Ramadan 2022 – Boost #18 – Allah is watching and He will deal with it

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AI: Summary © The spread of rumors and false information about the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the development of misinformation and fear. The speakers warn against relying on news and false claims, emphasizing the importance of being aware of one's actions to avoid embarrassment and harm. They also criticize the media and its portrayal of …’s black people. The speakers provide advice on how to handle interactions with others and offer forgiveness and a strong message to people. They emphasize the need for forgiveness and a strong message to people.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah my brothers, my sisters, I've just completed my aamra in Makkah, Tomoko Rama Subhan Allah, it was jam packed. I think there are so many people but mashallah the crowd is controlled so there is not much pushing and shoving like one would have been accustomed to with such crowds but Alhamdulillah May Allah grant us acceptance, forgive all our shortcomings May Allah accept it from those who've organized and those who arrange everything here mashallah Tabata Kala, my brothers, my sisters, I've been inundated with messages, messages of support, some messages of questions, and some of hate Mashallah. And, you know, it happens from the time of the Prophet

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Muhammad peace be upon him and even before that, where every time there is a piece of news or there is something that occurs, people are divided into three categories. Now, when it is something that is a rumor or something that you don't know I'll give you an example of Aisha Radi Allahu Ana was seen with a man known as of one April Mokbel. So people saw and they there was a hit. They were the hypocrites who spread rumors completely immediately to say something's going on, you know how they say, without smoke or where there is smoke, there has to be a fire or whatever else. However they say it but to be honest, they obliged No babe, no saloon, a few others, they started the rumor that

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something's going on. And these two were seen together. So the people fell into three categories, the first category or the purest of people, they thought good of themselves, they're clean themselves, they knew they were they wouldn't do something of this nature. And I assure they, Allahu anha wouldn't do something of that nature either. And they fought that you know what? This we have to look at the best possible thing, and we have to say, it's alive. She's clean it there must be an explanation to it. And they left it at that. So you Oberland sorry, a few others from the companions. Immediately they said you know what? It's not true. So Allah subhanahu wa taala says

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Lola is submitted to more than double what we know now well, Mina to be unforeseen Hira, will have come up in the first category, meaning the true believers and the minute the true believing men and women, they should think good, you know of the person based on their own goodness. I mean, if you're a good person with a clean heart, clear mind, you know that nobody is this person is not going to be doing things like those but if you yourself are unclean, dirty, look what the Quran says in that instance of Aisha Radi Allahu Allah. Allah Almighty speaks about how the other category were those who were silent, they were waiting, they didn't know. They perhaps, you know, might have

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they were the middle category. But the other category, Allah Almighty says, You know what, they were the ones who thought the worst and they began to spread the rumor and they began to create a tale and, you know, spread more story of immorality among the believers in surah. Two more we need to read it. Go and check what Allah says about it. Allah says genuine, for the one who created the tale will be a severe punishment. Well, Lolita will Kibera who mean whom Allah who

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led the one who has who's who was the main the chief of this entire rumor, or this whole mischief will be served a painful punishment, and Allah Almighty, then has even spoken about those who just said it, if they'll Akona who will be and Cinetic Amata Kelowna BF wa he commanded a Salah can be hearing what Aqsa buena, who Hainan who are in the Lucha V, you know, the fact that you are getting it on your tongues and repeating it and saying this without a proper knowledge. You know what Allah Almighty says, You think it's something light in the eyes of Allah, it is extremely serious. So things come back to us. I remember making a video some time back saying when you harm someone, when

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you hurt them, it will come back to get you it has to come back to get you. So be careful. You'd rather you know think good or just keep quiet about it. But some people ah to create a tail out of things, some people each to intentionally say the wrong thing. And so Subhanallah they would say the wrong thing. They wouldn't know what happened. They don't even trust the people. I mean, I've been working for years. You either trust me or you don't if you don't, it's okay. You don't even need to follow you don't even need to benefit there are millions of others better than me whom you can perhaps learn from And subhanAllah if you do trust me then come on, haven't we haven't we been

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through the paces over the years with a lot of goodness, a lot of you know, dedication and yes, if there is something there probably is an explanation and sometimes it may be a human error, but there would be nothing intentionally done to damage the the Ummah Never, not at all. Not intentional never and if there was something Subhana

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All right, here we are. And, you know, it's not so difficult to get to the bottom of it. But be careful. Be careful of how news is spread today. I mean, take a look at the wars that are going on. Everyone dislikes the other, this country, this nation, this region, they don't get along with this one, these people don't get along with those. So they create tales and lies and their narrative and false. Sometimes a person could be a sacrificial lamb in the middle. And sometimes they could have been caught up simply in the center of a controversy. And people made it like it was their controversy, but it wasn't, it really wasn't. So the reason I say this is my brothers, my sisters,

