Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P09 095D Tafsir Al-Araf 159-168

Taimiyyah Zubair
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woman called me Musa, and from the people of Musa on Mattoon are a nation, a group. Yeah Duna they take guidance, they remain guided will help me with the truth will be he and with it yard alone, they established justice. Allah subhanaw taala is making clear to us that all of the Yehudah are not the same. There are some from the people of Musa alayhis salam who remain upon the truth. And with the truth, they establish justice, because in the previous IR what was mentioned that oh people believe in who Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we see that over the years, while the majority of the people of musasa, meaning the Bani Israel until today, they have been far from right

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guidance in the sense that they have rejected many prophets. Are you solid sunnah? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But there have always been some people amongst them who did believe in the Hulk as it came to them. So for instance, amongst them there were people who remained upon the truth, and they believed in a starless. There were people who remained on the truth and who believed in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it's best not to generalize the people it doesn't mean that they don't believe in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and they follow the Torah so they're Unhak know how is what believing in Muhammad Sallallahu what is what believing in the Quran believing in

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all of Allah's Kalama Wakata in our home and we divided them, meaning the hood, the Bani Israel. Now again back to where the Bani Israel were in the desert, you remember that 70 of them were taken to offer formal apology. When they die, they were revived, they were sent back. They had the Torah to follow. Then what happened? Well, Cathar now home we divided them the Bani Israel because they were just basically a crowd right now. Right? Just imagine they had escaped for their own a crowd of people, no organization nothing. And you see where there's no organization amongst people, that is where problems arise. And this is why Salman he was able to make a cough and lead people astray. If

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the people were organized divided into groups and each group had a leader, then such problems would not arise. This is why we have the whole class divided into groups because then what would happen? One person is not showing up for five weeks. At least there's someone to ask you, did you do your lesson? Are you going to sit where your test or not? Where were you this past class? So this is the reason why a huge crowd is divided into groups for the purposes of organization. Okay, so we're Katerina home, if not they are shorter 12 us Belton groups tribes Omen as nations as belt florala. Sit what does it mean grandson literally means grandson. Now as Bob is used for the tribes of Bani

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Israel, why?

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Because when we're Bani Israel, they were the descendants of the 12 sons off Dr. Coburn s&m. So what were they then? his grandchildren? Okay, so this is why the word SBAC was used for the tribes of Bani Israel. And they were Omen, omen florala Alma, meaning each group was like an omega. And this just shows to us how many there were about on omega. And remember, we learned elsewhere, that each group also had a Naki a leader. Whoa, Hanaa Illa Musa, and we reveal to Musa is when is this all who call mobile? His people asked him for water. Is this awful? We have done this word earlier what it is does, Musa you remember? So when his people asked him for water were in the desert. Because

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remember when they came to the desert, they didn't bring with them water bottles, right? And there was a Red Sea. I don't know if you can drink that water but they needed water. Basically they were in the middle of the desert. So the people asked Musar isn't for water. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed to Musa SNM and that Ilive you strike be Asaka with your staff alhaja the rock. So Musa said I'm good that he took his staff, he hit the rock from budget set, then it gushed forth. embed yourself is from the gym scene and embed yourself is basically when water gushes out of a very small and narrow place.

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Okay, small and narrow, please. Has it ever happened that water is leaking from somewhere and you're wondering where's this water coming from? Where is the source

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And then you keep cleaning, cleaning cleaning until you figure out oh, it's coming from this narrow crack. It's coming from this tiny hole.

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So this is what embed USA means when water gushes out from a very tight, narrow, small place. So from Buddha said men who from that big rock Water gushed out from where if Natta are shorter 12 I Amen springs. So 12, tiny, tiny springs and water is flowing out of it. What's the benefit of water flowing out from a tiny spring?

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Or from a tight, narrow, small place? Yes.

