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The conversation discusses the origin of the symbolization of the Spanish flag and its significance in Islam, as well as the meaning of praise in the language and ownership of property. The speakers also touch on various topics such as manaker milk, the God-And-Aong (Vahid), and the concept of the God-And-Aong (Vahid). They discuss various topics such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, the use of words like "verbal" and "immoral" in religion, and the origin and originages of certain words. They also mention a personronically namedRob servicing and a woman Copy Copy Copy in a conversation.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah means that Allah has a long Bara cannabinol Muhammad and earlier CIBJO Salam with the Sleeman Kathira mama bad. So we'll come back to the draft from the Quran today inshallah Tada we are discussing the ayat in surah. Allah Imran Chapter 326 and 27 which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For whom mathematical Mulk total milkman Sasha Wharton's or milk government Asha? What tourism Tasha, what are the lumen Tisha? Periodical hide in a gala condition Kadir to read you later for now what origin the heart of the Lael photocurable high emnlp Two collagen media Terminal High but also komentar Shah will be ready ASAP. And the translation ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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says, Say Yeah, Muhammad, the Prophet, Salah salamanders, oh four of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam say Allah Houma, medical molk, O Allah, owner of sovereignty, you give sovereignty to whom whom you will, and you take sovereignty away from whom you will you honor whom you well and you humble whom you will, in your hand is all good. Indeed, you are over all things competent, competent,

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you cause the night to enter the day and you cause the day to enter the night and you bring the living out of the dead and you bring the dead out of the living and you give provision to whom you will without account. So this these two are these two verses over here. They have what we call them praise then Allah subhana wa Tada. You do Cena and Athena as part of a DUA. So what is that? Exactly? Tonight is when you are using words of praise without asking anything. However, those words of praise they entail. What are solo requests from ALLAH SubhanA wa Darna when you say yeah, a photo of him.

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What do you mean by that?

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When I say you're Allah, you're the one who forgives ya allah you're the one who have mercy. What do you mean by that?

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Grandmother's grandmother mercy Rama Rama Farah, when it said yah,

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yah, how you yaka you, you are the one over last and you are the one self sufficient. What does that mean?

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So far as me, make me depend on you. Give me that which makes me you know, strong. Whenever you ask Allah with words of praise, there is a subtle request that is not mentioned with words, but it's definitely it's implied in that word of praise. So here we have words of praise that came in the form of a DUA, Allah subhanaw taala says Paul Yamaha Matilda Allahumma medical model, and we have learned that the word Allahumma is our form of Da which means you're Allah, O Allah, I asked you right, Allah Whom are you calling upon Allah Subhana Allah Ya Allah, Allah Who mathmatical Moon Malakal. Mulgrew are the one who owns all sovereignty. The Mole means what is your man means

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possession means Kingdom means sovereignty, all these things together. So when you say manacle milk, we repeat the words twice Malakal milk, you are the owner of all ownership.

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You're the sovereign over all sovereignty. You're the one who owns everything, whatever people call ownership, you above that on all these things called Allahumma. Malakal model, and they're repeating that, till Malcolm and Tasha, you give that sovereignty to Marie was what 10 00, Malcolm and mentorship and you take it back from every world. So when Allah says, medical monk that means

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look at those who can see in this world has the greatest form of sovereignty, kingdoms, lords, rich people, because usually with kingdom and with on it what sovereignty comes what is your man? What does it come with power?

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When you have ownership of something, you have the power to control it to do whatever you want to do with it. So when someone has sovereignty over the land, what do they have

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the power over that land and all the inhabitants of that land. So we are all we're referring Allah Subhana Allah to Allah azza wa jal the for all these powerful people and powerful nations, some of the Allameh they said this was revealed in response to some of the Jewish people in Medina, when they were mocking the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was promising the Sahaba as they were doing the,

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the Battle of the Trench when he was

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soulless, I'm smashing the stone under the bullet has stopped him from digging. And he said the first time he strikes, he was striking it a shine and the prophesy Sam says Allahu Akbar, for the hat first, we're going to win against Persia. And then we're gonna run against Romans, we're gonna win against so and so. And the hypocrites and those protests are like is Icarus is a joke and we don't even have to go to P

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However I'm here, and he's given you the promise to do so. And so is it enough for him to get this and get that? So Allah subhanaw taala my medical team will come into the shop. And these of course, words were fulfilled.

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Because we know what happened. Less than 15 years later after that time, the entire Persian nation vanished. The Romans The Byzantines were receded all the way up to modern day stumbled Subhanallah great sovereignty of course. So when you make that dua to Allah subhana wa Allahumma medical documentation, you don't want to give their sovereignty over evils which means when you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Yeah, Allah save me from the injustice of these, you know, sovereign people, sovereign nations, and give me Allah the power to be in control for the higher total will command the Shah he said till Maliki didn't say 30 to 80 which means it at this comes to people do allow it

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allow them to have it there Allah you're the one who allow him to have his why is that? Because these people might say, hey, we became the victorious nation with what with our might and power and technology and inventions and like what happens in the west of here? Yeah, but Allah Subhana Allah allow this to come to them.

