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So a lot of you no

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no no you don't have a lot of data.

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The outside again verbal and

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clemency tolerance and gentleness, follow an eyeshadow

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palette thought also a lot of a lot

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in a lot of people refer to an ominous

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last panel what Allah the prophet SAW Some said Allah azza wa jal is kind of a lot of kindness, in all matters on Buhari almost. So Allah subhanho wa Taala raffia

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over here, being gentle, being

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amazed when you don't tend to do them all with kindness with understanding.

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So philosophy, this is one of the greatest qualities and attributes of philosophy.

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And he loves that he loves these actions. So that means he loves those who act in the same way. So this is one of the greatest attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He loves a servant to have these qualities of course, the last part has qualities and attributes is it's not like any other human beings, human beings can never reach that level, but at least you, you emanate and you try to have acquired the quality that Allah subhana wa has bestowed, you know, upon you on the spot last promises about Allah, His mercy, there are a lot a lot of last panel that has 100 100 mercy, K divided them into 100 degrees. And then he gave 100 get one degree, just want to live that mercy in

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send them down here on Earth, so that the creatures human beings, animals, all these, you know, things that you see around you, they deal with each other with each other in that kind of mercy based on that one degree of mass. That's just one degree of mercy. And he kept 99 degrees of mercy for that.

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So if I lost a parent, I sent him this mercy versus God Of course, that degree. So the same thing when it comes to kindness, gentleness, and the last part is a feeling which is gentle, and he's kind of panel data and he loves kind he loves his creatures and his servants to act in the same way in the same fashion. In other animals are assessed in a law of free

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will to arrest the man or your

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woman or your tiara masiva she said in this hurry the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said that Allah is kind and he loves kindness, time confers upon kindness which he does not does not confer upon security, and does not confer upon anything besides meaning Allah subhanaw taala he gets what he says, of course, people act in kindness, like if so much, but those who act in otherwise, Allah subhanho withhold some of his now from them. So therefore do your best. Be kind Be gentle when you deal with people give them kindness and gentleness of course when you say that, hey, we're talking about those who act rude when you meet someone acts nice, but how would you act with them? Nice

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So that means you're requested to act kindly with those who usually don't act kindly. So that you will have a superior shall have that equality.

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Well law

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the 99%

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Merci, merci.

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While he kept individually,

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then this case will be for the more heading for heading, of course, all the muslimin from that from our time before all the time is a time Gambia until our time until they have judgment. So Allah subhanaw taala mercy didn't answer.

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But let me send them a microphone.

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And a question.

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Do we know anything about the sleep habits of the prophet SAW some and

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there's stories of I mean, they used to pray long time during the night says like, they said,

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We never slept.

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Me and my friend we were discussing like, there's this thing of asleep and you know, every four or five hours like 2030 minutes, maximum.

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So do we know anything about the sleeping habits of the prophets of Allah? Yeah, actually,

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in the Prophet smile cluster

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delivered again there is a whole chapter on the sleeping habits of the prophets.

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So maybe one day inshallah we can make a lecture on the splinterlands. Also, there is one online, you can check the same type of sleeping habits of the prophets of Allah. I'm going to

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look it up, listen to it, inshallah. Hopefully it will answer your questions.