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It was time to sell him with a Sleeman Kathira to my bad. So today we will listen tonight we were listening to the beginning from certain ledger. So the ledger in which Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the revelation of the Quran from the very, very beginning. When the people of Makkah, they were looking at the prophets of Allah Salaam and saying to this man, like you're crazy. If God was true, why don't we send an angel or send something we'll do that can i a big, you know, miracle with you? And Allah subhana wa said that he did. And he did that. Well that miracle was the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he mentioned a very strong statement in Nana Hona. Zina Decra. We're in

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Nila Hoolahan alone. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says it clearly that we have revealed this dhikr we have revealed this dhikr which means the Quran itself and we shall preserve it 1400 years later today as we speak Subhan Allah the Quran is still the same Quran has been recited in Mecca for generations right now. Many people today which is one of the biggest challenges of our time, when martial law people start kind of looking into other ways of living and other philosophies and way of thinking and lifestyles and so on. The challenge unfortunately urban for the within the Muslim community has become in regards to the authenticity of the Quran itself. Like I remember 20 years

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ago, when we used to go to conferences and speak and then after the club after the session people that come to you and they ask you, what is the meaning of this idea? But it ALLAH SubhanA wa Amin and this idea, and then later on, they are asking, Why would Allah subhanaw taala say something like that? And now you are saying why do we even have to believe the Quran? How do I know the Quran is true? So there's a shift and changing in the mentality of the of generations. So people now they're doubting even the awesome authenticity of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azza wa jal made it clear in the Quran, in 100. Zina dhikr this came in the this liqueur this revelation came

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from Allah azza wa jal, and he said, and I promise you, that I will preserve that. And Allah subhanho wa Taala fulfilled his promise. So I'm going to share with you quickly a journey on the historical factors of the Quran. When Allah subhana wa COVID, the first revelation ikura Al Quran came to a man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was illiterate, didn't know how to read or write. And as a matter of fact, this is one of the miracles because when you see the principles of the Quran, and the message of the Quran, this is like, it's impossible to come from somebody who's uneducated, or someone who has not learned, but his education came from the terribIe of Allah

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subhanho wa taala, for him, to prepare him for the Quran and for this revelation. So he received a Quran. And the Arabs were illiterate nations didn't know how to read and write, they had some people who could read and write for them. But not everybody was educated to the to that level. So they kind of like they depend on what on oral transmission of the knowledge. So that transmission of the of the knowledge came from, from the from the mouth to the ear, and people preserve that in their hearts, which is why they dependent so much on literature or poetry in order for them to preserve the legacy. So you'll find that they always, you know, if you would like to preserve an incident or

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a battle or something, or even about their their lineage and their families, what would they do, they compose a line or a few lines of poetry, and it becomes very popular. This is how they preserve the tradition. And that was one of the miracles. Because of that, they were able to master the language and the Arabic language became so strong and so so sophisticated language, beautiful language, they mastered the art of speech, when Allah subhanaw taala with the Quran, they were so mesmerized by it, why because it surpassed the level, they were able to communicate with Arabic language, way above that. So it was easy for them to memorize because they don't know how to read

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and write, they had to memorize. And they memorize to make the mobilization easy. It's easier when you memorize some that's rhyming,

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which is why poetry was very popular them. It has a specific beautiful lines, and specific, beautiful, I would say you could say actually, they call them skills in which by which they they memorize and based on the rhyme itself, set the rhythm for it. So they memorize that the Quran came breaking all these rules of their poetry, but it's became actually much more beautiful. You listen to this recitation every single night.

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And you guys don't even understand you. You listen to a book

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find me another book, you can grab an open and start singing it that way. Or chanting and in that fashion I was come out with sounds so beautiful. The Quran is very unique, those words that ALLAH SubhanA has chosen, you know, for the Quran, they come together to produce this beautiful sounds even when you pronounce them, but with the meaning that they come with, it's miraculous. So the Arabs were able to memorize that by heart so quickly. However, at the time of the Prophet Salah Salem people were able to sometimes you know, write whatever they memorize, they had different writing materials back then paper wasn't doesn't even exist yet. So whatever they had, they had

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sometimes, you know, shoulders sort of blades from from the animals that they actually they slaughter over some time they have

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The animal skins parchments here and they're whatever they had the right material they could use and they just right for themselves. So nobody at the time of the Prophet Salah Salem had the entire Quran written in one volume, it didn't exist back then. There wasn't until the time of a book or study for the love that after the passing of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there was a battle called the Yamama in which the Muslims are fighting against the Al Motta Deen Islam Muslim al Qaeda, Messiah lemma that imposter the liar and that battle caused the Muslims great loss many her father perished in that battle and they were shahada so I'm about hip hop came to Oba Casa de and I

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said yeah, because I recognize you're going to have to you know, rescue the Ummah how so we're need to document the crime put it in the writing. And our worker the moment they hear that he was shocked he was he was so scared. Do you want me to do something the profitsystem did not even do himself. Like how dare you even ask me this question. But Omar insisted on our Casa de for so long finally over Casa de p start kind of consulting with other people. And Allah opened this path in his heart to go through this. So he went to a young man by the name Zaytoven tablet. They didn't have it was a scribe for the Prophet salaallah Salam when the Quran comes down, the Prophet saw some dictator to

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Zaid and said write it down. He said he has eight. The Prophet saw some he trusted you. He chose you for this and Zaid was known for having beautiful handwriting because I want you to compile the Quran for me.