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He allowed us to come to them. He gave them the facility in order for them to be victorious in that in that man so that's what it means here. What 10 00 Am Well, Kevin Manta Shah. Here's an interesting observation Subhanallah two three and tenza so to your allow this victory to come to them, you're allowing it to come to them. But then tenza Another in the Arabic language means what exactly is doesn't mean actually taken away? It asked me snatching it away.

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So I want you to visualize the word snatching something. What's the what's the image that comes to him? I'm gonna say snatch something.

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Like there is this forceful? You know, Swift?

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Like swiftness? Like Allah subhanaw say like,

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it disappears. If you guys remember that was the cause so called with the collapse of the Soviet Soviet Union at the time, back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. How did this happen?

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It was so swift, subhanAllah, 70 plus years, the age of the Soviet Soviet Union, the communist regime, in terms of the age of nations is nothing 70 years or 70 years, but then the moment the regime collapse, what happened to the Eastern European nations, one after the other one, boom, boom, boom, boom, they all gone in an instant. This the sovereignty was snatched away from their hands. And the so called Arab Spring,

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unfortunately, was reversed. But when it happened, how it happened.

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Some nations some countries, some governments, you feel that they would never change has been in power for all these years.

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But that just happens to have this of Hunnam.

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So Allah has power says returns you alone commandment the shot, you swiftly change that and take it away from them, this whole kingdom and all glory can just disappear in an instant. What regiment Tasha, what are the lemon? Tisha? You're the one who aroma variables in the context of the IRA numbers, what would leadership with sovereignty with, you know, dignity and being dignified and what's also what are the lumen Tisha?

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Two that means to humble people here it could mean to humiliate but we're gonna say, you humbled people from being up there to being down there. How many people you've seen been in power, and then they are behind behind bars.

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Subhanallah so one of them this sort of man can even our recent history as well to seen that in different nations and different places. It also not only doesn't mean necessarily by means of sovereignty, it could be by means of wealth. Some people have been mashallah been blessed, given what they were given as and dignity with wealth, and then services disappeared from their hands. Back in 2008 2009, with the economy when it collapsed, Han Allah, the amount of people, the amount of people who instantly from being on the top of their financial career, suddenly they just everything is disappeared. I remember a gentleman came to me one time, during that age, he was in

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his maybe late 40s, early 50s. Probably, he was crying his eyes out to me asking if I can make the effort of Allah to forgive him so you can keep whatever is left in his hand. And we're gonna have what's going on? What's the story? Because I know I made a mistake. He was pilot when the housing

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market was booming at the time, he was taken take loans right and left and buying all these houses in California.

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One of the most expensive, you know markets. So he had more than 10 Plus houses that he's given away for for rent. And it was just Hamdulillah you know, quit your job and he's getting the rent out of these houses. Hopefully that this house this rent will pay off the mortgage and it'd be fine. And he did that was conventional banking. So it's already start settling with the market collapse and what happened is it houses

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all collapsed. He can't even pay anything.

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He's crying out says Could you please ask Allah for me I repent I admit my fault I will never do that again. I'm just pleased you know, whatever I can still keep in mind because it was Marshall living a dignified life and now suddenly you realize oh my god, oh my god I lost everything. So Allah is the One who gives that dignity and he takes it to humble people. So as if you're asked Allah as well as what your Allah keep me dignified.

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Yeah, Allah keep me dignified. Carla what tourism and the share or the dilemma the show via the caliphate in your hand is all high. What does that mean?

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Give me

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your Allah I know and I come to you because I know all this is in your hand and all good as your hand so I'm sick I'm seeking this height familiar of Bananaman call in Nicola coalition material capable of doing all things

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and He can we continue with our praise we admit to you or be that you too Did you Leila for now who doesn't know how to fillet you you're the one who's bringing the night out of the day and a day out of the night.

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What are you asking Allah subhanaw taala and this and this is this place?

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Your Allah my dark moments? Bring me light in these moments. I know when I admit that when things happen it's a trial from you. So your Allah I want you to alter my situation to the better situation that's what it means. When things get dark Allah make it brighter for me. I asked you to keep my affairs in the best way you're a bit too digital if and now water is a lot of water cordial Hi Yemen and may the trichotillomania terminal Hey, you bring the dead out of life living a living of the dead. So the life out of the dead like what for example, seeds the seed

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you see those see that sometimes you see them on the counter and just don't pay attention to them. You know when you wanted to cook something and some rice grains they fall on the counter. What do you do with these guys?

