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Under a lot of anatomy and a lot of you know,

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chapter on forgiveness of the ignorant Padawan eyeshadow, the a lot

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of a lot.

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Hello. I like Canada shut me off. I actually asked him last Monday, she said, Yeah, you're almost under Obama. Have you ever experienced a day harder than the day of the Battle of buffet? What do you guys know about the profits are some suffering on that day? Can you tell me Can you imagine

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he was injured.

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He broke is this all

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the metal from his helmet got into his cheeks that a man like a Barbie doll you love that. And he sacrifices on models and theories to pull these metals off the profits of cheeks, which leaves less scars on his face as I was bleeding. So I was like, was that our money? He felt a lot of loss or money in that trench. And he broke it. He actually injured his on forehead. So what allows Rahmani what I was doing about the sufferings of that thing.

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He lost his uncle Hamza in the most brutal way you can even imagine. He was he was mutilated on the allotted land after he was killed when the prophet SAW that he was so angry that he vows to sacrifice 70 of them Chretien if Allah subhana wa gives him victory over them next time. But then our last Panama showed him that forgiveness is better so he forgave.

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Eventually, the prophet SAW said he lost 70 of the Sahaba.

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He he personally was injured emotion was the stressor water loss, was basically a very hard very hard time for us.

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And for the Muslim, so honestly, she asked him, Have you ever suffered any day harder than this day? What could it be the answer to this? I mean, if you're in this position, I would say definitely That must be the hardest thing you can even imagine. Right? And even when you imagine the seal of the prophets of Allah said we try to visualize the lifetime of the Prophet salaallah Salah we really cannot think of any day could be harder than that day for us to realize. We can't imagine any kind of physical suffering and perhaps more emotional suffering as much as that will happen to them.

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So it's all their subtle I said I'm Carla Lata lucky to be in community. What can I do my lucky two men whom Yamanaka in Tennessee Allah de la didn't have the cooler. He said to her solo salon, indeed, of course mean there's the best way This is nothing. All what you hear that suffering that he had to go through. He said this is nothing compared to he said I experienced I experienced these dangers as the handle your people, from the disbelievers.

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And from that from that part of the

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river Peninsula, he said that the hardest treatment I met from them was on the day of an alpha and Ottoman Arabic line, which is like saying the hills of the mountains and the ridges, and there was the ridges off of

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the mount is about five closer to Mecca. It's about 70 actually kilometers away from Mecca, 50 miles, but 50 miles you're going you're going to be going zigzagging up the hills, not the mountains all the way to the top. So it takes you actually longer than what you might expect 50 miles to take you drive. So it also has all of a sudden he went there climbing, hiking, that road all the way up when it wasn't paved like it is today as high winds. Sort of sort of I saw Sam did that in a hope that they would accept his dad was his message after the people of mankind his own people rejected them and refused salatu salam fellowship Gibney dilemma. He said, I went to live in AB de la even

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after Quran was the leader of the chief of life at that time from Bonita live with the

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purpose of inviting him to Islam, but he made no response to my call.

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Actually, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he was even polite.

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Not to mention exactly what happened to him.

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He just eventually he doesn't want to show that you know what, there was too much for me what I've suffered. On the other hand, he didn't want to mention the details. So you know what I was too much what I what I had with these people, but what we know from other ahadith another generation is that the prophets of Alaska spent about 14 days, 14 days. And all those 14 days were hotter than the time that he spent in 10 years in Mecca, Medina more solar cells. And that day and these 14 days they rejected Him, they ridiculed him Salalah Rama took advantage of this thing alone, with nobody from around

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took advantage of being abandoned by his own people. So they chased him out with rocks and stones and when the Prophet was leaving, also realized Salah Sam was already bleeding, his feet were bleeding. He was eventually he said Salah Sam, according to the center doesn't have color control up to one Amma moon ology he, he said to her, he said, so I departed with signs of deep distress on my face, actually in the Arabic language movement,

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meaning I cannot see my way.

