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Under a lot of Florida mutual Alaska, Nevada

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if you guys ever see someone come to this message, and this person does something to be let's say, in your definition so rude or so friends, what would you do this person? Someone comes into the method on the side, perhaps maybe spilled soda or coffee or tea or what would you do that this person

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has the right

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to clean first help them to play whatever they want to blame.

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Just be nice to him Maybe he'll feel sorry for me. So basically all agree that we should talk to this person nicely. Do we do that?

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Probably not. What if this thing happens at home with your children from your spouse would you act in the same way? Because now it's home it's different.

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And obvious all of a sudden says and this is

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in red color. akuna fishy, Eliza wala Yun Zalman chia in Indonesia all Muslim in this video sola is awesome said one kindness whenever kindness is added to something it adores it add kindness to anything speech. It makes it beautiful. Add kindness to dealing. It makes a deal in beautiful kindness to business trade. It makes a beautiful era to basically correcting someone with your children with your spouse. It makes it beautiful. Wherever and kindness it makes things beautiful.

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And he sets up the Los Alamos our machine lashana and whenever it is withdrawn from something, it leaves it defective, and awful. And becomes awful in everything. The speech if you there's no kindness in it, even though it's half it's right.

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But it looks awful. And the way it is presented when you give it to someone in a rude manner. It might be right. But they were doing it might be actually Megan often I'm wrong. Like in this story one month, it's a story actually. They go to Mecca, they come from different places. So they carry with them their own tradition, their own cultures and some of them might be concerned like beta innovations, or at least in the in the assumption of the people. Most people that are in Mecca, or Medina, they might consider this better. So this man He says his encounter with someone from the locals in Mecca, when in fish, the salado Gema usually in some cultures, they shake hands with each

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other, right? They shake hands as a couple of Milan said from us and so on. So this poor man had a coming from his own country. So he shakes hands with with a guy next to me was happened to be a local. So it was a bola. So the person next to me pushes his hand away. And he goes bira

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which means integration. So that for hachiro, he just kind of was terrified. So he answered, he says Daniela deserves some

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big blue the sun.

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So how look at naturally as human beings, we live by the kindness of others. So even if you're right, even if you're right, that does not justify to be rude, awful in the way you present the have to be. So this man you wanted to tell them to he wanted to give that hygiene advice, but came on very, very often. So again, being right does not want you to do and you're going to do it in the right way as well. So whether it's with your children, with your co workers, people in the street, whoever you meet around you, whatever you do, if you add to this kindness and gentleness, it makes it beautiful, no matter what it is. And that's by the command or by the expression.

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And whatever you do, even if you are if you have the heart and the truth, if it has no kindness and not any gentleness in it, it will come out awful and not acceptable. So whatever you do, make sure to give that mind gentleness and kindness. Your reward will

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expect the reward from people, you will always feel under appreciate. But if you expect your own from Allah subhanho wa Taala you're also gonna be an ally as well. Ah, Any question?

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Honestly, this is not the practice of the purpose of a lot of setup. It's not the practice of the Sahaba. A lot

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of people do that regularly. I'm afraid it might be actually concerned with our innovation shouldn't be doing that. After every single silence. We do so. And actually, as a matter of fact, they also might bother other people who can visit with us because that's

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Soon after, you get engaged in this behind the curtain, shaking hands and go into the right side and the left side and then behind the back and the front, then basically disturb the people from around. But as the people walk out when they start moving from their spaces, or they walk out and if they want to shake hands with each other, that's fine. That's okay.

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And a question

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coming in

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instead of

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out loud, right? Yeah, well there was. So

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the question is about coming into the messages when everybody is sitting with a real for our making salata. So now waiting for the bots off Can you say sir um, Allah, that's one of the prophets Allah said that yes, he he used to encourage people to say Salaam when they come into the mess. However, if this is going to disturb people who make them salah and making

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you shouldn't be doing that the profits or loss of your forbearers from research in the form of love

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so that we don't disturb those who are next to us. Imagine if 510 people every every five seconds or someone comes in salon wanted to sign the contract. So therefore it's better to keep it quiet and you get the Salah when you stand up in your line next to the people are next to you.

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So you come in you wherever you're going to be standing those ordinances.

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So in this case, you'd be doing fine and shout out for that. There were some reports also the prophets of Allah Salah even in one while he was making it sooner, some of the Sahaba they would come and they will say Salaam to him and he would respond with his answer Lhasa, just like this was just whereas if you say money from Sarah, but then this was abrogated

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then he stopped actually raising his hand.

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He could say salam lowboys Yeah.

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Again, I would say to those who are around you is better than just saying everybody some people are making Salah Allah actually decided not to so just the people that they're going to be around you that said

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yes, yeah.

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At the Salah

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after solo or after, you mean shaking the hands?

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Well, that's the thing I mean, people they want to make they're so desperate. So let the first of the speakers Don't interrupt them. And then after that, you can give them Sarah Michelle later in a wait until you finish should just be finished. You're done. And if you're running to the people, Michelle would be fine.

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No, no. Two parts, saying I said Mr. Icahn.

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Which one is that?

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Let's say I'm sitting next to somebody.

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then the question is when you shake hands with people, which which part of it is the biggest innovation is it saying salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah neither one it's actually the the say that the statement of Salam aleikum wa Taala right after Salah regular basis. That's the thing that makes it like, sustain Salam by itself is of course as a virtue and say Taco Bell omega da, that's also another virtue. However, the way it is done might make something that is considered virtue make it a villain, in the story of Abdullah Brahma probably a lot armanda. One time he heard someone sneezing and after his name, the man says Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. What do you guys

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think of that? And if you remember this,

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it sounds beautiful, right? But our beloved family says tarmacadam, and

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he said, by the way, it is not the way I prefer sometimes to say

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when someone sneezes

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so what was wrong in the statement of this man,

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no one who said the same

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same Salama telemetry service, and after sneezing that was not the practice of the profits or losses. The practice of the Prophet is to say 100. So Adam was Salatu, salam, ala, again, on regular basis, it becomes like a burden. It's not the practice of the process of learning something when it comes to after you keep talking to the people that are not able to overcome as if this is become like a new tsunami of after solid practice. That's what makes that innovation. Well, if

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somebody walks in and says,

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do you stop your reading, you come back and start.

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If you're in a bar and someone comes in and says around to you, you can respond quietly. What have they intended to say to you, you say out loud to the Monterey Peninsula in particular, they plan for Sara, and you don't have to start with our audible anthology. You just merely resume you'd be fine show

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the comment

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Hey, called head judge would benefit from the lessons of kindness before they go ahead. Of course, similarly, people that attend to that judge with with benefits is a true story that I witnessed

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outside when in the water area, I'm not sure what that was just regular water was dedicated for the women only obviously, the men, because it was very few women in there wanted to go and get get in line and get there. So, the man is attending that area.

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Obviously, you know, he started you know, shouting at the

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good go somewhere else.

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That particular one did not, and maybe say something back,

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and the tendency to get upset and

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so instead of saying, hello,

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see, this is the problem. When you go to the loss of power that has testing operations, you need to hedge is defeat summarize what hedge is actually, it is there is no doubt about it is it's kind of patient's test, to the limit, not even the limit actually even beyond your limits. So this example for showing the kindness with them, because you just run out of patience, I believe, a lot of time, whenever they go to hugs, they listen there is to be kind and gentle. Let's keep that big smile all the time. I know it's very hard. We should always keep that smile. And just keep that in general attitude of kindness with a lot

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of stuff.