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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of the provision that allow people to receive their blessings, including stable income and a stable life. They stress the importance of being a blessing for others, such as parents and family. The speaker emphasizes the need for a positive mindset to earn blessings from the government, healthy lifestyle, and fulfilling one's dreams. They also discuss the importance of gratitude and learning from the Prophet's teachings, as well as the importance of early morning experiences and praying for blessings. The speaker emphasizes the need for trust and reliance on Allah's teachings, and the importance of being true in one's life.
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Colin said either usila Kumar Manoj Kumar filicudi novacom vamos a la hora sullo pocket faza fosun alima lm arriba de la la sala Quran Quran Allah to Baraka tala maharal. Howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mashallah muramasa to her, Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata La la la la que la de La MaMa bada bada la MADI brothers and sisters remember the time when you always think that you're running out of time and there's there's no blessing there is no Baraka. In this time, we all have the same 24 hours. Some of us they see that a 24 hour just passing like five minutes, and others they have so much they achieved in such a little time. Remember the money, the wealth that

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you've been working on? hamdulillah on throughout the whole year? Now it's time to start filing for your taxes and get tax returns and refunds. And as you start looking at your income, so panela the earned income just like Masha Allah, where did it go?

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What happened to it? Even though it sounds It sounds so much, but when you look at it, what's in your hand what is left in your hand? There is nothing probably there that you can you can count on your children, Allah Subhana Allah to make them blessing out of alignment. Now we have 12345 kids alone, but now you realize how yes, I do have kids, but how much benefit Am I getting out of these children or offsprings that I'm having, whether they're young, or they're adults, all of this what we call is the Baraka. This is the blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala. You see, Allah azza wa jal provides for all he promised that he will provide for all Muslims and Muslims religious, non

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religious, practicing non practicing, the basic and the basis for provision will be given to everybody is Rosa Hannah water, the one who provides he says that, but how many of us those who have been given these, these this provision are benefiting from it. The benefit from this provision is what we call the Baraka, we translate an English as blessings. We always use the word Baraka, we said blessings, this is something that's given from Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is true, but then also albaraka. And Arabic means growth in English growth. So when you put something and then somehow something little, that gives you something big and return, this is called Baraka. That's blessing.

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You have a food for one, and it's sufficient for two and three, sometimes that's called Baraka and blessings. Its growth in their their name and the blessing that comes into it. So when it comes to the Baraka is benefiting from what Allah subhanho wa Taala has provided for me, and a lot of people today are complaining, they don't seem to be getting this benefit from what I've been blessed with. I have a nice beautiful house and hamdulillah nice, beautiful car, I have a nice lifestyle. I have a good job, but hamdulillah but you know what, it doesn't give me peace. I'm not comfortable with this. I don't see the Baraka in it. You know, my income is Mashallah for many people his dream.

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But then with that income, I'm not seeing that benefit out of this grid income. So even though you might have something in your hand, but if there is no Baraka in it, what's the point of it? So even our children, when Allah subhana wa tada spoke about

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the sun, and when the prophet SAW when he mentioned about the man who dies, and he says, In total, I'm Allahu Allah mentality, that you everything comes to an end, when you die, your records are going to come to an end except for three things. And one of them he said, salaallah Selim a Walden, sila when he had

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a child, a child that will continue to make that for you. And that is the Baraka that the Prophet says and described in the Hadith, when the person dies, and then suddenly they realize that their status and agenda is being raised. growth, it's growing. That's a blessing. And they will be surprised car era where is this coming from? He said, subtle it was, the last panel will answer them from one of the kaleidoscope for a lot from your child who just made so far for you, sought forgiveness for you. And that is the Baraka and the blessing to leave a legacy behind the pantalon. And when Allah Subhana spoke about it, he said, he said I'm a prophet, you're here in the Quran,

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what did he say? called rajala named Mubarak and in Americans made me bless it everywhere I go, or made me a blessing. Wherever I go.