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And he said he said when over Casa de assign this task for me. So Allah has I swear if I asked me to move a mountain, one one rock at a time, one pebble at a time would have been easier for me than doing what he asked me to do. However, he collected a group of the Sahaba della donoughmore Tao, who were very well known for also being scribes and her father the Quran, and they started compiling the Quran. So they asked everybody who had any writing material to put it to bring it to the masjid. They put them all together, and they start writing the most half as we know it today, at least in the initial form. They chose it of course, in a certain format, meaning you know, to divide it into

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the way we see today, although some automat dispute, who put them as having this order Fatiha to sort of the NASS the longer swords at the beginning and the shorter towards the end. There are a lot of dispute among Dodoma. But eventually, they were able to write it down. When they wrote it down, he preserved the different dialects of the Arabs, when they come to the pronouncements of the Quran. Every night you hear a different dialect of the recitation. Eventually, years later, years later, a workers have passed away the most half was given to him. Allah says in his hand, all these years that he passed away, they he gave it to before he died, he gave it to his daughter, how have some of

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the Alana she kept the most half in her hand. And by the way, most half, we're not talking about a pocket size most hybridoma we're talking about a huge, massive, you know, book, because we're talking about animala Daria is just like massive, huge and thick. So she kept it with her for that time, until it was the time of Earth man, as the Muslim ummah was growing, and the Congress was moving into the East and Northern everywhere, a battle happen in an other region and modern and other region in which the different people different Muslim communities gathered in that area. And they will they were taught the Quran by different so Hobbes, who came from different tribes who

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spoke different tongue. So when they were pronouncing it, the pronunciation was different between them. Some of the letters, not letters, actually the vowels fertile versus dama, and Khasra. And they were kind of confused about that. And they almost fought, which one is actually the one that you should recite with? So are they ever sent to Earth man, he says Adric enascar on your criteria, they're going to fight over this right now. So as man went to have to date again, is at the other side of Accra, so they've trusted you and before him Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, could you please stand there is the must have for us. Meaning we need you to do it with one single pronouncement or

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tongue, which he did. And he chose the language of kurage although they it was Ansari, but it chose the language of Quran which is the language of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam eventually the tongue of the prophets Allah Tala was ceremony, they made a master most half, which was distributed for copies made from it was given to different major cities in the Muslim OMA at the time. And from those master copies, they made many many more copies and they asked anything else to be actually removed? to standardize the pronunciation? Well, that must have we still have a different what we call them per art logo here every single night as well too. So the letters are the

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same, the words are the same, but the pronouncement is different from one tongue to the other one. Imagine the English language the British accent, for example, to the American one, north to the south.

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For example, all these things still speak English, but the sounds are a little bit different. So that's something similar to that in terms of Quran. However, the major preservation of the Quran was not in writing, it was actually in the Muslim memorization. So people memorize the Quran, they learn from teachers, they listen to them, they correct them, once they give them the license that your perfect recitation has approved. The similar they move on. They teach other students and those who teach other students and they teach other students and no one is allowed to teach the Quran unless they pass. They pass the test where their previous teachers who had a license from his previous

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teacher that goes away to the hobby that goes away to the prophets of Allah, Allah wa salam. This is how it was preserved in terms of re citation. Moving on, all the way until the recent times. So now of course of Hamdulillah, millions of people memorize the Quran everywhere in the world. And back then there was no radio, there was no Internet, there was nothing like that. However, when Muslims meet for Hajj from around the globe, even though they've never connected with each other, they recite the Quran the same way.

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Because they learned that, you know, in the same room, the same teachers, eventually, the first recording of the Quran, officially as we know it today, happened in the 1800s. I don't know how many of you have listened to it actually Surah to Doha. On CNN, they said there's one American traveler who went to hutch, and he was able to record Surah of Doha that was recorded back in 1800s. You don't want to listen to it. You don't even imagine that this was recited 1800s Because it sounds like it's today. That's how the miraculous nature of the Quran is the same Quran doesn't have never changed the exact same pronunciation even with the touch with the exact same touch with you cannot

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tell this was recorded 200 years ago Subhan Allah will be more but then the first official first official audio recording of the entire must have happened in Egypt in 1961. And they chose for that. Shiva Posada Rahim Allah Tala whose voice became the most popular and there was only this recording the only recording that existed for 10 years until 1971 When the recordings are becoming popular with different Quran and so on, and today mashallah you open the internet Allah Akbar.

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It's everywhere right now. And you have these cars come from all around the world from all over the globe. And guess what, they all do the same Quran.

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How is that even possible Gemma unless there's a divine intervention. And when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, we're going to preserve the Quran we're going to preserve the Quran is preserved the hamdulillah and writings, you could see it right now. All these copies look alike. Everywhere you go around the globe, around the world throughout the history of mankind. All of it is the same.

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And the the citation is the same. There's a simple reminder how Allah subhanho wa Taala when he promised something and he will fulfill it, if that's in itself is not enough miracle to believe the authenticity of the Quran. I don't know what else we will do need for that. Once you have that now hamdulillah when you confirmed, then whatever comes from it, in terms of learning in terms of education in terms of principles, they are divined and needs to be followed. May Allah subhana automaker's amadores will preserve the Quran herbal alameen and they preserve the Quran through life and the life of their children who are blind I mean, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the

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knowledge of the Quran. Give us the ability to memorize the Quran. And they live by the teachings of the Quran. We ask Allah subhanahu Watermaker some of those who will recite the Quran that dunya and then the Afra those will be told to read and ascend until the rich for those that Allah Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.