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Hola Hola wabarakatuh Dear brothers and sisters it's my pleasure to introduce to you this first

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Ramadan daily Ramadan que Al Hamdulillah with the online Masjid brought to you by Islam transparency we're very happy to have our day share, shift or to Haitham al Haddad with us today as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Shia.

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It says everyone Masha Allah Salam, Aleikum, and Ramadan, Carrie, and hamdulillah today is the fourth of Ramadan. Subhan Allah, Allah, we've seen you

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you know delivering a few reminders within Islam Quran is the online, online Masjid project on hamdulillah just wanted to get this take this opportunity to take up my favor. And also secondly, the brothers and sisters watching at home, wherever you're watching this if you type any questions that you have any question at all, Inshallah, in the comments box below, I don't Facebook or YouTube or if you want everyone to ask question to the show, privately or personally, you can email and the email address for that is daily QA at Islam 20 That's daily QA at Islam 21 Show faith and how is your Ramadan going so far? Yeah, well, like,

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so far, it is one of the best trauma bonds. Canola. Yeah, I agree with that totally as even personally as well. Hamdulillah I feel that despite this lockdown,

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see, if I if I may say Dr. Sandman

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I mentioned maybe in a few reminders that this is an opportunity for ourselves to discover ourselves.

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You know, discovering yourself brothers and sisters in general is very important. You should know who you are. And you should do know why you are doing things. For example, when we are talking about Ramadan, previous Ramadan, yes, the massages were open. And we were going to the massage did enjoying that far in a congregation? manner? And we are we were enjoying taraweeh and we are meeting people, but the question is we as men, them brothers, I'm talking about the brothers, were they enjoying the congregation?

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Yeah, were they enjoying the spirit

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quality not the actual EBA da Subhanallah because if the person is enjoying the Ibadah then he would enjoy the idea that if even if he is doing it by himself or herself and the person who is even okay let us leave that to do that rather to please Allah, Allah Allah and to get the maximum reward from Allah gelada so when he sees hola de la vida, he will get the maximum reward. Now, this person

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he will do that a bad forget about the word enjoy, he will perform that a bad under any circumstance because he does not want to lose the opportunity.

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Yes, go brothers. If you

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feel that you are lazy because you are unable to go to the massage aid, you are not enjoying the Iftar then I believe that you should boost your Eman. Remind yourself of the real purpose behind the Imad the eBay idea. And this is a call to rediscover yourself and maybe to correct yourself and to put yourself on the real right path where you are worshipping Allah, Allah Allah because you want to please Him more. Not because of self satisfied

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faction or

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a person and enjoyment, no, because you want to please Him. You want to raise your status with Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, you want to get more reward from Allah, Allah Allah, you want to expiate your sins you want to free yourself from the punishment and the anger of Allah Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala would you say shake the it's like a test for us so because sometimes you know, it's a it's a challenge for our intention that maybe I'm going to turn away in the masjid because I enjoy the atmosphere because I'm meeting the brothers and, and maybe you know, in stock reloading or showing off to people that I'm part of the congregation. Could you say then therefore, that in these

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times, someone could be shouldn't feel that they're missing out on something, but rather they could be getting more reward praying taraweeh at home for example.

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Well, that possibility is there.

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That possibility is that because you know, Nashville, Nashville in general, brothers and sisters, this is a common misconception. Nashville in general is to be prayed at home, and it is far better for you to pray you're nothing at home in some narrations that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, then I feel a prayer supersedes that.

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Surely then I feel a prayer performed at home supersedes NAFTA prayer, prayed in the Masjid 25 times.

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So far, I know some scholars said maybe this is not a very strong Hadith but the meaning of it, Omar I don't know how Tom used to smack people in order to force them to pray that Neff in prayer at home. Yeah, and on top of that, we know that hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, while he was in Medina, in his most the Prophet sallallahu sallam said selected what do they feed at the prayer of the person at home for nothing? Is is superior to his natural in this masjid, in the masjid of the prophets Allah Allah Allah is Allah. Okay, and also the prophesy Selim said don't turn your houses to become graveyards, which means that you don't pray at all in your in your houses, and telawi

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Okay, so this is for nothing in general taraweeh is not excluded from this, but because it is one of the Islamic symbols.

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We pray them in the masjid. Okay. And moreover, the people might become lazy, then they pray them in the masjid but definitely, if there is a person who can pray Taraweeh at home and he will not become lazy. Yeah, especially if he is a half well, then definitely tarawih at home is better Subhanallah

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Okay, so this is Yanni, as I always say and now this is maybe

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what is a moto now, for me these days, I say successful people find opportunities behind any challenge and otherwise are failing people. Whatever you like to put it failing people find what a challenge is behind any opportunity.

