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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of truffle, including its anti-inflammatory properties and healing properties. They also mention the use of truffle in medicine and its use in the Bible. The healing process is discussed, including the growth of truffles and its use in various ways, including in the past. The Shala has been used in various ways, including in the past, and the speakers have not found much research on the topic yet.
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It's one of those very expensive types of mushrooms. And because it has a high level of protein substitutes as a matter of fact, for meat, for those who like to avoid meat, they eat actually truffle as a substitute for that. And also, it's very good because it has so many

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I would say medicinal benefits as well, one of them being anti inflammatory. So when you eat it, it's benefit from that. That's why the Prophet saw some recommends, and it says called Wilma, who she found in line and the water, let's see, when you squeeze it or the juice of it, she fell in line, it's it heals the disease of the of the eyes. Probably he's talking some of us I'm about the cataract.

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Because many of the shura many of the LMR, who wrote on this hadith, or commented on the Hadith, like Imam and our himolla. So Muslim, Navin Hassan said, Hurry, they all actually mentioned that we know people who use the water of the truffle, and they lost their sight. And they they were healed afterwards. So most likely, it's something similar to that. Now,

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first of all, what is elmen? Anyway elmen, which was mentioned the Quran, Manos salah

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is a little bit different from that. So when the Prophet says, I'll come at Terminal men, meaning this truffle is just like Alma, so let's describe what a man is. And then we could recognize that some of the prophets or some says, Ullman, or the manner, as mentioned in the Old Testament, actually was mentioned in the in the book of Exodus and numbers. And was described vividly over there, which was exactly the same as was described by the element as well, it's a it's a, it's a,

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it's more like a fluid substance that grows on the trunk of the tree. Or they say it grows as like the snowflakes, on the grass, like with the with the morning dew. It's very, very sweet, flaky. So they used to gather it every single day, according to the Bible activities together every single day. And they use it with their food. So sometimes they make cake out of it. Sometimes they mix it with water, they make a drink, they benefit from it, because it's very sweet. And one of the conditions that was mentioned in the Bible is that they used to use it every single day, and they don't store it for the next day. If they do, they will go bad, I will smell bad. So they have to eat

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fresh every single day. I can imagine you just and you don't have even to make any effort to collect it. Why? Because it's all over the place. So they just go out and collect that in the morning. And they have their breakfast. And they have their foods with food handler environment. So when the Prophet says Alma, I'll come out to middlemen that this truffle is part of the manor didn't mean it's actually it's also the have the same sweet taste, the answer is no. So what am i They say it's probably it means that people have no effort and read and grow in it. It grows by itself. As long as it grows by itself. Also, it's from the best from the blessing that Allah bestows upon you without

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any effort on your part.

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So that's so that men becomes more like El Mina, which means the favor that Allah subhanaw bestows upon his creation. So when the promises are came at Terminal man, like he provides you this without any effort from you, you know, when the rain goes on and spring, you go store and start digging into the ground, you will get a lot of it. Without any effort on your part. You don't have to plant anything you have to make any day it goes by itself. So you're going to collect that. So he says that this is from Allah blessing from Allah, it comes to you, without any problem without any effort that you put into growing. He says called fish if you're on an island, there's healing for the eyes

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from the water of that of that plant.

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Now, there are other models start talking about does that exactly mean? Does it mean by itself? Or if you mix it with other medicines, do you have to boil it? Is it just go straight? You know, from the from the plant into the I have different interpretations? Some of them are they say yeah, it does and some others it doesn't. So overall, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he introduced us many many other items or other things into medicine. So the Bravo Salah Sam said about honey

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and he said he Shiva, the sort of Al Bukhari Muslim man one day came with the Prophet SAW Selim says Carla Rasul Allah in a bookmark which ticket my my brother's stomach is, actually is bothering him.

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So bad. So the Prophet saw some sort of call out Omar said, Freedom some honey.

