Yaser Birjas – The Dua of the family of Imran

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The Bible provides a lineage of events that include the birth of Miriam, the selection of elders, and the sharing of duties among cultures. A woman named Missus Imran talks about her sister's name, which is a woman named Missus Imran. The acceptance of Islam's ridden stance by the president is not a sign that he is a woman or a woman-woman, and various events and their significance to their cultures are discussed. The segment also touches on upcoming movies, including Cabela and Maryam Hannah.
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Muhammad Ali was an understatement because the rotten mama bad Prudential Latella a new life from the Quran considered LM Ron chapter three, the ayat starting from verses 33 through 37. That's the story of the Family of Imran Imran, in which Allah subhanaw taala. Speaking about the circumstances around the birth of Miriam called Allah with the baraka to Allah in Allah has to offer the manu Hanwa. Allah Ibrahima, Allah Imran and Allah Allah may. Allah subhana wa Taala has selected he has chosen from among all his creation, all the people that he's partnered with that he created. He has chosen Adam new Allah Ibrahim, which means the whole family for Ibrahim Al Islam and their

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offspring. Will Allah Emraan from among Allah Ibrahim he also selected Allah Imran. So here's the thing. So Allah subhanaw speak about that lineage.

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And hon lineage started with Adam alayhis salam from Adam alayhis salam from the descendants of Noah at some point there was Abraham Ali Salaam. And then for Abraham there was ALLAH Ibrahim the family for Prime and the family Rahim includes is married and this house and their offspring. Then from that land and Allah subhanaw Matera has chosen from the line of his health yaku and the children of Yaku, all the way down to Rm Ron. So Ron was one of the elders and the leaders of Bani Israel at that time. Back in the days when Israel were that wolves as part of the family of Jaco. And these these tribes, they became tribes at some point, obviously, they're all cousins, but they became

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tribe, big tribes, but they were assigning duties to themselves, like some tribes are for the clergy services, others for the government services and so on. So I'm Ron, we're, we're responsible for the for the clergy. And Emraan, the father of Miriam. He was the owner of the elders of Bani Israel, he was responsible for the caretaking of the temple, just like the the custodian of the temple like the head Imam, you could say in that area. He didn't have kids.

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That's what the Roy says they didn't have kids other than girls. Some at some point he desired to have a child and offspring who will eventually take over after his passing. Otherwise, if he doesn't produce an error, it would go to another line from Bani Israel from the other tribes obviously. His wife Emirati Imran Hannah, or Hannah as you call an Arabic language she made a dua is called Murata and Rana probably in in order to like a mafia button in Mahabharata Koppelman Allah subhanaw taala accepted the dua of Emraan his wife became pregnant. So when they saw when they when she felt that the signs of pregnancy, she made immediate dua, immediately she was so blessed, so happy to have

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this child, so she immediately made a dua to Allah subhana wa Tada call it or be in in order to laka mafi, botany Mahara My Lord, I am dedicating this child of mine that is in my belly, Mahara which means free to service.

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Now that is an that tradition that existed in various raw eel, it doesn't exist in our time as Muslims so they say that almost almost every prophet from Bani Israel dedicated a child for the service of the deal. And when they say dedicate a child for the service of the deen hulless they put them in the temple and they grow over there and they are raised by the rabbis and by the mentors and the teachers for the service of the day become the next priests the next you know rabbi in the service.

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So Murata Imran she wanted to have that child right now become the legacy of Imran so she goes my Lord I'm dedicating this child of mine to you, your Allah I'm giving this child to you for the for your service for Taco Bellman. So except for me, my lord, except for me in Atlanta Seminarium you are the one who hears everything, you know everything. Now that's here. Can we adopt a dog from this line as a man? Can we say Roberta kupperman and Nikita similarly, we can call this a Taco Bell mafia botnet mojarra accent what is on my belly is not going to make that dark. But we take the second portion from it we say Robina Taco Bell Mina in a country similarly

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Yeah Allah accept from us because you're all hearing all knowledgeable.

