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When a person objects at the dean that is a sign of what misguidance of the library was rude, he said, Man at home will generally in

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no nation is given gender, except that they go astray. People who begin to argue a lot, people who begin to debate a lot, then they are going the wrong way. They're going astray.

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Because Allah has given these examples in the Quran, Allah has given his scripture, not to that we debate and argue about it. But it is so that we can understand we can reflect and change ourselves.

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Think about it many times when it comes to religion, even when it comes to the Quran, when it comes to Aikido when it comes to

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when people begin to learn more, what is it that they're very interested in?

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differences of opinion?

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That How do you prove this point? And how do you negate this point? How do you refute it? And what's the answer to that? And what's the answer to that? What's the reputation for that this is all they're interested in. Whereas Allah did not reveal the Quran for this purpose. He revealed it for our guidance, the examples have been given for our guidance for our understanding, not that we continue to dispute and argue. And we see that the way of the Sahaba what kind of a way was it? It was off, Sameera now what Athena? They would not argue with the prophets on the line.

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For example, on the profit side of autism instructed the Sahaba that when you eat camel meat, you have to do will do and when you eat any other meat, you don't have to do will do the selima. Why

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did the question Did they object? No, we objected it.

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So, we see that when a man has truly entered a person's heart, then he becomes more accepting and he becomes less argumentative. He becomes more accepting and less argumentative.

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But we see that still, this is something that is in the nature of human beings.

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We learn that early even Vitaly, he said that once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to visit him, and his wife, daughter, the daughter of Allah's Messenger, sallAllahu sallam, and he came to visit at night. And he said aloud to sallyann Are you not going to pray?

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Meaning Are you not going to pray the night prayer?

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You know, sometimes if you go to somebody's house late and they're awake, wide awake, you wonder, why are they still awake? Shouldn't they be winding down so that they can sleep so that they can get a profit? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said aloud to sallyann? Aren't you going to get up to play the piano live? So I said, O Messenger of Allah, our souls are in the hands of Allah.

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If you will, to wake us, he will wake us up.

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You understand?

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You understand? He said, it's not within our ability. If Allah wants he will wake us up hours older, ultimately, Nando Vela. He is the one who takes us all by night. So early Leonardo, he said that when I said that the prophet SAW a lot of sudden went away without returning. And then I heard him as he was walking away, he was slapping his tie. And he was saying, what kind of incentive

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for everything, he has a reason for everything. He has an excuse. He has a justification. This is the agenda. And he has some excuse, some justification for everything that he wishes, now arguably learn who he understood what the prophet sallallahu Sallam was telling him, right? But he just wished to remove the guilt from himself and from his wife. So this is why he said that.

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It wasn't that he was being disrespectful to the prophets.

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But because, you know, people generally they have an excuse for everything, justification for everything. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the

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moment on NASA and it has not prevented the people. I knew that they should believe it, Jehovah when guidance has come to them. When guidance has come to the people, there is nothing that prevents them from believing Westerfield about whom and from seeking forgiveness from their Lord. Whereas the hero is connected with what I knew me know. Okay, it's connected with a human. So nothing has prevented the people from believing and from seeking forgiveness of their Lord, after guidance has come to them in their except, and Dr. Holmes sonetel avoiding

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that the way of the former people should come to them. In other words, that history should repeat itself. Oh, you do them or it should come to them. What are they with the punishment how obrolan directly before them.

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In other words, when Allah has sent guidance

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That guidance is clear that instruction is clear, as we have learned in the previous ayah, that Allah has given many examples, every kind of example, to make people understand the truth. But still, what is it that prevents them from believing? What is it that prevents them from seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala?

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It is there defiant demand

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that what happened to the previous people should also come to them Illa and deal sooner than

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what was the Sunnah of the previous people, that when they deny they were punished. So now that the truth has come, what do people have left to say that fine if we're not believing Why is the punishment not coming? So they want history to repeat itself? Oh, yeah. To whom What are they What are they demand, that they should be able to see the punishment, and when they see the punishment, then they will know that the messenger is true.

