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should we learn

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then then Hamdulillah I don't want to stay I don't want to stop when I want to biller him and show them pushing out sejahtera Medina May Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah wa Shala ilaha illallah wa who la sharika wash Rhonda Muhammad and Abdul Rasul. Yeah you already know I'm going to talk Allah haka Ducati Waratah moto Allah want to Muslim on your NASA Takara beaucoup Mala the Halacha Kuma Neff sua Bacala common huzzah Java seven Amara Jalan cathinone, sir, but Takala Lolita Sarona we will not have in Allah and Allah community Abba yah, yah didn't know I'm gonna talk to Allah Who Kulu covenant said either you Stella Kumar, Manoj Kumar fella come Denuvo

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come, oh my god Allah Allah sudo for the festivals and Alima Allah may Allah Allah and NASA and Kalam Karim Allah Tabata, Kota Allah Will Ferrell had the added Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon memoriam of desire to have a column of data and data are collected, on dolla Dolla dolla to finance mama by the way, but Allah my dear brothers and sisters, well, we've already went through one half of the month of Ramadan. May Allah subhana wa Taala accept our first year Bananaman and accept our Thai our Abba worshiper but I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa to give us the ability to go through the next half of Ramadan in a better way Allah, we ask Allah to make the best of our deeds,

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the completion of this mantra Brahmin brothers and sister we will look at the month of Ramadan we will find that Hala transformation happens naturally organically. If you haven't noticed that in your own personal life the look around you and see for yourself how Ramadan in itself is a great blessing. I remember growing up as a kid our teachers or mentors used to tell us about the month of Ramadan Ramadan madrasa. Ramadan is madressa which means Ramadan is just like a school and school. What do you do? You learn, you get together, you meet up with friends, you create clubs, you do many, many things. And it's like a learning experience. It's a lifelong experience today. As adults,

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we look back at our schooling system. We look at our school our time, and when we when we were kids, and we remember many, many things. We remember many, many things some of us are so proud of what they accomplished at that time was their schooling. Others are regretful and remorseful. I wish I've done better than that. Ramadan is truly a madrasah. Ramadan is truly a school that we learn from so many things. And in this clip I would like to share with you some of these lessons that will learn from the month of Ramadan. I hope that we feel committed and dedicated to continue with those lessons through the next half of Ramadan and sha Allah Tala until the end and beyond Ramadan badiola

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Azerbaijan. So here are a few things I want to share with you about turning points in sha Allah Tara of lessons that we learn from this month of Ramadan number one, we learned from the month of Ramadan, that no matter how busy you are, you can still make time for loved ones for friends and neighbors to get together over a meal.

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For the long, long year, we're trying to make an appointment you know just to have dinner together. And you call on this feeble on these people everybody's busy and unable even to make it happen all of a sudden now you make a dinner you invite mashallah 100 people to work Allah and they all find time to come where this is coming from. This is the blessing of the month of Ramadan

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because in Ramadan we change the way of thinking no matter how busy we are, we make time for it.

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I want to make time for my brothers. I want to make time for my sister I want to take what for my parents and my cousins. I want to make time for my friends and my neighbors. You can make that um Ramadan is a great opportunity to establish inshallah with the baraka Madonna Allah subhanho wa Taala says I'm sorted to match the water I own I'll go to a taco.

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What are our algorithm a taco, assist each other, help each other. Establish that Taqwa. Make sure that you help and assist each other to establish that taqwa and Elber whatever is good in this life, we get together for insha Allah Who terracotta Allah and what what better taqwa and better and goodness more than the month of Ramadan. So Ramadan is truly teaching us that no matter how busy we are, we can still make time for family and friends. Insha Allah azza wa jal. The second thing we will learn from the month of Ramadan, we hear the word award Taqwa. We heard Taqwa all this month of Ramadan. And even before the month of Ramadan. We talked about how the essence of fasting is helping

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us acquire, acquire and accomplish Taqwa taqwa in the in the in the general meaning of it to create that shield. Build that shield that prevents you from crossing the line into committing things that are not appropriate. You have the conscience of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in your mind in your heart all the time. But how do you accomplish this in Ramadan? Ramadan taught us that Subhanallah little things small good deeds will help you accomplish that tougher what does that exactly mean here? You see when when you're fast and as you will make an we'll do a drop of water slept on one down your throat? You almost choked yourself to get it out. What does that mean? That's the one

