The Death of Sherdaad Khan Sirdar of Zimbabwe

Mufti Menk


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One of the Founders of Al Falaah Islamic Centre, a close friend and very strong pillar of support of Mufti Menk, passed away this morning in Harare, Zimbabwe. May Allah Almighty grant him Paradise. Aameen


AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of investing in one's life and avoiding worry and anxiety. It also touches on the meaning of "slack" and the importance of selling cars and parts. The importance of avoiding bond nodes and not giving too much information is emphasized. A man named Jesus claims to have killed himself and everyone, but the transcript does not provide context or information on him. The transcript also describes a woman named Calac pounds who had a 70-year lease and a love for her family, but the transcript does not provide any context or information on her.
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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy Jemaine we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we thank him upon all conditions we send blessings and salutations. upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his entire household all his companions. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless them all. And may Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless every single one of you. May Allah bless your offspring May Allah bless us as an oma And may Allah bless humanity at large. We ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to grant us goodness and ease, and to help us in all the issues and difficulties we are going through. I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, we

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got up early this morning to the sad news of the death of one of the founders of this institution alfalah We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant him genital fear dose share dot Han, also known as Sardar, also known as uncle Shepherd, every Juma we would see him seated somewhere here on the chair. And he would be here for most of the Salawat. And he had qualities that really are worth speaking about. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding for Indeed, the idea today is actually to help us to prepare for the most important occasion. That is what it is. A lot of us are drowning in materialism, a lot of us actually are working for the world, not realizing that yes,

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you will earn the million, you will earn the billion, you will get the position you wish for what next? What will happen after that? Does it make you any bigger? Any more in terms of the one who has access to the agenda after you pass away? Or will your money your position, your power, your authority, your worldly success, even discourage the worms that come to eat your body after you put into your grave? That's the question. Can you tell those worms that I was a big boss, I was the CEO, I was the leader. I was this I had more money, I had a big car, I had perfume I had so nothing of that nature. Allah tells you clearly, very, very clearly on having higher to dounia in Whoo.

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But indeed, the life of this world is nothing besides amusement, and the game pastime, it is an amusement will lie. Look at yourself. And I'm saying yourself because I want to look at myself. That's the reason years ago I didn't exist. I didn't exist. I was born. I was so weak. I didn't even have a choice as to where I must be born, what color I should be, what nationality I should be, what type of parents I should have, that itself is assigned to say man you are zero man you are nothing in the eyes of Allah. You don't even have a decision to declare who you are. Allah chose you and decided who you would be a loving holla takasaki It is Allah who created you, he fashioned you He

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made you. In another verse. Allah says solwara come for Santa Susana, come, Allah gave you your identity. That's what the term the sweet means. Your image who gave you your identity? Who decided Your eyes will be like this, your nose will be like that. When you look in the mirror, this is what you will see your hair will grow like this. A time will come when you will lose that hair and so on and so forth. Decision is Allah subhana wa Taala that is a bull is it? Well, Jalil, he only sent us on to this earth in order for us to be tested. The movement believes that the non movement may not believe that but when he gets to the point of death, he is worried. He doesn't believe he doesn't

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have any form of belief. He thinks that's it the kuffaar used to say my here in La Jolla tuna dunia and mo Torah here. It is nothing besides this worldly life, we will die we are alive. That's it. It's over. You lead your life as you want. And you do what you want. cheat people deceive people do whatever you like but make money and enjoy. Enjoy. That's what it is one word, enjoy. A believer believes Yes, enjoy but enjoy. What that's the question within the limits of Allah because if you do that, you will have the greater enjoyment. I promise you, my brothers and sisters those who have died have died most of them for longer than they were alive. Do you know what that means?

