Wisam Sharieff – Bittersweet Ending

Wisam Sharieff
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Welcome friend to memorize. Here we are in our first step, hearing and receiving is number 2230 Surah morcilla. I welcome all of our Quran students around the world. I welcome our Quran revolution students. I work welcome our memorization students, my personal friends and guests from Instagram, and my memorize mentees who have worked tirelessly to memorize the Quran for every student whether they maintained a relationship with me or not during the process, the last six years they're all here and they're all going to get to eat from the bread. So for those of you watching this in the real world, it is our final page. The next three videos will complete the Quran

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give me that posture give me that attention

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or was it will be la he Mina che Ponyo Raji

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and if I can take the moment to start today's recitation we dedicated to Bill Alcon so I believe brother Bill Alcon is out there and I think he can even hear my voice in the moment or you're hearing it right now. Below page 581 This one's for you. Or was it will be the law he Mina che blonde yield Raji al

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Neff, look I mean,

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in Maggie in for John. Now who feel all audio?

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Mikey feel all audio? Mikey? E Lau? Pa daddy ma loom falcoda are nine fermion by little body rune. Ye laurio My Eevee the leading will get the bien

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LM naturali owl blocky fat down. Yeah.

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Oh, wah wah John Nafi How was he Xiaomi cloth you Skyy now guten what a slang Now go. Ma for otter. Wade ohea will make EBD little mocha VB in your * go isla. Goal.

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Be here to Kathy Boone? Ill Polly Oh, Eli, the Eli Lilly the Thalapathy Schwaber

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pause let me read that to you again. Please.

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Rinse and repeat take me two minutes back. Let me read that to you again. Now.

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Let's do it together. I in number 20 and 21 read it back to me. Al no scratch it. Look Look hold the coffee touch the calf. look calm LM now hello.

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Me. Ma e McGee and Fajr odd now who feed all Adi Mikey and everyone at home everyone here live or in the future recite aloud 20 to 21 Join me in the NOW

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2322 and 23 ila oddity MaryLu eek see in the chat box if you can already see the audible cues Eli or daddy ma loom Falkor dar knifer near my little body rune way louia uma EV, Lille mukade VB in 22 to 24 Please look and read it

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25 to 28 lm naturali our body fat ya

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well, John Nafi has he'll watch our Anafi How long was he Xiaomi law do you study now go watch a screen ankle

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for ah

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way Loli Oh my Evie little mocha VB

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In 25 to 28 as you're rewinding that much welcome to Bilal Khan. Bill. Great to have you here we couldn't have finished without you 25 to 28 look and read it now.

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29 and 30 both have the same pattern, Ill * coup in * coup de la ma go Don't be here to get the bone in your body go Isla when Lizzie last issue, other 28th 29 look and read it now.

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And we got it a five minute tool for you to rinse and repeat do it now.

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Welcome back 7x Three by three right to retain and record because we're on a quest to memorize

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a lot of Miami friends let's keep moving fondly of word 31 To 12345 31 to 43 to one everyone with us ready to go gang 321 And some folks might have to step out at the 30 mark no worries at all 321 31 to 40

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a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah welcome friend to memorize here we are in our first step with a beginner's mind receiving and hearing for the first time Surah more Salaat 31 to 40 posture of dignity wherever you are at whatever stage in life you're in. You're here to memorize welcome my memorize mentor students are on revolution students and those around the world. This is your second to last lesson or was it will be law he Mina shame on you what Jeem Lau valiente you Allah you need me in LA hub in ah ha dollar me b shad adding gal cos B shout auditing gal cos B shout off B shout auditing gal posle got and now who de mal doin slough way Louis will my Eevee little mocha VB in

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Ha yo mo Elia goon while Are you then welcome via W rune way Loihi Elma easy EBT little mocha the been ha yo Moodle false route fell soon fell su Gemma on now come while I was clean for in Ghana Allah come que doing fucky dune whaleoil II Oh my ie the little mukhang the been friends take me back two minutes. Let me read that to you one more time please 30 to 40 a 31 to 40 Please look and read it let me read it to you again. Pause here and let's start again

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31 Together let's make it happen everyone allowed loud one eenie Wallah you need me now law habit love what emu Allah you gargle don't bounce you need me in

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Lahab open your tongue level for me Annelle

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Lahab in heart Our me be shadow reading can pass no friends be shout all be shouting gal cos B shout ordering Cal pas 31 and 32 Please look and read it to me now.