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for me, life continues. Yes, we will. Like what I've said, we will even apologize to those who feel that they were betrayed by something totally unintentional. And we will say we're sorry about that. But to be very fair and honest, the bat is not about the apology, the bat is about how the people carry on how the people carry on SubhanAllah. As for the people, they don't realize what they're doing, you know, young people, and I've seen a few I don't have the time to go through it. And I know some of them. They are well known intentional misunderstandings, you know, people who want to misunderstand things intentionally. They take it from a news channel and they think news channels

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are speaking the truth. That's why there are two things I want to say today.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says Kapha Bill Maher, Caliban, and you had this epic Colima, Samia, it is sufficient for a person to be a liar and you know, involved in lies and falsehood. If they carry everything that they hear anything you hear anything you see anything that comes to you, you forward it and you tell others and so on. You're already a liar because there was no verification process. Well, you might think, Oh, that was a news channel. They all they all

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serve an agenda. Remember this? Don't think people are all that innocent sometimes meaning, you got to you got to be careful. You got to ask you got to verify firsthand and if you cannot do that, forget about it. The person is answerable to Allah. You can say look, I wouldn't do this. So Al Hamdulillah I'm not sure. Another thing is May Allah subhanho wa taala. Grant us as I was saying, that's the first Hadith where the Prophet SAW Selim says Kapha Bill Maher, Caliban and your head defend be Colima, salmon, but there is another in Surah Timon Alfie Kohn, and Allah Almighty speaks about it. In fact, it's not in Surah automorphic one has something else but

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regarding the hypocrites, Allah Almighty says, What either and yah hoo Omran minion, me I will help or there will be the term either means to broadcast in referring to broadcasting things. Allah says the hypocrites whenever news of of peace or security, some form of goodness comes to them or meaning or that of fear comes to them Minal amny I will help you. So as the news comes to them important news of you know, security or that of fear, that of war, etc. They are quick to broadcast it. Allah says well overdue Illa Rasul Allah will Emery minim the alemayehu leadin SMB tuna home in Walla Walla Abdullah aleikum wa rahmatullah who led by too much shaytan Illa Callinan Allah says, Be

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careful, if you had,

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you know, let that news be processed by the messenger peace be upon him that was in his presence or those who are those who have a sound understanding those who are the leaders for example, Allah Almighty says that if you had done that, it would have been better.

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In you would have known how to process that particular piece of information. But then Allah Almighty says, if it wasn't for the virtue of Allah, a lot of you would have been just followers of shade man, that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us about. All of us are given that warning myself included but Allah speaking about hypocrites, hypocrites here giving the qualities they are quick to broadcast things without Wait, hang on, let's find out. And so what Subhanallah to be honest with you, very few people actually came up to me and asked me what happened. Some of them maybe I didn't see them because they were they may have been a lot but the ones I saw no people and a lot of the

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times people you know, when you ask someone a question, don't ask in a belittling fashion. Don't ask like you know this if you look carefully at some of those maybe open letters or something look at how it's worded look at how they've married things that were not even included in what happened not at all. Look at how they've brought it all in and look at how they have actually worded It's so dirty.

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If you had the time to go through it and process sentence by sentence you would actually be disgusted as how as to how they are seizing an opportunity to work you Subhanallah because they found something that oh wow, you know, I finally got something to nail this guy with La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah if you're a genuine person, you can correct us if you're if you're a

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genuine person you can pray for us. If you're a genuine person, you can actually tell us listen, you were going wrong in a nice way. But you do not become venomous and pick up things and start making reaction videos big deal. Are you Allah by the way? Subhanallah Do you even know what transpired? Where did you even get your info from? Hello Subhan Allah so as you can see, I'm pretty irritated about this because people make reaction videos and they barely know much about Islam. They know much of what have they done to serve the Ummah, many of them have done nothing if anything damage, I wanted to ask you Who owns WhatsApp who owns Instagram? Who owns Facebook? Who owns Google? Who owns

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YouTube? Who owns almost everything around you? Subhanallah you're using exactly these platforms to do what to do what?

