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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges faced by parents in providing school for children to learn Islam, emphasizing the importance of providing children with the right information to make them safe and productive, as it is crucial for children to have a strong education. They also emphasize the need for parents to have the knowledge and knowledge to make it safe for their children to learn schooling, and emphasize the importance of learning the Quran and the value of living in a healthy environment. The speakers emphasize the need for students to practice and practice their knowledge to build a legacy and show love to oneself to benefit their family and community.
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I'm Christina sejahtera Marina Maria de La Paloma de la

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La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Abdul hora Sula. Yeah you're Latina mana taco la haka Takata bola de moto nylon to Muslim moon yeah you're not

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about someone who managed to manisa tabula rasa

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in America and Alec motiva yeah you

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know, Colin said either use the

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opposing Halima

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Alameda de la and not Santa Clara cunnamulla

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Mohammed and so on sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata La la la, la la la la, la semana de la MADI brothers and sisters,

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my dear brothers and sisters, the winter rate is almost over. And if your kids have not gone to school, yet, they're coming, they're going back to school very soon inshallah.

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For many parents, it's a blessing because the kids now they're going to go back to school, and they will have enough time in the morning. So they could relax or do whatever they want to do. When kids around the house, it's too much for them. For others, it's a big challenge.

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It's a big and a huge challenge. Because they know when they send their kids, specifically the public school, and although sometimes these days, even in Islamic schools, it's a huge challenge to send your children and just stay there and feel safe, that your kids are having the best education. And they learn in the best of luck and manners. It's a dream for every single parent to have a school where they feel safe when they send their kids to that they will learn the right thing, both in terms of in terms of knowledge, in terms of healing practices. Some of you may not even be married yet.

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So they think this is not even relevant to them. Sooner or later. You're going to face it. How many parents I have been have been asking me they're calling me young couples don't even have children. And they're asking, Where do you think should we move to which community? We are looking for a good community in Charlottetown? I said, Why are they looking for good communities. And when they define communities, they're talking about religious services for themselves and to the children.

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And some young couples who have children hunger, love, the moment the child start approaching the age of schools, that's when they start taking things seriously. That's when they stop thinking twice and thrice before even purchase a house or moving anywhere else. Why? Because they know how serious it is when you move. You need to have to need to have services for yourself or for your children. You need to make sure that when you're at work, and handler, you deserve to be taken care

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that when you're there, you're working hard to provide for living, at least that hunger, your spouse is enjoying their time, safely in that community. That's what many people look for. And one of these important aspects is providing knowledge and trivia for ourselves and our children. Many people they look for their own for the knowledge. And they look for the tail via the environment, where themselves for themselves and their children where they can go safely and learn how to practice their Deen, hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen without any harassment, without any hardships or difficulties, that's what people look for. But my point is lm is very, very important. You know,

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when these parents they asked me,

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What is the best community to go to? So what exactly you're looking for? So we're looking for the best schools. I said, What do you mean by best schools? What do you do? How did you find that? What do you know, we want to send our kids to schools and shallow data so they can have good Islamic education, they can monitor for it to learn this, they could learn that and said, What about you?

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You as a parent, as an adult,

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every single parent, every single parent would have hope and they would wish their children to be called and they

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don't choose you. They would love to have that problem in your head on a day of Judgment at your child memorize the Quran, who's gonna do that? We always think that the Muslim community responsible to provide a service for

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every parent would love to know that their child had handed them

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Learning how to make the rule to perform their follow up make their car without being forced into doing this, every parent would wish to have their children doing that. Again, the question, who's going to do that for you, we always expect a community to provide the service for us. As parents, we don't think of ourselves as the primary provider of knowledge and television for our children. And that's one of our biggest mistakes.

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As a parent, if you want to have your child have a look around the world.

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If you want your child to wake up to do keyamo, late at night, do it first. If you want your child to maintain the sooner of God and memory of undershot, every single Salah, you need to do that first. If you want your child to wake up, without the troubles, that they set the alarm to wake up for fetches and they want to come to the masjid. If you want your child to do that, you need to start doing that first.

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And if you don't have the proper aim and knowledge for it as an adult, as a parent, you have to work so hard and acquiring knowledge.

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Knowledge is very important.