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But the fact is, that the message that the messenger has brought, it itself is evident. The word COBOL is the plural of Praveen and Kabila is one who is at the front, one who is right before. And secondly, football also means all of a sudden,

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Mujahid said, football is all of a sudden,

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when something comes from your front, all of a sudden, so yet even when they were popular, that the punishment should come to them, all of a sudden, without any warning from right before that. This is what has prevented the people from believing.

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One I know several more Selena and we do not send the messengers in level by shereena woman zelena except as bearers of good news, and also as warnings. This is the task of the messengers, what to give good news and to warn. The messengers are not sent to force people to believe, to force people to accept. So if now the people are not believing the prophets job is still to continue to warn, to continue to give the good news.

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When you get the new Lady cafaro bill Belton and those people who disbelieve what do they do?

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What do they do? yuja do they dispute? They dispute with you? With the messenger? The messenger is giving them good news he is warning them, but what do the people do in response? They argue with the messenger. But what kind of things do they argue with or what kind of binds to the present? In order to argue with the Prophet? It's badly? Meaning it's baseless things? It's things that do not make sense. It's incorrect. It's completely wrong. So they use the weapons of falsehood to argue with the messenger. Like for example, we see that the machine of Makkah, what kind of arguments would they put before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? They would say, a doula?

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Is it men who are supposed to guide us all the previous people as well? What did they say to their messengers? Or by shadowing a doula? Is it men who are supposed to guide us? How can a human being be a messenger? Similarly, they would say, well, OSHA, Allahu Allah, Angela Malaika, if Allah will, he would have sent angels to guide. Similarly, the machine of Makkah, they would say, menu here, Islam over here, I mean, who will bring these bones back to life while they have completely decayed and disintegrated. So whatever things that they will bring to argue with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and not just him, but the previous messengers, as well, whatever objections that people

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presented, what were they battling? They were incorrect. Because if you look at it, when they would say about showing your Nana, obviously, who else is going to instruct you? Who else is going to instruct you its people.

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Similarly, Allah should send an angel, but if an angel is sent, how can you relate with him? You would be afraid? Or that when they would say that, who can bring the dead back to life? When the dead bodies are completely disintegrated? How is that refuted by a last parameter that he can create? He can recreate? So why do they do this leader huddle so that they can invalidate you the hero from the veterans that have bought the help?

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And the Help is to throw something on the ground.

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You know, when someone is defeated in a fight, let's say wrestling or something like that. So what's the sign of their defeat?

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What's the sign of their defeat?

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They're made to fall on the ground.

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So this is what the hell is

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that when someone is thrown to the ground, which is a sign of their defeat,

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it's a sign of their defeat, they cannot get up now, even if they get up. They have lost and primarily this word is used for

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laying an animal on the ground in order to slaughter it. Have you ever seen

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how an animal is put on the ground in order to be slaughtered? How is it the head is held, or for example, the legs are being held, the animal is completely trapped, it cannot get up. This is what the hell is and the help when it is used for an argument. It is to refute an argument

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to invalidate a point to refute it completely. So, the disbelievers they use badly in order to refute leader Halo they will help in order to refute the truth. They use battling to refute the truth. Now, can you refute the truth with badly? No, you cannot, can you be successful you cannot, what the hell do and they have taken it my verses 1910. And that which they were warned off, who's the one in ridicule. They took the Ayat of Allah, and also the warnings as who's one meaning they mocked at the ayat. And they also mocked at the warnings that they were given. So for example, if they were shown some miracle, they began mocking at it. If they were given some warning, they mocked

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at it. And we have learned in the stories of the previous prophets, that how when the people were warned, they walked. So through this ayah, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is being reassured

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that the previous people, they did not believe in their messengers, and they try to avert the people from the real message by disputing. But despite that,

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they were punished by almost despite that, the messengers were victorious. Ultimately, it was a truth that prevailed, so do not give up

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one of them and who is more unjust mimma than the one who took care of big OBE than the person who was reminded of the ayah of his Lord. He was reminded he was taught the Quran. But what happened for her, but he turned away from it, he left it. Iran is a version of the heart when a person is not interested in something anymore.