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Then fella Muhammad atta, Carlos, Robbie, in order to honor my lord I've given birth to a child the female now what what do you understand from that tone of her statement when she said that, that she was gonna regretful remorseful. Why is that? Because in Venezuela at the time, only male children will be allowed to be dedicated for that service, like the females will not be allowed to be dedicated for that service. So she felt that her promised Allah subhanaw taala vow to Allah azza wa jal has been interrupted or unacceptable.

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She goes, my lord, I gave birth to a girl.

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And for her just like I made a promise, I'm not sure if I can dedicate this job for you. Well, Allahu Allah, moo, Cara and she said, Allah says, God, will Allahu Allah will be my mother earth. And Allah knows what she gave birth for to.

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What is that certain media? Allah subhana says, And Allah knows what she gave birth to, meaning that it was by design.

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Which means I gave her that female.

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Why? Why is that our honor mothers say hello. Because what she was asking for, she was asking for a very special child.

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And that special child deserve a special mom to carry it.

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So by extension, you gave her the mother who will be the one to carry that child she asked for.

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So you gave her Maria.

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She called Walla Walla, who along with my mother, and then she said well, they said the Croco oanda. And the female is not like the male or the female, not like the female. Some of the mothers say this statement where the words of the mother of Miriam Hannah, others they say no, this initiation from ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala which means they're not equal in terms of service of the deen right now, so not going to be the same they're not going to fulfill the task the same way

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Bala Melissa could have gone into and then she said we're in this made to her Maria, I am calling her Miriam. We're in the riddle OB Coda Rita Amercia Tanaji origin and I will I seek refuge with you, if what you do for her and for offspring. And Allah subhanaw taala answered her call and a call from for that da. And we can make that dua for ourselves. Allah Khomeini oh the beaker of water at Muna Chateau energy that will make our may call it your Allah was significant for ourselves and our children from the shaytaan the customer. Now how Allah Subhan accepted the DUA from her the Prophet SAW Allah Sam said that everybody who was born into this world, it Allah was shaitan waiting for him

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the shaitaan is waiting and then the pinch them pinches that child. Like here's another one.

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Another one for many Adam like, here we go. Here we go. Another one

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except Maryam and her son, Allah subhanho wa Taala protected them from the shaitan because of the DUA that she made. So I'm not saying that you're going to be Hana and are going to be accepted to that level, but just make the DUA, you asking Allah Subhan to protect you and your offspring from the shaytaan ology. Then Fatah, Cabela, Raba baboon, Hassan, ALLAH SubhanA accepted her and deliver that acceptance among the people of her tribe and have plans. So people were pleased that I'm Ron, and his wife, Hannah, they had a child. Yes, it's a female. But guess what, after all this time, finally, our elder has a child. So now the mother of Maryam Hannah, she took that baby, and she went

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to the elders of the family of Amaran. And she said to them, here's the child I dedicated to the Lord. You take care of her.

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And now everybody was fighting for that.

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Everyone was fighting for that as Allah so I mentioned other ayat when he says God, why am I calling today him idiot Hakuna Allah clam, or you will milk full of Maria, you were not there when they were fighting and competing, who's going to be the one to

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you know, take custody of her take care of her, but that eventually they draw lots and who was the one privileged to take care of her. Zachary Rockefeller has a career. Zachary has a very special connection to her, her mom and his wife or sisters. So it's like by extension our uncle. So he took care of her and she was raised in a very dignified spiritual manner, called Who am butter honey butter Hassan and Allah subhanho wa taala. Praise Korea for the service he has done for this job. Last Pantera Karla Fatah, Cabella Robbo available Hasson Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted her and made a couple among the people. One better Hannah Burton Hasina and he raised her world. Waka fella

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has a career as a career to curver Kula Mazda Corolla has a Korean merabh every time that Korea come to check on her. What is his car, he finds some weird provision available for her some of the elements of suits

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They say you will find the winters fruit in the summer and the summer fruit in the winter. Imagine in the winter you find grapes. Now for us in our time somehow that's normal, right? I mean you go to Walmart mashallah

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there are four seasons on the shelves. As if you're in Jenna's Ohana but back then that's weird. You get the fruit of the summer in the winter, the winter in the summer, how could that possibly possible? So we used to see that Columbia dakara Allah has a career Mahabharata and I find some provision that is not supposed to exist. And that season, calamari monarchy that was just coming from Maria, would you get that from Tolman, Angela, I have no effort in this Allah Subhan provide.