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Most of the people who have died, they are billions, trillions of people who've died from the beginning to now. They have died for many more years, they were alive for 50 to 70 to 80 years. If they were really lucky. They clocked 100 maximum. You know, those who clocks injuries are very few, even in cricket May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding but in real life, also think as you are passing the days you are getting closer to the end, you want to invest when you are a person who's made a little bit of money, when you have the ability. Listen carefully, when you have the ability to invest, because now you've made a little bit of money, what will you do? You will go

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to the expert, you will ask him Listen, I've got $1 million, let's make it interesting $1 million. And I need to invest it in a way that I don't want to worry about income from today. So he will advise you look, you put your money into the bricks, that's the best way. So what you do you buy a building, you do this and don't buy in this area that area prices are too high by perhaps in this place that place you have money? Did you just throw that money? If you did, you are a fool because you lose the dunya. But if you invested it in something whereby your return might be small, but it is regular, every month you're getting something and the value of your asset is increasing. Why did

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you do that you want to live you want your children to live, you are worried. So you hired the expert to tell you what was the best way and how you could put your money in such a place that the largest, the largest amount would return to you. That was what we would do. Normally everyone would do that. I think

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when you have the ability and capacity to invest for the Akira, you need to hire the Imam. When I say hire the Imam, he won't charge you Not a penny. Come and listen to what he has to say. You might not like him, perhaps when he speaks the truth, because sometimes the truth hurts cool. We're gonna move on speak the truth, even if it is bitter. So people will decide, hey, this Imam I don't want because you know the last time he took three minutes too much in the Salah. I'm not going Allah chase you away. Allah did not want you to invest properly. So you went to somewhere where no one was speaking, you went to somewhere where perhaps it's okay. It's fine. But no one told you something

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that moved you and made you change your life. No one said it. So what happens? You now think that you are a good man, because you stayed away from this talk. It was a bit hard hitting you stayed away from that talk, it was about death. And I don't like to be doomed. I don't like to be told Well, it's a reality, whether you like it or not. We have to talk about death once in a while, but we have to talk about it. We will try to instill the hope that Allah has decided to instill in us but it's a reality death. A lot of our start thinking about it. We are worried. Like I said the atheist also, when he gets to the point of death, he's confused. He doesn't know what's going to

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happen. Now. He's really worried. He will start thinking, hey, maybe it is alive. Well, we will solve your problem. There's no maybes, he is a life. That is the time Allah cannot make such a sophisticated creation known as mankind. And then say 70 years later, you just go into extinction, how we are so sophisticated. You think that when you die, that's it. It's not at all. Even if you have written off your Mercedes Benz. The man will tell you, if you go to the panel beaters, you say look written off, but let's sell the parts. You can just waste this car. It was an S Class, the latest may back whatever it was, you have the vehicle. Let's auction it. Let's do something in the

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end of the car, but we will still make something out of it with us the end of your body. But depending on how you've looked after that body, you will be able to get the returns. How do I get returns? The returns are achieved by constantly worrying about that. Look, I want to talk open, we are Zimbabweans we have the issue of bond nodes hanging on our heads. We don't know what's going to happen. Everybody including the smallest person is worried that's the word worried meaning there is uncertainty. Why are we worried? Why they will come everything will happen you leave it in the hands of Allah pray, become a good person. Allah says I'll take care of you don't worry, don't you believe

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I am razack in Allahu wa Zaku wattle. Mateen Allah says I am the one Allah is the one who will provide you have a good relation with Allah. You don't need to worry. Like some people have a good relation with a big man, big man meaning someone in position. When they walk they said you know who I am? Do you know who I know my brother, you are nothing. Let me inform you that in the eyes of Allah. If you have a powerful link with Allah. He will be humble and you will know that I'm going back to someone

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I love and someone who loves me. That's

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why when you read your Salah, do you you try to be good when you have sinned you actually go back to Allah and you say Oh ALLAH forgive me You are my Lord. Allah says Allah Allah AB de la hora banja.

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She do commonly refer to law, when a human being a worshiper constantly repent to Allah constantly. You know, you commit a sin, you ask Allah for forgiveness, what the conditions what are the main conditions main ones are for you admit your sin, you regret it, you ask for forgiveness and you promise not to do it again. Allah says I forgiven him. Then after some time you seek Allah's forgiveness I forgiven, there comes a time when Allah tells the angels I want you to bear witness that this worship of mine, every time he sins, he comes back to me weeping, seeking forgiveness. he now knows that he has a lord who is in charge. He has a lord who is his Lord, and whom he will

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return to who can either punish him or forgive him therefore, now that he has recognized me totally, I want you to bear witness that I have forgiven him. That is Allah God for him. So that is an investment develop your link with Allah

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Subhan Allah we today on Earth, we want to develop a relationship with powerful human beings. He's a rich man salaam aleikum, those teeth are being shown because there's $1 sign on his face. That's the reason we cannot do that. We want to greet because he's a big us as we call him, a guy who has a power he's not in a thority you need to be humble, greet everyone whether they have money, they don't have money. The day you know, you are close to Allah is the day you go out of your way to make the poor, those who belong to another race, perhaps those who belong to a different caste, perhaps those who are totally downtrodden, when you make time to respect them, to offer them a beautiful

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greeting to tell them as salaam alaikum. How are you my brother? How is Things Are you okay? That's it and you go away. They might say something they might not say something that's your test. An Enderman casati pulumi him one narration, although there might be a bit of speech as to the authenticity of it, but the meaning of it is correct. You want to find the law, go to the brokenhearted, speak to them, go to the downtrodden, go to those who are sick and Ill you will find a law. Why? Because now you realize I'm a human today he is sick. Tomorrow I can deceive Subhana, Allah, uncultured that we used to sit here, he says himself that my life was transformed. Why he

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says himself and he has permitted us to give it as an example in his lifetime. Now he's passed away, we want to honor the man by making dua for him from this member. Like I said, He is one of the founders of alfalah. And he has been one of these pillars of support of this beautiful center. It is only correct for us to make mention of him and to make dua for him from this pulpit.

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He says there was a time when I didn't even recognize Allah. I was a Muslim. Yes, they used to call him sir that, you know, here he was in chipping away for a long time in the south eastern part of this country. He spent a long time they used to know him as comrade Seder. That's what they used to know him as anyone anytime they love the men Do you know why? He says I wasn't so regular with my prayer. I wasn't such a grand Muslim at the stage, but I used to help all the people. He used to help everyone and anyone who came in his direction. So look, unassuming Latina. kamaaina happy welfare but the Hadith says people are like minds of golden silver. You know what is a mind a mind

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means the amount of gold is there you only have to make an effort to take it out. That is the meaning of the mind. The people are like minds of golden silver Subhana Allah it means that when that you own a mind the content of gold and silver is already there. If you don't make an effort you lose if you make an effort that gold will come out you benefit from it. When you have a gold mine and people tell you you only have 20 year lease What will you do? You will hire the earthmoving equipment from the whole world in order to make sure in 20 years I need to take out all the gold that is here. My brothers, my sisters, the people, human beings, you have golden silver, start

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mining it before you die, you have a lease take out as much as you can move the world while you can go out reach out the people when they see you even the non Muslims who will salute you because they respect the fact that you reached out to humanity. That's what it is. So then he says they came a stage where things happened in my life. When I changed my whole life transform all of us here who know uncle shipping to LA he may Allah have mercy on him and guarantee gentlemen fulfill those, all of us who know him. We have a sense of love for him. We have a feeling of respect for him.

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He had a certain haber, you know, what is haber? He had a certain authority about him that no one messed with him. You could not mess with him. You had to look at him and you had to just think to yourself, this man is stands by the help of Allah. He was blunt, blunt meaning when he wanted to tell you something, he was a man free of hypocrisy from what we know. Which means he didn't hide and smile at you a brother, whatever you tell you say Listen, I didn't like what you said here. I didn't like this thing you did is not on you know you cannot do this, etc. He would tell you straight. That was a quality that granted him the mercy of Allah. A beautiful death on a Friday one law here with a

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smile on his face. One law he with a smile on his face. He was here last week. He was here the other day. He was here for most of his Salawat heart attack. This morning. We got a message to say he has passed away we buried him just now at 1015 Mela grant him

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Subhan Allah, the question is, what do we learn from this? I am also going I am definitely going, you are going I was telling you, there was a time when I was nothing. I didn't even choose where I came how I came. Allah granted me the beauty and the goodness that I have as a blessing. Allah gave every one of you something unique. Allah blessed you with something he didn't give others. Maybe you don't know if you're not mining properly, maybe you didn't see it, you are not thanking Allah. How will I find out what Allah has blessed me with? Let me explain. When I get close to Allah, I start discovering the favors of Allah upon me. That's what happens. When I get close to Allah. I start

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saying Oh Allah, you gave me Look, these people, for example, you see a person who's having a challenge regarding his health, then you will look at him and make dua for him but there is one higher level. You look at him make dua for him. Make dua for yourself. Also Allah, you tested him to test me with the same you blessed me yeah Allah I am so sinful, I'm going to quit my sin because you have blessed me and you are testing the others. For balena Allah kutiman calacatta vielen Allah has blessed us above so many people whom he has created on different levels. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a beautiful understanding my beloved brothers and sisters, let me explain further Subhana

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Allah, when we close our eyes, the book is closed, everything we had on earth belongs to someone else. Nothing is yours anymore. There is it's gone. What comes with you how you used what you had when you had it.

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It's like at least for 770 years, you have this 70 year lease that is your life. 69 years, you know what you have to make sure you do something. So panela here is a man we tell you he was here all the time, he had a lot of time for the allama he would always go to the elderly scholars, and he would sit with them he would seek advice from them. He was so concerned about his own family. May Allah grant him Sabra. And may Allah help them and guide them in whatever challenges they may face or will face throughout their lives? And may Allah make this a means of transformation for all of us?

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We are going when we go will we be smiling? Question? What did you do to deserve a smile? Have you ever been a person regular for Salah? Have you been a person who speaks with respect to people? Are you a person free from hypocrisy? Are you a person who runs behind materialism? Because that's what's happening. The world is marketed aggressively. You know how aggressive everyone whether it's the television, whether it's the internet, whether it's your phone, whether it's the adverts, everyone sees everything connected to this worldly life, even when they advertise churches. It has now become about money. It has now become about money. You don't have money, you cannot get close to

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God because you cannot get close to the pastor. That's what it is. Muslims are lucky. Your closest is not to the pastor or the sheriff or the Mufti? No, he's a human being like me. My closeness is to Allah even if I don't know this person personally. So what so long as I've benefited from the message, that is Islam, that is what makes us unique. It's not me who can take you to paradise No, it is Allah alone You and your deeds that's what will take you two gentlemen, I don't even know where I am going. But all I need to do is keep on investing keep on investing what my time I must invest

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my free time my health I invest my wealth, I must invest

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my young age I must invest these things are going to go my whole life I must invest the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us these five things in a howdy invest them before it's too late. How do I invest? Spend it a lot of us I have a free moment I go and play a game or an amateur

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Not saying it's wrong to play golf or go fishing, those are good hobbies, they are better than backbiting and going to deceive people, etc, etc. Much better. But I'm saying, you cannot do that all the time that you have spare time. Once in a while, break away and do something for your team, go and visit the poor, go and travel and see me people reach out to them, speak to them with respect, what's the point of a person whom he needs his five Salah, but he's never reached out to the rest of humanity. He harms them. he deceives them. He's only worried about making money Subhana Allah, if you can get it, get it hook or crook. I'm not worried. They are now that we have an

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economic problem in this country. You and I know that there are challenges, very big challenges, ask yourself what am I going to do? What am I going to do? Am I considering it a test from Allah? If yes, Allah will look after you. Allah did not promise you that you will get a million. But Allah said you will be happy, you'll be content. Allah didn't promise you that you will be employed with the best employer. But Allah says you'll be happy and content. My brothers and sisters prepare for the day you are going to meet with Allah, others who are stronger than us who have achieved more than us who are more educated than us have already gone. As the days pass, tell yourself every day,

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I'm going to go back to Allah, what I've done. Am I going to be proud of it? If you haven't, or if you are not going to be proud of what you've done, seek the forgiveness of Allah. It's not too late. Turn to Allah. Allah will open your doors, Allah will look after you your anxiety will go it will go why Allah will look after you Allah promises. These are my wishes, I will take care.

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In law is

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law. Allah declares in the Quran, nothing that moves on Earth, except Allah is responsible for

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Allah is responsible for your sustenance. Allah says, forget about you that ends that are working. I am in charge I will provide for them. How can our E man become so weak that we have to do Haram in order to earn without realizing that haram might help you for five years? 10 years when you die instead of dying with a smile like uncultured Dad, you might die frowning, May Allah forgive us because you just saw Malakal mode who were so severe. So have trust in Allah. Lay your trust in Allah. Don't let uncertainty of any nature make your faith become weak. In fact, it should become more strong. May Allah grant a strength for sallallahu wasallam Oh Baraka Allah, Vina Mohammed