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So deep quote, Mashallah. Jack Ma Farah.

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I'll just stick. Kick it off. You've got one question. And that is about the prayer time see before specifically the issue of time. See before in previous years, you advise people to pray Asia with the masjid even though the initial time that the masjid prays might be a bit earlier than the Asia time listed on the assumption UNC calendar forgot, for example, that's available at the prayer times calculator on assumption you won't see. But now that the messages are close, the question is what do you advise? Do you still advise we pray Asia after the time, the astronomical time for Asia comes in which is quite late, I think, nearing 11 o'clock soon. Or do you still say we follow our local

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machine? Yeah, well, subhanAllah this question. Today, I spent any some time answering this question. Okay. And, and also, I received a question in Arabic from one other brother who moved to the UK. Yeah. And he sent me the question and he said, Please chef, I want to know, how can I you know, which which calendar should I follow, etc. Say, let us not get into the issue.

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of calendars but Asia in particular

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we used to say follow your local Masjid. Yeah, we used to say this for brothers and sisters at home. And we said that people who do not have a masjid around them or

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they so they cannot join the Jamar in demonstrate for sisters Sorry, sorry for sisters at home and for brothers who Yanni maybe don't want to follow the timetable of Saudi or four brothers who do not want to pray Jamaah with the masjid with their local masjid, or they don't have local Masjid with said, delay Asia as much as you can provide it that you leave enough time to perform Asia before the middle of the night. So we say the same thing about Ramadan these days or we say the same thing about Asia during this pandemic delay in Asia as much as you can provide it that you leave good time to perform a shower before the middle of the night. Okay. And today for example, a brother called me

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and he said

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okay, he is like on his 60s his health is not that very good. He works in the morning and he said cheers to be honest with you leaving Asia until 11 Or maybe a 1030 even this will be difficult for me. Yeah, I

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I can't I want to pray around something like 10 o'clock or even earlier and then go to bed otherwise I will become tired and then I will wake up for school and I will do some family. Yeah, otherwise I will be tired I said Inshallah, if this is the maximum that you can do them in sha Allah you are excused. Now what is the basis for this leniency in terms of Asia time? Brothers, sisters, as you know Allah Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran Altona Salah tele De Luca Shamcey Okay, which is which refers to vote prayer. Yeah, in our certain lady which refer to mother if time what Quran and federally which.

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So now here this Quran says actually do do locations, it does not refer to Dover only, it refers to Buber and asset and in our separate Lane refers to another div and Asia. And they say that in Sharia, we know that in some circumstances, you can combine between different asset and not really and Asia on the other side and is alone. So therefore, there is a leniency in terms of bringing acid forward. Yeah. And almost they merge. The end of the hook is like the beginning of acid. And I remember some of the scholars said that you might find two persons, this person is praying. And this person is praying as

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the person who is praying God is praying at the end of the time, and the person who is praying also that earliest time, so they might be praying at the same time. Okay, saying, yeah, now mother didn't Asia again, the time is not that sharp between Muslim. Okay, and Asia. And that's why it is similar to pray mallet in the beginning of the time of Maori, the time of Asia has some, you know, flexibility. That's why we find that the beginning of Asia is subject to a number of

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when it is late number of HD heads, okay from this color. So in sha Allah there is some leniency in terms of the beginning of Asia when it comes late. Yeah, when tough time know when it is late, then inshallah we can say that there is some flexibility in terms of the start of Asia. Soccer shake, but just to summarize, you're saying try your best to pray at least as late as you can. Without going past the middle of the night. Can you explain what the middle of the night is? Yeah. Okay. Is it or is it something else? Yeah, that no, the middle of the night is? See brothers, sisters these days. Be careful of maybe three,

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three terms for the middle of the night.

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First one is the

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midnight which is 12 o'clock that is just arbitrary or maybe a custom a custom terminology. Yeah. Okay it refers to 12 o'clock no the shovel a middle of the night or the middle of the night according to Sharia is you calculate the length of the law of the night based on calculating the end of

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the Muslim time the end of yesterday the beginning of this night which because you are going to calculate the length of this night so a check last month when does when does every day start? And when does forgive the coming failure? Yeah, it's tough because this is the night then it is between London and Asia and the check the middle of that okay that period so these days the the the the the night, then it length is around seven o'clock. Okay.