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you're worried about your deed to be ruined. You're about Ramadan not to be accepted. Even though just a drop of water no one is watching you. But you are struggling with why because that is a general meaning of Taqwa. Ramadan is teaching us those principles and little things a little actions like these. These are actions of tequila. Put them together. By the end of the month of Ramadan. You've seen yourself accomplishing and practicing Taqwa literally. When you will give in charity. We will talk about people when you didn't want something you're supposed not supposed to watch when you avoided and listen to some people talking something haram whatever. All these are actions of Taqwa

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Taqwa is not like a big thing you have it or you don't. It's you build it. And Ramadan is teaching me that of hamdulillah to to get there I'm building that Taqwa Inshallah, to Baraka well then what is the significant Why is this so important? Because Allah subhana wa Tada said about Ramadan, la la quinta de goon, so that you might acquire an accomplished taqwa and why it's so important of what to accomplish because Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, in the Medaka Allah hymnal metalcon Allah only accept the deeds of the righteous May Allah make us some of the garbage itemId and help us in this month Ramadan accomplish this decoy herbal item in my dear brothers and sisters, one of the

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lessons of Ramadan is enjoying the Quran.

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Outside of the month of Ramadan, we barely barely touched the Quran. We barely switching our phone to listen to the Quran while we're driving around and so on barely

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but all of a sudden Ramadan mashallah day or night, they are not your visitors into the Quran. Maybe reading Quran holding the most half in your hand that handler but I mean more than often. So that's that's a beautiful thing. And that has given us the opportunity to accomplish what Allah has been commanded us to do. I fell out of the boat on Quran shouldn't reflect on the word of the Quran. There is a chance that a moment for us to do that. The prophets of Allah said and said that reciting the Quran, you will get your word for every single letter. And he said Salah Sam kala poodle Alif Lam Meem have I'm not saying that reciting Alif Lam is once in the letter No, he goes elephant hard

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for lamb and hard for me we'll have each one of them is a singular

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and when you know that this is how much you get for that. hamdulillah it's motivation to stay engaged with the Quran, my dear brothers and sisters, among many, many people who found transformation in their lives outside of the month of Ramadan. When you ask them they said they have a daily connection with the Quran. Daily connection with the Quran, it doesn't matter in what form it could be listening could be read it could be translating it could be memorizing, but they had a daily connection with the Quran. Do not stop that connection after the month of Ramadan. You still have for 14 more days inshallah towards the end, strengthen that connection. build that momentum so

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Ramadan is over you still hamdulillah have a daily connection with the Quran May Allah make us some other people of the Quran era Brahmin brothers or sisters we also learned in this month of Ramadan that panela wood comes to give when it becomes natural. No matter how attached we are to our wealth, our

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Money, which seems so easy when we're asked I give

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easy outside of the month of Ramadan. Sometimes we struggle with it all of a sudden we're thinking about all our bills and all our demands and needs and all that stuff but the month of Ramadan wants you to hear someone says, Give for this cause give for this cause of Hanalei people give generously last night for those who Creta we already have seen that. We had some sort of a deficiency deficient actually and the fund for the expense of Ramadan. We asked the people to raise their hand each to pay $400 or $200 and Tabata Quran people raise their hands, Mashallah. And no hesitation.

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Ramadan is that lesson that madressa teaches when it comes to given, it can be natural, it can be a second nature to you. You don't think of the cause? As long as a handler for something good. I will give I'm not going to hesitate about that. So continue to give, continue to give because showing that drama to the lady on the phone Cora is those one of those great deeds that ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah commanded the believers early in Islam before he even went to Medina in Makkah, Allah demand from them to take care of the poor. So make sure that you always think about his brothers and sister Hadith and the society shallow to Anna.

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Brothers and sisters of the things that we learned in this month of Ramadan, the sweetness of sleep deprivation sometimes I know it sounds ironic over here. I mean, what are you talking about? How is that sweet? Even? You're struggling with your sleep, even though the football right now? Well, half of us part is falling asleep probably right now.

