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Hadith 310 Riyadh-us-Saliheen @ The Valley Ranch Islamic Center


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illa corabi Hema minkee Baba, he said Salam salam to the one whose door is nearer to you.

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Which means when it comes to neighborhoods, what does it mean exactly? terms of neighbors, what we care about the most

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proximity, the closer they are to the closer they are to you, the more you call them neighbor, and the more rights they have on you, we also divided these rights according to how close they are to you not in terms of geography, in terms of also connection. So if you have large relations with them, they have moral may have more rights on you. And if there are Muslims versus non Muslim, they have more rights than you. So we cover all these issues before but this one here about proximity in terms of location and geography, basically. And that's why in Islam, one of the Haku, one of the rights of Iran LGR is called a schufa, I should find is basically it's also known in business as

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well. So if you're going to be selling in the house, if you're going to be selling your house, there is a system in Islam, if the neighbors shared the wall with you, if they share the fence with you, they have the right, they have the right to buy the house first.

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What does that mean? Let's say I want to move out of the neighborhood and go somewhere else.

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I want to put my house on sale.

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Before I put my house on sale. My neighbors around me, they have the right to be notified that hey, I'm going to be selling the house if you guys want to buy it.

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Okay, if you're gonna be selling it to your neighbors, how much should you sell it to your neighbors? Do you have to give them a discount? Do you have to know you don't have to? You give them market prices? market price the price? It's for example, 450, then I'm selling it for 50. If they suggest food for 20. No one a guy served for 420 because the market price is 450. Do you have to give it to them for 420? The answer is no. So the point is they have the right to do so. Okay, what if I didn't tell the neighbors?

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If I didn't tell my neighbors? What is the modern way of notifying your neighbors that you're selling the house and they have right to buy it first, which what is

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the sign outside.

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If there is a sign outside, you're telling everybody I'm selling the house, the neighbor next door has the right to say I want to buy it

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islamically I don't know about here. But islamically if you sell your house without telling your neighbor,

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if you sell your house without telling your neighbor, and then the neighbors find out that you sold your house islamically they have the right to go to the court

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and actually raise a case against you.

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And they will revoke that sale.

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They buy the house from you for the same price that was paid to you.

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That islamically is how much the the right of the untuck of the jar and the neighbor is very important. Why is that because if your neighbors you know, they don't want a stranger to be next to them, they got used to probably so therefore if you're moving out, they need to bring somebody probably their money to bring somebody that feel comfortable with like, their sibling, they're on someone that they know, and so on. So they have arrived, you know, to do that. And this is what's called hakushu fam. But if they, if you let them know, and they didn't want to buy it or they couldn't have afforded, then that's fine. You gave them the notification, they didn't take advantage

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of it, call us You have the right to sell the house and should be fine shall allow the barcode on even if they come later on to revoke the deal or the sale. too late for that. Because they've already been given their notification. They didn't take advantage of it. And that would be it. So here the prophets of Assam said Tasha delana, you give it to the closest to the nearest door. Okay. Okay, now in our situation here, would you say a nearest door? What does it mean?

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Is it the right, left or across the street? Regarding

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this measure? The smart, smart answer, right? Well, honestly, in this case, it's neutral. Right, left, it's neutral. But if you would like to go as a professor almost goes to the right side. That is an indication that you might think of those who are to the right, or maybe you go by again, how close you know them. Maybe the neighbors on the right side, they're not very friendly. You say hi, they just don't even respond to those on the left. They're very welcoming. So in this case, I would share with these neighbors more than those on the right side. That should be fine. What if you are in an apartment? What do you do in this case? which door

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which door is closest to you then

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cross the hallway? Right? Closer than the one on the right side on the left side? Okay, there's that same the same rules apply to the temporary neighbors.

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What's the limit of temporary neighbors

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What would happen to you?

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Do they have arrived on you? Let's say you order Chinese Do you have to go knock on the door next door says Do you guys have some Chinese food, you don't have to write. These are considered this neighborhood is not the same neighborhood as, as in the permanent, any form of neighborhood the prophet SAW Sam says in the Hadith that I will below him in da manjaro mahkamah for in Jor el dia to how well he says the last time you seek refuge with Allah azza wa jal from the permanent neighbor.

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Because the temporary neighbor, which means that neighbor in the in the in the desert, those are the bedrooms basically all live in the desert, it says, The neighbor and the desert, you have to how well it's gonna move somewhere else afterwards. Like because they they follow the water and the fall of the pasture, right? So every now and then they move out and they have no new neighbors afterwards. But if you buy a house somewhere, you're stuck.

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So he says always secretly with Allah subhana wa, tada from the permanent neighbors. Because these temporary neighbors, they just move away, and somewhere else come after them and so on. Well, Allahu taala. Any questions?

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Why would they buy the house next to them?

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That Well, maybe because they want this for investment?

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They have the right to do that. Or maybe because they want to buy it so that at least they want someone they know to buy it.

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So that's to keep someone who's related to them next door? Yes.

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So the neighbor who's not relative to you, does he have more rights on you than a relative was not neighbor to you? It depends

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for selling the house actually, as the neighbor who's next door has more right than relative was not neighbor to

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islamically the neighbor next door. Again, these are go also by the local custom and tradition and this society here these rules might be very flexible, so might not necessarily be applicable in that sense. However, if you would like to have that courtesy, especially if you know that you have a Muslim neighbor next to you and they say you will let them know. Okay, does that mean only the one who's with whom you share the fence and you share the border the lot and the line? Or doesn't mean maybe two three houses away? We could actually extend that to a few houses away as well. Let's say we know you have a Muslim neighbor a few houses away and you're selling your house would be good if

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you let them know hey, by the way, we're moving out from the neighborhood if you would like if you know someone who wants to buy the house, let me know. So in this case, at least you're given the chance if they want to buy it of you they know they want to bring a relative to be close to them or not.

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of course.

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So basically when people buy and sell houses, they go by the economics by the market price right and all these things. So if people don't care about neighbors and they sell and buy, are we crossing the lines right now of the boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala I would say no you're not in terms of you know you're in a halal haram but if your neighbor objects to a sale then this one becomes a problem. And again, I will always recommend you know if you would like before you even put the sign like some houses for example, they go on sale before they put the sign on the front lawn right? So they know that the or they offered for sale. So this case you have the option as a neighbor to talk

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to a neighbor and learn Hey, you're selling the house. Do you mind if we check it out? Blah, blah, blah. And then the moment they put the sign out there call us you'd be notified if you didn't be if you're not the first person to come forward. It's done.

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You don't have to give anyone in a special process. So the price of the house any price you want. Again, the mark is gonna regulate the price.

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All you want to give the cousin special price, okay.

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Okay, if you're gonna sell your cousin for a discounted price, and your neighbor knows about it, they have the right Sharon to take it for the same price.

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Now, because it is how much you you really want to put on the house for a while. I'm Zack LFSR

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If not further