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Some people can be blessings wherever they go, everywhere they go, they cross growth because growth, Herat to come benefit from people and that's what some of the elements of see they say about the meaning of him being Mubarak and in America wherever he is. He goes, he brings blessing they say honorable Morrow, when Nana Mancha which means he bring good and removes evil and bad from the society from the from the era where he goes, that is blessing that is growth. So when it comes to my wealth,

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When it comes to my time, when it comes to my family life when it comes to everything that I do, I have it, but how much benefit I'm getting from it. This is the thing I need to make up for. This is the thing I need to really focus on not just getting the money or getting rich. No, I need to get that wealth and get the benefit under Baraka would it be in the light of Baraka Watada even with the prophets Allah Sam would say, alumni alumni man fan, one fan habima alum, Tina, your Allah alumna, Mayan phono, which means teachers that which is beneficial to us and then and benefit us with that, that you teach us. Like what we learn, you're ultimately beneficial to us, that is the Baraka of

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knowledge. So, why people might miss that Baraka and blessings. Well, there are many reasons but one reason Allah Subhana mentioned many, many times in the Quran, one of the major reasons for people to miss the blessings of the provision that allows given them is you know, our sins or faults or errors that will not align with Allah Subhana Madonna's plan for us to worship Him in a way that is pleasing to Him. When Allah azza wa jal spoke about Allah for Allah, He say, Allah, Allah for Allah be seen in local ohana around the city. We have taken the people around with drought year after year with drought like their punishment, a punishment for them that they went through droughts even

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though they have the Nile. But they wouldn't benefit from it Subhan Allah in the area where they are a color one oxygen minister, Murat and decrease of fruits. Again, they have the river around there, but they're not benefiting from it. There is no Baraka and blessing in the LA Loma de karoun. So that they might remember and reflect. So we might have the water there. But there is no fruit. You might have the land, but it's not fertile. You might have the money, but the value of it is nothing It doesn't bring anything because there is no bottle cap. So we need to work on is trying to find where can we get the Baraka from how can we provide ourselves with shallow to the benefit from what

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Allah has blessed us with? So here are a few points in shot I want to share with you that would help us earn this Baraka that would guarantee it was in sha Allah, Allah get the benefit from what Allah subhana wa Taala has provided for us. Number one, how can I get this blessing and Baraka and a man with taqwa to have faith and then show it through actions? having faith I'm sure that conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala, as john says, but what oh,

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no, it was the people of the people of these towns and these villages and these, these cities, little unknown Amano if they have faith, what dako and they were conscious of Allah Subhana whatever they utilize the origin, left Adana, la him Baraka that we had opened for them the blessings of a summer and the earth, the heavens and the earth. So Lazarus saying that if the people would have faith, and be conscious of Allah subhana wa COVID and their dealings, Allah will open the gates of heavens and earth with blessings for them. kulesza He says, Baraka, Minister, Emma, it was. So this is what brings us blessings in our lives. Now that is, by the way, it's a collective effort as a

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community, which means if we have a situation on an individual hamdulillah my situation is good. But you know what, what's going on in the community, in the neighborhood in the city in town, it's very stressful for all of us. You might be going to handle the good times, but when everybody else is suffering, that means there is something fundamentally wrong about the blessing and the Baraka, what do we have? So therefore, it's my duty as a believer to bring also that kind of Baraka for them in sha Allah Hutto Baraka with Allah. Another thing another way we can increase this Baraka and blessings in our life in sha Allah azza wa jal

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Al Quran I know it sounds cliche for many people want to talk about a man and Quran, but will lie. Allah subhanho wa Taala his nose best when he says with a cure for in the kratom fragment meaning you remind for reminder truly benefit those who believe.

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Because if I believe I want to pay attention to it again and again and again, I forget. I need to know that. How come the Quran can bring blessing and Baraka in my life? Allah Subhana says about the Quran wahaca kita boon anzahl now Mubarak, this is a book Allah says this is a book I've revealed it I send it down Mubarak which is blesseth Koran lesson book. What does that mean? It's full of blessings.