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What are you serving somehow? What have you achieved for the ummah? How have you helped the Ummah to progress? How many people have you actually served and helped? That's the question. How many people have you guided? How many broken hearts have you helped mend? How many suffering people have you reached out to with assistance with food with clothing with accommodation with fees? What else have you done for the OMA? But You're quick to make reaction video and into and you know what, get excited about attacking, Allah will come for you Subhanallah not me, not anyone else. Allah will come for you pay for it, and you have to pay for it. There is no chance that you won't, it's

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impossible. It cannot happen that justice is not served. And I'm so grateful that we have a Lord who knows the intentions. We have a Lord who knows the intentions. Yes, you have every right to correct. But you don't have a right to claim false things you don't even know Subhanallah you you don't even have access to find out what exactly happened. You don't even have access to find out what exactly happened. You've only taken it from here. And they think you know, they must be telling the truth. They can't be it's a big media house. The biggest of media houses have all said things that are untrue at times in order to serve their purpose, whatever it is, and you know, when there is bad

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blood between two nations, you don't believe what one nation is saying against the other without verifying because you know, may Allah Almighty grant us ease so I thought perhaps this would be guidance from Revelation to say, guys forget about me, we will take the punch and we have taken it and we know I know deep down I we serve the Ummah we stand for the causes of the oppressed, I may not be an activist, I my field, my specialization may be totally different. But I want to tell you, we still will not betray our Muslim brothers and sisters no matter where they are. People say why don't you mention names of this country? And that? Who knows? What if I don't even want to say a

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name because saying a name. Sometimes he's acknowledging existence of for example, what if I don't know? What if you may not know. So you might even be in a worse off situation. You don't even know what's going on. But to come and start attacking and saying and creating huge videos to say wow, I know like you're assuming the role of a Lord of the Worlds we've seen the intentions we know and it's unforgivable. Come What May SubhanAllah. Come on? Do you know? Do you know what even happened? So this is something that I felt very passionate about today's boost from muckety muck Rama I've just finished ombre May Allah forgive our shortcomings, And subhanAllah I really pray for goodness

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across the globe. And for us for sanity to prevail. Shayateen are tight, but only the big ones. The little ones are all around you can feel them.

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I mean, I was shocked to see some people I actually know Subhanallah instead of you know, they think the worst possible thoughts of us. And I think to myself, someone's going to do to you as well. It's a matter of time before something worse happens to you as well. It's coming for you. And when it comes to you, you may not be able to take it the way I did Subhanallah you may not be able to take it the way I did somehow May Allah strengthen all of us. I'm not saying I'm a big deal, but I am saying you know what, guys? That's not a nice thing. It's not a nice thing. It's not a nice thing to throw punches when you know Subhanallah

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Allah is watching, I promise you and you enjoyed it, didn't you? You thoroughly enjoyed it. You were wrong. I promise you you know why if you wanted to correct or disassociate you could have done that respectfully. But it was so cheap. I mean, I seen a guy make a video to be honest with you, if all ik if you look at his face, I wonder what he might be on Subhanallah but he came on like, like, like he could judge the hearts and claim that he knew what exactly happened and he doesn't have a clue what happened. And then when you clarify it it's not good enough. Why? Because no matter what you say, no it could it's impossible that you didn't know and it's impossible. Are you Allah do you not

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Fear your Lord even an iota? May Allah Almighty forgive us remember this? Like I say, when Allah comes when, when the that retaliation from Allah comes for those who serving his cause.

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It won't spare us all it will be too late. So

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The best thing we do, be careful what your words they will come back to haunt you. And they will actually be absolutely devastating. At that time. You can see I'm really saddened about this thing. But still I ask Allah to forgive everyone and I asked Allah Almighty to grant a strength as an ummah, we need that togetherness, we need to be solid, we need to understand something happens. You know, there was a little social, not a social experience experiment, but there was a video that I once saw some youngsters who were cleaning the beach, and they had a few beer bottles in their hands, someone saw them, and they were throwing these empty bottles away, empty bottles away,

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someone saw them took a picture of them and said, That's it. We've nailed these guys look at look at this. They busy drinking on the beach, but they weren't. But the evidence was there, the bottles were there, they were running around the beach, maybe perhaps to this person, they were looking semi semi intoxicated, whatever it was, they were totally wrong. These people were innocently cleaning the beach. But if you have a journalist who doesn't fear Allah, and who really wants to nail someone, they will seize the opportunity and put a big headline and say whatever they want, because why photograph is there? May Allah Almighty grant us protection. I hope what I've said is a lesson I

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know there will be people who hate this. I know there'll be a reaction video or two for this as well. It's okay, you know what? The wind blows the trees that are the tallest to be honest with you. What I am saying is, sometimes Allah has allowed you to be used to do good so much. You know, what was the good thing about all of this, I told myself, Wow, a good thing is people should learn that if anyone ever does do this, with the wrong intention, they're going to be taken to task. So from that aspect, it's a good thing. It's a good thing that this happened, because it's good to take people to task but you know what, be careful. Be careful, I saw someone saying the last time also

