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A Protection against Fitnah (Surat AlKahf) – This talk was delivered at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center.

2017-06-09 – Ramadan 2017

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undeletable amin Salas, Mohammed Oh God, do you guys remember the surah that the Imam was reciting the most Roger struggle? Now?

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Remember that so tillbaka right.

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What's the rosary? Sorry.

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Obviously everybody remembers AutoCAD because it's easy. We decided almost every Friday, and it's very important sudo problems memorize the first 10 or the last 10 I asked because of what what are the prophets Allah Sam say about memorizing the first and last and

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what does it give you?

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Your ma

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You will be protected it'll give you a shield protection from what from the fitness of the john from the fitness the trial of the javelin, the gel comes if you've memorized the first thing I added to the graph or the last than ion. So therefore better for you to memorize the whole sort of course obviously. That means if you do so, you will be protected from the fitness of the jump. Ever wondered why?

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Why sort of calf what is so unique about Soraka that will makes it that will make it a shield and protection from the fitness of the john the Villa de Soto pseudo turtle calf is actually speaks about four major fitten four major trials four major temptations people that go through into their lives. If you put them all combined, it will give the fitness of the gel all together. So if you learn the lessons that are mentioned soldier calf, you would understand how you protect yourself and you shoot yourself from the fitness of the jump. So total calf has four stories for certain sorts of calf. Do you guys remember these stories? Let's see together if we can remember this story number

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one Which one is that?

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The young men of the cave right? Story number two which one?

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The garden the two men are the gardens. You know the rich man and the poor man. And then we have a third story story one of whom musala Sarah macabre and the four story a story of whom bill Carnell, right. The Forster is a sort of calf. So even though it's called sort of cap, which is like supposed to be one story, but there are actually four stories in each story speaks about one particular fitna, one particular temptation. Let's see that together. The first part of the surah, the first story, the story of the young people of the cave, what kind of fitna what kind of trial did they go through the fitna of what

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fitna of the deen fitting of the faith. They've been tested. They've been tried in regards to their faith, that Eman And Allah subhanho wa Taala By whom? their own people,

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their own people. You guys live in America today is your home, you're going nowhere. So basically, these are your people.

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Whether you like it or not, these are your people. The Muslims and non Muslims will law who were responsible for them, we responsible for them. So they are our people that we need to care for them to care to care about them and to make sure that they know at least they have access to the higher that we have been given in this, this dunya Allah subhana wa Taala we might be tested. You might be tried in regards to your faith in regards to Deen, through whom your own people could be your own relatives, not just people their own or the closest people to you. The people of the cave were tested. They were tried, they were tested and then they chose to flee and live and just leave that

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town. They don't want to risk it anymore because they're afraid for their man or for their Deen. So they left everything behind some new facility. They say in regard to these young men, they were actually from prominent families, they will not from you know the mouth of the mass, the very elitist community, which is why their disappearance was noticed in the city. And people they were looking for them. And the stories became legend until Allah subhanho wa Taala brought them back again to life. So people who say wow, these are the people that were missing 300 years ago, somehow all of this so they were very well known, and they left everything behind for the sake of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. So sometimes you're going to be tested by you for regards to him and your belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala A lot of us specifically today is particularly youth, the young ones, the young ones, unfortunately, they grew up in a culture about Islam different than the older ones.

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Those who have the gray hair and they're beating their head Gemma you grew up with Islam was awesome. being Muslim was awesome. You grew up in a culture we call it a flower awakening. The Muslim community was Mashallah seeing the beauty of Islam. People are coming back to Allah subhanho wa Taala the massages are followed worshippers people give charity

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The sun and the height was awesome was amazing. So there was a lot of motivation, what a lot of incentives for you to be Muslim and to become more practicing. Our younger ones today in America, they grow up, they don't have this incentive anymore.

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They grow up the heating everything negative about Islam. And even when they come home, they don't see you as Muslim probably presenting Islam to them in a way that will be attractive to them. They don't see any difference. And that's why we haven't hard time bringing our youth to Islam to the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's a great fitna, we the parents sometimes can because of the fitness or on youth, with the community, if we don't show them the meaning of being a beautiful Muslim, the beauty of Islam, the beauty of the community, what does it mean to be a Muslim community? If there is nothing interesting in that for them, they will have a hard time Come and

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follow that path, even if they grew up in a house of Muslim family.

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So be careful. That's the first fitna, the fifth novel Deen the second fitna that two men of that of that garden, what kind of fitna, do you think they were dealing with?

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wealth, finances money. One of them was rich. One of them was not so rich. Right? The one who was rich. He thought that he owns it. He got it.