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So the man he went, fed him some honey and then sometime later came to the Prophet Sankara Rasul Allah. In about Matthew started

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a process himself after masa. He goes I did because I was given more. It goes to give him honey. Third time he comes back again nada sola still, it's hurting the promises of Sal Khan, Kedah. But but no he was sada Kola

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Oh, Allah Subhan Allah told the truth and the stomach of your brother is lying. Give him honey.

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So you gave money for the third time and that's when he was cured. The Prophet saw some was referring to the iron Surah Nahalat which ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is saying about honey he says God about the can. Yo Yo manga Tony Harsha Robin fishy fallenness Robin Yeah Karimova McDavid and one oh PG fallenness that Allah speaks speaks about the bees that it secretes and produces Shara drink that you benefit from Matera Vaughn Alana different colors, fee she felt on the NAS Allah put some healing properties for the people there and that's what the Prophet saw some was referring to. So he mentioned that so the Prophet also said about a habit to sell the the black seed. He says that it's

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clear as you from any poison and has healing against any disease except for Assam, which means basically that

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so what do we do with this hadith? So the Roma, they have different opinions regarding the majority of Ebola virus, suitable Gemma, they said Look, everything the Prophet Salah Sam says, it comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala What am I going to one in Hawaii in Hawaii lava Hannula he doesn't speak out of his you know, when desired. He speaks why from Allah subhanaw taala revelation from Allah azza wa jal. So the Prophet says, this is healing and this is healing. This is so and so then we believe that

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you might say But wait a minute, didn't the Prophet saw some suggest certain thing to some Sahaba and some people and he gave his opinion in the manner such as when he came to Medina from Mecca to Medina, he saw the people climbing the palm trees all the way up there and tried to pollinate the trees, male and females. So the professor's have looked up. They said, What are they doing? So far? There are Surah they've fallen into the trees. I mean, look, the Prophet was coming from a Trade Center. He didn't come from an agrarian society. So you had no idea what's going on out there? For him and he's looking at that just like, I don't know, Tara who asthma? I think if they leave it will

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be okay for them.

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I mean, can you tell the people have Medina who has 1000s of trees, that they had to climb one at a time to deal with through this throughout the season? You tell them hey, if you leave it, it's gonna be okay. What are they gonna do? They're gonna live with course. Because for them, that's Oh my God save us time and save us energy. So those who heard the news at that time, they stopped doing

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so when the harvest season came, their dates came out cheese, which means was dry, was not actually fresh. So they they brought it to the Prophet says Akari Rasul Allah in the terminal. Now she's, our date didn't go didn't come out good. Progress, awesome circle anthem, and the more

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you know about about the, the matters of your dunya

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like he's saying, in these matters, I don't know better than you. You know, there are some people that say, What about these, you know, suggestions of medicine? This is from the same category? The answer is no. Why? Because if the prophets Allah salah, gave any recommendation, and that recommendation from his he had his own personal opinion, so Allah Salam, and it was not accurate, what would happen?

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Allah was in Revelation to correct that. So there was no correction. That is actually it's valid, that Allah subhanaw taala is validating the Prophet Salah Salem suggestion. So that's what the Prophet saw was, when he says something that we actually we can we believe it. Now, in our time, do we have any researches on the subject? I mean, I read a few papers here and they're for Muslim

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researchers who spoke about the truffles and the medicinal properties that comes into it and so on. Nothing really thorough yet to say that this is on a massive scale. Nothing like this, but I'm sure if inshallah we have some Muslims are interested in that. Grab the book of October, nibbling the prophetic medicine and see everything the professor has suggested, and study it. And let's see, hopefully we can bankrupt these pharmaceutical companies

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who's stealing our money? For no reason. But if we can put some effort into the Shala hopefully we can find good results from that dinner Lazarus if anyone wants to read more about the subject from the from the collection of hydrogen nebula Salah Manuel Emma they put that on their books, particularly Amanda McLean will Josie Rahim Allah He had the most extensive actually research on the subject in his book saddle man. The provision of the traveller, Rahim Allah Tala, which was taken out as one book called October Naboo. The prophetic medicine Wallah who Tanana

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any questions

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okay, now go to Kroger's and look for some truffles in Charlotte. So now

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maybe hopefully

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