Asking Allah for freedom from Oppression

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South Africa with a lover

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and a lot of galantamine, so the law said I'm gonna kind of Mohamed Anwar Ali was so he was selling with a Sleeman Kathira the mama bad. Another draft from the Quran. This time is in Surah Surah Nisa chapter four

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and number 75, the ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the people who are living under circumstances of oppression and they're seeking ALLAH SubhanA wa does help when they lose hope from everybody. The only hope that has left for them is with Allah azza wa jal. So they make that so Allah subhanaw taala speaking about the circumstances, and the circumstances of the believers around in them around them, he says called Ramallah con la to Kaduna visa vie de la he was one most of the phenomena regionally when they say well, we'll done Alladhina coluna Rabbana origina minha the courier to La Linea Hanwa wotja Alana Mila Dunker, Walia wotja Alana Mila drunkeness serum,

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and what is the matter with you speaking to the believers, what is the matter with you that you find not in the Cause of Allah, and for the oppressed among the men, women and children who say, and thus the DUA, our Lord, take us out of the city of oppressive people, and appoint for us from Yourself a protector, and appoint for us from Yourself a helper. So going back again to the IR, or the IR, the context of the IRT is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada speaking about the believers in a time that they're going to have to stand for justice, they're going to have to stand even if they might have to sacrifice themselves and their lives for that. So that if before that Allah subhanaw taala says,

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Fill your cart infusible Allah, Allah Dena shown how the dunya will occur, that those who believe should fight for the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala to kind of give, give away or give up this life for the hereafter. When are you allowed to refuse to be like, Oh, we're gonna first off we're going to do now Dima, those who sacrifice themselves for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And that, that just cause ALLAH SubhanA wa will provide for them that you know, the great reward. And then he says, What's the matter with you that you're not fighting for that just goes off who? Those people and muscle Darphin the oppressed those who live under oppression, men, women, children. So

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when Allah says most of the Avene, his bringing that just goes for these people to to defend themselves and ask for assistant for help. Because they are most often and most of whom is the other people are taking advantage of them. And frankly, if you look around you in the world, how there's so many, most of our field in this world, and unfortunately, many of them are in the Muslim countries. Look at what happened in Philistine right now. And Hanalei, the helpless people in the masjid, and all the brigades and the police, they come with their mind and their power, and against defensive, defenseless people, and just showing their mind and their power. This is an absolute

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disgusting show of brutality against Mr. Nafion. Those are oppressed and weak people call and Allah subhanaw taala to show exactly how weak they are, how much oppressed they are, no one has spirit of that brutality. He says among men, women and children.

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Usually when we talk about oppression, when we talk about weak, you know, population, who comes to our mind, we talk about children, talk about the ladies talk about the older people, but when Allah subhanaw taala include the entire population, men, women, children, even the men are unable to defend themselves that's how bad the situation is. So Allah says, you stand for justice for these for these, this population. Those who lost hope with from everybody lost hope of humanity, and the only hope for them to find help is from Allah subhanho wa Taala which is why they make their DUA and that's when they say, Allah Who Robina origina min Hadeel Korea Allah take us out drive us out from

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this town of oppressive people avoid me Allah. wa Jalla Melaleuca Walia wa Jelena Melaleuca no zero. And then I'm gonna do claudia, from amongst you. You're allowed a sign for us a protector assigned for us a helper because we gave up on these people. So when they said a value me I know why they're asking to be taken out of that, that because the sooner of Allah subhanaw taala. When there is so much oppression, so much oppression, any place what happens? Allah as a as a subject that that that town to destruction, especially at that time, wherever a town that it becomes too oppressive. Allah subhana subject that the oppressors to punishment so they were asking your Allah we know that your

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wrath is going to come upon these people. So take us out of that time before this happen.