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33 and 34 friends let's make it happen. Get 33 gab mouthful Gmail tones soft g g g malah Dawn soft way Loihi all my even little more get VB have IO moolah. Likud 33 to 35 Look at and read it look it in read it English not first language

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take a look and read it come right back.

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36 together

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why law you then who law whom find out the rule will allow you then who love whom Fayyad daddy rule, Wally will make easy little more KVB

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Hi there yo modal fell slow fell slew GEMA no golden have a yellow moon fell asleep. Gemma now go Awali in

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37 and 38 looking and reading please now

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together 39 and 40 for ink varying in cannula comm K doin for ki Do ye louia uma easy little more get the baby in

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39 and 40 Pause read it back to me now please

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welcome back friend 7x Three by three right to retain and record but this is less than five minutes. Why not rinse and repeat? see in a minute

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a salam Wa alaykum wa Rahmatullah welcome friend to memorize, we're here in our first step, if you would take a moment to gather yourself with a posture of dignity and acknowledge for me and I and my team and I today's the final lesson, you may be on the 29th just this may be something brand new for you. You might be doing a class project and you're just doing two or more slot but for us this is video 1812 Take that posture into consideration whatever it took for us to get here and however easy you're hanging in a hammock watching this on your Nintendo switch of the future.

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Allah made this easy let's go get it together.

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Oh that will be la he Mina che Paul new Raji for one last time together

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E O L A. Rules will be law him in a shape or form you Raji please remember I have 41 forever. In Moodle P Nafi. Li Lally What are you doing? With a wacky hammy my yesterday stuff goon Kulu or shabu Han ni. B ma good to be ma good tune on in Naka Lika Naja, Zil Morsi, Nene ye noise Oh my Edd, Lille mocha the bean Kulu uttama they're all by Lila. Kulu automata Rupali Elan in Majidi Moon Morton ya know here Wuma ie the little muka the been ye thou P La La whom oracare Ooh Elia rock arrow Odin way Norio my easy little mocha the bead Febby a year hottie Theon bada hoo Oh you mean on

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you have a two minute tool in front of you. Please go ahead and use that now.

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Excellent job everyone. Let's go ahead and get started with 41

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in Elmo Karina Fie, Lila you are who you let's do it together.

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Feel Lila? You are who you Wafaa Wafaa ki hammy ma yester Hoon Kulu wash grabouw Hani Bouhanni

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demand good don't be mad going to damn balloon. Excellent job friends keep strong 41 to 43 look and read it now.

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Excellent. 41 To 43 Let's look at 44 to 46 Very nice vocabulary that'll work for you. In NACA Nikana Jerseyville Morosini. In Can you hear 5045 In NACA Licona Jerseyville Morosini.

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Ye lonely woman ie the little mocha VB in excellent Kulu what are all called

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Latin in nalcor Majidi morn why Loihi will make EDI look at VB in and to complete friends. I a number 47 eight and nine just make the rhythm follow itself way louia will make even more qldb than

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what either ki Lala who more Karola your Carew can you be that one to me what either key Lello who wore ra sukoon Ra is awesome lo whom oracare oli aka Rudan way knowing all my Eevee leading mukade The EB and

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and go ahead and read me 47 eight and nine we'll keep 50 together go ahead and read it now pause or stare at me awkwardly.

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Welcome friend, verse number 50 Would you make a supplication before you finish Rabbana Artina feed dunya Hasina waffleh Tierra de hacer una walking as Obinna Robina Atomium Lana no Rana walk fildena Inaka Allah coalition. Oh dear.

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Can you say Febi a ye Hadith

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had Hadith

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bar the who? Bar the who? You mean? You mean no? Joke minion? Would you look and read it to me fabby a ye Hadith in bar Tao who you may know on

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and I don't think in 600 videos I've pulled them to meaning but today fugly and which of the speech will you believe in after this

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you have a five minute tool in front of you.

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maybe just for us. Play it one more time.

