Yaser Birjas – Isha Khatirah 2012 01 31

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a discussion about the actions of the military during the previous months. The speakers discuss various topics such as the loss of leaders, the use of deadly deadly drugs, and the importance of stable government and rule by the statement of the Quran. They also mention the need for guidance leaders to respect the subjects of their positions and make sure they are not being the wrongful thing to do.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah tala feedbackly.

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That the amravati

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chapter one obligation officials to show kindness to the subject. Follow on me.

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Kevin berubah saw here to Susumu ambia cola Hello, can I be California be? Well, in Lana via the Messenger of Allah Savalas answers and display. That barrier was rocky the children of Israel were ruled by the prophets. When one prophet died, another succeeded him. You know, if you open the Bible, they're all actually specific chapters and books and so on the books of kings and the prophets and so forth. They had so many profits, why did it come from anyone? What is it? What are these profits came from? They came from the Iboga humanics

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from the neuron.

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Then Rahim Allah as he was building the Kava, what was it asking about Panama? He was asking the last panel Allah to give him to read you get him off offspring, and he makes among them, those who worship Allah subhana wa tada those who actually have the wisdom and the

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alarm, answer this call through the mind of this cop, not the line of his mate.

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So the line of his heart first. So for the light of his heart, from what from them, can Jaco goes through it himself, and from a Swahili oyako Kevin 12 children that establish the clans and the tribes. So they became great nations. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him the blessing that they are ruled by the NBA. Imagine in our time, every time an A B dies, other than another the beat comes after him. What happens is your ma handler outcomes will be solved. We won't have no argument over the moon side, you will have no argument over your parking in the massager yours other photo when you go to the Mr. You go to the Nabhi you ask for delphinium for the Maasai gives the answer handler

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problem. So then we saw him they had However, because of the ample number of MBR that the if

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they somehow got used to them so much.

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And that's why as the last part describe what they did to them. SCADA tech full on you deny some water

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and you also kill out of some of these Oracle was Yeah.

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So but for Omar Mohamed Salah Sam, the province of Assam says Rama Omar Almighty, and they are opening slowly, they will among the great scholars of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam on the position of the prophets of Venice.

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But hamdulillah we're not left out a lot lesser some 100 Allah, human beings, who shall attain the responsibility of God in this coma in the law to that which is great. So then the prophets of Assam says color koulamallah Caribbean falfa wannabe where the Prophet dies, in other words exceeded him and then he said, Well, you know, learn to be a baddie. And then he said, there will be no prophet after me. No one can come after the prophets of Allah central claim that he is in divine revelation from Alaska to appoint himself as a prophet. No. And based on this the claim of the idea of having a prophet or anybody else come to claim the same thing are rejected denied cannot be accepted. So

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Arsalan was a cool nobody will have that effect. He said some Allah said I'm the Khalifa, the successors will come after me. But they will be quite large in number. They will become too many that he says Allah Salah Carlos they asked Yasser Allah Samantha more though we have so many videos like this, but we What are we gonna do about it? so far?

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Oh 770401.

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So marco

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de la creme de la sala.

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He says hola Salah when they asked me also Allah, what do you command us to do? He said, fulfill the covenant of allegiance to which is sworn first. They say don't give that same allegiance to multiple leader.

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Once you choose one, that's it. You obey as long as the commander, whatever it is, Allah, with that is accomplish all of our last panel, what are the results of a solemn conceit to them that you right, meaning whatever responsibility that authority, they exercise as part of their position, they deserve them based on the appointment of course, as the medicine man and then he said was wrong. And you ask Allah for that which is due to you. So do your best ask Allah subhana wa Jalla to make those you know, guidance leaders so they can get into what is best in sha Allah. So Jonathan, he said, Allah would call them to account and respect of the subjects

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Who had entrusted to them? So if you don't go after them, don't worry about a loss, our data will hold them accountable, if not in this dunya it will be in love with Allah. Oh.

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And the question is you

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must machine just bought the bear

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the bear in these times

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in our time, do we need to do better. I mean, you have to give basically your allegiance to leadership. And this in our time right now there isn't any this any one universal leadership that you can give by therefore the Muslim men in their own countries, they should actually give the ronnie wha this this case, to the honey to the mem to the governor and the leader in their society, their country as long as he rules them by the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. So

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if they don't, then in this case, that doesn't count in that fashion that matter. However, keeping a stable government and stable rule better than just living in caves will not have data.

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Chaos, not living in a stable rule, better than living in chaos. That's better than just to live with no leader, no government, and everybody's just trying to claim, you know, leadership and then fighting each other. Or the situation. For example, in

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Somalia, for instance, they've been trying to assign one leadership for that country for the past two decades.

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And no one is no one is considering and no one has just you know, given the chance to peace at all. Everybody's claiming to have the right to be the president, even when they had some Islamists. For the first time in their history just a few years back to become the first president for Somalia. Another faction of the Islamic disagreed with them and they suffered a

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fairly shallow tomorrow in the last 12 o'clock the woman program. We are going to be discussing the five values of the hookman, filthy halal Haram, and so on and after Russia. What to do if you were in the presence of someone who's dying, so to Masha Allah will be our discussions

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