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But that bittersweet moment that you're struggling, you're struggling why? Because Ramadan taught me I can still stay up late. Doing what praying.

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Were in the masjid.

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Subhanallah What a beautiful thing that Jamal, what a beautiful thing that Ramadan is teaching us you can still even though you're sleep deprived, feel the perceived variation. But I still enjoy that normal that struggle is with struggle. And I learned honestly I remember those moments at the time when we were students in Medina University. after fajr you stay up you want to stay up all the way until fast the sunrise and you're struggling with that. Half of those moments are sleeping buddies are still struggling to stay awake because it would like to have the reward and the Ibadah of staying up all morning until the sunrise. Now you can teach yourself that lesson after the month

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of Ramadan. I don't have to go back again to my sweet sleep all night.

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I consider the kids some of that time for the worship. I can still say after fajr up until sunrise inshAllah altara Doing what worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala being among those that Allah cathedra with dichiara those are abundantly remember Allah subhanho wa Taala Mila Myka some of the mirror Bananaman. Brothers and sisters we learned in the month of Ramadan that the bond that we established with people beyond the blood ties is almost sacred. When you come here and you volunteer and you establish a volunteering system and hamdulillah those people become your brother brothers and sisters. When you pray next to people frequently and you shake hands with them and a smile on their

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face. You establish this kind of bond with each other. That bond the brotherhood and sisterhood becomes sacred Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran in Mr manana Aqua the believers are both brothers and sisters. It is a very sweet very sweet relationship that extends beyond any blood ties that you have with anybody. No matter where you go when you travel that bond is available as always the handler environment yesterday weather adjustments and an interesting story that a brother actually came visiting here not too long ago and went to his to his home state. So as brothers that was visiting there and the man saw he was new he asked him Where are you from? He goes from from

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VRSC he goes what is that? He was valorized climax center. The man hugged him immediately.

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Just hugs him. Why? Because he loved the community mashallah when he visited over here,

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even though he didn't know this man, but look at the one that you establish because when you come and you meet and hamdulillah in a beautiful ambience such as beautiful Ramadan it makes you feel agree like one big family. Enjoy that those feelings continuously. Don't stop coming to the masjid. Come meet these people. Volunteer with them, share a meal with them. Share Salah next to them do that. You will always establish that beautiful ties of one big family in sha Allah Tabata quarter May Allah make us some of those big families if if an Emmanuel Abdullah Al Amin, brothers and sister were done in the month of Ramadan, that forgiving, forgiving and foregoing people's faults becomes

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easier. Especially if you have a high high purpose higher purpose and as to maintain my Ramadan maintain my reward for the month of Ramadan. Why does it have to stop? Remember the day when you were trying to take that parking spot in the measure of someone cut you off and come under? And you just said stuff for Allah and then we just moved on.

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I didn't want to fight over that spot. Why so because Ramadan is a month of forgiving

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Ramadan is the month of spirituality. I'm not gonna fight over these things. If you can't do this in the month of Ramadan Why can't you do it after the month of Ramadan? Welcome to establish that higher purpose all the time that I will overlook people's mistakes and faults and errors no matter who they are. Why? Because I believe in the higher purpose that was with Allah subhanho wa Taala instead of always nitpicking on what people say and do to me, make sure that you keep that higher purpose available because Ramadan is truly that madressa that that school will teach us to forgive in sha Allah Who to Baraka with Allah, brothers and sisters. We learn in the month of Ramadan that I

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can change even my bad habits as the Prophet saw some says in the Hadith mela mela COVID Azuro I'm gonna be FileZilla if you hadn't been unethical Dharma wash robber if someone is unable to stop talking bad or ill or backfiring and so on no need for them to quit you know drinking and eating because Ramadan for them is they're not benefiting from it. But because we would like to guard our fasting we stop we hold our tongues. We hold our actions because I know I shouldn't be saying these things. We can change bad habits and make them the better habits inshallah with the baraka with Ira Ramadan takes us to the next level. Some of us they thought they could come to the masjid only once

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every week. Now they're coming almost every night hamdulillah Brandon, some of us they never thought they could stay up for Fudger and now much of their visit today for fajita Baraka man as if it was Juma Salah and it's not even the last night yet Alhamdulillah Berman we have potential to do better than what we're doing today. And if we keep growing every single day inshallah I hope I hope that the message will still always fall in federal Salah for every single day of the month of Ramadan Allah my mineral Bananaman brothers and sisters and one of the last inshallah Tada here is that to understand that one of the things that we learn realize about Ramadan handler of galantamine, we

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finally find home away from home in the house of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tiana.