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If I make it my companion, day or night, Allah subhana wa tada would ensure that you get your share from these blessings. And when you learn in his heart, your heart starts upon Allah feeling, you know the the peace and tranquility because of the connection with a book of Allah azza wa jal That in itself Allah He is a great blessing. Alcor Ankita Allah subhanho wa Taala brings so much hieracium

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Lessons if a house besides the core and regularly household and regularly Alice Powell put so much butter cut in the butt when we recite the Quran, I want to I want us to understand, not just reading it, which actually reading it would love and connect and connection to it. Because sometimes we force our children to read the Quran. And the moment we just get out of the room, that's a desktop why because it's not connected. But when we create that love for the book of Allah subhana wa which is becomes a regular thing in our household. So much Baraka and hierarchy will be in sha Allah with the Baraka with Allah. Another way we can bring Baraka and blessings. So, we have the Eman taqwa we

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have the Quran number three Alhamdulillah Salah good deeds, good deeds if you always maintain a healthy lifestyle healthy pious lifestyle as much as possible we're not guarantee that we're going to be angels in this dunya Gemma there is no one can be in India but we try to reach that level at least of righteousness that will qualify us they're going to agenda in the past I'm going to make mistakes. However, Allah masala will bring us closer to that inshallah Allah Allahu taala Minami la sala, Hammond Deccan. avanta. Whoever makes good deeds, whether man or woman, lots of harnesses, anyone who does good deed, the current owner, male or female, well who are movement out of faith,

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their belief, a lot of promise, but no here no higher than

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he promised I will give them a good life.

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Now some of us might think of good life has been what materialistic. Like you have to have a fancy houses and have fancy clothes and job and doesn't matter. What is the meaning of good life is completely completely relative from one another. Because I know a lot of people Subhanallah they've blessed with so much material, material life, but they're just stressed out about it. And other people that have the basics, would have a big smile, he would pay millions of dollars for it. Why? Because again, it goes to the meaning of having higher than a good life and will lie that's what mattered to us. Doesn't matter how much we get, how much we earn, how much we learn how long we

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live, and what matters is the quality of it. Is there quality in the lifestyle that we have in Is there a quality in the life that we actually live in and this dunya that's what's going to matter. So a lot of promise with good these men or woman for no higher than Toshiba, we shall give them good life. And then he said what the unknown be I said in my country, I'm alone, and we shall reward them the ultimate they say later, which means in the hereafter. We as an American Yama known for the best of they've done and in this dunya so in the dunya you have a good life and and you will be rewarded with the best of what you've earned from this world. Number four, in order to earn this Baraka

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blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala we need to be grateful and thankful. grateful and thankful. shokunin no matter how things go difficult in your life, always look for these bright spots in your life, the good thing that you have and hamdulillah a lot of people because again, we live in a very, very materialistic world, everybody's focuses on earning from the dunya and there are a lot of social comparisons people they keep looking at each other. And Allah subhana wa Taala is demanding from us that instead of you know, looking at what people have, what's alarming formula you ask Allah for mother blessing his can provide for you. And if Allah has given you anything, you should be

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grateful for it. He said subhana wa tada was the other than Allah Buccola in shocker to Lassie dynochem Allah subhana wa tada made it a decree upon himself, that he decreed upon himself subhanho wa Taala in Chicago, as he then assume, that if you show me gratitude, I will, I shall increase you in blessings.

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He made this a promise of himself. subhanho wa Taala you'll be grateful to me, and I'll show you, I'll give you back. So being grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala gives that growth kijima gives that growth, whether it's time, the blessings in the family Alhamdulillah you know, the obedient child, probably someone who makes the heart for you, whatever that is, Allah subhana wa tada says, He shall give you more of the blessings He bestowed upon you and I

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number five, of

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what brings us blessings in our life in shallow water Kota Allah, and,

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you know, address application invoking Allah subhanho wa Taala. regular basis A lot of people don't really make this seriously. And a lot of us we grew up as children being taught when you finish your Salah, you raise your hand and you make a quick draft and you move on. We're not paying attention to this. a draft has so much Baraka in it. To the extent that on many of our core on many of our do I want to make dua we ask for blessings. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam he recommends when people get married what what is what we say to them. barakallahu li ko Baraka nakooma May Allah bless you and bless for you and bless upon you.

