Yaser Birjas – Ta’Seel Class 26 Part 2 + Q&A

Yaser Birjas
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Bob, is it possible to ask what's gonna happen to the car? It's possible. So be careful that it doesn't you don't make dua as a professor some suggested letter that will Allah unphysical, Mala Alikum, elaborate higher. Never ever make dua against yourself or your family unless you make dua with something good. Otherwise the doors of heaven might be open, and that will be accepted.

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Last point, it was mentioned here in regard to the subject of divorce. That's a longer discussion, though. But to summarize it, if someone pronounces divorce instead of other when they're angry, does it count

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the majority of the fuqaha they say it comes.

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If someone instead of anger mentioned the word of divorce, it counts. However, other fuqaha and one of them have several Sabatini rahamallah Tell as well, because it depends on the level of anger.

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So if a person reached a level of law, like they can't even tell, they're completely lost it. In this case, nothing counts from what they're saying. However, there are certain liabilities can be taken into consideration if you break something if you hurt somebody, but things such as Talaq and otherwise it doesn't count. But if someone was upset, not necessarily enraged, upset, and they pronounced taller, than in this case, it comes taller.

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Because again, they're still in control, and they're still conscious of what they're saying. So this in this case, it will count as autolock for them. So make sure Shala to teach people about this. Unfortunately, nowadays, people that take this easily, and they pronounce the like, right and left. And they the funny thing is that they make photo for themselves afterwards.

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So probably the person would have maybe divorced his wife 100 times already. But when he asked this as well, I read in Google Map, mashallah and Google Maps actually, but it actually doesn't even

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doesn't count as a divorce. So therefore, don't make those fatwas for yourself. These are very serious matters. panela if something like this happen, you have to ask someone who can help with it inshallah Tabata Kota, Allah may Allah subhana wa Taala protect us from fallen into the state of rage and anger. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to ever also enable us to speak the word of truth whether we're so angry or pleased with Allah subhanho wa Taala who

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will take short a few minutes to see if there any questions that came in sha Allah azza wa jal we can have the QR code on the screen please.

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You have any question here until we get question from the online is good

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so if the question about I sat on the Quran, do I have to decide out loud to count that I'm reciting the Quran or can I just move my lips I will be sufficient for me I will talk about in Salah outside salah.

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In Salah if you're straying in Salah you, you need to be quiet, just moving your lips. But if you pray if you're reciting outside of Salah, as long as you're not disturbing anybody around you, you should be okay to recite out loud loud enough for you to hear your citation. Like for example, if you're at home, then recite out loud, that's fine, that's fine. But if you're reciting in the masjid and no one here, fair Bismillah raise your voice that shouldn't be okay. But if you're reciting in our other people are praying or, you know, you're disturbing other people trying to decide for themselves then in this case, lower your voice down as much as possible unless it's part of the

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Halak of the Quran that people practicing out loud together then it should be okay. Wallah now

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and of course has gone

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set again

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Okay, so one of the books says well, there's no actually it's not appropriate to gather for the DA

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if it's not if it's not done actually habitual that's fine. You can bring people from India and let's say for example, you fast Mondays on Thursday for example, it's time for you to me to break her fast today guys, I'm gonna make my DUA and he wants to come and join me at home. That's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. But to come to the magic for example, every single Friday that say after also people come together to make that dua collectively. Now that becomes a bit but if there was an occasion it's Ramadan, for example, a special occasion

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finished up Quran brought his family to make the DUA that should be okay, wala na. Yes, good.

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So if someone passed away we finished the Quran we want to bring everybody to make dua for them right? First of all to recite the Quran for the dead exactly, there's not even from the Sunnah. Because the Quran was revealed for the living not for the dead.

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People should recite the Quran for themselves. But if people after the best passing of somebody get together to make dua, now obviously, at the time of the funeral and so on, that's fine to me that one, but then every three days and 40 days and a year they keep coming together to make the dua for the season that fashion that's not from our sunnah as a matter of fact, it could consider it as an array, and that will be done now.