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So he was reminded of the Ayat of Allah, but he turned away from them. He didn't have any interest in them, he did not reflect upon them. He did not take a lesson from them. And he did not remember them, either. When I see and moreover, he forgot, what did he forget my other material, what his two hands had sent ahead? What does that mean?

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His deeds, his actions, Nasional or d'amato, he completely forgot the actions that he was doing.

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And what kind of actions are meant over here, the bad deeds, like for instance, acts of disobedience to a loss of power without arrogance, COVID. So a person is reminded of the ayatollah, he turns away from them, and obviously what's going to happen, he's not going to give any attention to the actions that he's performing.

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He's not going to worry about what has been recorded in his book.

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Because when a person is connected with the Quran, he is constantly reading, he's constantly reminding himself and what happens, he takes account of his deeds of his words. But when a person leaves the Quran, and a person is not interested in the Quran at all, then he will be completely oblivious to the kind of actions that he's performing. He will not care anything, he will not care at all about them.

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So for such people, Allah says, in Niger and indeed we have made an alluvium upon their hearts, Akin net and coverings. What are Akina coverings, wrappers? Things that cover something within itself. So we have placed upon their hearts coverings that completely wrap them and these coverings they prevent them from any of the who who that they understand that that they understand what the truth. So these coverings prevents such people from understanding the truth. they're unable to understand the truth anymore.

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And on top of that would be any work on an in their ears is a heaviness that prevents them from listening that prevents them from hearing correctly, will enter the room in a hotel. And if you call them to guidance, failing to do even better than they will never ever obtain guidance.

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Now in this ayah is a severe warning.

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Because how does it begin? A person who is reminded of the ayatollah, but he does not pay attention to them anymore. He's not interested in them anymore. And as a result, what happens

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They'll fail to understand that they'll feel to listen, that they'll feel to improve is also taken away from him. Even though he said that will lie he met hope is the Nuba fire in La ilottery. You can laugh we will have Ronnie that by Allah. My fear is not concerning since because they're on their way to inshallah forgiveness and pardon from Allah subhanaw taala. When a person commits a sin, then he hopes that Allah will forgive him. What in action Silla has called him into him he has and why he will.

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But what I do fear is the leaving of the heart insula. Remember in Salah Caminha, the snake leaving its shell. So this is what I feared that my heart would leave this Hold on, or this way that Allah has said, because that is one of the greatest punishments that a person is given

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that a person leaves the arm, he leaves the way he does not pay any attention to it anymore. Because when he has left the Koran, then what's going to happen, there is no chance of going back, there is no chance of improving, there is no reflection, there is no calling yourself to account nesina automata. And then the trophy has taken away from a person. So the more a person sins, the more he gets distanced from accepting the truth for them as well as Allah.

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aerosol is when a person's heart is not interested anymore. Is it? Yeah, I know, I've heard. I don't want to know anymore. I've done enough.

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Obviously, this is only natural. The first time you listen to something the first time you come across something, it affects you in a very strongly.

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But the next time you read it, perhaps it doesn't affect you in the same way. But it still has an effect on you, you still give attention to it. But the other is that a person does not have any interest in Allah Donna is I don't care about it. I've had enough, I'm gonna move on to something else.

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So this is what is dangerous. This insula that leaving it behind and moving on to something else.

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What bucola fu and your Lord is most forgiving the Rama, the possessor of mercy.

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Now a person may wonder that if

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there is a person, such as the one mentioned in the ABA, how commies are punished immediately. Because remember, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well, there were people who were blinded by the Quran, but then they would not listen anymore, they will not believe anymore. They will not pay attention to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam anymore, or the Quran at all. So any person would wonder then how come such people are allowed to continue the way they want? How come they're given their freedom? Why doesn't a law punish them immediately? Allah says that he has been fooled. He is forgiving. He conceals the sense and he overlooks them and he is the Rama. He is a possessor

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of mercy, he shows kindness. Low you are at home if he was to seize them, who the people be marketable because of what they had earned. If the people were to be seized immediately for their sins, then what would happen? La Jolla whom are there, then surely he would hasten the punishment for them. In other words, they will be punished in the dunya

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that the moment a person would turn away, he will be punished right there and then, but this is not the way of Allah, Allah gives time. He gives rest right now are generally the homeowner or the

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bellomo. radon, rather for them is an appointment. What is more at a time that has been promised a place that has been promised? So for them is a married lady do men do Nimmo Ella from which they will never find an escape?

