Ramadan Series Day 04 – The Month of Blessings

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The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the importance of fasting, which is a voluntary act, and the use of the word "bringing" in daily life. The transcript also describes the history of Islam, including the importance of taking water and not getting into trouble, and the use of "bringing" in daily life.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. They for today.

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Ramadan, one of the names of it is the month of blessings. So Panama, what blessings Ramadan bring us. And just think of it one by one. First thing, there's a hadith of roswaal, the salatu salam. When it says that Saraswati Salatu was salam, when you have it in your planner was always generous. But in Ramadan specifically, he was even more generous described as like moving in a flowing wind that brings all the goodness but the part of the Hagia that shows more blessing is that every night, Satan edubirdie used to come and review the Quran or the Rasul Allah Hassan was set out. And in the last year before he passed his Software Center, he reviewed it twice. So what a blessing that every

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night, there are an awful lot the word of Allah subhanaw taala at that time, was reviewed between Satan edubirdie and roswaal. He sought to set out and these days we all have it every night, reviewing the Quran, listening to the Koran, reading the Quran.

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But why this is a blessing other than what we all know as another hadith of roswaal Esau to a sinner, and he says the following and before I say the Hadees what else we do on the day of Ramadan fasting, so we fast in the day and then we pray that our we pray long so that when we are reading longer Quran whether alone or whether in congregation and our Swati site or Sam said the following our co worker Anya Shiva Ronnie loved fasting and the Quran itself both will intercede for the servant of Allah on the Day of Judgment, they will come to defend you and me and intercede in front of Allah Allah Please forgive them. That's the Yom we speak on the Day of Judgment everything only

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speak except the tongue and the Quran the CM the fasting will say Yo Allah, I meaning cm fasting, I prevented him from food and from his desires. Please allow me to intercede for her. And the Quran will speak and will say your law. I prevented him from sleep think of these long nights we are standing tired, it's getting late but we continue to do our annual speak and to Allah and says your law I prevented him or her from sleep. Let me intercede. So that's the first blessing intercession by the acts one that is the obligatory just fasting the second one which is a voluntary and we all do number one what's also Ramadan will bring Rama one will bring the hadith of Assad Assad to serum

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in different ways explained to us one the first night of Ramadan comes in the doors of the Janina of the heavens will be open and the doors of jahannam Hellfire will be locked. What does that mean? doing good deeds will be easier and doing good deeds will be multiplied and that's what a blessing and staying away from disobedience for doing this obedience will be much harder and staying away from disobedience will be much easier because the doors of the heavens of the Hellfire will be closed. devils will be chained so it's easier for me and let's look at all of us. Don't you stand up for an hour after end the night and we find it not even too long and we enjoy it outside Ramadan.

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It's much difficult reading Quran on daily basis most of the Muslims if not all, do it. Outside Ramadan, we don't do it. One of the blessings of mobile another hadith of Rasul Allah hisako some goodness in general, good deeds, goodness, even people, their spirits, their manners, improves in improve in Ramadan and Allah Swati Salatu was Salam said yeah barielle Haley it's the second part of Hadith what he said the Ramadan came and he said, Yeah, well he will oh you who desire to do good, who's looking forward to do good? Come on in. This is the time and the Sheree. aksar or Edward all you who wants to do evil, move away. That's not the time. Blessing good deeds easier. We are more

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generous we give more Zakat, we give it in Ramadan. sada a charity. That's why the needy are so happy Ramadan is coming because people usually give and give one of the main blessings of Ramadan

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late in

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the night or for other we know that but what laner to other brings to us hi Roman and fish are better than 1000

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months and what happens what men Halim

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hadith of roswaal De Soto Sam says, Man, how do you have the one who has will be the bride from the goodness the blessings the night of other The Night of Decree will bring his deprived sorrow Milan brings later that's a blessing. Ramadan brings more or I'm reading make it easily that's a blessing full intercede for me. Ramadan brings fasting and fasting will intercede for me. Ramadan brings the generosity in general repeat in people that's a blessing. And most importantly or or if you want to join them and add them all together. The whole month at the end.

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roswaal Salatu was Salam says whosoever another Hadith whosoever

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lived to all Ramadan and Ramadan left, and he did not always not were given he's a loser. Because one of the blessings of Ramadan every night of Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala has people who are decreed peep Some people love water coming in or they will be freed from the hellfire. You're beaming what a blessing zeal Allah make us of those who knows these blessings feel them and most importantly, take advantage of them while hamdulillah here on bill Allen