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I was just basically going no direction just moving. That's it. So he was just leaving five doesn't know where he was just leaving karma. ology, which means just going in any direction. I didn't pay attention to what I was going basically could say he was sort of lost and kind of disoriented. From that shot from that stress and distress that he had to go through because people are tired. Salatu laughs Rahmani calophyllum esta Ilana because he said when I woke up when I basically recovered I found my cell phone coordinates that common database actually deep into that in the valley. So he went all the way down from the top of the mountains going all the way down not paying attention to

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his weight, his feet were bleeding sallallahu wasallam completely disoriented, not knowing what's coming next because he would have already rejected him and that's why he went to five I want to hear he had great hope that they would accept and that's what he gets from them. So he wasn't feeling safe to go back again to make the magazine out no one supporting him

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so he will be vulnerable for their attacks so a lot of law he was around money so when he came down Southern

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California fiat currency so then I just raised my head up

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looking for hope for hope and help my last panel with Karla either Anna Lisa habit and

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he suddenly I saw a cloud I was sharing protecting him from the heat from the sun for Casa de la Santa for another two for either he had up

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I look clearly I look you know careful in that club. And as you breathe in,

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you breathe was coming from that club or at least he was there. For Danny. So he called jabril called the prophets of Allah Salaam Kala in Allah tada Samia cola Tomita Allah subhanho wa Taala heard about you people said to you, you hear what they told you the response basically, what do I like and the response to you will cut back he like a medical evaluator more of ob magic to fee and the last panel what Allah has sent to you, the angel, the responsible for the mountains, you know, the angels, they have responsibilities. One of them is for water for the water for the rain. That's Mika. And one of them is for us for the for the solar Salafi. And he said to him, the mountain that

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at the edge of the mountain,

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Karla, Malika Jeeva. So he sent him to determine how we measure that with him. So you could give him the command to do whatever you want him to do for these people.

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When you have the edge of the mountains, and he's responsible for the mountains would expect, you know the command to me. Something had to do with mountain, right. And Mecca. Mecca, is in the valley. You guys, you've seen it that you went to or had you've seen that when your bus was going down towards the Hara. What was the first thing you could see

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that top of the minarets as the as the bus was going down, you will see the top of the manor vehicle was so close. But as the sun's going down the hill towards the valley, suddenly you see that that what you saw at the level of your sight of luck when it's so hot. I mean, we're all the way down to the valley that means Mecca surrounded by mountains. So he was just telling him Just tell me what do you want me to do? I thought I would crush them. We level that mountain with the old town for the river of Mecca was man goes to mountains. And

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so he asked him Carla Fernando de Monaco G bar. So the angel of the mountains called Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for Sal de nada he said he gets around first salaam aleikum Hamad Then he said to him Carla? Yeah, Mohammed in Allah subhanaw taala. Tamika said, Oh Mohammed Allah has heard what's up but answered you, one America, and I'm the intern responsible for the mountains. Walker De Niro de la Krita moron ebme. Allah sent me to you so that you give me your command. Whatever you want, for color for machines. There is whatever you want. Wherever you ask for will be done. Color in Cheetah out back to Alabama. If you want me if you want me to do something for you, I'll smack them

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with these two monitors.

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Imagine two monitors just

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What is crushing the entire town with all the people in there?

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Now if you are in the position for sort of last

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10 years have given down and the response. Take they hate you. They are about to kill you. They ridicule you humiliate you, they do everything to put you down emotionally, physically, whatever. And now suddenly, you find you have this hope. You have this hope that people thought they might respond that Oh, so you wonder and that was the response bleeding. He was left he left billing didn't know his direction. So all of a sudden, if you are in his position, what would you ask for? Wouldn't you say you know what, they deserve it? Do it?

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That's what No.

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No, hey, Sarah. That's what he did.

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After spending 950 years calling his people to Las Panama, and few people responded to this call, few people responded to this call. Allah subhana wa told him it says this Yeah, don't use Don't be Don't be sad. In Allah you minimum komik. Allah mme

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means that's it. No one else is gonna believe except for those who've already believed. You don't don't waste your time energy with these people. So we're not heard that Colorado burrata mill cafe today are what I love is the case. Then leave no cap on.