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To have that knowledge is very important. It's one of your primary obligation as Muslims during the loss of how long what the Allah says.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Oman, you have the knowledge that there is no god but one. It's not just having faith or belief blindly. Allah has commanded you to have the knowledge to learn how to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala to learn how to believe in the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now La ilaha illa Allah not just believe me this have faith, no have the knowledge that there is no god but alone. You have the knowledge for them and Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah was so fully done, then you seek forgiveness for your sins. You have the knowledge first, before anything else. How much do you know about how much important the realm is to you? You're not going to last How long was the other bearded man? The first man Allah Subhana Allah Allah bestowed his favor upon mankind for the words with the M and the knowledge. Didn't he says hello to Allah. Alright man. He is the Most Merciful for what? Allah? Allah Malappuram he taught the Quran, first of all Allah Quran, he taught

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the Quran colophon in son created man, nobody knew him. What did he do to him? I lemma when

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he taught him?

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And what is unban? Is it just the elements of speech? Is it how to talk? How to Understand? Or is it the whole concept of learning and knowledge? That's what makes us different from animals.

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That's what makes us difference between between the human beings and the animals a llama will prey on that is one unique quality. Did you acquire that ban in your life?

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Or is it just a llama Hold on, you know how to decide.

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You decided that for and knowing how to decide the plan is one thing. But learning the Quran is another thing.

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To know how to read is one thing, but learning what is there in the Quran. That's another thing. That's what Allah subhana wa Taala says, As Allah.

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Children they now look and ponder over the ayat and the verses of the Quran. That is what is required for me and you to look deeply into the meanings

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of the Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala bestowed his favours upon mankind and humans at the time of the creation of Adam. When Allah created Adam, when a lock is Adam, it's all the angels subhanho wa Taala that I will be created this

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was part of a book in America in the Journal of Allah subhanho wa Taala sets of angels and he will put down on this earth of halifa like a representative on Earth.

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They were surprised I didn't ascend down there on this earth may use to the POS we could demand we're going to create a lot of corruption, a lot of bloodshed. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the item

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I know what you do not know.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala told the angels about this creation. I know so many things you don't know.

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One great, unique quality and what was that one

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He gave Adam the knowledge of all things. And what does that exactly mean? Is it just the names of items?

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Is it just the name of things, the volume of the tree, the seeds were beyond naming things. It's way beyond that is the ability to learn. It's the ability to recognize, and you can put things together. I mean, for the angels, they only do what they've been commanded to do. But for humans, they can construct knowledge on their own, make choices separate from the angels. And that's what made you different.

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Call on what

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I know about this question, what you don't know. And then what he taught me the name of all things and how to understand recognize all these things. Allah subhanho wa Taala calls the angel Okay, now you told me what are these things?

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From Chanukah law in Medina, Illa. Allah, Allah, we have not, we don't have that knowledge except the knowledge that you have given us. And when he called Adam and Adam,

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let them know, tell them.

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So he puts out them in a position higher than the level of the angels at that moment,

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higher than the angels. And that's why they says upon those who acquire the level of knowledge, they become at the level of the angels, perhaps even higher than the level of the entities

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level of knowledge.

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And when you don't, you go down to the level of less than even you. That means that people just completely disregard the knowledge. they desire, they just only they're comfortable with their ignorance, and they only follow their desires. When they follow their desires and instincts. What does that make them

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don't make them complete humans as they're supposed to be.

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Because your route and just your body and soul of you have to provide for the soul and understanding the essence of life. And the essence of this creation more than just follow the desires. So if you don't follow that level of you falling behind, and if you fall way behind, perhaps you will match the level of even not even so humans, the animals. Just follow the desires. That's why the enemy is very important.

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Even Allah subhanho wa Taala favorite dodoma among the animals were then humans build an accident and then I'm educated animals. There are lots of power on what the author says about a slave hunting to Alamo nama Allah to lock the whenever to send the animals for hunting. Allah subhana wa tada made a difference between Allah Allah, Allah, the animal that is trained, and the non trained animal, unable to austrane you eat from what accounts for you. And if it wasn't trained, you cannot eat promoted honks for you. The Holy Mother said, even even with animals, this shows you the side this is the status of knowledge. It even raises the status of animals upon Allah. Now humans, of course,

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before the lions, they have already had that status of being higher than animals before the layer. That is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But it's by choice that humans they allow themselves to drop down to that level, or by choice, that they allow themselves to go up to a higher level until they even they surpass perhaps the level of some engines.

