Yaser Birjas – Keeping Promises After Death March 3rd 2012

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fulfilling promises in Islam, including giving money to anyone who promises. They also mention the importance of keeping promises and not giving them up. The speaker suggests that the prophets of Islam may have caused people to feel embarrassed and fearful, leading to anxiety and fear.
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Have a lot of means a lot of

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detail to

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the book of good manners

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chapter on fulfillment of promises part of my job in the love that I'm currently an abuse of a lot on a personal level Khadija I'm honored by right to the heart that our heart and our heart

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The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said to jab jab Raja Lata I'm one of them companions at the time of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam the messenger Obama one time he told him he says that when the revenues of Bahrain are received, I shall give you such and such and such he basically didn't tell him how much as much as I'm gonna give you that money I'll give you a lot Don't worry about it. So I see that the profits are awesome at that time was given the people of course so Jarrod Dylan was there and he said don't worry when I once I received inshallah the goods and the treasures and the riches of Bahrain, I'm gonna ship you so much, I'm going to be off the

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mountain but hurry.

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The profits or loss, he passed away before the revenues were received. So he died before Javelin got what promises and promises. fella had different Magic Mountain behind when these revenues have arrived. And Dave was already horrified down the place.

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physician in Toledo right now, what he did on the long term, da da da, da da da da da

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da he gave the order to call the people to announce my

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son in law is to send an ADA to an outdated failure, Tina, and if the purpose of us that I promised anyone with anything, or the prophet SAW said I'm owed one anything should come to him to overcome.

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So if anyone he was telling the people, anyone who promises and promised with anything, or the prophets of Allah, I will send an

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E basically your professor symposium and I think come I will cover that for you. color code 242. So I came to our Casa de pavo.

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Alliance, elephant colony,

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messenger of Allah that day, he said, I'm going to give you so much. He said he's going to give me so and so on our agenda for half an hour, the half yet on the allotted time.

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But he did.

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He just he collected basically whatever. And he gave it to him. He says he gave me a handful a handful of money given to me is like grab something like this. It says take this condom.

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That's Parliament when I was thinking of this.

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You're talking about a lot of money

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that I was able to grab, just handful like this company in his hand that some and he gave it to john says Congress thought of added to Aveda assumption, I can't there were 500 these are several points. So there were 500 Grandpa, phones, Miss Lee said, Take double that twice. Which means you give him 1500 1500 said take twice as much amount as

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so he just put 15 months in terms. Of course back then which a lot of money, a

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lot of money talking about a lot of money. But the point on this Heidi, about kidney promises and fulfilling these promises, is

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when the prophet SAW Salem passed away, when you assume that all these promises are

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obviously gonna fulfill that. But it was faithful to them

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a lot. And he made sure that even the professors and passed away and his pumps be fulfilled.

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So he calls the people, anyone who has promised from the prophet SAW Salah come and take

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care of course in our time it applies to us. If you have a parent, and then you know that your parents they promised people something or they owe people some money, then it will be your responsibility to make sure that you fulfill the promise of your parents, that you pay back the debts that they owe. Also, if you have someone that you love so much, you can close keeping the promises your spouse for example, eventually, even after that that's a thing after that promises can still be kept and can be fulfilled.

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Death does not mean the end of these promises. If someone who comes after them can fulfill these promises, they should love that

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and it goes

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The question is about

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time when the prophet SAW said he did not want to praise other gentlemen for someone because of that.

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Then he said have Somali the Salafis Abu Qatada della sola, you pray for him and I'll pay I'll take care of the students or the north to the north. So then, every time the COVID meets the man, he says, What happened to the north? Did you pay them? we sped them up is Nigeria jasola Not yet Not yet until finally he paid them off, then the promises are unavoidable. Now his skin is cooling down. So the question is, does this happen to the profits of Muslim doubt? The answer is absolutely not.

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What happened to the prophets of Allah for many reasons, and the bottom line for this added added understanding, this is about someone who takes loans and he never has an intention to pay that that's what you know, some people this just keep taking money and they never, they never made sure I made serious arrangements to pay back. So if this this person dies, that's the one that might be subject to this function.

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When you're in trouble, if your skin is burning, I presume that you're getting extremely hot right? Well, I guess that's because you're getting anxious and afraid and sauce, eventually, you your body, start reacting to this. And that's why it's a feeling warmer, does it feel kind of frayed you're feeling embarrassed, shine, blood goes up and so on. Because of that, perhaps a lot

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