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He was the model of dedication to his messenger. He was a shortlist see of sacrifice and brimming love. He was man, a man who preferred the health of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his well being and his soul to his own. This was Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. And nothing perhaps exemplifies what I just shared with you than the amazing scenes that emerged as he Abubaker accompany the Prophet alayhi salatu salam during their migration from Mecca to Medina. You see during times of ease, when one is comfortable at home, it's easy to claim love and loyalty.

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However, these claims are only truly substantiated and proven during times of difficulty and travel. We all have a mask that we hide behind it veil certain aspects of our personality that we would rather not publicize.

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Traveling however, causes these masks to slip away

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on the road. Your true level of Eman and compliance with the Sunnah, your temperament these things are tested, the ideal conditions of home are absent, whether we like it or not. Our travel companions see us for who we truly are.

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Even linguistically, the Arabic word for suffer travel means to reveal to uncover to remove something. For example, the Arabs they called the brush that you used to sweep the floor with a miss Farah, a term derived from the same root root because it removes the dust it reveals the surface of the floor and that's why the Arabic language they say it was sent me a sufferer who suffered on the US Federal and wudu Hindu serene Why not clarity him? We have hurricane Harvey and minha he's a travel was given the Arabic name Safar because it used to expose this uncovers the true faces of travelers and their personalities, revealing what is usually hidden by them. And it's for this

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reason why all models don't have Bob when he heard a person praising another he said to him Hello I'm Todd Ja Rule at dinner. Daddy Formosa home was all about how Who are you but his neighbor? So you know the mornings and evenings of your neighbor? He said No, I'm not. Or ask him a second question. He said hello. Hi Mel Delphine, the hummingbird deanery lady to the Hello the HEMA now to nurse Have you dealt with him with the dinar and Dirham? These are currencies that the Arabs used? Did you buy and sell with him? Which is the true benchmark to gauge the trustworthiness of people? Then I said no.

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Or asked him a third question. He said hello factor healthy surfer lady and Casey foofy and o'clock in the US have you accompanied him during travel.

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which reveals the true traits of people. The man said No, I haven't

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almost said to him fellas, the daddy fool so you don't really know him? Or you praising him. You don't really know him.

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I didn't know the narration almost said to him. Look at who your character is even music perhaps you just saw him bowing and prostrating in the mosque. So you thought he is worthy of praise. This is not how you truly know someone traveling is one such way. And with all of this in mind, let us explore

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the narration

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of Abu Bakr himself. As he described his journey to Medina with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the harsh conditions of this particular suffer travel allow the world to see a Rebecca for who He truly was.

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This journey was never going to be an easy endeavor.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Rebecca battled against relentless hot winds and the arid deserts of Arabia with the pagans in pursuit. It was a life threatening trip of exhaustion and pain and fear. But Abu Becker's reaction Subhan Allah when hearing that he was chosen to accompany the Prophet was amazing. The prophets of Allah Allahu Allahu wa sallam said to our Becca, Allah has given me permission to leave MCE

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a little backwards Niger question, allow me to accompany you on Messenger of Allah. The Prophet he said to him, you will be my companion.

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Our mother, Aisha, the daughter of Rebecca. She describes the reaction of her father. I will back it she said, fo Allah He I swear, masha Allah to Kubla Lika Liang and I hadn't yet ki Minella Farah, he had the right to avec Renier Chioma it and she said, I swear by my Lord. I never knew that it was possible for a person to cry from happiness, only until I saw my dad crying on that day.

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I will be his companion during the migration.

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Abu Bakr was once asked a question, tell me what happened on the night when you set on a journey with the Messenger of Allah. And he said we set out during the night

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and we went on walking until it was noon, and the path was vacant. So there were no passers by. We eventually saw a large rock which had shade beneath it.

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And the reason

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Son did not reach that place. And so we dismounted there.