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Knowledge is very, very important.

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But what are we talking about, I guess you know, already what I'm talking about here, particularly. And

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this is important about the element that would qualify as intelligence gathering that makes you understand your position, your relationship with your Creator, subhanho wa Taala. And the item that can help you recognize your status or relationship with the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it will show me There is no doubt there are other forms that are also also recommended. Be the teacher becoming a lawyer or a doctor or engineer, whatever that you do, this is good. This is all good

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knowledge. But how many of us hear this message even how many of us here have acquired a degree in Islamic education?

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versus those who have acquired the knowledge degree in some other education? So how would it come to stomach education? It seems that people is completely oblivious. There is a requirement for me regardless have a degree or not. And many of us they think that the primary in basic education, the methods are sufficient. So when you come and listen to the halaqa because of the zoom out of the southern Russia, oh, just reminder out of quarter here and then we think this is you know,

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it's good. But that's not enough.

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Just like you had to go through a lot of training in order to become what you have become in terms of career and education and skills, you also need to put yourself in some sort of discipline to learn the deen of Allah subhana wa and what

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you have to put yourself in that position, sharpen, sharpen, Malou the service of knowledge is dependent on the status of the thing that you learn and know is the subject and the subject of

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the religious education. If that subject of religious education is a loss of honohan with Allah, the Messenger of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and the deen of Allah azza wa jal Can you really compare this to any other form of MOS

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regardless how much you view the other forms of knowledge to be great, can never can match or even close to knowing about Allah subhana wa tada the Messenger of Allah and the name of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala when it comes to knowledge, and those who acquired knowledge, and the reason it was sell them, he said that they acquired the earth I mean, this is the legacy of the MDR Kala in

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Alabama, what are the lamblia that means the scholars knowledgeable people, they are the earth the prophets were in Milan via Allah to denominado. Herman

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they have never did that on a map them via and the prophets, they didn't leave behind money or Well, what do you even check what the prophet SAW Allah said left behind was nothing in terms of Julian materialistic was nothing and even whatever he left behind Salatu was Salam Allah in terms of Judea, it went into charity.

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But what he left for the oma, for me, and you even until the day of judgment, he left a legacy that each and every one of us have an access to. And he says, What in what they left behind knowledge, and

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whoever grabs that element, if you get it in your hand, after that, you have that one, you have taken a great deal, which have taken something great in your hand, if you ever require any knowledge, ever the law, whatever you work for in this dunya these are things that will stay behind you or go ahead and do whatever you do. If you want, if you're focused on the dounia, you can only leave it behind you. And we focus on the ACA, it goes ahead of you. And that's when the visa lottery

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and Coca Cola when the son of Adam dies, when you when you die, in photo ama your book of this will come to an end elemental as except for three things. And one of these the things that he missed and salani will send them as sort of

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color elements into

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your answers all the knowledge that is beneficial.

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If you are male officer to have you will die today or tomorrow.

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What knowledge did you leave behind? Anything people will benefit from and

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what? What knowledge? Did you teach anyone?

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And also, didn't you?

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Have you ever taught anyone to discharge kololo? Have you learned such read yourself? That when you decide to Google for last dollar, you'd be happy that you decided the way it was revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And then you thought it to your children, and then you participate in the method? Have you learned

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how we learn this so we can leave a legacy behind the law, when it comes to time and knowledge is one of the signs of this. That the process of licenses on the development until the day of judgment. There will always be a group of people that will find

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inside a group of the oma so they want to live with money.

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They will never be harmed by those those go against

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the law. He said Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to the level

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of Allah subhana wa tada was good for anybody. It will give them the understanding and the speed, which means they learn, they would learn or they just like I said, I'll bang. That understanding, not just the technical knowledge itself. Most of us we no longer had it and hamdulillah.

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But if you ask yourself, how much of what you really practice

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and how much of what you practice, you really preach and invite other people to sort of delete the legacy behind you about the lunch. When it comes to knowledge. It is crucial. So importantly,

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I will have to take it seriously. will lie This is a very serious subject.

