Why Did The Prophet (PBUH) Marry Aisha Young

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The Prophet (PBUH) married his wife, Aisha (RA), at a young. Nowadays, getting married at such an age is seen from a different perspective. What was the reason for the Prophet marrying Aisha at a young age? Shaykh Hasib Noor answers.

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The speaker discusses the concept of adulthood and how it relates to the age of the beast. They explain that the concept of adulthood is different from the modern one, which is related to the time before the 17th century. The speaker also discusses the age of the beast and how it relates to the time period before the beast.

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Why did the Prophet solo audio Selim marry I shall have the Lionheart at such a young age.

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Well, first thing we need to ask is who told us that I shall the Langham married the prophet SAW Selim at this particular age, it was I shall the Alon herself, who told us that she married the prophets, Eliza and took him as her husband. And not only that, we need to look at the holistic relationship between the prophets, I send them and this young woman I shall the Lionheart, who described the beautiful manners of the prophesied setup and how he was as her husband. Secondly, what is very, very important for us to understand is our concept of adulthood. And what it means to be of age to marry is something that is contemporary, which we're looking at history and judging it

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by, whereas the concept of adulthood is something that changed and is vastly different from the modern concept that we have, to the extent that up to the 12th century, the Catholic Church was very normal for them to wed of 12 years and younger. And not only that, the American colonies, like a woman like by the name of Mary Hathaway, who married in 1689, married at the age of nine others, it was very normal, even in America in the 17th century, to be wed before the age of 12, from nine to 12. And this was something very normal in America, even in the United States today, that the age of consent in some states is 15 with parental consent, to the extent that this concept of adulthood is

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something that society decides from time to time, and is situational, and that is why in our time in our generation, and even in our society, what it means to be an adult of age is vastly different from the time before us. And this is why it was completely normal in the society of the prophets lie Selim to marry eyeshadow the line Hmm, to the extent that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his own daughter will play out on the lawn her married at the age of nine, and this is something that no one discussed, no one attacked to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and no one attacked his character until the past 100 years of human history, not even the people in his time, because it was

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a norm in human history that people marry and find themselves of age as adults and consenting to marry at that.