Calisha Bennett – OFFICIAL Grounded Launch Event

Calisha Bennett
AI: Summary © A woman named Felicia Bennett introduces her grounded journey to her Muslim sisters after spending a year and a half on reflection research and planning. She invites attendees to a launch event where she will share her vision and mission of grounded culture and empowering her sister's faith identity. She emphasizes the limited tickets but offers to give them to those who can attend.
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Salaam Alaikum. Guys, it's Felicia Bennett here. After five and a half years of developing diamonds, it's time to lay her sparkles to rest and introduce you to her big sister. I'd like to introduce you to grounded. It's taken over a year and a half of reflection research and planning and I'm proud to introduce you to the renewed endeavor that I've invested my heart and soul into for my dear Muslim sisters. Join me for a super special JAM PACKED launch event where we learn about the vision and mission of grounded and how I hope to revive the seeds of faith in our hearts and strengthen the faith identity and confidence of my dear sisters. The event will consist of the powerful return to

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reality workshop and introduction to the grounded tribe, a delicious afternoon tea and free gift bags for attendees. I really want to share this special occasion with you and I hope you can make it on the day. Tickets are strictly limited so be sure not to miss out. Head over to grounded dot online forward slash launch to get your ticket

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