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More water pressure, okay. Yes, it doesn't get flooded, the area doesn't have flooded because you see the water is coming out from a tight place. It's coming slowly and gradually. Okay, when it's coming slowly and gradually, then it can be taken easily by the people. Because if it was coming, coming coming, imagine 12 springs. Can you imagine the flood? Can you imagine the chaos and the people slipping and hurting themselves? So

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it's not a rational thought, right? Tarina other Alima In fact, he knew certainly he knew who could loan us and every people meaning every group of people, every tribe, they knew my Shaba whom they're watching, please, we have done all these words before. This is why I'm just literally reading through the ayah. So all people knew exactly which spring was there's 12 tribes 12 springs, so that people are not fighting over it over the water, well, let alone and we shaded or lay him upon them Allama the cloud because they were in the desert. So Allah subhanaw taala sent a cloud over them to shade them constantly. Has it ever happened that you're in a plane, and you see the clouds under you

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beneath you, and then you see the shade of the clouds? Has it ever happened?

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So imagine a cloud was constantly suspended over them so that they would be in the shade. This is all happening in the desert. And obviously this is after the people had worshipped the calf. Well, unzila and we sent down our lay him upon them Ullman, Noah Salwa, the man and the Salwa Kulu. Allah said to them eat man lay you batty models. Now come up the good things that we have provided you eat freely easily. These are good things. But what happened? They did.

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How did the Bani Israel do when

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they said we're bored of this man and Salwa we want something new. We want something else we want to eat, what other people eat. And it is also said that they were told not to store any of that food because every day they were given fresh, fresh meals were provided. But they said, Oh, but what if we don't have any food? So they kept taking, taking taking and storing it? And what happens when we store food like that?

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It goes bad. And when it goes bad, it's gonna go waste. All right? So Allah says, well, mela Mona when they were deprived of that food eventually because of their wrongdoing, Allah did not do the work on them. While lacking but can or they were unforce of meals on the moon they were doing well. On themselves. They deprive themselves of these niram What is and when Taylor it was said LA home to them was Kulu you are live dwell were heavy Hill, Korea, this city, this town, because remember that the Bani Israel had come out of Egypt to go were back home to Jerusalem. So once they were almost crossed the desert, they were told to enter the city and we learned about this earlier. When Musa

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Salam he told the people he told me the whole herbal mocha desert allottee Khattab Allahu La calm enter the city which Allah has decreed for you. But what did they say? In a V Ha, Coleman de Bertie, there are some tyrants strong, mighty people living over here. We're not going to enter until they leave. They were told, enter fight, and you will win. But what did they say? We're sitting right here oh Musa, you and your Lord go fight. Let us know when the coast is clear. And we will come. Basically they refuse to cooperate. So what happened and Musa listen He made door to Allah that Allah Allah I can't deal with these people anymore separate me from them. So soon after that Masada

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Salam, he died. And then years later, years later, under the leadership of you sharp unknown, the Bani Israel when that entire generation was replaced, basically, okay, then they entered the city, but they were given the command such a long time ago. So what if P than a home was going to have the hill Korea? Go live here? This is your home. What do you know and you eat

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Mila from it Hey, the shutdown wherever you will mean this whole place is halal for you. You live here this is your home. But when you're entering remember to say we'll call you and you should say help out on what does that mean? Forgiveness? What the Hulu and you enter Alibaba the door so Jada frustrating floral website, it doesn't mean that you do search then crawl what it means is it humble way like the Prophet said about us. And when he entered into Makkah, how did he enter how he was so humble that His beard was touching the camel saddle. He was so humble, so low in his posture, with humility. So they were told that when you enter the city, enter, asking Allah for forgiveness, and

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enter with humility. If you will do that, no, Fiddler can hardly decode we will forgive your sins hopefully as plural of hopefully, we will forgive you for everything that has happened so far. Sin is even more sinning. And Allah's promises what that we will increase for those who do arson, because how does that will your sanity in learson know, if a person does extra good, he will be shown extra good. So beg forgiveness, enter with humility, and Allah will give you abundantly but what happened? First of all, they refuse to enter. Secondly, after that entire generation was wiped out. Second generation. They were entering under the leadership of not a prophet but someone else

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his disciple. What happened when they entered? Instead of saying HIPAA, they said something else. Instead of entering the city with humility. They entered arrogantly, Allah says forbid the law so he changed and Medina wala Moodles who did wrong men home from them? What did they change colon a word, Leila other than a lady that which P LA LA home it was set to them. They were too old, say HIPAA. They change the word HIPAA into him. But what is hindpaw? Green? They're basically marking,

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marking it who Allah, the greatest Morrison on them, the one who saved them from slavery of their own.