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What is mo is from the root letters, while Hamza lamb

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and what is to take refuge

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and mo L is a place of refuge and asylum. So lainnya do men do NEEMO Allah they will not find from it any escape meaning when that time comes when the time of punishment comes, then they will not be able to avoid it. So we see in this ayah the system of a loss of penalty that he has set for the retribution of people that he does not punish them immediately. He lets them do whatever they wish. And if he were to punish people in this dunya then what would happen

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as we have learned earlier, that math aka Allah, Allah La Jolla Minda there on the surface of the earth, He would not leave even a single

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because of the punishment that would be inflicted on the people in the dunya

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what will kill Cora and those cities we destroyed them when lemme

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When they did

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take lesson from the people of the best from history, that look at all of those horror, all of those downs, Doom the prophets were sent. Like for example Prophethood Ernest referred sila Harrison and Luther Addison and many other prophets were sent to the people. But what happened?

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in our home we destroyed them when Llama Llama when they did so.

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Meaning eventually, their time did expire. So a person should not become oblivious of his end. He should not think that if I'm not being punished right now, then certainly what I'm doing is right.

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Then well ora alakina hola masala mo wa Jalla and we have made Lima Leakey him for their destruction, Merida and appointed time for every individual and nation there is an appointed time of his death and destruction and there is wisdom behind that if he wishes, he can hasten the punishment and if he wishes he can delay it, but when the punishment comes, then it cannot be deferred.

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A person cannot avoid it.

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And this is the reason why new Hardison um he warned his people that he offered local means a newbie con where you have a Camila edgerly masama in Asia de la Elijah, la you a whole low content.

00:26:27--> 00:26:44

He warned his people that when the term will expire, when your time will come, then it cannot be deferred. It cannot be avoided low quantum darlin therefore, before it's too late before the time expires, what should a person do?

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What should a person do decade and change himself improve himself because no one remains in this dunya forever. Ultimately, each person is going back

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we listened to the recitation of desire

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we move on.

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Move Selena

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learning more

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about food.

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And the human being is also very excessive when it comes to the other end, if a person continues to do juggle, and he does not accept, then what happens?

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He turns away from the dhikr of Allah and nasionale katsumata. Because what's the objective? in general when a person is arguing What is he trying to do? prove himself right? and prove the other wrong. That what you're saying, I don't want to accept what you're telling me to do. I'm not going to do it. And this leads to turning away from the commands of Allah.

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The reason behind juggle the reason behind fighting and disputing is what arrogance? Why should I accept? It doesn't make sense to me, my uncle, my intellect is greater. And arrogance is something that Allah does not like and arrogance leads to depriving a person of what is right.

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There is a contrast between the creation like you see the angels very obedient. And the jinn typically being extremely disobedient. And the human being has the potential to do a lot of devil, but he has the choice to either go in the way of obedience or go in the way of disobedience.

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The angels are mentioned that for Santa do they frustrated without any other

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but we see that a police he refused.

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General is something that people are naturally inclined to bacchanal in Santa Fe and this is a part of human nature, but it's about how you use disability how you channelize it, either you use it to fight and argue against what is right or you use it to argue against what is wrong. And the example is given of the previous people that what did they do with their intelligent brains, they argued against the messengers leave the huddle, we will help.

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Just like we learned that human being is very arduous by nature, but again, that you can use in a positive way and also in a negative way. Okay.

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We will end over here so panagia lahoma will be harmonica. Misha La Ilaha. Illa. anta Christopher Luca wanted to really, I said I'm already caught up with the law here.