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Finished unless any guy and he said the floods. That's why no and they have judgment. He will regret that call.

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He would regret that call. And what was the response of Rasulullah sallallahu ala the chapter is about forgiveness of the Edmond Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he told him Carla belong to a Euclidean Laguna slavi Miyamoto la vida loca Felicia, he said to him, he said no. If you said to him, well origin which means I hope, I rather hope that Allah will raise from among their descendants, such persons as will worship a last pattern whatever the one and will not ascribe partners to him in Washington. So the property says, No, no, no, no.

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If they are not going to do that, they're not going to wash the palace Parramatta, I hope from their offspring, from their descendants. There will be a generation that will respond better, and they will obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and believe in Allah. So that was his response to a lot of

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amazing forgiveness. So if you have someone in your life who said something wrong to you, in the wrong time, and you felt, you know, hurt, or you be taken by your ego, just how dare Is this about me or in front of my family in front of this or that? If your wife say something to the sister of your husband says something to you one day, what are you holding all these grudges?

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Well, it's not worth it.

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It's not worth it.

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I mean, look what happened to the profits of the last one.

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And he was forgiving. It's not worth it at all. So forgiveness for the ignorant if someone does something to you, this will give you know, ironically, as a pilot couple of days ago, I will conclude this story. On a couple of days I went actually shopping one of these grocery stores. Eventually I was I was wanting my throat, my full belly so and as I was going around the iron, one one person, older man, actually.

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He was kind of turning around. So he looked at me and he looked at me up and down. He saw the way I was dressed. And it wasn't Muslim, but I think he was actually

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Indian. Eventually he looked at me up and down. And I smiled in his face. I said, Excuse me. So then he looked at me and he goes, you know, you scared me.

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And I said, Excuse me? He goes, are you scared me? I said why is that? So he goes people like people like you people look like you. They kill people.

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And I was kinda resistors

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so I smiled again, thinking that it was just a joke. So I'm looking at him and says that so what do you say that? He goes because they kill people. Right? And I said, Are you joking? Like, he just looks at me again he goes, so people who look like you don't kill people.

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I know when my mother said La ilaha illAllah there's an Arabic actually for that says

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will enable you to be Hashimi who would like to go Burma Abdullah manaphy Lohan, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah

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To translate now, but eventually, it just basically Who is this person to deal with right now? Along with Stan, so I said, you're not, you're joking. Like, he was kind of serious, but I just, I took it online in the best way possible. I said, you tell me that everybody looks like me and go kill people. You know, I said, I know people who look like you, and they go kill people, too.

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So eventually, he just looks at me, he goes, Okay, I said, Come on last. salon. Basically, when you come to people like this, what are you gonna say? Peace, and somebody's gonna just left under this, you know, turn my back. And

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so, what can you tell people like this stuff in

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any situation was my first time in this whole experience in this country. But anyway, the point is that you'll see so many of these people, every now and then you're gonna have to meet something like this or someone like that. And the best response will lie is just to take it easy. And smile. And just as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, while I thought about Mooji, Luna, Carlos, wondering on speak to them, there was a peace ceremony and live in LA. And he questioned him. Yes, I mean, me, I had a similar situation at work. But actually, I wrote that

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I don't want people to take advantage of me, like, making comments in front of other people.

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Like this can be quite offensive. That is true. These comments could be offensive, but it depends on the circumstance, your circumstance might be different. He said that in front of other people. But this guy was just me and him. And that and that I. So eventually, I felt kind of awkward. But eventually I realized that he's just, you know, one of these genuine, ignorant people. So just said, I'm gonna say, your situation might be different. Some people might be speaking in front of other people, to provoke others against you, or making some sort of political statement making you the target of it. In this case, yeah, you should actually stand for your rights, your rights, because

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the last part that permits you to do that, or the last part of that says, like a beloved Jehovah masoumeh photo llamando a loss of power that dislikes this kind of job pursuit, which means you become more firm in that language. Unless someone transits against you have the right to stand for the right or forgiven. You gauge the situation circumstances that make the best answer and shall have time well, law