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The one who rescued them, the one who gave them food and water in the desert and shared, give them a leader so kind as Musa alayhis salam.

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They marked at Allah. They marked at the words of Allah. Allah told them say they said Himba they changed it. And instead of entering with humility, we learned elsewhere that they entered with pride and arrogance sliding on their buttocks on their behind. Just imagine that Allah to Allah surrender with humility. We're not going to do that. We're going to do the exact opposite. Allah says for all Selena I lay him so we sent down upon the ridges Amina Sama, a filthy punishment from the sky plague be my clan we also Nemo because of the loan that they used to do. And you know what? We see over here that they were told, ask Allah forgiveness when you will seek forgiveness Allah will forgive

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you and He will give you more. When we make dua many times we're hasty we raise up our hands and say, Hello, please help me yellow peas make me fast yellow please give me this, please give me that. We don't say Allah, please forgive me. If you say hello, Allah will also give you him.

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Okay, if you ask Allah for forgiveness, Allah will give you everything you want. But if you only say, the Allah dunya, dunya dunya, then you'll get nothing. Or you might just get some of the dunya and nothing else

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that Allah says was alone and ask them meaning as the people are a little earlier about the town, meaning about the people of the town, unlucky that which candidate was how little battery how little present meaning it used to dwell, the people used to live where Alba by the see the word how little how Llodra What does hombre mean? How long to be present, right? So how little one that is present. So basically, they used to reside by the sea.

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Now, after the Bani Israel eventually entered Jerusalem, even though they entered in a horrible way, but when did it enter and eventually their population it grew and it spread. Then what happened? This spread out and there was one community of the Bani Israel that used to live by the coast of the Red Sea. And these people, if they're living by the sea, obviously it is only expected that they were fishermen. Okay. And the city it has said that it was called a Lea

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Aliah and what did they do? Allah says you're doing a facility you're

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doona they transgress for civility in the matter of the Sabbath,

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Sabbath, Sabbath, Saturday, okay. And Saturday was the day of Sabbath meaning it was the day where the people would be cut off, they would keep away from any worldly engagement, any worldly action, and they would just occupy themselves with the worship of Allah. Even today, there are people who observe the Sabbath on Saturday. And because of that reason, they will not go to work. And because of that reason, they will not even press the buttons of the elevators. Okay. Why? Because it goes against the rules of the Sabbath. So no worldly work, nothing at all. Okay? They're supposed to be busy in the worship of Allah only. So, these people, what did they do? They are doing a facade they

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transgressed in the matter of the cyber, because obviously, it is difficult. Imagine if you're told before selecto tomorrow, you're not going to work.

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Can you imagine what people be able to follow that? No. Even the most observant Muslims would check their email, or at least attend a phone call from work or do one thing or the other. Why? Because it's too difficult. So it was very difficult to start with and it was made difficult. Why? Because of the sins of these people, because remember that when a person disobeys Allah, then he will have Marisha Wonka, he will have a miserable, difficult life to live, then the religion has made difficult for him to so they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath. What was their transgression? It is mentioned over here is that de him when it came to them, he died no one there

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fish return plural of hoot. They used to fish right. So the fish would come to them. Yo missa tee him on the day of their Sabbath. How should run Shavon openly Shavon is the plural of shadier from Sheila Irene, and it means visible, appearing coming near. So literally, the fish would be swimming by the coast. And sometimes we would even poke their heads out. Okay, swimming at the surface. And imagine how tempting it would be for those people. So they couldn't resist and what would they do? They started laying there, putting their necks on Friday, so that all the fish that come they could catch them on Saturday without doing anything, and on Sunday, they will take it out. So this was

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their transgression, they use trig deceit. We OMA and on day Leia spittoon, they would not have Sabbath letter T him it would not come the whole week. The cost would be empty. And on Saturday. Fish all over. All over how difficult Allah says cuddly Kinabalu home like this. We tried them why be mad? Can we have sukoon because of the sins that they used to come in.

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So you know when haram it becomes so tempting, it becomes so easy, it's right before you. Like literally all you have to do is just extend your hand and reach out for it. It's that easy for you. You know why?

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Perhaps there are some sins that we have been committing because of which unlawful has been made easy for us.

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Because we see that those who have the fear of Allah, those who obey Allah, that Allah protects them from sin, Allah saves them from disobeying Him. Allah saves them from disobeying Him. And when a person he sins than he is led to more sin, than sin becomes more enjoyable to him, he stumped to do it more and more and it becomes easy for him. So it's necessary that we beg Allah's forgiveness when we see the unlawful made easy for us. So Cavalli cannot blue won't be mad, can we have sukoon because of their sins, Allah subhanaw taala put them in this situation, when a verse and since then since become more easy and appealing, when a person is not contented with lawful, that Haram is

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opened up for him. Haram has opened up for him. So what happened when they were cheating in this way, putting the nets on Friday taking them out on Sunday? They were fishing but they were not really fishing. Obviously, this was not right. So there were some people amongst them who said you shouldn't be doing this. And then there were some other people who said something different. What if Bolat or Matosinhos? When a nation when a community amongst them? They said limitary Aluna? Why do you advise all manner of people? Allahu Allah Moloko one who's going to destroy them? Because you see their entire community was divided into three groups. One group of those who were the center's

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those who were fishing like this, putting the nets on Friday taking them out Sunday. The other group was of those people who said, Don't do that. This is cheating you

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The parameters, and the third group was who? The spectators, the ones were just watching. They weren't fishing themselves and they weren't even stopping others. Do you see something repeating again? Okay.

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So these people, the third group of spectators, the set to who the prohibited is those who were stopping? Why are you advising these people? Don't tell them to not do this, leave them on their own. You know why? Because Allah is going to punish them, Omar DeVoe, or he's going to destroy them, or he's going to punish them or they're going to demon severe punishment. So in other words, you're saying why you're taking your heart upon yourself? Leave them, let them be.

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And isn't this what people say today as well? someone's doing something wrong, and another advises them.

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What do these other people say? Let them be don't stop them. Let them have fun, the young

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look how difficult their life is already. Let them have fun. So they're saying limitary Luna Coleman. Hola. Hola, como Omar at the Mahadevan Shanita. Paulo. They said who said the second group, the perimeters, they said, Mara, Virata and Illa become, the only reason why we stopped them from fishing like this by cheating is so that we have an excuse before your Lord martyr the law I in the URL or the What does rather mean excuse excuse by because of which a person is forgiven? So they're saying, they replied that the only reason we stopped them from cheating is so that we have an excuse before Allah when Allah asks us, why didn't you stop them? We can say that he or Allah, we did try

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when I loaned me a taco, and perhaps they will fear Allah, you never know that might change their mind, listen. So why should we give up? So what do we learn over here that when someone is doing something wrong, and we might feel like you know what, it's their choice? It's their decision. Let them be, and they're going to hellfire anyway, what's the big deal?

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We should remember that Allah can ask us to, you knew you saw, why didn't you stop them? So what excuse will we have before Allah? What excuse will we have before Allah? Are we doing something to stop people from doing wrong? Or are we saying it's their choice? It's their life, I should not interfere?

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Well, I loamy at the cone. And the second reason why we must stop them is because they might listen. They might listen, they might understand. You know, sometimes we find a person steeped in sin, and we think they're too far. They're not going to change ever. But you know what, sometimes people are doing such serious evils because of pure ignorance. And because nobody has ever told them. I were once a sister. She mentioned to me about how she was in a wrong relationship. And she had no idea this was wrong. Don't be surprised there are Muslims who are like that, unfortunately, who don't know a thing about religion, or who don't realize how serious it is. And she said that one day she

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met some distant Auntie okay in a gathering. And when she found out she said, you should, you know, do is to Hara. She's like, what is that? She's like, you just pray to Nepal and ask Allah to show you if what you're doing is right or not. She said, I did that. And she said, Until then I felt no guilt about doing what I was doing. I didn't even realize it was wrong. And she's like, from that moment. I just had this feeling that what I'm doing is not right.