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support all blessings upon the new newlyweds Baraka when the prophets of Allah wa sallam he came to Medina is making dua for the people of Medina Allahumma barik, Lennar Fiesta Marina Allah make a blessing make the fruit blessing to us and bless us with all fruits in this in this area. What about Atlanta fifth Tamara America not ever any produce that comes our way. When the Prophet salla salam he met also for the people of a sham midrash for the people of Yemen and he keeps saying baroclinic fish Amina Burkina femenina y'all Allah put blessings in our sharmin blessing and ODM and he's making dua for the oma for the world. So what Allah has said Imani so that Allah will bless them to

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benefit from whatever He bestows upon them a lot of what is required and without a loss of how bring blessings, mighty brothers and sisters, is the one thing that enough for an answer to Bukhara when the Sahaba they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about a lot in terms of Allah subhanho wa Taala did not answer the prophets. Allah said he answered us directly in the Quran. What he does, like a baddie omniva in the Quran, Allah says, and if my servants they asked you about me, I am new.

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I am new. Why? Because whenever they ask the professor's about the hammer, about wine about gambling about many, many things, and the answer always comes in Yes. aluna can they ask you regards to say to them so and so. I always say to them, except for this one. They asked you about me I'm here. I'm near velious did you bully? Allah has allowed him to answer my call and let them make dua for me. So it's all about making Adana sola sola Salaam to emphasize the value of a DA he says hola Riba.

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supplication is the essence of a valid essence of worship. Because when you worship Allah subhana wa they bring your case to him you come in closer to Allah zildjian you show you weakness you need to him to pan on what and there is nothing more than really raising your hands and making that verbally you show you need to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what Allah azza wa jal put so much Baraka and also, number six of these things that makes bar brings Baraka and blessings in your life and your time and your wealth as well. is when you start early in the day, when you start your day early, you know, many people that go to work at eight o'clock, seven o'clock in the summer, and someone's going to

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come very soon inshallah Donna and Virgil will be close to four o'clock, three o'clock 330. Paul in some areas, very, very early. So the day starts very early. Still people they wake up at eight o'clock.

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Why? Because this is the time to go to work. If you want to have Baraka in your day, you need to go with that time, the time of fetcher. There's so much Baraka and then Allah the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says Allahumma barik lumati Fukuda, your Allah put so much Baraka for my own man in the early hours of their day. The early hours of the day, some people they go to sleep in the morning after surgery, they wake up before the hot especially if you work from home. That's dangerous.

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Very dangerous, you get comfortable, you get lazy and then you say Sharla sister you start having your cup of coffee at 10 o'clock in the morning by 11 years you know you're finished your your emails and your YouTube watching stuff and so on so and then by one or two o'clock you want to start your day by three o'clock four o'clock so I haven't done nothing. And then you wonder where's the Barker's go? What's what happened to the time? Be careful Gemma, no matter what do you do? the early hours of the day has so much Barak and the profits made for us. If you want the Baraka get it early in the morning. Well, I don't whatever that is an excuse you have you start fresh and early in the

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morning shallow data and specifically of the early hours of the morning that are solid Fisher Salatin fetcher is the Salah that has Mr. Hill Baraka, it's the key to the blessings as in the prophets of Allah Solomon, he mentioned about you know, when we go to sleep, he says that about the law of Samadhi, the shaitaan comes and he ties three knots on your on the back of your head, and he blows this spell is like Keep going, keep sleeping, you have a long night to go.

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But then when you wake up and you say that one of them just got untied.

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And then when you go and you may go do the third one, also be on time and when you pray.

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That's when the three go away. And that's when you become refreshed and you become energetic, a lot of Baraka, you start refreshed, and the prophet SAW some says in the Hadith about certain fragile that salata whoever wakes up and prays, fetcher on time, but if overfeeding metanoia this person is under the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala What better protection you need and the protection of Allah subhana wa tada at least Allah acknowledge that you work for fudger and you're there he will take care of you. Number eight when it comes to knowing

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Having Baraka in your in your life, a circle Amana being truthful, being honest, how many people they lost, you know deals, they lost friendship they lost social life, whatever that is that they value the most in this dunya because they were dishonest because it will not being truthful. How many people lost their jobs or because of that alarm, Stan, but being truthful no matter what, even if you lose something temporary, but there is so much Baraka in this the prophet SAW some says in the Hadith, about two people who just exchanging, you know, commodities in the marketplace, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called by anybody Anibal Hiya, malama farakka, that the two the two

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people are basically the merchant and under under the customer, they have the option, they have the option to recall or basically unrolling the contract, as long as it's still together when they separate us That's it, which means the option to cancel is gone. And then he said, sallAllahu sallam, Allah for in southern Africa, if they tell the truth, and if they're honest in their dealings, called

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Boric Allahumma. If they were truthful, in their dealings with people, Allah says the professor said booty Kala Houma, Phoebe Rahim, Allah put so much blessing in that sale.