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excuse the last time I was actually I must have attended 1001 functions. If two or three of them have confused you than the other 997 You don't even know about people say you've never spoken about this cause that means you don't listen to me. That's what it is. I've spoken about it even at the beginning of my clarification and in so many other videos. Last year, the previous year in Ramadan when things were happening, I had started my series with mention of these things. Most of the years, I've started my series and the talk on on the day. Look, we have to pause for a moment and make dua for Palestine make dua for Burma for whoever else. It may be for Rohingya, whatever else it was

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there. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness, if you don't listen, and you don't follow you don't know. You don't you can't say oh, we know, you know, may Allah Almighty really and truly grant us goodness and as an Uma, May Allah help us all, we really need a better understanding here. And you know what we are answerable to Allah at the end of the day, imagine 1001 People asking or saying saying bad things. When someone asks a question genuinely shift, you know, I just want to understand what happened. If you don't mind. You must remember, there's 1000 people doing that I may choose one or two to talk to or if I feel that in your questioning, you have been dirty. I'll ignore I'll

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ignore it. Number one. Number two is if you've already said something and made something and already blasted out bad news, there's no point in talking to you if you wanted to know if you'd have waited, even if you had to wait a month or a year. Okay? You'd have waited but you know what, today? We are quick because we also want the likes, that's what it is. A lot of the people want the likes, they want to create a story you you know, you attack a popular man, you gain popularity. That's what it is. It's a fact. Unfortunately, and yes, a lot of people do do that I was going through one of these,

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you know, so called sites where they supposedly have news about Islam and Muslims and you know what they write the worst and dirtiest things. I was thinking to myself a lot of what they've done, how do they serve the Ummah, how does this help the ummah? Do you realize that controversies is what they specialize in? But not reality, they don't even have the access to some of those whom they've accused and written 30 articles about creating discord in the OMA and claiming we're doing a good job, we're exposing this and we're exposing that, you know, by all means, go and learn the Quran and the Sharia once again, and see what it is. Is that really how it's supposed to be. Another thing is,

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what makes me laugh? Is the platforms that are being used to do all of this belongs to whom? That's a question where does the money and and the profits from that go to sometimes we're sitting in a country where we're paying taxes, that exact country from your taxes is using that money to go to places where you

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would you know, question, may Allah Almighty forgive all of us? May Allah Almighty strengthen us all? I'm not trying to justify anything like I say if anyone feels betrayed, and to my brothers and sisters in Palestine

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My brothers and sisters in Kashmir, my brothers and sisters in Afghanistan in any way if I have ever said anything or done anything that makes you feel or made you feel, or anyone else for that matter, betrayed, trust me, I apologize unconditionally and I want to tell you something, we stand with all the good causes on earth the oppressed no matter where they are. I'm like I said, I may not be an activist, but I'm a Muslim, the end of the day. And subhanAllah we can we definitely can we feel we've reached out if you know you don't know we have reached out. We've done a lot of humanitarian work in so many places. Sometimes without even advertising it. No one even knows. And we've done a

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lot Subhanallah so we actually do care for the OMA. It's not like we don't care. But I really would like to say something happened. I promise you it was absolutely unintentional. You know the prophets of salaam says he's famous statement Louie stick bell to mean Emery must head back to LA masuk toolhead YAHWAH ledger, alto hombre regarding his hajj, he says, had I known had I known at that time what I know now, I would have done something different. The exact thing I can say today to say had I known what I know now about the things or about,

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you know who it was that I was one person, one person, not even anyone at one person. There was no one there were 1000 people it was a person who perhaps all in and a photograph that took place that created the problem. Had I known at the time.

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What it was, I probably wouldn't even have been there.

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And that's an honest statement. But anyway, Allah Almighty knows best I owe that to Allah. And he knows and he knows the heart. He knows the purity sitting at his house today in Mercato Makara in front of the camera, seeking Allah's guidance and forgiveness and pleading to him Oh ALLAH the sins we know we've committed the sins we don't know we've committed the mistakes we've made. Whatever else forgive us continue to use us to serve the deen to help break them to help mend the brokenhearted and to help

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whoever it may be in whatever way because you have told us hydro nasty and fat and homeliness. The best of people are those who are the most beneficial to the rest of the people. And I want to be one of those. I'll go to Cali ha or SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad