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Muhammad Ali was talking about selling the Sleeman Kathira to mama bad are you allowed to give your cat your son

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Are you allowed to give us a cat to your son

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and then your son gives it back to you

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because you have to pay the rent right?

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Okay if you give your car to somebody with the intention to give it to somebody who is deserving of this occur later on realize that this person mashallah you're doing well. You have to physical yeah

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what do you guys think?

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Let let's see what the Prophet SAW Selim says in regard to the intentions of a

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hadith had it be easy, man Albanese, Agnes Radi Allahu Anhu who whoo hoo Wadjet do Sahaba Yun mashallah three generations also hobbies. So, man, the Sahaba is used to Harvey Harvey, there also have so he said

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Carla kind of MBSE ACARA then I reread the cobia his father is either he had some gold something on here, and that you want to say the note is usually made of gold, rather than and he wanted to give the near as a charity. And Universidad de cabeza could be could be sucker for call Avada and the Roger infilled masjid, he found the guy in the magic he goes look, keep this with you if you find somebody deserving give it to them.

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He gave it to somebody in the masjid said if you know someone give it to them

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caught up to her to her.

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So man, he went to that guy, the guy said, Hey,

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this is your ticket.

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So mine took it. He comes back home and as far as his isn't his hand, the same bag that he gave to the guy in the masjid. And he said Carla Wallahi ma IACA it goes, I swear to God, I did not intend to give it to you. You're not my intention. I wasn't giving it to you.

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So they kind of like argues about the man gave it to me. So I didn't give it to him to give give it to you. Well, I don't know he gave it to me. So they start arguing about this qualified person to who either Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said, Let's talk to the Prophet CISM on this. So they wanted the prophets of Allah salam for Karla Salah Sam laka, man avoid as Eid welcome, man. So the prophets of Assam said Is he you have been rewarded for what you've intended. And he said to me, man, you're entitled to what you have taken.

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Now all the sons and daughters in the midst of Hamdulillah

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we care for them. And there's not a blank check for you to get to take from your parents, whatever you want to take no. So what does that mean? When the Prophet told man says, Look what you have taken, you have taken it correctly, because the man when he gave it to you, it gave it to you because he lost the relationship between between him and his dad was over when his dad gave the money to this man and the man said, was supposed to give it to someone deserving. So the polymer they say perhaps, perhaps man was a deserving son, like a deserving person. Maybe his economy was not as great. His money was not so good. So he gave it to him. So he's deserving, right?

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Somebody says, No, maybe it was just simply because it's not Zika it's just charity and charity can be given to anybody. So just took it from him. So could be actually many reasons why he received that, that the company or that sort of company. But the prophet Salah salem said to man, you keep the money, and to his father says you got your intention, you got the reward for what you have intended. So the LMI there's so many things about this hadith. Number one, if you are you allowed to give money to your children, when it comes to given Zika sadaqa you are so that you can give to anybody. But are you allowed to give your Zika to your children? Well, don't rush it depends. One of

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two conditions, if your children are still considered minors, and are your responsibility to give them to spend on them. It's why it's obligatory upon you to care for younger children. So you don't give them your Zika.

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But if you have adult kids, adult kids, who let's say going through the rough time, lost their job, got into a debt, car accident, stuff like that. And now they need some financial help in that regard. Are you allowed to give them the as a car? The answer is yes.

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In this case, you can give them from the car, but you don't give them your car just to improve their quality of their life.

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Now because of that, like our handler, they have their jobs, they have the money, they have everything, but you want to have extra money. Hey, take it Zika Bismillah you can do this. Okay, can the wife give her a cat or husband

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Desica can the wife give her a cutter husband?

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Husband? Of course, man. Yeah, that's my money anyway, right?

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Well, it happened at time with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that the wife of EBMs rude. She wants she had the cash wanted to give it away. And her husband says to who? I mean, me and your kids are the most deserving of your money. I said, No, I kind of give it to you. Eventually. He said, Go and ask Rasulullah Salah Salem. So Abdullah didn't he didn't go to ask. He asked his wife to go and ask like most men don't usually send their wives. You have the problem. You're going to ask the chef right? Eventually she went and she found biller and got in the door of the Prophet Salah Sam parrot, is a lira surah Allah, can you ask the Messenger of Allah for me? This is the question. Ask him if a woman is allowed to give her the car to her husband. And she

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said to Bilal, don't tell him who's asking, Why does she say that for

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respecting the honor of her husband, she want to conceal his identity. So he doesn't, you know, extreme doesn't expose him to be for needy and so on. She didn't want to do that.

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So, Xena radula Tran, she asked Milan to ask the Prophet SAW Salman keep his identities concealed. So Bilal went to the Prophet says Ankara Rasul Allah, Emirati in Bilbao, there is a lady by the door She's asking if it's okay for her to give her the cat or husband. The Robber says that who's asking?

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The problem wants to know who needs in his community. Right? Who's in need in my community? He said who's asking? So biller reluctantly, he says called Zainab. So the professor said that wasn't satisfied with the answer. He goes, I use a Anub watch designer, you're talking about which one of them? He goes the wife of a Mr. The wife of MLMs said, Okay, tell her yes, she can give her the cat her husband.

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But the husband cannot give his a cat to his wife. He can't, because it's your duty to spend on your wife. But it's not hers to spend on you. So if you're in a trouble, financial debt or need and so on, it is okay for your wife to give actually, yours. Here's a car to you.

