Yaser Birjas – Abundant Wealth At The End Of Time

Yaser Birjas
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Salam Alaikum Talavera

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Al Hamdulillah manana me and Allah wa salam Baraka Hamedan while earlier was salam, the Sleeman kathira. So Muhammad, Allah subhana wa Taala protect you from living through the last signs of the Day of Judgment, so I manage him.

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But not all of them are something to say it's really kind of like with

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apocalyptic, any kind of science sometimes are different. And this is one of the Hadith about the science of the day of judgment or the last day of judgment. I was mentored by Minerva Rahim Allah Tala, for the other side of Han Kitab Montserrat Well, Mala. The book of Marina is a Hadith of significant matters. How do you remember 1824 color one herbicide and three Radi Allahu runwal Dawn and then the via sallallahu alayhi wa sallam McCall, hakuna Khalifa two men who live very comfy acid is a man. Yeah sumaila What I Urdu Muslim. He said that I was either 100 Allah report or the Messenger of Allah Salah Sam said, from your Khalifa means your leaders, your columns, there will be

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one in the last days who will distribute wealth without measure without counting it basically either all Muslim

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it will live this time or not.

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To deliver this time when I wasn't at the time of Ronald Reagan,

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not the Haribo.

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Now, there was seriously this is related to something else the prophets as I mentioned are the Hadith when a surah is awesome talked about Allah it's it's it scares me sometimes live in that time we're living that time of France purity. Because the prophesy Sam you said in the Hadith Quran, the Quran fitna 10, there will be two fitness or two trials that people are going to go through fitna to Sahra or fitness, Nora

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fitnah to Sarah, the trial of prosperity and abundance,

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which is what we really live today's panel. I mean, you go to the grocery store, how many brands do you see from the same item you want to buy?

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What kind of food you see the things that you've never even dreamt of seen today. Even somehow some of these fruits and some of these items they crossed, you know, pollinating together to get you something unique and different and

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weird stuff, all that kind of thing. Abundance, handle and crimson mashallah houses, cars, lifestyles, all that stuff. Abundance, then he says cars in Mexico, Nevada fit that to the rock. And that's completely opposite.

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All that prosperity that you see today, there'll be a time when it's going to go We've all gone along Stan And subhanAllah the more sophisticated our societies become, the more fragile they become.

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The more dependent we are on technology, and electricity and all that kind of stuff. What happens to us the poor quality we start having of our lives. Imagine last night is our flickering.

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Right because so the electrodes are flickering in the area over here. What happens? All the kids came downstairs Mashallah. Why because internet went off.

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We're so dependent on these technologies that unfortunately, we just can't lose the connection. Unfortunately. So the professor's speak about federal Dora that fitna, Salah Lafayette, when all that crossbreed is gone, we wouldn't even know how to live our lives anymore. We can't. We're dependent on technology, completely dependent technology. Even when it comes to remember your your own phone number,

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or your own bank account number or your own whatever number that you have to remember, memorize. You depend on your phone to check that number these days. panela imagine Lakota that prosperity is gone. What's going to happen to us. So here how do you then abuse the law so I'm speaking about a time of prosperity. Kalia Kulu. Khalifa two min holofoil. Configure is the man the end of time. One of your readers, one of your rulers will have so much wealth that he gives away without measure. Now some LMR they said that was at the time of tomorrow the Allah TerraNova at the Tamworth man or the Lord on Malta, because the thunderous man, the conquest that happened during the time of Omar, the

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benefit of it's been reaping ripped, ripped in the in the time of us man, or the conquest of Persia and a sham and Egypt and Yemen, all that stuff. All that wealth has accumulated towards the time of tomorrow Dylon was in great abundance that people Subhanallah were just speaking about it as if it was the end of time for them to say, Wow, there's so much Well, that's the end of time already.

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Other RMIT center was on the randomizes time.

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And then they started speaking about other times and which was the element they say, Look, when it comes to the hydrogen Phaeton, they're heading to the fit and the head of the end of time, you cannot specify a specific error to it. And you cannot specify to a specific geographical location because when people in Spain or

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going through what they were going through, they thought it was the end of time.

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But people in the East and in Baghdad and mashallah Iraq was doing well. So completely different perspective in regards to the fit and the trials of that time. So for us, we don't know, one of the

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shuru, the exponential the Hadith says, Look, this part is speaking about al-mahdi,

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weight or length of time. When Maddie comes out, there will be a time when Allah will put Baraka in his effort, there'll be conquest and the east and the west and even in Europe, so a lot of abundance. And that will be the career for the purposes I was speaking about. He will be given without measure. And we know that this could be the one because right during his time, what happens next, all the other sounds are going to start coming after the judge is going to come out and then we'll HLSL will come down and then eventually, usually modules and all these different sounds and that'll be the end of time afterwards. So Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, what does it mean to what

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level the worth is going to be? But oh, what I'm asking is that Allah it is a fitna. The term that we live in today is a fitna and the fifth Novus era people don't pay attention to it, and requires so much sugar. So much sugar ingratitude on our part, that we ask Allah to preserve this NEMA for us. Because if we look at it Wallah, you might realize we don't even deserve that.

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We don't deserve that NEMA Subhan Allah because look how much Allah is blessing us with and how much you will give him back in terms of sugar and terms gratitude in terms of God and worship. How much in terms of ratio if you dedicate your time and your hours and your minutes regarding you know, your Avada versus what you do on other things, even when you're just neutral halal, Maharajganj Allah, but still not devotion and rebirth Allah subhanaw taala so that was one of those those trials or the end of time and we ask Allah subhana wa to protect us from the sort of Bananaman so please make sure that whenever you you recognize an aroma that ALLAH blessed you with make sure to do a lot of sugar

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and show a lot of gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for that and Allah preserved you now upon your Oberon Allah Allah and a question

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for the

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97 year experiment done by the behavioral psychologist is

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now announcement Toby's

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make a lot of abundance of food and drinks for for mites then decide to reproduce. So apparently the larger concern is more resources, more people, everything's gonna prosper. And he found that there was a change in the behavior of mice, they became more aggressive. And even they he noticed that their sexual behavior Styles would be different.

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Is it because of the overpopulate in the space, but he was giving that's one part but he was given also abundance of food, he noticed some real change in the behavior. So now the population This is surpass about 8 billion.

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And we do have all the economists says we have a surplus and abundance of so many material things. So abundance will change people's behavior. And eventually, yes, changing the behavior now, you know, homosexuality, things that also happened with the not compared with mice to humans, but I think there's some scientific basis to what's going on, which is mentioned last

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night so, so much abundance,

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not necessarily a good thing. Could be a trial. Like they'll probably call it fitna to Sarah, because with that lot of behavior change, they become so entitled, become so spoiled we change the future of ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna, there is so much liability comes with so much abundance, but with sugar and we're ready to to Allah subhana wa Tada. This will be Shala preserved in the lysosome Allah Allah

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Kershaw's Hanukkah Loma Hamdi Assurant as a veritable extra micrometer love of God


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