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It's a very serious subject. And this could raise you degrees higher than what you can imagine. On the day of judgment. There are a lot

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upon whether this is your high level Latina,

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Latina mucho El Mirage, there are lots of hands on whatever is high in rent

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those among you who have

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believed in the last panel with the other end and knowledge purism into Iran.

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So if you would like to increase your estimate they have just needed to have that solid amount of scalability

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and scalability has also be accompanied with working with knowledge. That's why less is

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If you really believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala if you truly have that email and believe in Allah azza wa jal has the knowledge that you demand is true and strong. It's genuine. Learn more about this akula kolyada

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Guru in the world

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Alhamdulillah herbal alameen wa sallahu wa barakaatuh Nabina Muhammad Ali was seldom at the Sleeman kathira to my mother, mother, brothers and sisters, there is no doubt Allah Subhana Allah says clearly, polyester will live in Alabama.

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Are they equal? Those who know and those who don't know?

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Are they equal those who have the knowledge? And those who don't have the knowledge? The answer is obvious. even answer the question.

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He did not even answer the question. Why? Because it's obvious. It's very clear. What capper Ville elomi. charlatan, and yet very human.

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It's, you know, honor and standards for knowledge to be claimed by those who don't have it.

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How many people would have told them? No, that's not true. They insist that they know. Why is that? Because it's an honor to know that is shut up and that he would have the knowledge.

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And enough is enough, is not disgrace for for ignorance, and even the one who is immersed in ignorance, they always tried to disassociate themselves from it. No, no, no, no.

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That's enough. To show the status of our own understanding of animals, no one loves to be called an ignorant.

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But everybody loves to be called Mashallah.

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Even if they have nothing.

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They love to be called Allah, or at least they have the knowledge about something. That's enough.

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So why aren't we seeking that honor? Why don't we pursuing enough of the honor every single day, and every single evening, you know, living in America, it's tough and hard to seek knowledge. And I know that I know that you guys when you have when you have to work from six o'clock in the morning until maybe eight, nine in the afternoon or evening at night. Some even have very hectic schedule. I remember, however, will lie that's not an excuse.

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That's not an excuse. If you know that you have to have all these difficult hours. You need to wake up half an hour early. So you could do something and learn something new before you go to work.

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You need to have a lunch break so that you could charge your email on your own. You have to do something you have to do something you have by any mean to find a way for you to come and learn opportunities for learning or not so many everywhere. At home, the Learning Community over here. And Mr. Richardson, you guys are one of the most established communities in the Metroplex. I don't know if you guys know that.

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You are one of the most established communities in the Metroplex over here, one of the oldest Mashallah very well established, and you are aware as many other communities around you, you've been blessed with the moms Mashallah like your mom used to, but also you have a sofa over here, you have many, many teachers and scholars who will come for you to learn from them. I know that you

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know what we supposed to go after and have it not wait for knowledge to come to us

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to be even pampered via that herb is coming to its comes to you and has given you opportunities to learn during the day in the afternoon and evening and all so you have lots of opportunities to increase your knowledge. Do not miss this opportunity. My dear brothers and sisters. And if you want your children to be knowledgeable, you need to be one first. You need to be that example for your children first, and if you say I'm too busy, one day inshallah that's going to happen mega shift for me, oh my god, it's okay. But that doesn't make you knowledgeable.

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You have to take the action. And just like in the order before that says that kind of deca have Lumosity also for if you are going to ship them. We will deca first will HCA first loser Nana Robin

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when it's fall, it's too dry too windy, it's rainy. I cannot take note. When it's winter is too cold. I cannot stay in the middle is too cold for me when it's summer alarm standards are too long. It's too hot in Texas, when it's spring time for the patients dealing with the children out and so on. When on earth are you going to them?

00:25:26 --> 00:25:42

What are you going to take that break to come and learn? You have to make an intervention or live and make time and come and learn so you could benefit yourself first and foremost. And then benefit your family to show love to Allah and then you benefit your community. A lot.

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A lot.

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A lot more.

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A lot.

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Sorry, I'm

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sorry. What is conversion? de la llamada de Luna maybe Yeah, you

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know Mohammed

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One sells the harbortouch marine

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layer material.

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