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How many of us are not being truthful about even the resumes when they apply for a job?

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Or an expertise or an experience that is not true?

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And then you wonder, the 100,000 euro cell you're getting has no Baraka in it. Why not? There is no circle, there is no truthfulness in there. You're not being honest. And with honesty and truthfulness there is so much higher and there is so much Baraka

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when it comes to bringing Baraka and our life Scylla to Rahim Allah, Allah

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maintained the type of kinship

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and taking care of our parents, and being beautiful to them bring so much Baraka in our life. Gives us a panela extra credit in our time in this earth. The professor Sam says in the Hadith, man arada minco Manu satola luzzatto philosphy whoever once has risked to be extended wafi ohmori he will use ALLAH hafiz SRT, which means also your life will be extended, whether through legacy or at least of course, living in this dunya Karla Salalah Salam folia, Salah rahima, who let this person maintain the type of kinship, you want Baraka in your life, maintain that type of kinship. These are a few points I shared with you in regards to adding the Baraka in your life. Remember them, think about

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that. There is so much really to do, other than just you know, thinking about reflecting on them. And a little bit change in our life will bring so much Baraka and this for the sake of Allah subhana wa metalized Baraka in your life you are blind I mean, I ask Allah subhana wa to put Baraka in our lives, with Baraka in our hearts. We ask Allah to put Baraka our wealth and our work. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to put Baraka in our knowledge or we ask a lot of how to put Baraka in our children our offspring. yorubaland Amina Kuru Cody Heather was tough for a lot of the money will come with minimal stuff, you know for him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam Bara kind of you know Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi seldom at the Sleeman kathira mama but mighty brothers and sister last point I want to share with you and Charlotte Allah in regards to how can I get this Baraka this blessings? This growth in time and wealth and my family life and everything? How can I add to it? One last thing is a terracotta Allah azza wa jal, you have full trust and reliance on Allah azza wa jal in a lot of people they struggled under strive to achieve everything in their dunya and they think that it's them who really bring results.

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Remember, you're not the one who bring results, you're the one who makes the effort. The results are all in the hands of Allah subhana wa Tada. You might do everything by the book, perfect, that should earn you that result. But then Allah has another way for you another test for you. You didn't get it? It's not because you failed, you did your best. So instead of stuff fretting and studying or crying and weeping and fighting and even Subhanallah start running away from Allah zildjian you should be coming back to Allah Subhana whatever trust and reliance on him at aku Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says omya token Allah

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if you truly put your trust in Allah subhana wa if you rely on Allah zone, he's you know for you. He is enough for you. In the Hadith, the prophet Silla Sam says lo Anakin that our Quran Allah haka, Taku de la raza Kakuka, Morocco. todo todo que Masato Ravana the professor Sam says in the Hadith if you truly put your trust in Allah azza wa jal, if you truly

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Rely on allies as you learn the right way. He will provide for you like he provides for the birds. They go out in the morning, early in the morning the birds they go out empty stomachs with the rowhill butanna. And at the end of the day, they come back with full stomach.

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Like Allah will guarantee you every single day, you don't have to worry about that. But that requires so much to put some serious serious trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala you do your part. You go you fly like the bird does. You go on your search, but then Allah will guarantee the results to be in your favor. Allah subhana wa barakato laughs horrible and I mean, Allah Molina man Phantom, one fan, Valentina. In the Canton Alamo, Hakeem Allah Martin fusina, taqwa. Ozaki anti-romantic. Antonio whom Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah sallallahu wasallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Waterloo man

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qualifier Rashida be back in la Mora was manually when Sarah savage main woman, San Diego Medina welcome Sala.