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And she walked away from that relationship, even though it was so difficult for her she walked away.

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And Allah subhanaw taala guided her so beautifully that it's amazing. But here is a person changing why? Because somebody told her better you should do is the Hora mightier you should pray to Allah just pray to nephila and ask Allah to show you if what you're doing is right or not. She didn't say La Hola. Hola, como. They live in Zina?

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Haram. This is what we do, right? We become so detrimental and we don't even realize, boy, they might not know. Nobody perhaps told her. Nobody told him. So they said Marlene Alton Ihlara become well our Lumia taco fella, man so but what happened? But when they forgot marucho behind that which they were reminded off, and J Now we saved Alladhina thosewho he and Hona. They used to forbid on a suit from the evil when they were reminded constantly, but they didn't listen, they forgot that somebody even ever told them

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I have to do this This is cheating. What happened to Allah saved? Only those people who forbid from the wrong will a husband and we seized a living alarm or those who did learn how they are there been but Eason with a punishment that was the East wretched evil miserable, be met can we have sukoon because of what they used to sin because of their sinning, because of their crossing their limits.

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Now, two groups are mentioned over here, those who stopped and those little, what about the third group who just watched? Allah subhanaw taala does not tell us about some scholar said that they were considered amongst who those who did well and others said they were forgiven. But all the two opinions would seem stronger is that they were considered part of Alladhina Allah because Allah describes two people here. One Yan honer in his suit those who forbade from the evil and secondly Allah in Nevada, and zone was of two kinds doing the wrong and approving of it being okay with it being indifferent to it philam Moto then when they were incident, I enter well, to exceed the limits

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to disobey arrogantly and defiantly follow moto I'm new who are and who from that which they were forbidden. Cool. Now we said law home to them. Kuno become perioada 10 horses in Terada apes kasi in the tested the Spiced the whole community of those people who cheated who use trickery, playing with the religion of Allah, trying to fool Allah. What happened, Allah turned them into IPs. The most accepted opinion is that they were transformed right there. And then Allah said Kuno kiloton ha seen and they were transformed. And they were able to recognize one another. Just imagine a person is turned into an ape. And he's able to recognize others and others are able to recognize him. Just

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imagine, and after three days, all of them died. Some people say that the present day.

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animals of this kind are the descendants of such people. That's not the case. This entire community it finished. After three days, Allah said, Kunal, Peridot, and ha seen.

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What's the lesson in this for us? Don't do wrong. And don't be silent in the face of it.

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disapprove of it, say it is wrong, stop others from it.

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Otherwise, we might be considered of those who do wrong.

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You see, every punishment that is given to anyone is similar to the crime that was committed. They played with the religion of Allah using tricks. We're fishing, we're not fishing, but yeah, we're kind of fishing. So Allah subhanaw taala inflicted a similar punishment upon them. You're a human, but you're not human.

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Right? Because an ape is very similar to a human being isn't a monkey very similar. Some features are almost identical. I mean, look at the hand, sometimes, you're amazed the face. The eyes, I mean, if you look at the eyes of a monkey, sometimes it looks like a human being almost this with slight changes, of texture of color, it will be a human being. So you see, they're played with the religion of Allah, and their features were played with. So you get what you do. You get what you do, you are treated in the way that you deal with others.

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What is the Athena Rob Booker, and when your Lord announced the Athena he announced he proclaimed meaning he made it very clear to the people lair burthen that surely he will definitely raise I lay him against them against to the bunnies for you, Eli Young will pm until the Day of Judgment, man who, meaning someone or the other who you assume or whom He will inflict upon them sue or evil olahraga torture, punishment. Why?