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We feel comfortable coming to the masjid. Lot of people who would never frequent the masjid or don't come to measure frequently every time they come they feel awkward, they feel that they don't belong. Like guests. I don't want anyone of you to feel a guest in the house of ALLAH SubhanA wa Darna This is your home. This is your place and coming frequented the masjid will hopefully break the ice will make you feel always comfortable being in this place in the house of ALLAH SubhanA wa then every Masjid wherever you go, this is your home away from home my dear brothers and sisters and Ramadan is teaching us that coming to the massages gives us that feeling and why we come and over here as Allah

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Subhana Allah says that Curonian could come You remember me I remember you. So when I was here salah I know what Salah you remember I need to go to the masjid. Why? Because I need to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala you remember ALLAH, ALLAH will remember you. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who remember Allah subhanho wa Taala frequently that ALLAH SubhanA wa jal remember them as final what Allah Kulu Cody ha That was tough for Allah Allah the mighty welcome what a certain Muslim universal Pharaoh in order for right

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira to my bad my dear brothers and sisters, since now Ramadan hamdulillah halfway through Ramadan, that means we're coming much closer to the last night of Ramadan. To be specific is going to be in Charlotte or this coming week, in three days, three and four days then you will start the first 10 nights of Ramadan vanilla here as well. And the last 10 nights are very special, very, very special. Because Allah Subhana Allah dedicate one single night through which Allah Subhana Allah will grant you an entire lifetime of good deeds, as Allah says about little

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cuddle, hiraman alopecia the Night of Power better than the worship of 1000 months, that's 84 plus years, which means you have an entire extension of a lifetime by worshipping once in the night to which the prophets of Allah Salam did in the Hadith Arusha. Della Dranzer said Bukhari and Muslim Canada last year when the last 10 Begin Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam I hear I hear Lena who he will spend all night away. Now that is worthy staying awake for those nights are worthy of staying away for all night, not the night when we spend it on video games or play or watch or anything like that. So he would step in the whole night awake Salalah loosen and why?

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And he would make sure that his family is also awake. Why? Because he knows the value of these 10 nights and he would like to share the height with his feminine so you wake them up or shut them in Zara and he will tighten his belt which means he puts extra effort SallAllahu wasallam in terms of his Riba and also abandoned pleasure and those nights. Why? Because they're too precious to waste. Those moments of the last turn are too precious to so my dear brothers and sisters, make the effort this night and share this last night in sha Allah Allah Allah to be present in the masjid. Make sure

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dedicate those hours and those moments which are allotted for the hiring and the reward because those 10 Nights could be our last day nice to attend in this in our lifetime.

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Could be our last our last time.

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Oh brother Anwar tofield from Richardson community, Melissa mursaleen passed away actually in Mecca.

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What an amazing, amazing, amazing opportunity to be doing there an act of a brother and Allah sweetheart chose you to return back to him one of the great leaders of the DFW community over the years Subhanallah and Allah subhanho wa Taala chairs for him to end his life in this month of Ramadan while he's there in Mecca. So molars have forgiven me out of the element and rather forgiveness. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to give us the ability to live through these last 10 nights of Ramadan. We ask Allah subhana wa to give us the ability to be among those that were the salah Takada, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the ability to worship Him in a way that is

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more special to him. Allahumma aluminum and Fana when finally my alumna in the country Malema Hakeem Allah Martin Fusa Taqwa was the headmaster Antonio Mola. Hey but Allah and Allah Malika saloon Allah Nabhi yeah Euro denominated Allah Allah who said him with this Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala it was a huge man what the law manakala federal law she didn't have a brick and mortar was man are you one sir. So how about yours man woman Zambia, Sergio Medina welcome salah.