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Was the advice repeated significantly? I was specifically active for the man due to his personal nature like anger issues, that is possibility. Because the Prophet SAW Allah seven fusee whenever people ask him a simple question, he gives different answers. So sometimes the answer is exclusively tailored for this individual. So perhaps the Prophet saw some knew about this man, to be someone who has issues with anger. So therefore, he gave him that advice to be angry, but it also applies to everybody else as well to

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other than that, and the inner secrets book that with Mara Dylon would read an entire Quran and one on one prayer, such as the unit of water. How would you finish that prayer before the following fourth, Salah Milani to ask the man on the alarm.

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And it did it how did he finish? How did he finish the Quran and solid water before? Let alone Asia and Mariana? Right? So Allahu Ana, I will allow that and it seems that maybe exaggeration in terms of you know how much of the recitation of the Quran would happen, but definitely you recite a lot. The Prophet Solomon he is the messenger of Allah, when he prayed when he prayed Psalm

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one Raqqa in tahajjud What did he resign? He said Al Baqarah Anessa then Adam Braun, you talk about five six,

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and one raka Salah is and he's the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I

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oh man

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Okay, so some of the brothers and sisters who are watching live streaming with us they say it's the livestream stopped in the middle but hamdulillah inshallah the recording is here and it's going to be posted afterwards you can watch from the beginning to the end inshallah

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so, there's almost always a consequence for anger sometimes long term what does it mean to that a person is able to carry it into effect

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not understand the question properly to be honest with you

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so when the Prophet was instead of

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the person said of a rage

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What brought it means you that if you are in a state of rage, and you're able to carry it guide into effect, meaning you can take that rage, and do something, and eventually you can execute it, that's when you're going to be held accountable for it. But if you're able to do that, and then you still control yourself and not allow yourself to misbehave as a result of that anger, that's when you get the reward for controlling yourself. Wallah. I want if I understand the question properly.

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When we say that the highest level of forgiveness for humans being nicer to them when they are regretful of their action, does that apply even when they are not? regretful? Wouldn't that be like turning the other cheek? Well, obviously when they're regretful that's when a suffer is actually is as any counts very well. But if someone you forgive them, and you don't care, what's the point?

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You forgive them? And they say, Well, I don't need your forgiveness. While I'm doing stuff for you, thank you very much, but I don't appreciate that you did not do much but at least what matters is that my actions is what I'm going to be standing before Allah subhanaw taala answer for so if there is or disobey Allah Subhana Allah then the way they treat me, I will still obey Allah and the way I treat him back

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if you pray in one sitting down for whatever reason, such as traveling on airplane, you need to go through the motions as far as Roku and sujood are do just make face movement, you do actually motions meaning you go down with the Roku and then you go this route further down a little bit until you hit your head maybe reaches the chair in front of you or the seat in front of you. So you do these movements. But if you're unable because you have to lay down for example, in this case facial movements will be sufficient.

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Okay, now we have a specific questions about

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Dollar words and so on if a man

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is a man said we are over to his wife does that mean that he got a divorce Jana Tala? No doesn't come

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Is it okay to sleep while someone reciting Quran Yeah, that's fine. That is fine shall Alta

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so what does it mean to forgive someone? There are some people I'm still angry with after many years. Lyle, may Allah make it easy for you while you're holding the so much grudge all these years Yeah, and you're ruining your own life seriously, and it's just that the level of anger has decreased. You'll never forgive them them. Forgiving is that actually it's when you feel better about yourself? Not you know about them. Because if you don't feel better about yourself, they didn't forgive them. So make it easy on yourself and just let go.

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First forgiving Is there a command to extend the hand to make things better with the other person? It's up to you depends who they are. I hope inshallah they're always you know, having a much more Jonnie

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you extend the hand of peace is always better definitely.

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What should we do if my wife gets angry?

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Make dua

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go to counseling. Right? Obviously, it's a very general question in your mind. So a case by case center, but the whole idea is that do not ignore that. Do not ignore that really you have to validate you have to understand what is coming from

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Yani respond to how she feels not what she what she says. That's very important.

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Claire Turkish Allah Azza wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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