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Until the day of judgment, every now and then someone will be sent to inflict great torture upon them. Why? Allah says it none of Bukka indeed your Lord la Surya are surely swift in retribution. Were in the who and indeed he love a fool Rahim surely forgiving and merciful. What does this mean? That every now and then, because of the sins of these people, Allah will send upon them someone to buy

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I wish that someone to torture them why this is the punishment that Allah gives to them in this world. However, realize that Allah is also forgiving and merciful, which teaches us that if we are facing the consequences of our sins today, at the hands of others, we are being tortured. And I want you to think about as Muslims as a whole body, all over the earth. Everywhere we are suffering, we are bleeding, we are aching, everywhere we are bruised, we are injured. This could very well be a recompense for our sins. So what is necessary at this time, turning to Allah like Musala salaam turned forgive us, we have no one but you. And when a person turns to Allah like this, we're in the

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hula for over here, He is Forgiving and Merciful. Because no Quran Allah says that Allah will make the people test, minor punishment before the major punishment, why? Perhaps they will turn to the difficulties that are imposed on us. The difficulties that we face, they come upon us so that we will learn on our own we become humbled to Allah, we ask him for forgiveness, what Katarzyna whom, and we got them up, meaning we divided them who the bunny is to fill early in the earth, Oman, nations. If you think about it, Bani Israel, children off your Cobra Santa, they were initially were in Egypt, because that's where they grew. And then from there, rescued, brought to fearlessly, and

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then from there every now and then somebody or the other attacked them. And so to save their lives, they went all over the earth. This is how they ended up in Arabia. And this is how they ended up in places like India and all over the earth just to save their lives. This is how this spread, Allah says Men home from them are salehoo, the good ones. Amongst them, there are people who are good, and what makes a person good that when he sees the truth, he recognizes it, he accepts it, which is why we see that from the hood who were in Medina, when they met the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they saw him there were some who believed in him, men who will slowly Hone women home and from them doing

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Adeleke Other than that,

00:32:21 --> 00:32:25

what, let's not talk about it, Allah says other than that,

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if you start describing, it's upsetting. You know, it's like, when you want to explain about what someone has done, you're like, don't ask me. Don't ask me the words don't ask me are enough to tell you what a terrible thing they have done. So, dune Adeleke there other than that, they're not solid. well below now home and we test them. Bill has an Earth with the good things was the yard and the evil things meaning with good times and bad times with Fortune and misfortune with ease with difficulty with freedom with imprisonment, we test them through different ways why la la mujer de Rouen, so that they would return the turn back to Allah.

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I 270 mandate, the turn back to Allah begging for forgiveness. So what does this show to us that every time there is hacer una, there is a year? Why is it so that a person turns to Allah something good happens? A person is grateful. He worships Allah even more, something bad happens a person reflects on himself. What did I do that this is happening? And when he realizes or whether or not he realizes he begs Allah for forgiveness, law, law home, your own so that they would return? Now when we're reading these verses? Let's not just think about other people reflect on ourselves as well.

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Reflect on ourselves as well that perhaps the same kind of attitude has come within us. Good things happen. Bad things happen. We don't learn a lesson. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from that recitation. Well, I mean, call me Musa.

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Duna been healthy Wahby Oh

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woke up. Now almost nothing I short the US bow on

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we're okay

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that's all

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Oh, three may ask. Her don't

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just mean I shot

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my shoulder while one now move on.

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meal boys

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will now have Ala Moana

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what is

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more school grown on

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our Colome in her haste or she to more whoa

00:35:28 --> 00:35:32

whoa hit pot oh the whole

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black owned company

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boom son as he moves seni further levena wala

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warrior on the et la

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for all of a sudden

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will leave home was

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it cannot tell you

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enough is 70 to

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80 in short Why is the Dean paid down all meal my 17

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B tune Allah

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galley cannibal Bina

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what is all at

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home and

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all the rotten

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is through

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Jaina Levine ion Hello now on is through oh you are a levy you know what

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we're a hot levy you know what I moved beyond that

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home Furla

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time calls up well

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moons Oh

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Mecca Surrey on well known for walking Walk, walk home feel our way Oh mama minimal saw salehoo now I mean who's doing

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what Ilona

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Bill Hassan it was say ye de la.

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Subhan Allah. The Shadow Allah Illa illa Anta the stuff we will cover today

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