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And I went to the rock, and I leveled the ground with my hands at the place where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would rest. And I said, After setting the bedding or messenger of Allah go to sleep, and I shall keep watch around for you. Back here, the ilaha illa, you've also been traveling, you see, the thought of rest did not even cross his mind. For him relief culminated in the resting of the messenger Allah. He continues, and he says, I went out, and I watched around him. I then I saw, I saw a shepherd moving towards that rock with his flock. He was looking for shade as well. So I came up to him and I said, young boy, to Which place do you belong? And he said, I am

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from Medina. I said, Is there any milk in the address of your sheep? And goat? He said, Yeah.

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So he took hold of the goat. And I said to him, I will back it. He said to the young boy clean the other well, so that it should be clear and free from her dust and impurity. And he milked the goat for me and wouldn't come back and he said, which he had with him and I, I had with me a bucket in which I kept water for drinking, and for performing Moodle, I then came to the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was set up. I didn't want to wake him up from his sleep, but I found that he was already awake. And I continued pouring water upon the vessel of the milk until its bottom became cold. And then I said, O Messenger of Allah, please drink. From Messenger of Allah, Please drink

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this milk. Oh, look, it, of course was also thirsty. He's been traveling.

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Did he take a sip? No, he didn't touch it. That wouldn't be becoming of the behavior of acidic instead of Rebecca who said, as he saw the profit drinking, he said for Shelby Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam hack that I'll beat. The Prophet drank until I became satisfied.

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He didn't say he drank until he became satisfied no, he drank until I became satisfied, as if merely knowing that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was drinking was sufficient to quench his own task and to relieve his parched throat. That's a true example of an individual who had dedicated his entire self to Allah and his messenger Allah.

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As they traveled together, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam noticed something peculiar in the behavior of Abu Bechet. At times he would walk in front of the Prophet, and then he would rush to the Ria and then he would do this over and over again.

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And it was a strange sight indeed and after being asked why he was behaving like this and Rebecca he said Messenger of Allah, Tala, for me, she confirmed

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that she been a messenger of Allah I, I walked behind you, that I fear that someone could harm you from the front. So I rushed to your front and I, I consider the possibility of you being struck from the rear, so I rushed to the back. Now ilaha illAllah. It was almost as if

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Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu did not acknowledge his own existence. It's as if his eyes could not see his own mirror reflection. It's as if his body did not acknowledge its own human needs in the presence of the Prophet alayhi salatu was,

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they continued working until they reach the cave of fairwater, where they kept and they will look at he said by Allah or messenger of Allah, you will not enter the cave until I first go in and check it for any harm.

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That way, any danger lurking inside would bite me before it reaches you. And they will back it he enters the cave, and he patted its walls and scrutinized every corner. And he was content, except that there were three small openings in one of the walls of the cave, which he worried that some harmful creature might come from.

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So Rebecca Radi Allahu Anhu. Having run out of equipment material, he tore a part of his garment, and he filled one of the openings with it.

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He then laid down and he extended his two feet into the remaining two openings in the wall seating them off. At this point he called the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in and the Prophet placed his head on our back his thigh and he fell asleep. Now picture the seed pause here for a moment please. It is one which the Companions reflected over frequently one which they would never forget about. or multiple hubbub. He would cry profusely when he would remember this moment and he would say what Allah He later will mean Oh, Leila team in the back room, how you wouldn't be no more our early on what will you do by Allah? A single day, or a single night in the life of our backer is

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greater than armor and the family of armor from the

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day they were born. This is the night he is referring to.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Olbrich have spent three nights in the cave. However it was by the decree of Allah that the pagans would catch up with them.

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They approach the very mouth of the cave, unbeknown to them, that they were inches away from the objects of their pursuit. I will bet Karen the messenger were inside. Now, Rebecca could see the feet of the pagans directly above their heads. He whispered into the ear of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying, yeah rasool Allah hello and Rafa aka dama Hora Messenger of Allah, if any one of them was simply to raise his foot from the ground, he would see us prophets of Allah Allahu Allahu, as soon as response was one of unshakable Yaqeen certainty in Allah and trust reliance upon him and he said, Yeah back Oh Abubaker Marvin Luca with Nene Allah or 33 former Oh, well.