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Is surely seven hours. So Maghrib is about a 20 this is three and a half hours, the three and a half hours to 816 or 17. Yeah. Okay. And then you will end up with the Shabari middle of the night which will be 11 something Yeah. Okay, so pray Asia delay he as much as you can, provided that you do it before the middle of the night, the middle charity, okay, why the middle of the night? Because see, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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In one Hadith, he said, and what Salah to Asia, work to Asia erroneously lay the time of Asia is

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until the middle of the night. Now, almost the vast majority of scholars they said that work till Asia continues until just before failure, but they said that is what to borrow. So they say that we have three times for Asia as it is the case for many Salawat work to ftld work to Josie work to earlier work to the to the best time work to JOAs permissibility time and work tool if there are the time of the euro. So they say for Asia work to the fear after 1/3 of the night until the middle

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Okay, and work till if they're up after the middle. So they work till FDR work to do was yeah and it is permissible. However, if you delay it all the way until further that is if there are Yeah, so the

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and some very few scholars said that the time of Asia ends by half of the night the middle of the night. Okay, so just to be on the safe side and to pray for somebody to pray Asia in the best time so make sure that you pray Asia before the middle of the night the Shabbat the middle of the night. This is the basis for that

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yes, I can hear you

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That's what sorry.

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Ah, the nosebleed?

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Yeah, yeah. Okay.

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If it is minor? Yeah. If it is there's colors used to call it a graph. Yeah, just the only like one drop that hardly came out or just one drop that came out that insha Allah does not notify your widow according to any number of Escalades and there were reports from the Sahaba and others that this little half they used to have it and it does not break their Kudo, but if it is bleeding, then most of the scholars believe that it breaks your odo. Yeah. And therefore, if that happened, you need to renew your model. Yeah.

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yeah okay. This is a well known question so many again

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today I was asking this question on the factual line Yeah, almost every day we are asking this question Okay listen sisters and if you can record this separately then this will be in sha Allah useful regarding women and while they are in menses can they recite the Quran or not?

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Okay first of all the citation of Quran without touching this is allowed according to most of the scholars or many scholars recitation without touching then it is allowed, okay according to

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many scholars and insha Allah you can act upon that that is not a problem. The real question is women in their men says, Can they touch the Quran? And by when I say touch that Poron I mean touch the script of the Quran or touch the pages of the Quran? Yeah, okay. Once we say Quran we are talking about Arabic Quran

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Quran means Arabic in the under now Quran and Olivia we reveal Quran in Arabic okay. So, but the English translation you can touch it that is not a problem whatsoever. If you have liquid Arabic and surrounded by English translation, you can touch it that is not a problem. Okay. Now touching the most have

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while you are in your menses, the scholars have two views. Most of the scholars said no.

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You cannot do that. Okay, why? Because they said Allah Allah Allah says, lie. MSO Allah Mapa Harun

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he or it is not the Quran is not touched, except by the Motoharu by the purified

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and in Hadith Amarinder has him the letter that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam sent to explain the deen to the people of Yemen. He said we're unlike a mast cell or Ana Illa Bahia and no one should touch Quran except if he is pure. So the scholar said from this, that the person who had major Genova, yeah, major sexual impurity, and did their hand as well. Okay, those are not far here. And they had also differed over the person who does not have woowoo. Okay, some Escalades were a bit strict with that, like Hanafis Shaffir is and one opinion of Imam Ahmed

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some scholars, they were a bit lenient with that. So they say, if the lady is afraid that he will

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he or she will forget definitely not to just television, no, if he is afraid that he will forget the

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the Quran that he memorized, or this is for the purpose of teaching or studying, then this is an excuse an exemption for them to touch the Quran for that purpose. Otherwise, they should not touch the Quran. Okay, this is mainly the Maliki school of thought and maybe it is one of the kamberi views as well. Okay. Now, what we say we say to our sisters, if you really need okay to read the Quran, reading it from your memory, that is not a problem reading it, whereby you read it from the most half and you need to touch the most half. We prefer that it try to find a way to flip through the pages

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by a pen, or something like that. Let me show you

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Okay, so you are holding the most half if it is possible, you have a pen to open the most half. Yeah, gently like this.

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So you put the most half you don't touch it. You put it like, here. Okay, and gently open the pages like this.

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And read by looking.

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Yeah. So this will be in sha Allah on the safe side.

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And what about if somebody has a tablet or on their mobile phone or on their mobile phone, if you have the most have, obviously,

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you can carry the most you can carry the mobile phone while you have the most have open by because you are not carrying that mishap.

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And you can read and find a way to flip through the pages without touching the script. What is prohibited is touching the script. Yeah, while you are in your Nexus. Okay, exactly. We have another question. You did. You mentioned that praying Nuffield, including taraweeh generally is better at home than in the masjid.

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But there's a question Who is asking a bit more detail that if you're praying at home, is it better to pray individually or as a congregation? Yeah, this is a good question.

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Again, if you can record this separately, yeah, the question about praying taraweeh at home.

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What is better to pray individually or to pray in congregation?