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Welcome back friends. The next step is 7x will then do three by three will write to retain

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and will record

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I pray that your journey and quest to memorize only begins here

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on behalf of our team

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Jazak Allahu Fado. Jezza you did a great job. Why don't you go ahead and take a seven minute tool one more time and give it a spin

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7x Three by three

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right to retain

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and record.

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Continue the quest

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to memorize as salam Wa alaykum

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wa Rahmatullah.

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In the words of below nothing's next until we finished all the V edits.

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Like he wasn't really happy. I just want to make sure you're gonna work after this. I will work they all have this today's page go for brother blouse on May the whole Bronco for my mom and dad. My dad passed away last Sunday. What was it December 9. Can't

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make that go for him. I mean, for everyone who's ever wanted to memorize the whole Quran is absolutely available and doable. Let's make our supplication together. Please everyone make your own do us. Make your own laws a lot musalia.

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Muhammad, you have openly been polluted with all the other DNA keyamo Sonico pullups already I'll be allowed Bartik Allahu Mata Hill Gulu binominal What are Milena amenorrhea Well, Senator nominal caribou are you in and Amina Ciana for in Nakata Allah Maha Are you on Walmart office so dual Rabbana la Katakana what you like another now what you they can mislead Allah if my father was somehow it was or the animal baby was shahada Anta wealthy

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dunya or lakra

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are funny though are for now mostly Manuel How can I be sorry

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rubbish throckley Sorry

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way Searly Omri Wafu. AKA the TAM melissani ef old Robert Allah to the bad HR data now what happened? I'm building Kurama.

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In Nikhil

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Am I near SoCal Jenna on one corner of La Harmon only one Hola amania Sir Luca Elma Nafisa what Amala Abdullah what is

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I pray all of my students memorize

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the Quran

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i i

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I pray everyone involved in this project

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whether they're here or not

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I pray they get the blessing

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I pray everyone who is a part of our project gets has enough it duniya Allah

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may everyone who's not here on my team maybe they get their share screen

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even if they don't want it, like putting in a rock Ira

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he did now not as putting in the damn thing don't mind

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all the time, especially if they don't want it especially if they don't want it. What's been the favorite moment of recording

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in six years talking to the camera? The favorite moment of my day

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and I took a memorization students that is where you're talking to me and there's a video that like from two years ago, but that was the best

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that was the best funding congratulations to you while you're

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a real behind the scenes

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feel love life. You Allahu Allah eat our

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martial law. Thank you very much

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pips sideways and it's got to think it'll stay for like

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you can give it to you.

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Yeah, just you finish the garage today. You were there. Everybody enjoy the cake and Hello, I'll have my I mean, we're gonna enjoy friends and have our sparklers Felipe that is for you.

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so my

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Hello Can you hear me? Hello?

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Who's with you so many computer friends you are not not yet totally compress

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this look why

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you will fail

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how you be

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How are you so excited for me to get him a monster truck? He already has two dozen of them

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thank you

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bro I wish I was there right now but you know circumstances

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tell me you tell me you captured all of this you recorded this right

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so a little bit too much fun funding can I kept falling

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okay great

00:23:30 --> 00:23:31

I got it on my do

00:23:34 --> 00:23:34

in my ears

00:23:37 --> 00:23:38

oh absolutely record

00:23:40 --> 00:23:40

that's what I

00:23:43 --> 00:23:47

hate fondly for recording but that's okay. I love it. Okay, I'll

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make this perfect belong to you though. You did it and you did it with your kid and you didn't because I was looking I thought you were sitting on the floor and some man was standing next to you he was standing up in the middle you have to get that everybody a BK in the chat box for brother below.

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Being here I still got a ways to go though because I'm still on the 60 jurors on editing so just pass halfway for me

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we're gonna be rooting you on

00:24:21 --> 00:24:23

that's gonna be me crying after that finish though

00:24:28 --> 00:24:29

we're gonna get him

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okay, the keys upstairs maybe I'll get the bicycle

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as well.

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By the way, just just as a little thing. This camera came in today. It's a rental and you can save in the dark. I only appropriate to capture the moment with this one.

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First good blah blah

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blah they go like you want but I can't do it

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