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And what about the person who gives us a car to a rich person with the intention to give it to a needy person? I thought this person was a poor. So I gave my zurka. Sometime later, I found out the martial law I'm in there. Okay, the only does occur? Should I give this occur? Again? The answer is no. Where do we get that from from the same story? Because you gave your car to someone who you thought that actually was eligible for DACA and Hamdulillah. You gave it in the right way. Now the other person who receives it, if they knew that they're not eligible for DACA, they should actually deny it.

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So you want them to say no, I cannot take this account. But if they took it, so that means it Hamdulillah that exchange with that transaction was done proper. So therefore Zika is okay inshallah you don't have to pay them again. But if you want to pay and you have extra money, I want to give it as a charity. That is up to you. But there is no obligation on you to do that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us some of those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of the job. Wallah. And the question is your man.

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Yes, sir.

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If I'm going to be given as a company, should I tell them that says a company that it depends on the circumstances? It depends. Like if you if you doubt, if you doubt the person is eligible for DACA or not, then let them let them know. So by the way, I'm just giving you this is a company.

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So they think that they need it, they will take it. Right? If they said 100 Then what? Okay, we don't need a company, then that's fine. But if you know the person is in need, for sure. Don't even ask. Just give it to them. And you don't even you don't have to give it personally. You can give it to a third party to go to them to keep them dignified. Wallah.

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Okay, very good question. If you give someone zakat money, do you have the right to give stipulation on that sucker money? Like say, Look, I'm gonna give you the zuka. One condition, you pay the money towards the rent? That's it? Can you do that? The answer is no. Because the car is 10 leak, as the car is not your money anymore. It's the money of the poor. You're only holding it temporary in your hand right now, even though you earn that money originally. But once it becomes the car money is no longer your money. So it's you holding it as an Amana in your hand. You give it to the poor, and they know what they need it for best, obviously, unless if you know that the poor is responsible. In

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this case, you don't give them the Zika in their hand rather you pay them for their needs.

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You know, somebody will give it if you give them $1,000 They're gonna just go and buy snacks with that. I mean, they need to pay for the for the rent for this for that. So you

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Don't give them the money in their hand rather you go and you pay for the rent to pay for the school for example, tuition, whatever that that needs to be done on their behalf. You don't give them the cash in their hands. Wallah.

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Are you allowed to do

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so, and the endless end scenario suggesting is what, why why they consider the names?

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Who is it first? And what happened to

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the person

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that I'm talking about as a witness or the victim speaking now.

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I mean, look, if there's a situation where you're trying to reconcile between people, and they don't want to be the identity disclosed, it depends. But if you only disclose the identity, exclusively to the benefit of the case, so if you need to tell who the person is to the judge, obviously, we're gonna have to tell the name. So you know who the other person who's the who's now the assailant that we need to talk to otherwise, but just don't, I'm not gonna tell you my husband or my husband is but my situation is my sister told me the story for them.

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If you tell me about your situation, your husband is oppressing you I need to know who he is. So I can go and talk down so therefore otherwise, we're just going to be just venting yeah and this session unless you want to help them out then it you need to know the details of Allah

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I mean, you don't have an authority to force them to disclose the name. No authority over them in

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Canada go to your what?

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To pay your rent,

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or payment. Parents that good points. Are you allowed to give you the car to your parents?

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Your mom,

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your parents? Can you give them your soccer?

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Absolutely not. Why is that?

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The irresponsibility. When you spend on them, you don't spend them as a charity you spend on them as basically this is their hack. You take care of them obviously, Bill Morrow and that which is equitable. What if my parents mashallah and they want an open check the baraka Romagna

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they want to go for ombre and then go to visit Pakistan and our friends over there. There's a wedding in Bangladesh, you want to go there? And it goes on the way back to the stop and debate to do some shopping. Is there is that if they keep asking me should I give them everything they asked for? The answer is no. Bill maruf

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what is equitable but if Marcia they need to cover their basic needs, like the apartment or food or the gas, the car, all these things are handled that make them feel comfortable, that's fine. If I have that excess wealth Alhamdulillah I can I can spend on them. But if I don't have it, and they want me to still do to spend on them money that I don't even have, you don't have to do that. You have to live by your means.

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Come on, man. I'm in too early for you to ask this question.

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How old? Are you?

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10. Mashallah, okay. I still have about 15 more years.

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But yeah, I mean, doesn't matter. It's almost 2.5% does occur as always 2.4%. However, do I have to give all my money to my spouse? Not necessarily. If your spouse only needs that safe if your husband is only, I don't know, 2000 of the five two out of the 5000 just given the 2000 Give her 3000 somebody else? No. Yes. Will the undeserving person who is receiving

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a seal for him?

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Does he know that he's not eligible for DACA?

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If a person who knows is not deserving of DACA and they still take the DACA would that be an offense against them? The answer is yes, of course. If you know that 100 You're rich. You're not out of the eight categories. Allah mentioned the Kuranda deserving of the Zika and you still take this occur then you have taken the heck of the poor that's not your money that's the hack of the poor now Allah

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I'm the one who was given I don't even know I thought he was he was poor, my this he displays his car is broken. This condition is not though so much. But mashallah, he has a lot of wealth. He's hiding all of that problem, right? So it's not on me to investigate so much. But it's on them if they know that they don't deserve it is not supposed to take it. Wallah. Yes

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What about his daughter? The question is if the father can give the his son his a cup because he's struggling, can he give it to his daughter? Again? It depends. If his daughter she's independent, and she's going through a difficult time then yeah, he can. But if she lives under his roof, of course another Xian, his finances and so forth, then no, it says responsibly to care for her. Aloha.

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So Hanukkah lo and behold, a Shadowland several goods over a Sarah Marie Rahmatullah vodka