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I want the other one told him this in this goal from going from what I said no, it was me. I was clever. I was a businessman. You see I came from XYZ country whether it's in subcontinent the Arab world, I came with nothing. Like most of our oldest Mullah, protect them are below me and give them the data. They come with a brag about their achievements. When I came I came with a just a suitcase. I had nothing there except a few things, few items. That's all that's all I had. And I did and I did and I did and then Mashallah great thing they've done is a bit of luck. And a lot of people they've came over here they have achieved a lot of things. Not so much really, you can be proud of to be so

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beaten down. So the worst can be fitna can distract people from the purpose of this life and what they're supposed to be doing. And the other one, the poor man interesting, hey, is all coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala Be careful, Allah can take it away from us like this. And it happened. Allah tested this man with a loss of wealth Subhana Allah, and it was too late for him. I don't want any one of you over here to come in a moment and they laugh they will say, I wish I've made more ibadah more, more charity, more donations, more this and that to be appreciative to Allah subhana wa that I wish I've done that before. Don't you ever put yourself in this position? Make sure that you're

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grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala every moment of your life and be patient. The last panel with alatriste at St. malo protective editor cerebellum in the third story, the story of Musa alayhis salam and the young man is actually disciple

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them, you shall be known, and then I'll tell them what kind of test what kind of trial was that with regards to words, knowledge, knowledge. So Hannah law doesn't matter how much knowledgeable you are. It doesn't matter. Even if you have earned the highest degree of knowledge in academia that no one will ever reach your level. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the fact in the Quran. What is the regimen for coulier element? alim and above every eligible person there is so much more knowledgeable. And above all, of course, the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the story of Moses Allison why Musa was tested to go and become a disciple of some like householder, who was

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completely anonymous to him. Because of this in the store, the Syrah on the books of Tafseer mousse Alice was among many Israel. So one of the people have been Israel hearing what Moosa is speaking about are saying he was so fascinated by the amount of knowledge Moosa has Karina Viola Yeah, Mousavi Allah. Is there anyone else who has more knowledge than you?

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Moosa was hasty in his answer. Because No, I don't think so.

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He thought Him be the Messenger of Allah, whom Allah Subhana Allah trusted him with that with the with the message, he will have access to divine knowledge. How many of you have access to divine knowledge? Tell me Will there be anyone better than you knowledge is just supposed to be not? That's what most assumed. So when Moosa gave the answer hasty, he says, Yeah, no, that's me. I have energy once again for you. Allah subhanho wa Taala told masa masa, hotel Judah, who said that, you know what, go to such and such place and make sure that you take with your lunch and so on. So when you lose it, you will find someone there for that man.

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That man was anonymous. Like he was like to Mozart like this guy.

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Like many, many of them out sometimes you don't even see them as relevant but when you hear them speaking you just like

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a lie.

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breathtaking the amount of knowledge that they that comes out from their mouth, Allahu Akbar, unbelievable. They're very humble. They're very simple. They don't show up. It doesn't come under the way they dressed or they walked with it. But they are full with knowledge, full of knowledge. So we're going to be tested by knowledge, knowledge, at least the assumption of knowledge produces What is your man? arrogance. Because knowledge is power.

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When you think that you have the knowledge, you become more powerful it producing breeds arrogance. So make sure don't have that fitna of knowing specifically the young ones, the youth, because the youth Mashallah very eager to, you know, be independent. So they always think that they have a very they know everything, the last fitna that was mentioned the soldier mother story of who

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the local nine, what kind of fit mantra was that? power.

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was the commander of the world you could say, he was traveling everywhere, freely, no stop, he will change right and left in the east and the west and so on. All those by the grace of Allah subhana wa. Then he was tested.

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He came by a group of people of some people that said what was wrong with you guys? As you know, we have some

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creation vilazodone these people are massive, couldn't stop and they just causing fitna and calling you know, all this mess all over the place, wherever they go. Could you please help us? Can you just create some sort of a wall or a barrier between us and them. And by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala he did it. The point we'll learn from the story is this man was very powerful. He had all the knowledge, all the power, all the authority, all the armies, but he was never arrogant.

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He did not cross the limits. He never disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala. He utilized all of this for the sake of Allah zosen make sure of Allah has given you authority over people. If Allah had put you in a position to be ruling over other people, don't abuse that power.

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Don't abuse it. But Allah subhanho wa Taala will test you in the Day of Judgment. Now, having said that, look at these four stories, and these four trials and fit and temptations when the gel comes, what do people see in him, they see everything. They will be tested in their faith in believing him being the God.

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And they will be tested in terms of his knowledge, like whoa, he has all that kind of, you know, the weird thing that he produces in Panama, the power mix, like magic comes from his son, and he has the power of the authority would kill you. And he could even as a professor Sam said to the canoes, which means the treasures of the earth come out and will come out. He has the wealth of the spirit and come in the hands of one man at the gym and people will be tested. And that's what the professor Larson said. One of the greatest Fitton that he left behind civil law salon is fitting into the job, the fitness of the job. So he said make sure that you protect yourself for the gel always secret

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with with Allah subhanho wa Taala from the gel sajama alojamento to become a fitness to digital are all do Billahi min fitness the jell

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o to Billa mistreated the gel. Always guard yourself and your family from this and make sure to memorize a lot of capital shallowed Allah to get that particular brand I mean, Allah give you all protection because of the jelly online ceremony.