Jannah Gems #47 – Al Furqan – The Criterion

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What is for on? That's the name of the Quran, it's one of the chapters saw a tool for

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what is for what's the criterion? It's that thing, that divided that teaches me

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that there is truth. And there is falsehood.

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The Quran is a book should teach is me and you what is truth? What is falsehood? It's not somebody's opinion. And in this country this is true. In another country, this is false. And this time of the year this is false. This time of the year this is true, or 100 years ago was false. Now it became true. No, these are all human beings opinion. It can change we all change. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and full on that is the book that teaches me What's truth, what's true, and what is false.

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I need again to open it and I say yo Allah, I am so confused. You're a B everything around me. is making me so confused. I I reached upon a lot of us are feeling this especially these days. Not to be I had so many things I used to know it this way now I tend to be that way. I know this was always wrong. Now everyone is saying it is right. And vice versa. Show me your OB you said your book is for on show me and teach Subotica levy nuzzle for on Hanah Abdi why the corner La Mina deal. So it will warn people the Quran will teach me if nothing the Quran teaching, and I cannot even say this word. But the Quran teaches me who I am and who was my Lord?

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And what is this life? What is this doing all about? And what is the

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if you go if you just look at this, you're going to see how the Truth is truth or house falsehood is falsehood.