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I didn't do anything. It's from Allah Azza. Allah is the One who provides for Luca Termina. And Allah, then Allah has over my shoulder. Because Allah provides whomever he wills without measure. Which means you and I met need to make that dua to Allah provide for me.

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Y'all provided from from your provision, your Allah bless me with your provision, without any measurement from other any measurement. Then, at that moment, the Korea made his da Hona Anika as a courier, Abba, Kala Rob be heavily Malaysian Korea tanta, Hema, my lord, provide me grant me Give me a gift of the written tayyiba a good offspring. And that's why we also make that Allah Subhan Maxim our offspring, the very year that is considered good have spent in NACA Semia dua, you are the one who truly hears the DUA. And then the story continues that

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is half the news from the angels when he was in his Obeida that ALLAH SubhanA wa has answered your call and he's given you your son. Yeah.

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So that's the story actually that behind the DUA that we have for tonight. Insha Allah Who Tabata Kota Allah, so we're gonna repeat the DUA together in sha Allah azza wa jal.

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Robina habla Lana Mila dunka has already yet and tayyiba

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in NICUs me.

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Rob Birna habla

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middle dunka the radiate anti Eva

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in NACA semi

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Rabbana have Alana mela dunka the radiate anti Jeeva

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in NACA semi

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Allah Houma inna now the obika was already yet Anna min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Allahumma inna now the vicar was already yet

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manage shaytani R Rajim

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Allahumma inna now the beaker wasn't ready yet. Anna min ash shaytani R Rajim Rabbana taka Bulman

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in Nica Anta, semi rollin

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Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in Atlanta Samuel Allen

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Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in Naka, Anta semi

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Allahumma Marechal Mulk

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total milkman Tasha

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Waltons evil milk amendment the Shah

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was the man Tasha.

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What was the low man Tasha?

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The ethical higher

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in a gala coalition Kadir

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Tony July 11.

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We're told is in the heart of Lael.

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We're talking to Jill Hi MNL made

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we're talking to Jill may it I mean, I'll high

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water Superman, Tasha will be ready.

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Rabbana in mana,

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fall for Lana de rubra

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walk in other Banagher

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Robina la tolovana

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But her data Anna

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will have a learner Megalodon Kurama

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in Kanto hub

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Robina in Naka Jami on NAS. Leo Mila I Buffy.

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In Nicola totally fooled me.

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Robina Samana Wattana

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off Rana qurbana

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were electrical merci

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Robina LA to now in a scene of

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Robina wala Tamil Allah inna

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Surah Kemah Hamilton who? Allah Allah D and M and Commelina

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Robina wala to her Milna man catalana

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wa for Anna was for Lana. We're Hannah and Tamela Anna from sadhana Coleman, Catherine

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Robina Africa eyeliner sobre

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was a bit of a Domina

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one SORNA al ko mill Catherine

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Robina Tina fit dunya Hassan.

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Well Phil Kurata Hassan,

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in Allah, we're in Isla urogen

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Allah Hola, Huma journey. Famous Eva at work, lovely Hiram minha Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in Atlanta semi Aladdin

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or a banner, watch * Muslimeen allOK woman the Regina

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Amata Muslim at aluk

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Arena Manoj Sinha

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whatsover Allah inna in a cantata wobbel Rahim.

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Rabbana wa jal, fina, my yet Lu Allah inna

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while you are Lumina al Kitab al hikmah.

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While us Akina

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in Naka, until Aziz will Hakeem.

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Robina Ajahn Herzl berada Amina

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was una mina Thammarat

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wa Hello, man. Mana minhang

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Billa he will yo mill

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Surat Al Mustafa in

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surat al Medina Nantahala him

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viral Malibu la him

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what a lien

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Amin it's fun at the low of 100 sit on the stairs of Samadhi calm below


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