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As a general rule, Neville prayer

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is to be performed by yourself. That was the habit of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and that was the habit of the companions. Okay. Gemma is

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is wajib or

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recommended. Okay. wajib for the default of the prayers, and the symbolic or the symbols, Islamic symbols such as taraweeh if there is enough people to do taraweeh Yeah. Then other people still the rule is applied for them that they can pray by themselves at home and

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the horseshoe who should move

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Eclipse Yeah, Eclipse prayers. And also is this car asking for rain and the main one is what

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euro and eight

00:28:24--> 00:28:35

Yeah, these are the main ones John and eight apart from this, then FL prayed at home by yourself. Now, if

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for example, let's say that there are two three of fall at home. Well definitely it is better if everyone prays by himself, but if he becomes lazy or there are other factors, other external factors or maybe they are not a foul or maybe they will be encouraged to pray then we can say because of the other factors. You can pray in congregation Yeah, maybe it is slightly better. Yeah. Now, with your family, if they are not helpful yet then definitely you need them so they can join. So they will benefit then definitely this is better. I hope that the answer is clear. And it covers all aspects. By the way.

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The other day a brother asked question he said his wife is a half

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and he is not the half.

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Yeah, can his wife lead him? He said she is I am had my camera. So there is no Yanni he said I understand that women don't lead salah. Yeah, but this is maybe because of Mahara. Maybe the voice may be etc. So he said is that any kind of leniency

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And I heard that a maraca, one of the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim was leading the salah. I said, No, no, no, by consensus of all the scholars. Yeah, even if she is leading her, you know, children, and there are male children. So they should lead. Yeah. For her, she can lead herself or she can lead. She can lead other women, you know, brothers? Yeah. And in some other if they do not allow any

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within women, if the Imam is a lady,

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yeah, women only congregation if the Imam like the Hanafi school of thought and the Malik is, or at least one of the opinions of the Malik is they don't allow women to lead because there is a this is against the Sunnah. And they have also some of their delegates as well. Okay. In that case, would it be more rewarding for the woman to pray by herself?

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Which is to get the reward of the man would get in Duma.

00:31:11--> 00:31:24

Sorry, I did not get any for example, if she is happy. Now, generally if a woman because a woman is not encouraged to pray the congregational prayer as much as a man is, will she still be rewarded if she

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prays? This is again two views. Okay? The Shafia is and their hamburgers. They say Yes, she is rewarded, because the hadith is in general Salah to Gemma, there's another in JAMA is better than the salah of the single person. So they said this is general it includes males and females.

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Okay. Yeah, well, color fiction. We have a few other short questions. So the question was short, but the answer might not be as we all know. Yeah. This is how long is this? Yeah.

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Just wrapping up. Now inshallah we have somebody asked, does a nosebleed break the? Whoo. Yeah, we answer this question. Okay. Yeah, okay. When there was okay. That problem. Should a pregnant woman fast. Yeah, again, sisters, sisters, sisters, please, please, please. When I go to Islam channel, and on the fatwa, Yanni, I don't think that there is a day whereby I didn't receive this question. And the other day a brother, he told me, yeah, he wants an urgent question. His cousin wants an urgent question. And he said, Do you know the number of sheer height and blah, blah, blah. Okay, I said, baby. Okay. But please, Danny, I have other things I need to do. But emergency okay. So if so

00:32:59--> 00:33:19

he called, what was the emergency situation? His wife is pregnant. And he finds it difficult to fast. Yeah, that was the day before yesterday, one day, I think she fasted one day or she started on. Yeah. And so what shall she do? She's panicking.

00:33:21--> 00:34:17

And he said, Brother, you don't know the answer. He said, Yeah, I know the answer. I said, What is the answer? He said, Yeah, well, yeah, they said that she's excused. But I want you to reconfirm Yeah. To me, I want assurance and she wants assurance. I said is good that we are not taking our deen lightly. But okay, such answers are known. Oh, it is well known. If you Google it, you will find hundreds of answers for that from trustworthy websites, that if he feels that this will harm her, or will harm her child or it is difficult for her. Yeah, exceedingly difficult. Then with those, any of those excuses allow her to what? To break her fast. This was reported by number of

00:34:18--> 00:34:39

Sahaba yet companions. And also they said Allah Allah, Allah says come and get an income variable. Our other Sepher however, is ill or is on a journey, and as Yanni number of Sahaba said, law our handle Illa Miriam, the icy the pregnant lady as an ill person.

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

Okay, yeah, but o'clock. Figshare I know we took a lot of your time Zack McFerrin. There are a lot more questions but I think we'll end it here and we'll we'll continue. Next time inshallah we'll showcase him and tomorrow we have shared with him, Clemson. So we're gonna

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To save your questions brother and sisters tune in tomorrow at the same time 7pm sharp in Sharla British Standard British Summer Time.

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Just another reminder to

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