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I brushed them off and throw them in the same corner with the trash. Because that excess Subhanallah if you take these these seeds in the right environment and throw them somewhere what happens to them

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they bring life they come back to life. All these seeds, the egg if you leave it at some point what happens is going to hatch and I produce life out of it Subhanallah but to hold it higher or to colonial magnetar mineral high, and what does that exactly mean?

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You bring the dead or the living. Everything that is alive Subhanallah over here is going to come to

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an end and will die eventually. So it's going to come to an end so as you ask Allah subhanaw taala what to always revive you

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whether it's a spiritual you know, mortality or physical or whatever that is to revive your life financially spiritually physically. Y'all keep me alive, bring all those to life you are what will delay the finitude you know what will make you terminal height, but also commander shall be ready ASAP and your Allah you provide from everyone without measure. So just like saying, revive me with your provision. Give me what you provision, get me out of these dark moments in my life. There Allah was your provision that you give without measure. So even though it is our words of praise to Allah subhana wa Tada but as you can see, there is so much that is mentioned and implied in these words.

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So let's make this dua inshallah to add these words of praise insha Allah azza wa jal and we'll repeat the DUA together when Allah He the word Kota Bismillah.

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And by the way, just before we get there, so one interesting thing I one time I heard one of the Quran

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the car is their understanding of the song there was a science called the oil moonwalk fuel it enough pausing and resuming and the recitation of the Quran. So these are Cora they understand their specific points when you pause. It has a profound meaning it changed everything makes it different meaning so I heard one time one of the Quran reciting this ayah like this old

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Allah Hoon, mathematical model, medical model keto Moon karma Tasha.

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So we restarted the i three times and changing where he stops, because he gave the four minute like, what when he says Cordilla home mathematical monk, say, Oh Allah, the honor of all sovereignty. What did he do? He fulfilled the command because Allah commanded you to say so what did he say? He said, Oh Allah, the owner of all sovereignty. And then he now specifically says, owner of all sovereignty. So repeat that three times Subhanallah nice beautiful way but we're going to mention one time inshallah

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Allah Houma Malakal, Moloch

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till milkman Tushar

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what NZ URL Moodle commandment SHA

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What was the man Tasha?

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What was the Luma Tasha?

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Via decal fire

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in a Corolla couldn't Leisha in Kadir

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to the jewel Leila fun

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what do they do in the heart of a lion

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Otto courage will hire me and I'll made

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auto courage will may yet I mean and high

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water Zakouma Tasha will be writing ASAP

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Allahumma Malakal molk

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total modal command Tushar

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waternsw Y'all Malcolm and Tasha

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what was uma Tasha?

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What are the Luma Tasha

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periodical hide

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in a gala coalition

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turiddu Lila Finn har

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what origin Hara Lane

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were told you will hire him in May it

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will may yet I mean, I'll hide

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what are Zakouma Tasha? We'll be right ASAP

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Allahumma Malakal molk

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total modal command Tushar

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potential modal commitment Shah

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What rizoma Tasha?

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Badillo man Tasha

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theatrical sign

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in NACA Allah Quran Leisha in Kadir

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today July less than half

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what origin Hara for lane?

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photocurable Hi emnlp It

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will Tokuda it will make it I mean I'll hide

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water Zakouma Tasha will be ready ASAP

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Robina in Munna

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fall for learner the new banana

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walk in

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Robina LA to say hello Vanna

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Bader it had Atana

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will have a learner. Megalodon Kurama

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in Akintola hub

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Rabbana in Nikka Jamya nurse,

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Naomi, Laura Eva Buffy

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in Nikola Tesla filming

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Samia in our Atlanta

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Ofra Anna Corona

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whatever you call mercy

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Ravenna learn to Acuna

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in nesina off corner

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Robina wala Elena Astra

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comma Hamilton who

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aniline mm Commelina

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rubber burner wala to have Milna

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mal catalana

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worked for Anna worked for Lana. Warhammer

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Anta Maulana funciona Adela co mil Catherine

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Ravenna Ephorate sobre

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was a bit Akadama Anna

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one SORNA Coleman Catherine

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Robina enough dunya hacer una

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Phil Hirata hacer una

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walk in other Banagher

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in LA we're in an era era June

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Allahumma journey vaimo CBT workflow Fei Li Kira minha Rabbana Taco Bell Mina in Naka, Anta semi oil Aleem

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Rabbana wa jal na muslimin allOK

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woman jewelry yet in

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Omata, Muslim at aluk

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Arena Manoj Sinha

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whatsover Elena in the wobbel Rahim

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Rob Robina watch Allatheena may yet Lu Allah inna

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Attica while you are live on Al Kitab al hikmah.

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what is Akina?

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In I can tell Aziz will Hakeem.

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Robina ha ha. Bella the Amina

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was zoeken Amina some Murat

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wa Hello, man, man, I'm in home

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biller he will yo mill

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Surat Al Mustafa.

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serata la serata Latina and I'm Tana him.

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Viral Madhu, vi

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what a lien