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Like any destruction could happen to them your Allah will want you to be the one to be taken out. What Jelena Mila dunkery Magellan I'm gonna do kind of sera assign for us someone who can guide us on

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Welcome protectors, that's a call for leadership because many situations of this, this population don't have a proper leadership to take them out of that misery Subhanallah and also of course the ultimate help comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala in different ways, so that's the DUA that these people are making. Inshallah we're going to make the drop but then Isagen and repeat the other drug barakaatuh Bismillah.

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AR AR burner origina minha the hill Korea,

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Allah, Allah

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wa jal Nana Mila donco Walia

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watch on Lana Mila drunkeness zero

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Robina Regina minha Hill Korea

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Allah lemme Allah

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wa jal Lana mil lagoon coerulea

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wotja Alana Mila dune Canarsie ra

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of Ghana origina minha the hill Korea Allah Allah may Allah wa Nana mill dune coerulea wa jal Lana mil lagoon Canarsie Rob,

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Rob Birna Mark Alok Bartylla

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Subhanak fortina governor

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of Ghana in neckerman to the hidden

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fact aka zeta

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wema little Lolly mean I'm an unsolved

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Robina in Nana, Samana

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Mona Dion you know the real Iman

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and you know Bureau become firemen

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are gonna fall for Lana. The Reuben Walker for Ron say

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what our phenomena abroad

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Rob burner.

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Ma tena

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Allah Rasool ik wala to Xena yo multi ama

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in Nicola to coloful me,

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Robin for Lana Don Obinna

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was rough and Alfie Andrina

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one Solna hola como el kheir Furin

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Robina Munna Bhima and Zelt

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what Ivana Rasool

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for tuna Masha, headin

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Rabbana Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta Samuel Eileen

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Allahumma inna now the vicar was a Rihanna min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Rabbana have Alana

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Mila Donkor the Rio Tinto Yeva

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in Naka, semi

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Allah Houma Malik al Mulk

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to the milkman Tushar

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one zero animal commandment or SHA,

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what was Amantha Sha?

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What are the lumens or SHA?

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Be radical higher.

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In Nicola collision Kadir.

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Two reach will lay love in the heart

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for tourism in the heart of a lion

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or toccata jewel Hi MNL made

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for tourists will may yet I mean and high

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water is a command Tushar will be replaced

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Rob burner in Montana further for Lana don't Obinna

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Joaquina we're not

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gonna lie to the Kullu gonna

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bother it had Atana

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will have Alana medulla Doom Kurama

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in Africa until Wahab

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Robina in Naka Jamia nurse

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laomi Lara Buffy

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in Nicola to holophone me

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Robina Semyon our Atlanta

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of Rana Cara burner.

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Were illogical Mercier

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Robina LA to hidden in Siena of Tana

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Robina wala Malala inna Israa

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cameltoe Allah Allah danamon Commelina

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or burner wala to her Milna Mala Takata Lana

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Wa for Anna. Walford, Lana were Hamner and thermo learner.

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Fun SORNA Coleman Katherine.

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Rob burner. Everest Allah inna sobre

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was a bit awkward Domina

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one Solna Adela Coleman Catherine

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Robina Tina duniya hacer una

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Avila harati hacer una

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Okina other Banagher

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in La La we're in Isla urogen

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Hola, I'm Jonah famously Bettina.

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Waterkloof Lana Hiram minha

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Robina Taco Bell Mina

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in Naka, Anta semi alim

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or Birna wa jal Muslimeen Allah

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women Maria Tina

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Omata Muslim at alette

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What arena mana second?

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Were to ballerina

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in the wobble Raheem

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Robina watch on Fina. My yet Lu Allah inna

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attic while you are live on Al Kitab al Hikmah

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while US Akina

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in Africa Angela Aziz will Hakeem

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Rob Berger al hurdle Bella the Amina

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what zoeken Amina Thammarat

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wha Hello Whoa, man, I'm Anna minhang Billa he will yo mille Acker.

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Allah Who Medina Surat Al Mustafa in

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Sirata Medina Nam Tala and

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viral Mavado be Allah him.

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What are the LIN

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Amin Abranet Spinalonga 100 shows