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What do you think of to people? When Allah Almighty is there that that hasn't in Allah mana, don't be grieved. Allah is with us. Despite being so close, Subhan Allah, it didn't occur to the minds of the pagans to look beneath their feet. And so they lost hope. And they turned back and they made their way back to the city of Mecca. Now Allah revealed a verse from the Quran commenting on this tremendous incident, the scene that you just heard, and the heartwarming conversation, Allah Almighty said and I translate bit by bit elaborate on Soto who forgot the Nosara hula. If you don't eat the Prophet, then Allah has already aided him

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in Raja hula de NACA for 230 yesterday, and he is whom I forgot when those who disbelieved had driven him out of Mecca as one of two when they were in the cave.

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edea Cornelius law heavy law

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in the law Niner when he said to his companion, don't be grieved. Allah Almighty is with us. For Anzahl Allahu SecureData. While he was a Yoda, who will be June Odin Lim Tarawa, and so Allah Almighty set down His tranquility upon him, and he supported him with angels, which you did not see. Well gyla Kelly, meta Latina Cafaro a Sofia were Kelly Mottola he he alone Yeah, wala who as he's on Hakeem, and Allah made the word of those who disbelieved the lowest,

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while the word of Allah Almighty is the highest, and Allah Almighty is mighty and wise.

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Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anhu was certainly not concerned for his own well being. Such fear would run contrary to all of his actions so far. His apprehension, his fear, his anxiety

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was purely for the welfare of the prophets, Allah Allahu Allah who said, and this is made so clear, through the very wording of the verse that I just shared with you. If our backer was fearing for his own safety, the prophet would have said to him, don't be grieved. Allah is with you. That's how you console someone who is afflicted with a difficulty. You say, Allah is with you, He will help you. Allah will cleanse your sins, Allah will raise your position. That's what we say. But if this difficulty had affected both of them, he would have been expected to say Allah is with us, He will help us Allah will cleanse our sins. So in the verse that you just heard, Allah Almighty says lotta

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has and in Allah hermana Don't be grieved Allah is with us both. Additionally, whenever Allah subhanaw taala mentions by the way, don't be grieved in the Quran, it's always in the case of the best of people who are being addressed.

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Allah subhanaw taala said to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam why Allah has an ally him while at a cornfield it miam Kuru don't grieve over them, and don't be distressed because of what they conspire. They wonder how can the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reassured Rebecca from his fear? Why was he scared I say to you, even the greatest of people who are told in the Quran, do not grieve.

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Allah said about the Prophet, Lord, that the angel said to him that tug of war. Don't fear don't grieve. Allah tells us that the Prophet ASA who spoke to his mother as a baby, he said to his mother, Mariam alerta has any Adjara Wakita Turkey sorry, don't grieve Your Lord has provided beneath you a stream. These are the greatest people.

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Allah tells us what he revealed to the mother of Prophet Musa he said, for either 50 ie for LP philia me wallet or coffee wallet as any if you fear for him, meaning your son casts him into the river. And don't fear and don't greet

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If we will return him to you

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and we're going to make it from the messengers. Do you see it's the same theme the greatest of people in the Quran are told that the letter has no letter has any don't grieve. Allah told us how the angels will address the people of piety when they are dying in Molina called Robin Allah who must acabo tetanus Jelani him will you go to a lotta cough, one that has no those who indeed said, our Lord is Allah and then they remained on the right course the angels will descend upon them and they will say don't fear and don't grieve and we give you good news of Paradise which you are promised. So what is the point of mentioning all of this?

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Those in the Quran who were told not to grieve included the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Prophet Lupe, the mothers of Prophet Musa and Aisha and the people have steadfastness as they are passing away. So Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, being told not to grieve doesn't highlight that He was God forbid what the enemies of Abubakar may say. But rather it highlights the fact that he too was amongst the best of creation.